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My story of how I started by business, MayKing Tea, from scratch having moved from the UK to Brisbane, Australia. My business mindset stems from my mission of Help, Share, Collaborate and to attract like-minded business owners to run their business Help, Share, Collaborate in mind. #LikeMinded360

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  • Hello, my name is May King Tsang.My first name is May King and I am the founder of MayKing Tea.You can probably hear from my accent, I’m not from around these parts:I’m a BBC (British born Chinese) I am a Tea Note Speaker, hired to talk about all things tea.I am a tea business mentor, helping people who want to start a tea business get started.I am a writer, writing for three blogs as well as my own, and I am in the middle of writing two books.Oh, and I sell tea too :o)In essence I love my tea, I want to spread the word about tea, and basically I want to be a:
  • TEA ROCK STAR This picture is an important aspect to my business. It is what is known as branding.In my business, I want to prove to the world that I know my stuff about tea. I am Australia’s only cerTEAfied Tea Specialist and one of the top 50 speakers of tea in the world. I use Social Media to help people learn about who I am and what I do. This picture is part of my branding as it tells the world that I am Chinese, but I am a Tea Rock Star. It tells the world that I don’t take myself seriously just like Richard Branson. He likes to have fun in his business and so do I. Branding is an important aspect of your business. I wear Chinese clothes as it is part of my branding. When you have a business. Branding is something that you will need to learn too.Having a business is not about making money; it’s about making a difference and I want to encourage people to bring the teapot back, and have a better cup of tea in their cupboard.
  • I started my MayKing Tea business in the UK.The “new” way of doing business is to collaborate. I don’t believe there is such a thing called competition. This was me collaborating with a tea company doing a tea talk in front of around 50 people at Hampton Court just outside London. And whilst I was finding my feet with my business, my husband came home one day and said:
  • I’ve been relocated to Brisbane, and we have 6 weeks to move.My first reaction was this:
  • When using Social Media for business, it is also important to meet people face to face as well, not just online.So after asking business owners in London if anybody knew anyone in Brisbane, and one business owner said they knew someone in Sydney, I took the opportuniTEA to meet with this women in Sydney.Being in business it is important to meet with other business owners, but not so that you can sell your business to other people, but to make connections and build relationships. This is what I did in Sydney. I maintained a great relationship with this woman and I know that if we were to meet in the future, I am sure I could help her and she might be able to help me too. Being in business is about how we can help each other. It is not just about selling your products and services to people. It’s about how you can help other people.
  • During my Twittersations, I came across this lovely lady: Linda Fairbairn aka @journeyjottingsWe had a chat, had a cup of tea in the city of Brisbane, and she mentioned a few networking groups that she goes to, and which one were effective for her business.As I mentioned earlier, when you’re in business, it is important to use Social Media to make connections online but it is also important to meet them in real life as well to see if you can help each other. On this occasion, Linda was able to help me but since meeting her 3 years ago, I have been able to help her too.
  • What is important about Social Media, is that you can’t conduct business alone just by going online.You could, but you’re probably limiting yourself. So you have to combine online networking and face2face networking.So when I first started networking in Brisbane, this is what I experienced. People were talking at me? People were trying to sell their service or product to me. This is the old way of doing business and doesn’t last very long. The new way is to see if you can help people. If you help people, they will remember you for it and be grateful. If they are grateful, then they may help you in the future by recommending your business and your services to someone.As my nephew will demonstrate to you in the next slide:
  • You have two ears and one mouth.To relationship build you must learn how to listen.And when I say listen, I don’t mean wait until the person has finished speaking!Remember: with relationship building, it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Listen to see if there is a way you can help the other person. If you help them, they’re more likely to remember you, and if they remember you for the help you gave them, they might remember you and over time may refer you and your business to others. That is the power of relationship building: when other people talk about you.
  • Twitter is one big party – if Facebook is a party amongst mates, Twitter is like a party amongst colleagues.You’re connecting with one person but other people could be listening.In FB you’re broadcasting to your FB friends, but in Twitter, anybody could be listening.You never know who’s watching. You build closer connections because when you’re chatting because it’s a one2one connectionYou just chat, you get into the conversation, and the most important thing is, you never know who’s watching.
