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Pinterest powerpoint (project 2)

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  • you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.
  • Pinterest

    1. 1. Pinterestlinks fantasy with reality
    2. 2. Content1. Introduction2. Web structure3. How to sign up4. Website gadgets5. Choose your interests6. Organize your board7. How to make money with Pinterest?8. Advantages and disadvantages of the website9. Conclusion10. Bibliography
    3. 3. Introduction• Definition • ObjectivesPinterest is a Virtual Upload images andPinboard. share it with others.A website that sharepictures. • People are becomingPinterest allows you to addicted to itorganize and share all the because of: (seeinteresting things you find statistic)on the web. For more information
    4. 4. Web structureAdd: Pin images from any website as you browse the web with the “Pin It” button.About: A link that has many other links that assist you with surfing Pinterest.Your Account: A link where you can see your profile and who you are following.Pinners you follow: A link that shows you who are the people you are following andtheir repins.Everything: A link that has all other categories.Videos: Videos of all the categories.Popular: famous images that are been “re-pined” and most viewed.Gifts: products that are sell by entrepreneurs.Notifications: that comes daily or weekly about the updates of thewebsite by email.
    5. 5. How to sign up Instructions: 1. Go to 2. Click on “Request an invite” 3. Fill in your email and you will receive a Thank you message.4. At the next day, you will receive an acceptation letter that you joined as a member at and you could start by joining through Facebook or Twitter. 5. Finally, you can happily start pinning by sharing pictures through your catalogs on your pinboard • Instruction with pictures
    6. 6. Website gadgets START PINNING! Once you know the rules of engagement, it is also helpful to learn the terminology such as: Pin – An image added to Pinterest Repin – Sharing a Pin with the user’s followers Board – A set of pins usually organized by themes (Travel, Fashion, etc.) Pin it button – Grabs an image from a website and adds it to one of your “pinboards” • Tutorial video on how to:1. Re-pin2. Pin in3. Access the information
    7. 7. Choose your interests • You can choose what appeal to you from the variety of the website’s categories. • So if you have a wedding coming up and need ideas for your wedding you can easily find there. • If you have a party or any gathering and you need delicious recipes, you can easily get the ingredients.
    8. 8. Organize your board• You can organize your board very easily with two ways, either from your account>Boards> and then edit each category. OR Everything>and then choose any category.
    9. 9. How to make money withPinterest?• Pinterest team speak: “To fund these efforts, we have taken outside investment from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In the past, weve tested a few different approaches to making money such as affiliate links. We might also try adding advertisements, but we havent done this yet.”• “Even though making money isnt our top priority right now, it is a long term goal. After all, we want Pinterest to be here to stay!”
    10. 10. Advantages and disadvantages of the website:• Advantages: • Disadvantages:1. Wedding Planning 1. Easily access to inappropriate2. Home pictures. Decoration/Improvement 2. Plagiarism3. Arts and Craft Inspiration4. Give Yourself the Travel Bug5. Take a Break and Laugh!6. Plan your next outfit7. Read up on the bizarre and unusual8. Find and share recipes9. Make a goal board10. Share photography and artwork
    11. 11. ConclusionThere are interesting factsabout Pinterest:1. 28% of users have an annual household income of $100,000 or higher2. people spend on average 15 minutes during a Pinterest visit compared with 16 minutes on YouTube and 12 minutes on Facebook3. Pinterest has an average 1.36 million visitors each day4. 68% of users are women5. Referral traffic from Pinterest is more than YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn combined
    12. 12. Bibliography••• addictive/•••