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Grow Your Audience with Content Marketing

Thank you for the tremendous feedback on my talk at WordCamp Montreal 2014. I sincerely appreciate it. Use these slides to guide your own efforts. The book I mentioned is "Content Marketing Ideas" and the organization I referred to was the Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA). Go join it!

This is the original session description:

Content marketing is a hot buzzword right now and for good reason. It’s the latest trend being implemented to increase search engine visibility, social media networking, brand awareness, and sales. WordPress is a great platform that businesses and bloggers can harness to achieve their inbound marketing objectives. This session will cover important aspects of content marketing and emphasize how to promote content and grow an audience. Attendees will learn ways to integrate content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media to expand their reach. Topics such as social influence, guest posts, and social signals for SEO will be discussed. Key plugins and relevant online tools will also be highlighted.

Prerequisites: To get the most out of the session, attendees should have a basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Grow Your Audience with Content Marketing

  1. 1. Grow Your Audience With Content Marketing (Blog) (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design) Brian Rotsztein WordCamp Montreal 2014 @brianrotsztein
  2. 2. The Latest Industry Buzzword Content Marketing
  3. 3. In Content Marketing, the Content IS the Ad (Not to be confused with the content of your ad)
  4. 4. Growing Your Audience: Two Areas Content Promotion Content Creation We’ll share what she’s creating!
  5. 5. Content Marketing On-site SEO Off-site SEO ? Content Code Layout Internal Links Inbound Links (Social Signals)
  6. 6. Social Signals: Content is Key Ideal Result Google sees lots of social shares Your website gets a boost in rankings Actual Result Your content gets shared Influencers share it Articles & blogs write about it More social sharing (This time it includes Buzzfeed, Upworthy,…) Appears in Google due to “freshness” More people find it and share it
  7. 7. Guest Posting
  8. 8. Matt Cutts What He Did Say: Stop Guest Blogging for SEO Backlinks What He Did Not Say: Stop Guest Posting for Content Marketing
  9. 9. Would you refuse a guest post and link from these brands?
  10. 10. Credibility Authorship Consumer Trust Longevity Branding Building Earned Media & Links Social Engagement Subject Matter Expert Inbound Link (Mostly NoFollow) Inbound Link SEO Link Building vs. Content Marketing
  11. 11. Guest blogging is not a strategy. Neither are infographics. Nor is “Let’s make a viral video!” These are tactics.
  12. 12. Content Strategy Specific Goals Tactics
  13. 13. Content Strategy: Business Objectives Increase Brand Awareness Expand Customer Support Personal Branding Increase Revenue Sell More of Product X More Leads Increase Unique Visitors Increase Pageviews Improve Customer Retention Boost SEO Community Management Higher Conversion Rate
  14. 14. Specific Goals: What actions do you want your audience to take? Newsletter Sign-up Set up an Appointment Free Trial Register for a ClassTry Your Recipe Provide an Estimate Demo Sign-up From Third-party Forum to a Website Visit From a Blog Post to a Video View
  15. 15. Content that people care about. What content will resonate the most with your audience? Photo:
  16. 16. Brainstorm Keywords & Ideas
  17. 17. Tools (PC) (Mac) Gliffy OmniGraffle Content Marketing Guest Posts Trendy Idea Trends More Cool Idea Best Idea Ok Idea Audio Video Use Mind Mapping Tools for Brainstorming
  18. 18. Anticipate Consumer Needs (i.e., Search Intent)
  19. 19. Missed an opportunity? You Didn’t Anticipate Consumer Needs vs. Lauren Luke Sales: eBay Marketing Budget: $0 Videos: Homemade Voice: Human YouTube Followers: 559,000 Sephora Sales: Retail & Online Marketing Budget: $20 Million Videos: Professional Voice: Corporate YouTube Followers: 215,000
  20. 20. Ask Customer Service (or Whoever Answers the Phone) Use a Spreadsheet Software SaaS Ask Prospective Clients Google Consumer Surveys Get Info Directly From Your Audience Plugins to Consider Surveymonkey Button Gravity Forms Polldaddy Polls & Ratings Ask Current Clients Survey Monkey
  21. 21. Data Research Get Demographic Info Google Public Data Explorer Google Display Planner (AdWords) Google Analytics Data & Stats Search Engines DataMarket Zanran Data360 GetTheData Consumer Behaviour Consumer Barometer (by Google)
  22. 22. This is not content. It’s crap.
  23. 23. Every Time You Publish Crappy Content, A Puppy Dies
  24. 24. Prove That Your Content is: Useful Educational Entertaining Worth Consuming Do You Practice Smart Content Marketing?
