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Newspaper pitch

  1. 1. New Local Newspaper
  2. 2. Initial Idea • The first two pages of a new local newspaper, together both of the following: -A poster for the newspaper; -Two hyperlinked pages from the paper’s website; a video on one or both of the pages -Radio jingle that will be advertising for the newspaper.
  3. 3. Reasoning I have decided to use number 5 for my initial idea as I felt that because of making a new magazine last year I would already have some knowledge of the industry. Another reason for choosing this idea is because I really enjoyed looking through different prints of real life stories and past pupils work and seeing how I could incorporate that into my own work and also seeing how mine could be different to theirs so that my new print would stand out above theirs. I would like to continue to create a range of print work and decided that with the other options available – filming, I have seen other pupils work and have found that it is quite easy to make it bad and so thought that I should play to my strengths however I would like to think I could some how still use the filming skill in my website.
  4. 4. Inspirational Text – The Sunderland Echo • The Sunderland Echo is my local news paper and because of this I can get easy access to and know where to buy this style of newspaper. • I like that they use black, white and red colours in their newspaper to outline the three different aspects of their newspaper and so would like to use this format in my newspaper. • When looking through the Sunderland Echo’s front pages I noticed that they don’t just talk about one theme of news (good/bad), they give a mixed view of the world by doing this and also keep people informed about what their local area is actually like however when reading into some of the empowering stories about ‘my hero husband’ and ‘teen’s lucky escape’ and then compared it to other main stories like ‘BANNED FOR CRUELTY’, the Sunderland Echo do talk about the bad things happening however they do try to give readers a positive outlook. For example with the story I have just mentioned, the person who starved the poor animal has been banned and so cannot treat another animal in this way again however this is a sad thing to read of such cruelty when it was unnecessary.
  5. 5. Deconstruction The colours in this newspaper are simple in the sense that there are only three colours just like there would be in a magazine. Newspapers are usually a little longer than the typical magazines. In my opinion the reason why the colour format is the way it is for a newspaper, is black and white, because when reading black text on a white background you do not get strained eyes because there are no strong colours except some of the sub-titles. I think they have chosen these three colours red, white and black because of the simplicity format of a newspaper as newspapers care more about what storylines are than the colours however in some newspapers they do like to use large photographs to entice the reader as well as there sub heading for the main story. In this example here you can see that the colour format is the same as it would be for a newspaper however the white text overlapping the image can be a little harder to see in comparison to the newspaper as the newspaper has a white background and black text which stands out much better.
  6. 6. DeconstructionThe layout of this newspaper is that the main storyline is set out in the middle of the page and take up the most of the front page and for the rest of the storylines on the front page, unlike magazines they actually have the majority of the story on the front page and then have the continuation of the story on another page inside the newspaper. I have found two different newspapers which have both opted for the same story to be on the front page however they have opted for different appoaches as the sun have used ¾ of the front page, pull quote, small story in the corner and a image of Amanda Holden with her baby. Where as the Daily Mail has opted for an image of Amanda Holden by herself and a pull-quote in the middle of the page surrounded by the main story ‘BEHAVE OR WE TAKE YOUR iPOD’ and another story to the right. Although the Daily Mail has included a image to make readers want to read about the article however when creating my newspaper I would like to use both style in layout by using The Sun’s main storyline and if people where not as interested in that storyline I could still keep them interested by putting storylines along side the main storyline. Apart from the differences with the storyline layout both newspapers have chosen to put the advertisement on the top of the newspaper underneath their masthead. I feel that they have done this as when reading the newspaper you look at the main storyline and then start reading the newspaper from top to bottom and by using this style of layout you are not taking the attention away from the storylines.
  7. 7. Deconstruction With newspapers they give more information into different sections of the news rather than what a magazine would do as different magazine would have different genres: film, music and television however if you flick through pages of a newspaper you get all of the local news of what is happening in your area including what would probably be involved in a magazine. The Daily Mail in this edition have even opted to use a image to entice reader’s into reading the storyline as she is looking quite distressed. In the right hand far corner of the front page there are a few poster/books free inside the newspaper for Weight Watchers.
