Pinterest: How Will it Change Social Media?


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  • I run a company called Social Fresh. We do train marketers on how to use social media to build better businesses. We do conferences and online training, all found at
  • Started in early 2010, very small steady growth until early 2011. They even tried to sell the site to a couple magazine publishing companies in NY that turned them down.
  • We are going to review 4 traits that make Pinterest unique. Pinterest is an image economy.
  • Or put another way, Pinterest is a visual feast. This is the first of four traits that makes Pinterest unique.
  • Images are shared more because they are so easy to figure out. To consume. It happens almost instantly. Read a sentence, a paragraph, watch a video and you it will take you some time. Images are the bullet trains of communication. Guilt. We don’t talk about this a lot, but there are a few reasons why we share or do not share content with other people. And one of them is guilt. Sharing content is a recommendation that somebody else should take time out of their life to consume it. There is guilt involved with that ask. Whether we realize it consciously or not. We stop, we think. Is this going to be annoying for other people to consume. A long article or video has to be pretty epic for us to share it. An image, however, takes seconds of our time, and therefore the guilt factor dissapears. Images speak 1000 words. The visual medium causes emotional reactions more quickly than just text on a screen. Images can tell an instant story. And because we attach emotion to images so quickly and easily, we are compelled to share that emotion. We are social creatures after all.
  • This is not only funny, and I LOVE someecards. But it is wildly true. Go to FB, you see a few posts, go to Pinterest, you see a dozen. More stuff, more often.
  • Via Buzz Referrals
  • More referral traffic, more shopping cart use, more browsing, and more sales than Facebook
  • We curate rather than create. She looks at recipes instead of cooking something. Again, aspirational. This of course is also a someecard, a hugely popular pinning meme. And memes are huge on Pinterest.
  • They use stake holders and staff and employees and bloggers to help manage their content on Pinterest. They use local boards, fan boards, etc.
  • Source = Repinly
  • Red = organic growth Black = auto follow list
  • Calories, health info, and price of family meals – who? House number from Lowe’s Quotes, text based images from everyone Exercise routine from Women’s Health 5 ways to wear a pair of shoes, and outfits, from Nordstrom
  • Most popular categories of pins - - - Source = Repinly
  • Pinterest: How Will it Change Social Media?

    1. PinterestHow Will it change Social Media?Jason Keath, Social Fresh@JasonKeath
    2. This is me@JasonKeath
    3. All about Social Fresh Social Fresh is a social media marketing training company that produces conferences and online training for social marketers.  The leading industry experts  Social media vendor directory at  Social media training directory launches in October  Hosted the first Facebook Ads conference, online
    4. What makes Pinterest Unique?
    5. 1. VISUAL FEAST
    6. Why Are Images So Popular? 1.Speed 2.Guilt-free 3.Emotion
    7. The Grid The Stream 2 4 5 1 3 7 9 10 6 8 12 14 13 15 11
    8. 2. ASPIRATION
    9. PinterestWhere women go toplan imaginary weddings,dress imaginary, anddecorate imaginary homes.
    10. 3. CLICKS and COMMERCE
    11. Pinterest usersfollow more brands9.3 on average8.5 for Twitter6.9 for Facebook
    12. 4. CURATION not CREATION
    13. Over 80% of Pinterest pins are repins
    14. 9 PinterestBest Practices
    15. 1. Routine, Routine, Routine Etsy’s Daily Pins
    16. Daily Growth of Top Pinterest Brands• Harper’s Bazaar: 62,000• Nordstrom: 40,000• Lowe’s: 35,000• Random House: 28,000• Consumer Reports: 20,000• Real Simple: 500• Martha Stewart: 500• Whole Foods: 200
    17. 2. Have A Board Strategy A. Create boards around business objectives B. Create boards around fan interests
    18. 3. Use Group Contributors
    19. 4. Original Content Wins & Creativity Kills
    20. 5. Research What Thrives on Pinterest 1. Food = 12% 2. Crafts = 8% 3. Home = 6% 4. Fashion = 5% 5. Weddings = 4% 6. Travel = 3% 7. Animals = 2%
    21. 6. Use The Source
    22. 80% of your brandengagement are imagespinned from your website
    23. Influencers = Growth 1. Research active fans 2. Follow, Engage, Repin 3. Support brand champions 4. Fan curated boards
    24. 7. Contests Nordstrom Sweepstakes • Five $1,000 prizes • Pin three images, fill out form • 2 weeks long • Promoted w/ Facebook & Twitter • 400% increase in new daily fans • 570 more pins per week from their website post sweepstakes
    25. 8. Find The Right Timing Most Active Times On Pinterest • Daily, throughout the day, in groups • Little stream fatigue • 2-4pm ET • 8pm-1am ET • Saturday mornings
    26. 9. Build A Content Calendar Who: partners, bloggers, employees What: repins, web pins, owned pins When: frequency, daily, grouped Where: group, active, inactive boards Why: where to drive traffic Consider: •Content types •Pinning Party
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