The Power of Tele-Visual Experiences & Pinterest


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Visual relationships are a deep part of how we experience the world. This presentation to the CRMA in May 2012, Looks at the power of visual in social marketing and offers an overview of what is happening with Tele-Visual Social websites and some how-to's for you to start today.

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The Power of Tele-Visual Experiences & Pinterest

  1. 1. # The Power of Tele-VISUAL Presented by, Benjamin J. Weisman SVP, Digital Creative Innovations Experiences & Pinterest MRM : Princeton, NJ | May, 2012
  2. 2. Visual Culture› A picture is worth a thousand words.› Tele-Visual experiences are how we interpret the world.› People are enthusiastically using images to communicate.› We need to channel & harness the power of visual in our work.› People now expect it.
  3. 3. ALL Media By It’s Nature Is SocialWhat we have begun to refer to as Social Media is better described as:› Computer› Assisted› Social› Interactions
  4. 4. A Year Changes A LotLast year we talked about the rising power of Facebook,Twitter & Location based services.› Facebook now is expected as a part of most digital experiences.› Devices & screen types are rendering content in mobile ways.› Location based services are now expected by Users.› Visual services like Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, are fast growing.
  5. 5. Get The Right State Of Mind Vision Establish vision & enculturate into people & environments. Culture Perspective SharingExperiential
  6. 6. Prepare // For The Visual
  7. 7. Prepare // For The Visual› Be an image snob.› Follow a schedule.› Engage, share, celebrate.› Participate, Participate, Participate.› Make topics searchable: #HashTag.
  8. 8. # Rich visual experiences are now the expectation.
  9. 9. # See things through a Users eyes with simple visuals.
  10. 10. # Content Curation is Key. Activate This Power.
  11. 11. # People respond to other people. Use these images to help consumers connect with your Brand.
  12. 12. # Hash-Tag when you post images. It makes those images searchable. # # #
  13. 13. # Research your competitors. Follow them too.
  14. 14. # Plan your content out. Critique. Be critical, your Fans will be.
  15. 15. # Understand your Users & Audience. Give them attention & commitment.
  16. 16. # People want useful, & inspirational content to help visualize how products impact their lives.
  17. 17. Create A Voice Your Audience Understands Define a voice for your wall Post, Pins & #HashTags. It’s like character creation. How would Chicago magazine talk if it was a person, or if it was planning to go to a party? Your characteristics & tone will reverberate with your audience. Make sure it’s authentic & related to your brands & region.
  18. 18. Pinterest // The Basics
  19. 19. #Pinterest Basics Browse peoples profiles, search boards, set up an account to post & pin, share with embed code, click through to the source.Data Chart Source:
  20. 20. What Is This #Pinterest Thing?› A keep safe haven.› A place to collect things.› A Scrap Book of things you love.› A visual way to search curated content.
  21. 21. The Founder’s & The BackgroundPaul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, & Evan Sharp are recognized as Co-Founders Ben Silbermann is now CEO of Pinterest. › Growing up he was a collector of leaves & insects. He liked having keep sakes & being able to organize these interests, and it’s represented in Pinterest. › May 17th Pinterest announced 100 Million in new funding. They are estimated to be worth 1.5 Billion.Source:$100m-in-new-funding/
  22. 22. How Do I Get Started? { A Pin } { Pinning } { Pinboard }An image added The act of visually A set of to Pinterest sharing content themed pins
  23. 23. How Do I Get Started? { RePin } { Pin it Button } { Pinner }Re-posting somebody Button Placed on web-sites Person who does else’s pin that helps fascilate sharing on the sharing Pinterest & links back to the source site
  24. 24. How Do I Get Started?Type @ to mention people, # to add tags, $ to add price. Use these short hands to get features.
  25. 25. Pinterest Mobile App Pins From Followers Search Your Profile
  26. 26. Pinterest // What’s Under The Hood?