  8. 8. Deconstruction I feel that having this wide variety of things inside your newspaper you are more likely to appeal to more audiences however saying that, with the use of the internet younger people are probably not going to go out of their way to buy a newspaper and would estimate the target audience for my newspaper would be 15-45 year olds. I have chosen to use particular edition of the Daily Mail as they have chosen to use ‘iPod’ in the main headline of the newspaper which would probably catch the eye of the younger audiences, which is all a newspaper organisation needs to get people to read a newspaper. When you look more at the content of the newspaper you will see that the target audience are probably more marketed for the older generation as they are targeting parents with childeren ‘BEHAVE OR WE TAKE YOUR iPOD’ and people a little older than that ‘ How you can still look fabulous in your 50s’. From looking through the front page of this newspaper I can see how you can use imagery and text to appeal to your target audience.
  9. 9. Deconstruction The storyline I have found two different newspapers which have both opted for the same story to be on the front page however they have opted for different approaches as the sun have used ¾ of the front page, pull quote, small story in the corner and a image of Amanda Holden with her baby, however in the Daily Mail it isn’t the main storyline which would suggest that they have different target audience and age range to please.
  10. 10. Who publishes local newspapers? Paying? • As I have used the Sunderland Echo as my inspiration for most of the examples given I have researched into more detail about the company. • The owner of The Sunderland Echo is Johnston Press. Johnston Press is a company which sells 13 daily newspapers, 154 paid for weekly newspaper, 37 free weekly newspapers along with other magazines. • The publisher for the Sunderland Echo is North East Press. • The newspaper was founded on the 22nd December 1873 as well as this newspaper there are also sister newspaper which are the Hartlepool Mail and Shields Gazette. • When looking at who could publish my newspaper I thought it would be a good idea to chose a company which already had an audience. • However the downside to doing this would be that there would a rival newspaper already in the company you will be publishing with.
  11. 11. My Idea - Newspaper • I would like to create a new improved version of the Sunderland Echo and plan to reach out to a wider audiences as now a days younger people are not known to read newspapers and so plan to entice them in by reading the newspaper online and then when they get older they would more likely to want to continue reading and actually then go out and buy a newspaper. • The main target audience for my new newspaper would be for 15- 45 year olds as I would like them to consider using the website version of the new newspaper however that doesn’t mean to say they couldn’t still read the newspaper. • The colouring for this new newspaper are going to be the traditional colour: red, white and black as I think that basic colours will help to attract usual newspaper readers. • I would like to use white for the background of the newspaper, black for the main part of the text and I would like to use red to attract the reader eye for example the masthead or main stories of the news.
  12. 12. My Idea - Newspaper • The types of stories that I would like to publish on daily basis would be those that evoke the heart, stories that never get mention on the main parts of the news, stories about how people are trying to better the world even if it is just within their street or even amongst their friends. • I would like to try the idea of a mention of the week of some kind, which would be where a person within the local community get recognized for all the things they are doing within their community and then they could get the chance to win one of prizes that is advertised in the newspaper. • I like the idea of getting the people who would read the magazine do actually want to benefit their community and their surroundings and so I thought of the idea that if somebody has been awarded the ‘Mention Of The Week’ more than 10 times in one year I would like the newspaper to recognize this by nominating them into The Pride Of Britain Awards. Unfortunately when researching this I found that the Daily Mirror are already in association with this organization along with Lidl, ITV, Daybreak and the Prince’s Trust but I think that if there is a newspaper already in place for this, this means that what I am trying to achieve can be done. • After reading up on some research about typical news stories and what would and wouldn't be in the news and found that my idea would be something that wouldn’t normally be generalized as news however I would like to change that because I would like to step out of line from ordinary day newspapers and this means I will have something else to offer my readers that no other newspaper today can offer them - good news.
