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Agents will explore which social media websites and tools are the most effective in sharing information and establishing relationships online.

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  • Although twitter is also a social netowrk it is notably a micro blog.You can post information in 140 character bites. Again, NO selling, just generation influence – let people know who you are, you are not broadcasting you are socially connecting adding value to conversations.
  • Understanding Social Media - Greater Hartford Board of Realtors

    1. 1. www.LindaDavis.info www.LindaDavis.info Understanding Social Media www.SlideShare.net/LindaDavis
    2. 2. The Rules: • Some of what I say today is my opinion. You can probably do it bigger, better, or different. • It is more about good content than it is about technology. • Anything I say today could be outdated tomorrow. • Social media is a conversation.
    3. 3. Beginner Intermediate Advanced Ubergeek
    4. 4. Why engage in social media?
    5. 5. If you close your eyes, social media is not going away.
    6. 6. Social Media Video 2013 - Erik Qualman
    7. 7. 2012 NAR Technology Survey
    8. 8. “A primary benefit of social media is the ability to reach out to consumers, even when they are NOT ready to contact you.” P.S. Millennials (gen Y) are using social networking to make big picture decisions.
    9. 9. Are you committed enough to use social media as a tool?
    10. 10. Social Media is simple – but that doesn’t mean it won’t take some time, creativity and enthusiasm. “If you want to become an expert (at anything), you’d better be obsessed.” -Ted Coine
    11. 11. What is your social media goal?
    12. 12. • More likes? • More friends? • Make money? Have fun? • Highest level of Candy Crush? My goal is to become a valuable resource and as a result, build relationships.
    13. 13. Who is your audience?
    14. 14. $old another hou$e how do we spell closing? Let me $ee if I po$$ibly can remember.......Hmmmm OH yeah it'$ coming back to me now. It'$ called: ************** M O N E Y ************** that green $tuff
    15. 15. Who is your audience? • Other real estate agents? • Potential relocating clients? • Other users with a shared interest? My primary audience? Members of my local community.
    16. 16. How Social do I Need to be?
    17. 17. Are you there to meet them? Where are your potential clients?
    18. 18. Make the most of Linked In https://www.linkedin.com
    19. 19. Take Advantage of your Summary
    20. 20. Take Advantage of Your Experiences.
    21. 21. Recommendations
    22. 22. Who should you be? Facebook Personal Profile?? Facebook Business Page?? Facebook Group?
    23. 23. Consider combining personal and business in one post.
    24. 24. My facebook tips for a Page: • Don’t create a page because you think you should. • Don’t name your page after your company* or yourself. • Don’t use the word real estate in the name of your page. • Facebook is more about content than it is about technology. • Stay focused on a location or topic. • Comment and like other pages in your area or niche. • Use photos, photos, photos!
    25. 25. One of my goals as a real estate agent is to become a valuable resource.
    26. 26. Become a Resource
    27. 27. Create a Facebook Community Group
    28. 28. Difference Between a Facebook Page and a Group Pages Communication: Page admins can share posts under the Page’s name. Page posts appear in the feeds of people who like the Page and their friends. Groups Communication: In groups, members receive notifications by default when any member posts in the group. Group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group docs and invite members who are friends to group events. https://www.facebook.com
    29. 29. My facebook tips for creating a Group: • Facebook is more about content than it is about technology. • Stay focused on a location or topic. • Post regularly, changing up your type of content. • Become a resource. • Encourage Community Involvement. • Have fun. • Have rules. • Invite Movers and Shakers to Participate
    30. 30. Twitter
    31. 31. Twitter - You answer the question “what are you doing?” and you are sharing that status with the group of people who have chosen to follow you. At the same time, you are following the status updates of the people you’ve chosen to follow.
    32. 32. http://twitpic.com/135xa
    33. 33. To help “get” TWITTER Start Listening By Following and By Searching search.twitter.com nearbytweets.com http://www.hootsuite.com
    34. 34. Website = Static Blog = Dynamic Combination of Both?
    35. 35. Simply Des Moines
    36. 36. Steps to take before blogging 1. Read and learn from other bloggers 2. Define your audience 3. Decide on a blog platform
    37. 37. Life in Bonita Springs
    38. 38. Saint Paul Real Estate Blog
    39. 39. Simply Ledyard
    40. 40. Simply Des Moines
    41. 41. Steps to take before blogging 1. Read and learn from other bloggers 2. Define your audience 3. Decide on a blog platform
    42. 42. Don’t try to blog to the world. Focus on a Hyper Local or Niche market.
    43. 43. Steps to take before blogging 1. Read and learn from other bloggers 2. Define your audience 3. Decide on a blog platform
    44. 44. If you can use word . . .
    45. 45. Blogging Platforms Blogger Wordpress Typepad Tumblr Rebel Mouse
    46. 46. If you can use email or “word” you can blog. Really. Tumblr.com
    47. 47. Rebel Mouse is your Social Media Front Page Which Includes Your Updates on: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+ Pinterest Slide Share Plus anything you want to link to or post directly Rebel Mouse can become your blogging platform http://www.rebelmouse.com/lindadavis
    48. 48. Creating a Blogging Plan Blog a minimum of once a week Plan regular features Have a “blog ideas” notebook Add photos & video for interest Carry a camera everywhere
    49. 49. You will need a video camera (your phone?) And some tools…
    50. 50. Videolicious (App) – Customize your videos ($60 a year) Animoto - Creative videos for free or from $5 a month Or just your phone or camera………………
    51. 51. Frank Llosa – Northern VA Frankly Realty P.S. Video is about 50 times more likely to show up on page 1 of search engine results. Create a You Tube Channel
    52. 52. Ways to use Video?
    53. 53. Instructional Videos
    54. 54. Using video to provide neighborhood information
    55. 55. Testimonials Cyndee Haydon – Clearwater Florida Testimonials
    56. 56. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgg-thPe0E
    57. 57. Using an email newsletter to become a resource
    58. 58. Email Marketing 1. Narrow your focus 2. Be consistent 3. Keep it personal 4. Provide good content
    59. 59. Constant Contact
    60. 60. Mail Chimp
    61. 61. Sendicate.net
    62. 62. paper.li
    63. 63. Other Social Media Networks
    64. 64. Why Do I Use Pinterest? To Drive Traffic Back to my HUB To Become a Resource For Personal Research and Curating www.Pinterest.com/LindaDavisinCT
    65. 65. • Activate Your Account • Choose a Username • Upload Your Profile Picture (or logo) • Write a short bio – Don’t forget keywords! • Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts • Add the App to your Mobile Devices How To Get Started With Pinterest.
    66. 66. How To Get Started With Pinterest. Plan Ahead – Name Your Boards (Be creative, use keywords)
    67. 67. Foursquare