  • There are two common ways that business owners use Twitter by those that don’t understand Twitter:Promote / sell / shout to anyone who’ll listenPush everything from Facebook to Twitter.Each Social Media application requires a different strategy.Twitter is focused, it’s about engaging and having a chat like at a party. There is no need to broadcast if you’ve created your Twitter Account correctly.Twitter Functionali-teas:BioFollowers / EngagementShares (Retweets)Direct Messages
  • If you can text you can tweet. Most of us have a Smartphone.How long does it take us to tweet? Not long. You’re restricted to 140 characters.Get to your meeting or to your children’s school pickup run just 10 minutes’ earlier and get into the conversation (Tweetersation).
  • I can talk for England, but Twitter helps me to keep my message focussed.And if you’re really stuck there are tools such as twitlonger to truncate your message which is permissible now and again.
  • Making money is not instant. Just like building relationships is not instant. The money will come but you have to get into the twittersation first, build those relationships and the referrals will come later.
  • What is great about Twitter is that you’re effectively networking online.What you don’t need to do, is to ask people what they do. All that information should be online and you can use some keywords for your industry to get more chance to be picked up on Google.All the content in FB is internal to FB, so when you’re being searched for in Google, Google might recognize that you have an FB profile, but doesn’t list the content you’ve contributed within FB. Potentially your tweets can be found on Google, as well as your Twitter profile, so there is more chance of you being found on Google if you use Twitter more than FB.
  • Relationship building is important face2face and online.You can Help your Twitter followers by RTingSharing is caring. Remember, it is not about you. Help: with no hidden agenda or expectation and then walk away.Help RTing/sharing is a way of relationship building.Relationship building with other business owners could in turn mean business for you from them directly or referrals, or business owners may know people who in turn could be your customers/clients.Relationship building is a gradual process and doesn’t always mean instant results.Social Media is not the only way to relationship build.You have to use a combination of both.That is why I use networking, face2face and online.
  • As I’ve built my reputation online, people have started to share things with me.Some of the shares have turned into customers and clients, but for pictures like this, it demonstrates that other people are thinking about me, which is great as it helps my bigger picture of wanting Australia and the world to drink better tea. Also – by others sharing tea pictures, it reaches out to a new audience, and remember:YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS WATCHING!!
  • Herald Sun, MelbourneEkkaFreestyle Tout (starting sharing their posts about the 2011 Queensland Floods)Taste Trekkers (followed her as she is a foodie. She tweeted about Sunnybank, and I asked where that was. We met and then she invited me to do a 5 minute talk on tea)Courier Mail (It was Natasha Mirosch’s event that I spoke at. Sally did the cooking. Natasha put a journalist’s name my way which got me into the Courier Mail – twice. Once was a 2 page spread.Sunday Mail: this was through a networking event.Regional Flavours (referred to by @goodbeermatt)Feature on three websites (www.tastetrekkers.com.au / www.freestyletout.com.au / www.freestyleescape.com.au)Several Business Mentor clients came via Twitter
  • Dina Yuen, listened in a conversation I was having with one of her followers on tea.Had a skype chat, now I’m her resident Tea writer on her blogRecently entered a competition to be interviewed by Larry KingWrote a review of the book of poemsGot picked up by Scrumptious ReadsNow collaborate with the book store to do many eventsThat led to collaboration with Gerard’s Bistro which in turn led to a feature in Saturday’s Q Weekend MagazineThe newspaper feature was shown to me by a friend of mine on Facebook, which brings me onto my next point.