  27. 27. Edu 101 stuffBeing publishers, think where else you can create contentor business partnership or alliance:› Promote local news through multiple channels.› Make collections of relevant topics.› Engage with pins & comment with @ and # to drive traffic& conversation on desired topics.
  28. 28. Edu 101 stuff Pinterest enables Users to log in with “social sign-on” via Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. › This Social connectivity is key to Pinterests rapid growth & success, it moves across multiple channels. Pinterest posts can go to Facebook & Twitter at the same time when logged in via those services. › One post, multiple Feeds. › It’s a great way to socialize images.Source:
  29. 29. Edu 101 stuffAdd links that are trackable to your Pins and comments:› Include links to drive traffic to relevant content and brand destinationpages.› Use trackable links, like, to track referrals & lead generation.› These will gain powerful insights about your Pins, Boards & Users.Source:
  30. 30. Edu 101 stuff Add the Pin-it button to your website(s): › Make it easy for your visitors to share the visual content on your sites pages. Some Users will expect it. Add the Pin-it button to your Web Browser(s): › Make Pinning to your Boards easy while working online. Just click it to pin images on a page! Create a Video Gallery: › Pinterest isn’t just for photos! It handles video content as well. Post relevant videos to further content engagement.Source:
  31. 31. Edu 101 stuffTake stock of what images and photos you have ready to use:› Got images of your staff handy? How about some recent events?Photos of food from the recent restaurant opening? Fashion showshots? Take stock, curate and Pin!Editorial content you have from recent articles:› Be sure to have photos in your news & editorial posts. Pin them ontoBoards to help socialize & drive readership.Make sure the images are strong:› Use a critical eye. It’s ok to have less.
  32. 32. Edu 101 stuff Remember, you are content creators. Your brand, your content & your overall value as a Media & News resource positions you for success. › Encourage your readers to create User Generated Content for a contest. Encourage them to Re-Pin your content or upload their images from events & local happenings. › Remember, if launching a contest, check the Pinterest Terms of Use.Source:
  33. 33. Visual Players // Other Practitioners
  34. 34. Who else is doing this?Other Tele-Visual experience
  35. 35. Facebook & Twitter Are In ThisThe 2 most popular social networks are both visual.› But status updates are core to their experiences.› Photos have long been supported, but secondary for many users.› That’s why Facebook just bought Instagram for 1 billion.
  36. 36. The Largest Community Publisher As Facebook begins it’s IPO status and stock purchase ensues, it’s clear that they are still growing. The largest global content publishing initiative the world has ever seen. facebook.comThe Verdict is out on the role of Advertising here. Who can say what form it willtake. Will it be meaningful to the Facebook Users? Their power as a publisher isundeniable, yet will they fuel visual desires?
  37. 37. Instagram Profiles That Are Spot OnFor publishers, Fashion/Style & Food are endless sources of visual content . Saboskirt Playboy 
  38. 38. Instagram Profiles That Are Spot OnFor publishers, Fashion/Style & Food are endless sources of visual content. Starbucks Dunkin Donuts
  39. 39. Apple TVMavens of product design & modern style deliver with interactive TV.Photo & Video Services like Flickr, iPhoto & Youtube plug right in.
  40. 40. Case Studies // What’s Been Happening
  41. 41. Builds on culture of the typical Whole Foods Shopper: › Green › Sustainable › Foodies › DIY-ers
  42. 42. Classy, thoughtful Images, curated with what feels like a careful consideration. They’re laying in Prices with goodies/#pinmarklet
  43. 43. Serves as inspiration, how-to’s, & current trends.
  44. 44. They’re, allowing User’s to see something as simple as a color in 62 different ways. › Ask yourself how you can apply these technique for your content & advertisers. Think what products match in groupings and share it.
  45. 45. Very strong corporate info, & their boards are visually rich & clear.
  46. 46. Integrates current trends; Boo the dog & prom look-books, Brand favorites, & influencers/top designers.