  13. 13. Newspaper front page
  14. 14. Newspaper inside page
  15. 15. Newspaper second inside page
  16. 16. My Idea - Poster The main idea for making the poster will be to advertise the newspaper and the website and the possibility of having a radio jingle also. The poster will also used to advertise small stories of what is to be expected in the newspaper and website. As the poster will be advertising both the newspaper and the website the target audience for this poster will be ranging from the ages of 15-45 years old. I will try to appeal to my target audience by using pull-quotes or headlines of a story that would either appeal to all of the target audience or have a range of stories that would help to appeal to the majority of my target audience. When choosing what to put on my posters I will need to be very wary of what I put as they will attract people to the new local newspaper and website and so I will need to make a good impression. The colouring for this poster is going to be the same as the newspaper as I want it to use the same conventions in all aspects of what I am going to create, so it is going to consist of a white background, majority of the text been black and key parts of the poster, such as big stories/masthead will be in red.
  17. 17. Poster
  18. 18. LIVERWEB - Liverpool Collectables - Poster Magazines For this poster they have obviously targeted their sport audience by using the colours of Liverpool however when looking at these colours I noticed that by using a quite bright sign it can be quite eye catching and thought that it could be a way to stand out from other newspaper posters as they are usually black and white and as I am trying to appeal to my target audience, of 15-45 year olds with different stories to other newspapers, this could be a good way to attract attention. I also like the layout of the poster as it follows in the same conventional layout of a newspaper poster as they have a masthead at the top main image/storyline and then smaller stories at the bottom. Obviously I cannot use the exact layout for my poster however I would like to use images on the poster as some people are interested images and others in text and by placing both on the poster it will appeal to a wider audience.
  19. 19. The Evening Standard Paper have opted for 3 special edition posters with Michael Jackson. They have been very brave in only publicising one story on three posters and I think that if I were to create three posters I would try to aim the posters at different age ranges in my target audience. However seeing that the person they have made the special edition about it is quite understandable that they would use three posters as he was a very famous singer and dancer and by giving these bold statements ‘LONDON BLAMED FOR JACKSONS DEATH’, it would make you want to read more into the story as there were several unanswered questions hanging over the death of Michael Jackson.
  20. 20. With this being an actual newspaper magazine the layout and structure is more organised as they have used coloured sections to separate the text from the images and separate pieces of text from each other which I like in particular the poster on the right as the blue help to box frame the main story in the middle of the poster.
  21. 21. Newspaper - Website • The idea behind creating a website as well as a newspaper is so that I can reach out to a wider range of ages and make the target audience of my newspaper bigger as the older generation would like to go into a shop and buy a print of newspaper where as the younger generation would like to know about the news however using the internet and not have to pay for it. But saying that I do realise that the older generation would not always be able to use the print version available all the time and so feel to make it easy for the older generation I thought that I could use a subscription service for them to use if they were not computer literate. • The content I am planning to put in my website will be practically the same in the newspaper as I don’t want the people who read the newspaper to feel as if they have not received as much information as they have actually paid for what I am creating and so would like them to continue buying. • Just like the poster I would like to carry on using the same colour theme as this will stick to the conventions of all newspaper’s that have website’s as they want to make their product recognisable in the three aspects – newspaper, website and a poster. • I want the website to feel like it has order and so will try to keep the layout very simple as over loading the website with too much information will put people off both young and old.
  22. 22. Website
  23. 23. On all the websites that I have looked on they have got a masthead in the left hand corner and at least 1 advert either beside the mast head or above it. I would like to use a different layout to this as I don’t want people first opinion of the website to be that there are going to be full of adverts and that is not an element I would like to portray. I like that the layout of the website allows you to view small parts of stories and show a little picture to the right of the page all the way to the bottom as this doesn’t overfill the page and still allows the viewer to read small exerts of the story and then allowing them to click onto to read more. This way they will probably see more and want to read more than if you had to click onto certain links and search for 1 particular story. The colour for this website is more stereotypically more manly because of so much use of blue however they do have a strip of pink for the ‘FEMAIL TODAY’ stories just meant for women.