  • When I was networking, a lot of people were telling me they were on Facebook, so I went on a training course to learn more about it and I learned the power of Facebook Groups, and so I created Queensland Business
  • One of the key skills that you learn in business is to listen.When I listened to other business owners, they were telling me that they use Facebook for their business rather than Twitter.So I learned about Facebook, I created a Facebook group called Queensland Business and this is our tagline: Help. Share. Collaborate – this is the new way of doing business. It has been done in China for many years. If you try to talk business to a person in China and they don’t know who you are, they will not want to do business with you. You have to enable them to get to know who you are. They will ask you about your family and want to know lots of personal details about you. This is because they want to learn more about who you are and what you do. If they like you, they may do business with you. This is the kind of culture that is the new way of doing business and it is a culture that I am hoping to TEAch people to help them understand the difference between the old way and new way of doing business. Social Media can help business owners to do business in the new way.QBG currently has over 3200 members helping each other. I created this from scratch in November 2010.
  • Since November 2010, I worked very hard to build up Queensland Business and do my best to assist other business owners. Where a member’s question wasn’t being addressed, I would ask the question again, so that the feed would reappear to the top again. Nearly 2 years later, after helping many business owners, it was my turn to ask for help. My story demonstrates the power of relationship building with no set expectation and hidden agenda, and how the concept of “Pay It Forward” came to me in droves.
  • Here is my website and as you can see I am not putting all of my eggs in one basket.Whilst I love Twitter, I also use FB and other Social Media platforms.The reason I am explaining this is because of the importance of embracing Social Media in conjunction with your current face2face networking and other marketing strategies.By using some of all or more of these Social Media applications, you are increasing your chances of being found on Google if people Google your business name or a key word that is related to your business. This is why I write for other blog sites. This is why I share useful information about tea. This is why I create YouTube Videos – to help increase the chances of me being found if people Google something about tea.
  • ClaytonUtz is a prestigious Law firm in the city. They googled something like “High Tea, Brisbane” and I popped up on many pages in Google. My work on Social Media, all the tweets, blog posts, guest blog posts, LinkedIn status updates, Pinterest pins, Google + Hangouts and YouTube videos were starting to pay off.It took a long time for me to get to page 1 of Google (about 9 months) but I did this without paying anybody for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Brisbane Council googled something like “Chinese Tea Tasting, Brisbane” – and up I popped everywhere.I took part in a 2 week festival celebrating Chinese New Year of which Master Chef contestant, now celebrity chef, Poh took part!! This opportuniTEA came up because they Googled something about tea.
  • You never know who is watching! I popped into a tearoom, introduced myself and the tea shop owner said.“Oh wow! You’re May King, you’re a legend!”, he asked me if he could call his wife to say I’m at the shop, then apologised for “going all celebriTEA on me, but asked me whether I could talk to his wife on the phone” – They found me on Social Media and have been watching my progress over the last couple of years and have admired (so they tell me) the passion I have for educating and encouraging people to drink a better quality tea.Social Media is not just about the people you are talking to, but it is about the people who are listening that you don’t know about. This is extremely important to note. OpportuniTEAs might be available to you and you don’t even know that they are there but if you conduct yourself professionally at all times on Social Media, you never know who is watching and they may
  • Social Media Marketing cannot be used in isolation.If traditional marketing methods have worked for you in the past, don’t ditch them! Traditional Marketing methods include: Advertising on TV, Radio, Newspapers Printing off Flyers and putting them in post boxes Calling people and selling (this is called Cold Calling)Facebookis not going to do it alone for you. 40,000 Australians left Facebook this year.Twitter is on the increase in Australia.You have to try and work on other Social Media applications and find the right fit for you. Figure out how much time you want to spend on each application, and keep doing it.But to truly relationship build, make sure you have a combination of both going to networking groups as well as engaging with people on Social Media.
  • The question is always asked. Does Social Media work?This body art painting was a joint collaboration by two businesses who use Social Media for their business.The following statistics shows what happened on the days that followed the post being put up on Facebook and Twitter. I have always said that it’s not about the numbers, but who is talking about you.11 Shares including Brisbane, Melbourne (Business Magazine), Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Spain, personal pages and fan pages14 retweets including Australia, US, India, UK and FranceThis photograph is still being shared to this day.
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  • 1. using social for your business may king's story - sunshine beach state high school - 11.10.2013

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