  47. 47. Takes a high level approach– just loving planes. Can lend itself to brand identity & passion. › Ask yourself how you will get Users to follow your boards? Use the Search Dialog box. Search for other users who self select interest in these, converse with them with @ and # on similar topics.
  48. 48. Fun, low maintenance BUT…notice how other URLs are showing up: Important to remember copyright infringement. Might lead to “rules of engagement” in the future on Pinterest: Pictures are not owned by Southwest Airlines or employees etc.
  49. 49. Hefty mission statement to “Cure the world” But they do a nice job of bringing back vintage images from over the years & showcasing their products in new ways. › Ask yourself how you can use Pinterest in different ways for yourself, your publications & your cli- ents and advertisers. Make it a forum to do something you aren’t yet doing.
  50. 50. Hefty mission statement to “Cure the world” But they do a nice job of bringing back vintage images from over the years & showcasing their products in new ways. Nice own-able content: › simplifying complexity.
  51. 51. Goes back to the idea of not just being about the product, but being the lifestyle. Sponsors the US Olympic Team! Can’t wait to see those guys eating yogurt. › Ask Yourself, How can I use content to deepen my audiences engagement & Brand affinity towards purchase.
  52. 52. Chobani also did this Info-mation: 8 pins that attained 7,496 followers! Valuable content to the user!! › Ask Yourself, what value are you providing your Users.
  53. 53. Chicago Magazine is representing on Pinterest. They’re Pinning content related to: › Editorial Stories › Food › Real-Estate › Style & Fashion › The Arts
  54. 54. Magazine is representing on Pinterest with Pins around:› Food › Real-Estate › Local Happenings › Travel & Leisure› Style & Fashion › The Arts › Celebrating Their Magazine Covers
  55. 55. Roi // How To Monetize & Monitor
  56. 56. ROI For PinterstPinterest partners with a firm called SkimLinks ( )to automatically scan every link posted to Pinterest.› They check to see if it goes to a retail site with an affiliate program.These links, then automatically are added to an affiliate code thatensures Pinterest will make some cash associated with a sale fromthat link.› Pinterest makes revenue from simply having it’s Users Pincommerce URL’s.Pretty smart Pinterest, & a low cost to get a return.
  57. 57. ROI for UsersUsers invest a lot of time on Pinterest.› They get a return on their time investment with the ability to easilyfind & review content they are actually interested in:Time = Pinning + SearchingReturn = Collections› Images of content they care about.
  58. 58. Defining Your ROI Criteria Via Poker!So, here’s a tactile example.Say you play in an OnlinePoker Tournament: (winnings - investment)For example, if you entered a 9-seater$10+$1 Game at Poker Players ProfitWeb Site and won the first prize ROI= x 100% Investmentof $45, your ROI for that onegame would be: (Buy-in + fee)Profit = $45 - $11 = $34Investment = $11ROI = ($34 / $11) x 100 = 309% Reference:
  59. 59. How Can I Apply This Stuff?› Shine local happenings.› Post images of your clients products & services so they arecontextually relevant to your audiences.› Own your regions restaurant, community & art’s scene.› Take & pin images of your local area events and clientsponsorship activations. #HashTag them & drive traffic toyour digital presence.
  60. 60. How To Monetize1. Magazines could monetize their regional Pin Boards. Pin images thatAdvertiser run in a regional printed magazine or online mag. Ask theAdvertiser for a few other images of their products & services, post them& @UserName your Advertisers - driving linked traffic.2. Set up boards for Advertising clients. Create a package offer - run anAd in our Mag & we will set up a Pin Board & maintain it for 1 month. Ormake a Pin Board of your existing client’s Ad’s & create a mini gallery!3. Create #HashSearch terms on buzz topics & insert links back to yourBrand & client profiles or Boards. Use content & content terms. Makesimilar images easier to find for your Branded content!
