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What do customers expect from mobile commerce


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Customers expectations from mobile commerce, what does mobile still need to do, challenges, some future ideas.

What do customers expect from mobile commerce

  1. 1. What do customers expect frommobile commerce?Vanina Delobelle, Ph.D.March, 2013
  2. 2. What do customer expect with mobile devices? Vanina Delobelle
  3. 3. TimeThere is this sense of urgency. I want to get the information immediately so I check on my mobile. I am in a middle of something and I need this information NOW. Vanina Delobelle
  4. 4. Location I am at a place and I need theinformation at this place. It needthe information HERE because this is where it makes sense to me. Vanina Delobelle
  5. 5. WeatherWeather changes and it changes my needs, it changes my mood and it impacts my purchase. Understand that if it is sunny outside, I am in the mood of buying T-shirts and not Outerwear. If it is snowing, Iwant to go ski but I also might want to get some sun somewhere else. Vanina Delobelle
  6. 6. Content I need to access ALL the information I need. Not some information but ALL of it. I do not make a difference between my computer and myiPhone. I want the information that is RELEVANT to me and not the rest. Vanina Delobelle
  7. 7. DeviceI need to get the information on this device and not on another one. It is this ONE. Vanina Delobelle
  8. 8. What do customers expectfrom retailers/brands while using their mobile? Vanina Delobelle
  9. 9. Responsive designOne experience across the devices. I do not make a differenceanymore between the devices. One is simply the continuity of theother one. I want this multichannel experience. Vanina Delobelle
  10. 10. Customer dataKnow who I am, what I like and what I want and serve me withRELEVANT information only byhelping me navigate through your offering. Vanina Delobelle
  11. 11. Predictive search and input formsI have no time to figure out howyour site is working and to guesshow you did this or that so help me right away in my research. Vanina Delobelle
  12. 12. SEO/SEMIt is not because I am on mobilethat I should not be able to findwhat I need. Help me find you by optimizing your SEO/SEM for mobile. Vanina Delobelle
  13. 13. Search and CompareI search and compare! So what?This is who I am now. Help me! Vanina Delobelle
  14. 14. EmailI read more and more my emails through my phone so personalize the message. You will get me even better. Vanina Delobelle
  15. 15. SMSI text! Why do you not text with me? Not to send me this irrelevantinformation but to tell me about this great thing that could interest me. Vanina Delobelle
  16. 16. Offers, last minute events and mobile specialsI made you the priviledge to come toyour store. Please spoil me! It is here and now you need to get me! Vanina Delobelle
  17. 17. PriceYou do not match prices? Do not foolme because I know better. Get me now or lose me! Vanina Delobelle
  18. 18. PaymentHelp me pay quickly. I want to buy. Why do you make it so difficult for me to spend my money? Vanina Delobelle
  19. 19. Social and gamificationEntertain me! Shopping should not be boring. Vanina Delobelle
  20. 20. InternationalAnd you think that my sister in Europe is that different from me? We are quite the same, we just do it in a differentlanguage and we buy different productsso understand what localization means. Vanina Delobelle
  21. 21. Existing painpoints? Vanina Delobelle
  22. 22. Conversion Customers convert less on Mobile but dohave a higher AOV. They do not convert less because they do not want to convert but because we do not make it easy for them to do so! We still make a difference between mobile and online, while they do not! Vanina Delobelle
  23. 23. Mweb vs Apps Customers do not make such a differencebetween mweb and apps technology but more about the experience they get. If mweb is aseasy to use as the app, they would only use it. Retailers make a difference between what customers can get on the app vs what they can get on the mweb. Result: they can create frustration by the csutomer by providing alimited experience on the app and force them use mweb. Vanina Delobelle
  24. 24. …few ideas…for the future… Vanina Delobelle
  25. 25. Multi-device useThe customer watches TV and sees a product that he likes so hescans the QR to buy it. In the same time his iPad is on thecoffee table because he is zapping between multiple activities. Vanina Delobelle
  26. 26. RelevancyThe customer is walking in the rain when his mobile vibratesand he receives a very relevant offer based on his location, theweather, the urgency and his interests. Get out there! The Sun is waiting for you! Your dream is Bora Bora? We haveoff Embassy 30% this great Suite in Bora one time Bora. Another 10% offer, book it in if you just for you! next 10min! the Vanina Delobelle
  27. 27. Mobile videoThe customer is watching a YouTube video about Italy. At thebeginning of the video he is served a contextual commercialabout trips to Italy. At the end of the video he is served a link tobe able to bid for a trip to Italy. He can also be asked to enter agame. Vanina Delobelle
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