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Pin ups and Public Relations: Why Pinterest Matters

This presentation was given to the NWA Chapter of the Public Relations Society of American on April 23, 2012.

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Pin ups and Public Relations: Why Pinterest Matters

  1. 1. Pin ups and Public Relations: Why Pinterest Matters By Christopher Spencer Twitter: cspencer75 E-mail:
  2. 2. Justify your existence Christopher Spencer: Born in El Dorado, lives in Fayetteville• Web Guy: Hired in October as a web communications specialist at the University of Arkansas.• Journalist: Worked for the El Dorado News Times, Arkansas Democrat- Gazette and The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas• Publisher: Publisher of Ozarks Unbound (June 2009), The Food (April 2010) and (April 2010)• Creative: President of Creative Economy Action Group Inc., a Fayetteville nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the city’s creative economy.• WordPress Fanboy: Founder of WordCamp Fayetteville now in it’s third year in Fayetteville.• Former SPJ communications director from 2009 - 2011
  3. 3. Our Goals Today• What is Pinterest?• Who is using Pinterest?• How could you use Pinterest?
  4. 4. What is Pinterest?“Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.”
  5. 5. But really? What is it?Our Mission• Connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.
  6. 6. But really? What is it?• “When you open Pinterest, it should feel like someone has hand-made a book for you,” CEO and Co-founder Ben Silbermann explains. “Every item should feel like it’s handpicked for you by a person you care about.”
  7. 7. “The resounding spirit of Pinterest is I love this!, rather than Ill do this! Itsaspirational. Its full of dreams. Its entirely materialistic—the offal of cybershopping spree fantasies, too decadent or distant to ever actually possess.” - Sam Biddle, “Pinterest: The Last Article You’ll Ever Need or Want to Read”
  8. 8. Making Dreams with Boards and Pins
  9. 9. What’s It For?A recent Engauge Power Panel study showed that 90% of people said they use Pinterest to get ideas. Some even said that it makes them “feel like they can do anything.”The study also indicated that Pinterest helps people:• Get inspiration for their careers or hobbies (57%)• Store images of things they dream of having (53%)• Keep their thoughts and ideas organized (47%)• Share their ideas with others (32%)
  10. 10. Number 3 with a bullet!• “Pinterest would not say how many users it has, but according to comScore, the site had 18.7 million unique visitors in March, compared with about 418,000 in May.” – NYT, “NYT marketers find a friend in Pinterest” Visits:• 1. Facebook: 7 billion• 2. Twitter: 182 million Source: The 2012 Digital Marketer:• 3. Pinterest: 104 million• 4. LinkedIn: 86 million Benchmark and Trend Report• 5. Tagged: 72 million• 6. Google+: 61 million• Fastest-growing web service to ever break the 10-million member mark
  11. 11. Analysis from Convertro, which tracks the marketing performance for its clients across various channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,found that Pinterest was generating up to four times the revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. Facebook currently makes up the vast majority at around 80%, a share that is projected to erode to 60% as Pinterest assumes 40% of traffic by the end of quarter two. Based on these projections, Twitter is expected to fade into insignificance on the social commerce scene.
  12. 12. Who is using it? Source: Engauge
  13. 13. Who is using it? Source: Engauge
  14. 14. Curation over Creation• "From my perspective, Pinterest has gained popularity because it allows us to do the opposite of what weve been told to do with social media. Pinterest is less about engagement with people you know and more about discovery and idea curation," she said.• "The pins you see are customized and pushed out based on self-identified interests...When Im looking for new trends on specific topics like fashion or birthday party themes, I now search Pinterest first -- not Google ." Karah Street, an account director for Stratacomm from “The Curation-Over-Creation Trend That Fueled Pinterests Rapid Growth”
  15. 15. Let ‘s Pin Something
  16. 16. How are brands using Pinterest?
  17. 17. How are brands using Pinterest?
  18. 18. How are brands using Pinterest?• Better Homes and Gardens• Mashable• Time Magazine• Wall Street Journal
  19. 19. Keys to using Pinterest Professionally• Be authentic• Don’t oversell• Cite Sources• Think Visual• Third-party it up
  20. 20. Addendum: WordCamp Fayetteville July 27 – 29, 2012
  21. 21. WordCamp Fayetteville• The purpose of WordCamp Fayetteville is to teach people – including small businesses, nonprofits, educators and journalists – about the free open source WordPress software and other Internet-based innovation.• Year One = 100 people at the Town Center• Year Two = 200 people at the Reynolds Center
  22. 22. What is WordCamp?• Friday: WordPress 101 at The Iceberg and a meet/tweet up afterward.• Saturday: Full conference at the Reynolds Center. Four tracks of speakers. Almost 30 sessions.• Saturday night: After Party at The Iceberg• Sunday: WordPress Wizards at Belford Group offices
  23. 23. Why WordCamp? $30 buys everything T-shirt, conference access, After Party , WordPress Wizards wp-fu, Saturday snack and lunch, swag bag
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