  61. 61. How To Monetize4. Sell maintenance & insights & brand alignment with credible content.5. Tap User passion points. Some of your Users love fashion & food.Channel this & dialog with these passionate local Fans. At events knowwho they are, & photograph them & @them in the Pin of the imageslater. Channel this passion & participate by showing <3.6. Have contests. Free ones, or prize ones. Either way be sure tocelebrate your Users & Fans via recognition. People want to be stars &part of a community. Ask them if they want to be photographed withthe next Fashion line you plan to highlight, or invite them to a restaurantsampling & photograph them as the first to try new food or drink.
  62. 62. Where Do Your Photos Live?› Pinterest is all about visuals. But it’s also about click throughsand about where your images come from. Sometimes yourstrategies may involve direct uploads for images and video toPinterest.› But other times, it may involve linking to images on your siteand other web-sites. Think about your outcomes, and whereyou may want your Users to end up.
  63. 63. Who Owns The Images?› A service that enables images & content to be licensed or placed inthe public domain.› What does this mean?Check before using an image, it may be copyrighted, or it may bepublic domain, before you pin, consider this.
  64. 64. Legal Considerations Are Real› Be sure to work out contracts with clients you service.› Know who ultimately owns the images that you Pin.› If you Pin clients images you discover online, be sure they arereally images they own & not just images of their products,that someone else took!› Pinterest treats Brands like people in it’s terms of service. Read it.› Being Publishers, be sure to work out all your photo usageup-front when possible.
  65. 65. Conclusion // Start Today
  66. 66. ConclusionThe Visual Experience is a way that we remember our lives.We are compelled to take pictures, & as Publishers we have theopportunity to capture moments that touch our consumers lives &translate that in to revenue opportunities that are visual innature & deliver relevancy that our audience already are craving.It’s surprisingly easy to make these simple strategies come to life.Let’s start today.
  67. 67. Thank You //
  68. 68. Instructor Bio instagram: buckyben1 Benjamin J. Weisman, Senior Vice President, Digital Creative Innovations, MRM Princeton Office, an InterPublic Group company. In my role at MRM Princeton, I play the role of equal parts Creative Director, Digital Strategist,Product Designer & Motion Theorist. I’m continually seeking out new & innovative ways to approach digital marketing in both physical & synthetic spaces. My work embodies a respect for, & a focus on, end-user needs, direct marketing, mobile & social media integration. I love finding new creative ways to define experiences using emerging platforms & methods. It’s a part of what enables marketers to connect & collaborate with audiences. I’m hyper focused on producing work with my clients & teams to define these new authentic ex- periences around curated content & utility that really impact peoples lives. I’ve honed my skills at top digital shops including Iris, Deep Focus, Tribal DDB, Ogilvy & HBO, — driven by entrepreneurial curiosity that has earned me a reputation as an industry ‘trailblazer’. I can’t help but be fascinated by culture & tools. It’s part of our Human roots. It’s only natural that I’m drawn to digital social media tools & services. With keen proficiency, I work to help migrate users/consumers to new & pre-commoditized landscapes. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to bring voice & engagement to Brands like, adidas, Office Depot, COTY, HBO, MGM, Miramax, Weinstein, Nike, SONY, Sony Pictures, AT&T, Sony Ericsson, Vitamin Water, Hertz, AVIS, Applebee’s, IHOP, Cuervo, Dewars, Russian Standard Vodka, ETS, GRE, TOEFL, PRAXIS, TOEIC & the NRDC. I have also been privileged to help drive Pharmaceutical Brands like, BMS, Sunovion, Orencia, Plavix, Lunesta, Humira, Brovana, Alvesco, Xopenex, Trajenta & SPRYCEL. This year, 2012, I am serving as Chairmen of the Advisory Board of the Social Media Society. I am married, have 3 daughters, & am a Naturalist who finds inspiration in humanity’s roots, & science fiction.
  69. 69. Instructor Consultation Benjamin J. Weisman, Senior Vice President, Digital Creative Innovations, MRM Princeton Office, an InterPublic Group company. Interested in further services, let’s talk & let’s do this!