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Create A Brand That's In Demand


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Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have a brand. And, thanks to social media, your brand has the ability to be seen by millions. In this session, you’ll discover the relationship between your personal and business brand, establish how you want to your brand portrayed online, how you’ll deliver your brand message via social media, and ways you can manage your brand with ease!
We’ll also share a few snafu’s to avoid!

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Create A Brand That's In Demand

  1. 1. Create a Brand That’s In Demand! with Rachel Strella
  2. 2. Personal Branding
  3. 3. Personal Branding Branding: Corporate vs. Personal
  4. 4. Personal Branding Building a Professional Brand
  5. 5. Personal Branding What Are Your Strengths?
  6. 6. Personal Branding What’s ‘In Demand?’
  7. 7. Personal Branding What’s ‘In Demand?’ → Analytical Thinking → Proactivity → Leadership → People Skills → Flexibility
  8. 8. Personal Branding Do Strengths Match Needs?
  9. 9. Personal Branding If you said yes, congrats… → We can refine them → Align your brand to your skills If you said no… → Aim to learn one of these skills before the end of the year → The tactics we will discuss today can help
  10. 10. Personal Branding YOU have an advantage because: → Knowledge is power → You can start now! → A few slight shifts can pay big dividends
  11. 11. What to Feed Google
  12. 12. What to Feed Google Google Loves…
  13. 13. What to Feed Google Proactivity → An online portfolio or website → A LinkedIn profile → An alternative social media site such as a Facebook page or Twitter handle
  14. 14. What to Feed Google Analytical Thinking → Value-based content which showcases your skills → Freshness and consistency → Keywords and catchy headlines
  15. 15. What to Feed Google People Skills → A community of fans, followers, and connections (‘social’ proof) → Recommendations, testimonials, and case studies (‘real’ proof) → Social shares and backlinks
  16. 16. What to Feed Google Leadership → Articulate core values to form a brand of integrity → Establish trust to create ongoing relationships → Influence others
  17. 17. What to Feed Google Flexibility → Experiment with new and different ideas → Do something that scares you – and share it with the world → Shift with demand
  18. 18. LinkedIn & Branding
  19. 19. LinkedIn & Branding Include a photo
  20. 20. Complete profile fully LinkedIn & Branding
  21. 21. Have a strong headline LinkedIn & Branding
  22. 22. Complete contact info LinkedIn & Branding
  23. 23. Write an engaging summary LinkedIn & Branding
  24. 24. Include skills and expertise LinkedIn & Branding
  25. 25. Personal Brand Management
  26. 26. Personal Brand Management → Have a professional photo and use it consistently across the web → Sign up for Google alerts ( → Connect with influencers and with your target audience Brand checklist
  27. 27. → Use social sites, such as Twitter, as a person rather than a business (if possible) → Showcase your expertise by offering information that your audience wants and needs Brand checklist Personal Brand Management
  28. 28. → Keep content fresh and consistent → Respond to your followers → Have a system in place for handling less-than-positive feedback Brand checklist Personal Brand Management
  29. 29. Personal Branding Snafu’s Brands Gone Bad
  30. 30. Personal Branding Snafu’s Keep Facebook Page G Rated
  31. 31. Personal Branding Snafu’s Use Your Head!
  32. 32. Personal Branding Snafu’s Keep LinkedIn Professional
  33. 33. Personal Branding Snafu’s First Impressions are Lasting
  34. 34. Personal Branding Snafu’s Leave Fido at Home
  35. 35. Personal Branding Snafu’s Be Social by Being Available
  36. 36. Personal Branding Snafu’s Connect Appropriately
  37. 37. Personal Branding Snafu’s Offer Value
  38. 38. Personal Branding Snafu’s What’s Said on Social Media…
  39. 39. Questions
  40. 40. Website and Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Connections and Resources