Surviving Personalization with Bing and Google - SMX Advanced 2012

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My presentation from SMX Advanced 2012 on personalized search with Bing and Google. Get all of the session coverage at Outspoken Media: …

My presentation from SMX Advanced 2012 on personalized search with Bing and Google. Get all of the session coverage at Outspoken Media:

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  • 1. Surviving Personalization with Bing & Google SMX Advanced 2012 @Rhea | @OutspokenMedia
  • 2. If you leave with one takeaway it should be…
  • 3. The future of search is personalization.
  • 4. Everyone’s results are already personalized.Google Personalization MethodsOctober 2006 Now Personalizes Everyone’s Search ResultsDecember 4, 2009
  • 5. Personalized Search Factors Location Search history Social search
  • 6. How can Google see search history?1. Browser2. Toolbar3. Google web searchesReference:
  • 7. Check Your HistoryCurious? Check your search history:
  • 8. How does Google see your network?Reference:
  • 9. How does Google track your friends?• Your mutual connections with people on Google products such as Gmail.• Interaction you’ve had with others on Google products.• The links youve added to your profile.• The connected accounts youve linked on your Google Account.• The people who are in your extended circles.• Friends on external sites, when those friends have connected their accounts on their Google+ profiles.
  • 10. How does Google identify your accts? Two primary signals that make an educated guess: 1. Similarities between your Google Account name and usernames, and other account names and profile names. 2. Similarities between your connections.Reference:
  • 11. Remember to +1 Outspoken Media!Google tracks what you +1
  • 12. How does Google track your content?Reference:
  • 13. How does Google track social activity?Formerly through PostRank, now social reporting:• conversions• sources• sharingReference:
  • 14. Measure Personalization Extent in GA % signed into Gmail % networked w/social(not provided) Twitter Facebook Google+ StumbleUpon
  • 15. Personalized Search is the SE Arms Race At SMX London 2012, AmitSinghal stated that secure search was the key to personalized results. Google doesnt want to take over Facebook, they want to enhance search with the social graph. Reference: your-social-network-quantity-vs-quality-109210
  • 16. Why did Google create (not provided)? Keyword reports are obsolete when search results are personalized. And, if we could see which keywords were driving personalized search rankings, it would be much easier to game.
  • 17. Bing has stated that: “…social (who are your friends and what are their interests), personal long term (who are you as a user), short term personalization (what are you trying to do now), location, and privacy, transparency and control.“Reference:
  • 18. Bing rank = authority +quality of keyword match + personal preference + social preference
  • 19. Personalized search increases CTRAt SMX London 2012 AmitSinghal shared thatGoogle is seeing increased click through rates from personalized search results.
  • 20. What’s in it for Bing?Bing has a competitive advantage tapping data from Twitter and Facebook and dominance of real-time search.
  • 22. Write Geo-Targeted Content
  • 23. Use Markup Language
  • 24. Offline Networking to Build Relationships
  • 25. Get Zagat and Other Ratings
  • 26. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
  • 27. Targeting for multiple languages:Reference:
  • 28. Local SearchAsk the expertsin tomorrow’s local panel!
  • 30. Brand Your: Name, Products, Company
  • 31. Write Great, Relevant Content
  • 32. Coordinate SEO with PR & Social PR SEO
  • 33. Set up a Wikipedia Page
  • 34. Submit data through Freebase
  • 35. Setup Authorship
  • 36. Brand thought leaders
  • 37. Publish Content Often
  • 38. Create Community Acct Logins
  • 39. Use Gmail for login
  • 40. Use events to drive queries
  • 42. Create and post to Google+ page
  • 43. Setup Google+ Direct Connect
  • 44. Increase your Google+ followers
  • 45. Use LinkedIn to Identify Your Network
  • 46. Giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, etc.
  • 47. Use Facebook login for comments
  • 48. Create long&short-term content
  • 49. Engage community
  • 50. NOW, GO DO IT!!!!
  • 51. Thank you.t: @Rheae: rhea@outspokenmedia.comGet all of the SMX coverage: