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How To Groove To The Google Dance (Yes, It’s Back)


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Official session description:
Your boss or client may think top rankings are gold, but veteran SEOs know those stats are so 20th-century they’re virtually irrelevant. So how do you measure – and more importantly, prove – the value of your SEO activities, especially in the age of personalized, unique search results? Speakers in this session have promised to "open up their kimonos" and reveal the really useful, measurable techniques they use to demonstrate the value of their work.

Presented with: Rob Bucci, Owner of STAT Search Analytics, Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, and Will Scott, President of Search Influence

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How To Groove To The Google Dance (Yes, It’s Back)

  1. How to Groove to the Google Dance (Yes, It’s Back) SMX West 2013 @Rhea | @outspokenmedia
  2. We’re going to answer: • What is a Google Dance? • What is a Google Dance in today’s world? • How do you avoid getting hit by a Google Dance?
  6. Updates Were Major Events•• updates-a-history-of-seo-from-2000-2010/• 13861.html•
  7. Most Notable UpdatesFloridaNovember 2003
  8. How do we track these new updates?
  9. How do you know if you’ve been caught in a Google Dance? Stay tuned: Mitul’s got this!
  10. How do you get out of a Google Dance?First, know the difference between:
  11. MANUAL PENALTY • Fix things. • Grovel.
  12. ALGORITHMIC UPDATE• Fix things.• Wait.
  13. Doing nothing gets you nothing!
  14. Doing too much couldalso make matters worse.
  15. How do you prevent gettingcaught in a Google Dance in the first place?
  16. Don’t wait for something to happen!
  17. Audit your SEO!
  18. Ensure SEO supports business objectives.Growth is important, butnot harming the business is 1 st priority!
  19. Be aware. Google updateshappening today:
  20. PandaAmit Singhal on“More Guidance onBuilding High-QualitySites”
  21. Penguin
  22. Exact-Match Domain
  23. “Top Heavy”
  24. Onto how to avoidgetting slapped by these updates… …aka a GIANT list of shady things to avoid!
  25. Correlation isn’t causation, but…
  26. dashes-in-domains-yay.com
  27. Dashes in domains (esp multiple)
  29. Keyword-stuffed domains
  30. Ads above the fold!ADS ON ALL THE THINGS!!!
  31. Tons of ads above the fold
  32. Lots of duplicate content
  33. | |
  34. Scraping content
  35. Low-quality and/or quantity content
  36. Heavy exact-match link building NOT NATURAL!
  37. Low-quality link building
  38. Link building footprints
  39. Link building footprints
  40. Posting a lot of contentjust for the sake of “fresh” content
  41. Sometimes, Googlewon’t make you wait for a Dance…
  42. Live Spam
  43. Cloaking - Site User Site
  44. You can still eat. Just don’t be a buzzkill.
  45. Now you know:• What a Google Dance is (now and then)• How to avoid a Google DanceLet’s talk about how to track/recover!Take it away Marcus and Mitul. 
  46. Get the deck: hello! t: @Rhea | @outspokenmedia