KEY CONCEPTS<br />Representation –initially I thought that I would target the age group of 16-25 but I decided I would try...
Key concepts- R I V A L I N G
Key concepts- R I V A L I N G
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Key concepts- R I V A L I N G


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Key concepts- R I V A L I N G

  1. 1. KEY CONCEPTS<br />Representation –initially I thought that I would target the age group of 16-25 but I decided I would try and target my newspaper to the age group of 18-28. Although this does not seem like a large difference in age group I feel that the difference in two years is a lot because 16 would be considered as too young as people are still at school at this age and I feel my newspaper is for people who are coming out of school to the working industry or heading off to uni to keep them updated on their hometown.<br />My newspaper will be for the area of where I live which is Orpington. Although it is a rather small area I feel that having news targeting the people of this area will be beneficial and different. There are different papers in the local area such at the News Shopper, which I feel is a rather drab and boring newspaper to look at. This is because I feel it is dull, has a lack of colours and is not pleasant to look at. So I feel that by me combining the correct ideas by constructing a newspaper with original colours and clever layouts, I feel that I can attract my targeted audience by producing a newspaper that is aesthetically pleasing.<br />Institution – As my paper will be a locally based paper it will have similar perspectives to that of its rivals, the Bromley Metro, The News Shopper etc. but it will be completely different. It will have similar conventions in some aspects (the 5 column layout) but they structure of my website will hopefully be different in a positive way that pleases my audience. My newspaper will have photographs and colourful advertisements as my paper will be targeted at the younger audience, which I feel, are more attracted to looking at something with more photos and less writing (unlike a tabloid, e.g. The Times)<br />Values – My paper will hopefully stand out from the rest and have certain aesthetics that help it to achieve this. My paper title will hopefully be eye-catching and have layouts and pictures to support it being this. The date will be placed next to the title to show its recentness and to prove it is not an old dated newspaper. This is important as I feel the readers need to know that their stories are recent and up to date.<br />Audience – The age group that I intend my paper to be fore is 18-26. I am targeting this audience because I feel I can relate to them and I want to produce a newspaper that has facts and stories that the reader will be interested in, and with advertisements that would appeal to the reader as it is mainly for people who have just left school or university and are finding it hard in terms of money issues. <br />The language will be easy to read, but not have a similar reading age to that of The Sun. It will be sophisticated and knowledgeable, but will not have boring texts that will make the reader just put the paper down.<br />Language – The language that I am going to use for my newspaper will try to be unique and have certain aspects that will attract the readers. By this I mean that the title and the main headline will try and stand out from the others. The style of writing used in my newspaper will be targeted at my audience; this means that I will have to use sophisticated writing so that the readers can understand and respect the language used in my articles.<br />Ideology – I want to try and produce a paper that lets people know on major events of the people who live in their area. I will hopefully achieve this by showing my target audience stories of people of their similar age and achievements that late teenager and young adults have achieved. My paper will have advertisements relating to the younger generation and advertise products that people will hopefully be interested and look in to.<br />Narrative – the types of stories that I will use in my newspaper will vary from sports updates, to the success of young individuals to hard stories such as a murder victim. I will be doing this as hopefully it will keep my audience attracted and interested to my paper.<br />My stories that I am using are about a local hockey team winning the Kent Cup, a local Band (Blueprint) who is trying to stride to success with their music and a upsetting story about how a local university graduate was murdered. These stories are all different as I hope they attract all types of people to read.<br />Genre – the genre of my newspaper will try to be a new modern newspaper that caters for the needs for the readers. I will try and fit it into the tabloid category but for a younger age group rather than the whole public (in my eyes The Times). My newspaper will have similar layouts to tabloids such as 5 column layouts, picture layouts and advertisements etc.<br />