Secondary research for newspaper idea


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Secondary research for newspaper idea

  1. 1. Secondary research for newspaper idea Unit 2 A04 Amber Gardiner
  2. 2. Target Audience Target audience is the justification for what you are marketing your product/brand at e.g. When identifying your demographic audience it is important to identify your psychographic as this will helps you market your product to your target audience due to their interests, beliefs and lifestyle. For my news paper I will search to see if there is a demand within what age group. As my idea for my newspaper will be published within the school my primary demographic audience will be people in the school aged between 11-19 years old. By identify my potential target market this will help me know how to brand/ and what will be contained. When thinking about targeting my product I will have to a secondary demographic which will be teachers. Target audience is split into audience groups, such as class, gender, ethnicity etc. For example the BBC have different channels such as BBC one is a mainstream channel with news that will appeal to a wide demographic and other programmes where as BBC for example is more appealing to a youthful demographic. When considering my newspaper I will have to consider these factors and think of the visual and content appeal in order to reflect my psychographic interests and overall appeal.
  3. 3. When conducting my primary research I will have to consider the geographical factors will appeal to the news contained, furthermore if more people live in the Banstead area I would have to imply Banstead news to appeal to a more local news base topic, however more regional news such as surrey area news/ broaden news may appeal to the rest of my potential demographic audience as this may appeal to them according to there geographical location area and the news itself. Also expanding on my psychographic point this helps advertise and knowing what news to contain furthermore, my potential target audience will be teenagers which may reflect a active, youthful demographic which they may be interested in sports and local events, furthermore which will response to the news being published in my newspaper.
  4. 4. Product comparison Product comparison is apart of market research. Product comparison is when you look at other products which are supplying the same needs and purpose as other similar products. Product comparisons is used to understand the market and the gaps and trends. For my newspaper I will look at exiting newspaper materials online and printed copies to help me identify the structure, the content, the visual appeal and what makes it appealing the demographic audience. As my idea of appealing and providing news with in the school I will look at local papers such as The Guardian and as my potential market are interested in more broaden news such as celebrity gossip I will look at a more national newspaper such as The Sun.
  5. 5. Talent and Actors Talent and actors are use to represent the product, in my newspaper there will be a team involved within producing the content, such as a writer, photographer, the editor etc. These key skilled people involved in the process will help each other produce the product to appeal to the demographic audience. Talent and actors may be ask for certain skills and abilities, within my newspaper I will allocate people within the job role according to there skill and knowledge, furthermore if a photography student know more technical knowledge and can apply there skills in order to produce key image that will appeal to my demographic I will apply them to the job title in order to make my newspaper work efficiently. Where as a English student may be more useful in the grammar checking and become the editor or the writer of the paper to make sure that the newspaper is produced to a standard of appropriate language and understanding.
  6. 6. Stimulus for ideas Stimulus for ideas is the starting point to get ideas in order to create your product. This screen shot is of the Sutton Guardian online as this is a local newspaper which shows local events and news topics. This will give me inspiration when writing about the school as I can include local news to appeal to my demographic audience. From the screen shot this also helps me with ideas when creating my own newspaper website. The links shown on the website has a broad selection however not as diverse as a broadsheet such as the telegraph. However this newspaper website has separate sections such as sport, competitions, events which is based around locally which will effect a geographic demographic and appeals to a niche audience, due to local news topic, in terms/ comparison to a more wider paper like The Sun.
  7. 7. This screen shot is of The Sun which is a more national paper, this shows the online readership of the demographic audience by the visual appeal. This online screen shot of The Sun will give me inspiration in terms of the more national news/ celebrity/ gossip news provided and the language that will be contained within my newspaper. Reflecting on my demographic audience of 11-19 years old I am going to have to consider simple language due to the broaden intellectual minded and the more simplicity minded and the age range gap, furthermore to create a greater readership and in order for them to understand.
  8. 8. This content in The Sun newspaper, of celebrity gossip and other media relevant such as films is normally published in the middle section of the paper, however in my newspaper I may apply the audience interest such as celebrity gossip at the front of my newspaper to engage my consumers attention, and make them carry on reading throughout the rest on my content in my newspaper. Also my contain there interest straight away this may also effect there visual appeal and make them want to keep flicking through to see if any more content will appeal to them and their interests.
  9. 9. Overall by looking at other existing newspaper materials to get stimulus for ideas this will help me consider and apply the following things appropriately : •The language/ text •The colours •The content •The visual aspects such as imagery and iconography •Page layout •The psychographic interest and overall appeal to attract my primary demographic audience •Page structure, and visual structure (such as where are things place on the page/ website, image to support article and become more appealing etc.)