  25. 25. The Social Secret Behind…
  26. 26. Crowdsourcing This is your target audience. If you want your content to resonate with them, just ask them what they want!
  27. 27. Crowdsource Suggestions Google Suggest Tool:
  28. 28. Mine CommentsCheck Quora (Q&A) Reviews Read, Watch & Listen Follow Twitter Hashtags Especially: Events, Twitter Chats & Trends Crowdsource by Lurking Immerse Yourself in Your Audience
  29. 29. That Eternal Question…
  30. 30. Crowdsource Your Keywords: The Long Tail Taken from the book: Content Marketing Ideas: 200+ Tips for Your SEO and Social Media Strategy
  31. 31. Find the Right Keywords Tools Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics WP-Stats (Plugin) AW Stats Webalizer (Whichever Log Programs You Use) Look for Long Tail Searches
  32. 32. Growth by Content Scalability
  33. 33. Social Share Buttons Plugins to Consider Digg Digg Responsive Social Sharing Icons WP Social Buttons
  34. 34. People Share What Makes Them Look Good
  35. 35. 10 Must-have Tools for… 10 Tips for Successful... 10 Rules for… 10 Reasons X Should Scare You 10 Secrets of the Best… You Won’t Believe What Happens After This… Everything You Need to Know to do X What Everyone Needs to Know About… The Best X You Aren't Using Enough of… The Ultimate Guide to… Little Known Ways to.... Get Rid of [Problem] Once and for All Magnetic Headlines Catchy Titles Attract Attention
  36. 36. Duplicate Content is Evil. Don’t Go There.
  37. 37. Instead of Duplicating Content, Repurpose it! Give Presentation Write Blog PostPost Slides
  38. 38. Blog Repurposing Ideas Convert each item in a bulleted list into separate, full length posts Find a popular old post and update it Feature popular blog posts in an email newsletter Convert the slides of a presentation into individual posts Use a blog post’s data to create an infographic Convert a checklist into a full length blog post Create an audio version (podcast) of a blog post Turn your webinar content into a blog post Take the content of a video and write blog post about it Convert your video interview into a blog post Take comments and convert them into a blog post Turn several blog posts into an ebook Convert several blog posts into one giant guest post with extra info Taken from the book: Content Marketing Ideas: 200+ Tips for Your SEO and Social Media Strategy
  39. 39. Infographics Only as Good as their Content The Best Ones Scale Well Creation Tools Tools to Get Stats Data & Stats Search Engines Wikipedia Industry Publications News Corporate Blogs Press Releases
  40. 40. Email Lists Grow Your Fan Base Make Signing Up Easy Plugins to Consider Newsletter Sign-up Various Newsletter Options (e.g., Autochimp/Mailchimp)
  41. 41. Offer Compelling Incentive To Grow Your Email List! You want a stranger’s name and email address? Offer Value in Exchange (e.g., “Download My Ebook!”)
  42. 42. Test Pop-up Boxes vs. Look At… Wording Message Time Delay Size Position Photos Outer Shading Not just “No thanks” Get an emotional response!
  43. 43. Get Visitors to Consume More Content Plugins to Consider nrelate Related Content YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) nrelate Flyout SEO Smart Links Custom Sidebars You Might Enjoy These Articles: The SEO Linking Checklist Special Report: SEO for 2012
  44. 44. Content Discovery Plugins Outbrain Zemanta (Editorial Assistant) Taboola EngageYa (Cross Promotion) nRelate Easy Tynt Spread Your Content Attract People From Other Sites Other Articles From Blogger’s Own Website Related Article from Your Website
  45. 45. A/B Test Landing Pages vs. Tools Unbounce (WP via Zapier) Visual Website Optimizer
  46. 46. Test Page Layouts Plugin to Consider Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking
  47. 47. Countries by Colour “Cheaper” Breaking Bad Drinking Game Search Box Banner Labels
  48. 48. Refer-a-Friend Plugins to Consider WordPress InviteBox AF Tell a Friend
  49. 49. Click to Tweet Content Sharing Customize Messages With Pre-made Tweets Plugins to Consider
  50. 50. Share to Unlock Plugins to Consider OnePress Social Locker WP Share to Unlock
  51. 51. Sign up to Get Ebook or “Cheatsheet” Must have a compelling topic and title Capture email address Multi-step Unlocking Share (Twitter or Facebook) to Unlock Place on ebook download page Create second compelling download: Ebook Message: “I just downloaded this great ebook, go here so you can too!” Show a Video on Download Page Place a link at the end of the video Link can go to: • Testimonials Page • to buy book • Excerpt of book • Etc. Taken from the book: Content Marketing Ideas
  52. 52. Grow Your Audience With Content Marketing (Blog) (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design) Brian Rotsztein WordCamp Montreal 2014 @brianrotsztein