  24. 24. The Sun in my opinion doesn’t have a very good layout however I do like how they have columns broken down into different section on the left hand side of the page which does make this easy to find the link you are after. They do have a massive search engine right at the top of the page which would make things a lot more appealing to my target audience as both young and old don’t want to have to manually search around the site they want instant results. The content shown in this particular edition of the website does appear to appeal mainly towards the older generation for example Bingo advertisements and one of the main stories when you go onto the page is of a older presenter quitting.
  25. 25. Website hyperlink 1
  26. 26. When I moved onto looking at the hyperlink page 1 and two I noticed that they used videos rather than images. I feel they have done this so that you get a first hand view in photographs of what has happened and different people giving their version od events of what they know to have happened if you did not want to read ablout the story you have the option to watch it instead. In this video they have used person of authority, MP, as he a children and family minister. I would like to use a person of authority in my video for the hyperlinked page as I feel that when talking about serious stories people more well thought of, the story seems to come across more important as they know about it.
  27. 27. Although this hyperlink is from the same website – bbc news, they have opted for a different layout for the second page and that is exactly what I have done for my website as the BBC news is not the only news site that has this style of layout from page to page. About the layout they have used videos similarly to the previous hyperlink however they have placed the videos to the side and there are several videos to watch and look through. The colouring for the two hyperlinks are identical for the masthead and strip along the tp however in the second hyperlink they have used an eye catching orange to attract your attention to the videos and features of the website.
  28. 28. When clicking onto the hyperlink from the home page the layout of the page is completely different as the content is solely relying on one story however if you look at the industry side to this, the newspaper has already got you to come onto their website, look on the home page and yet you still continue to look through the hyperlinks and so this would indicate that you were interested in what this particular newspaper (website) had to say. The colours are again more stereotypically manly however one thing that I do like about the home page and the hyperlink is the flow from one to the other as they both have the same colour scheme. I think that the Mail Online are targeting a very narrowed audience by using this particular story as it shows a young female singer naked on different iconic building (and a dolphin). So if I were to take guidance from this would be to use a shocking news story and yet still try to appeal to all of my target audience by not going to racy, technical or dated.
  29. 29. Website hyperlink 2
  30. 30. Just like all websites they all seem to have an advert at the top of the page of the website however I feel that the masthead should have pride of place at the top of the website and follow with the stories and right at the bottom should they place advertisement and so when creating my website I would like to either have it discretely at the side or have it right at the bottom. The colours that the Sunderland Echo have used match that of the newspaper and so feel that this continuity throughout the website and newspaper/poster will be crucial to appealing to my target audience as well as the correct content. Content is essential to keeping the reader interested and so I feel that the layout of the stories will dictate whether or not they would like to read on and so using a moving story board will keep people interested and it will also reduce space taken up by stories and so more stories could be put onto the website that would appeal to hopefully even more of my audience An overall occurrence that I keep noticing is that the top article that the reader will see first is something that is shocking or heart braking story and so feel I should include at least one of these at the top of each hyperlink.
  31. 31. Tabloid Newspapers • Tabloid newspapers are commonly known for sensational crime stories, astrology, celebrity gossip and TV. • The typical tabloid newspaper would be things like The Independent and The Times.
  32. 32. Past students work alongside real newspapers
  33. 33. Additional Ideas/Information • I would like to use a simple font and something that would be conventional to a newspaper rather than to a magazine and so decided to look on the internet to see what newspapers font looks like: -Times -Helvetica -Franklin Gothic Book I have decided to use Times for the font for the newspaper as I think that this is most similar to what newspapers use today.