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Google+: Scott Frangos, President, WebDirexion LLC. How to make Google+ a big win for the social side of your Content Marketing strategy.

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Scott Frangos - Google Plus for Content Marketers

  1. 1. Scott Frangos,Webdirexion LLC
  2. 2. Claremont Hotel . . .Google Plus ConnectsPlaying Ball on Running Water.Haiku...
  3. 3. About Webdirexion & Scott...Webdirexion is an online Marketing Agencyfocused on Social Media Campaigns, SEOsolutions, WordPress development, LandingPage Campaigns, and Content Marketing. Scott: Career Marketing Communicationsprofessional with specialties in ContentStrategy, Social Media, and Optimization Instructor at:
  4. 4. Gmail Account Required...• Log into Gmail if you have one.• Get a Gmail account at
  5. 5. Workshop Outline Google+ Strategies and tactics EXERCISE: Create Circle(s) of influence, findinfluencers How to track G+ results G+ and Hangouts for Business EXERCISE: Two posts and curate for blog... and"/?rel=author" tactic Questions and Answers Case Studies & Reference Links
  6. 6. Google+ Strategies & TacticsWhy Google+ forContent Marketers? More active users than Twitter& LinkedIn G+ IS Google (beyond a social network) Google will "love" you for it Strong SEO and SERP results Event integration with calendar, hangouts,circles to email, VIDEOS
  7. 7. Source:
  8. 8. SOURCE:
  9. 9. SOURCE:
  10. 10. SOURCE:
  11. 11. SOURCE:
  12. 12. Google+ Strategies & Tactics Branding your business page (page type #1)SEO Personal pages and posts (page type #2)SEO Expanding Circles of influence - exercise An event promotion machine SEO A content curation tool for your blog SEO(Integrations in WordPress) - exercise The Video Hangout Factor for Business
  13. 13. Branding your business page Header and profile image - compare to:
  14. 14. Local Business Page (Reviews)
  15. 15.  When linking to your blog "/?rel=author" Sign-up for authorship: Verify using "rich snippets" tool: (rel) for RecognizedExpert Tactic...
  16. 16. Google+ Circles of Influence
  17. 17. Google+ Circles of Influence People Directory:•• Circle Directories:• Shared Circles Business Pages• Shared Circles - People Hangout Directories:•
  18. 18. EXERCISE: Load Conference Circle Go to posted circle page: Click view shared circle Add circle to existing circle or add as newcircle Consider circle creation strategies:• Personas• Geo location• Colleagues• Industries
  19. 19. "Interactive Posts" - Promotion MachineCTA to: Apps, "Invite", Sign-up, "Follow", "Introduce"...more
  20. 20. "Interactive Posts" - Promotion Machine Demo post with "invite" button First attempt at non-geeky GUI Googles Interactive Posts overview page
  21. 21. Content Curation for Your Blog Referencing important content tactic forexpansion later Be conversational too -- social -- commenton other posts and share
  22. 22. Posts onGoogle+CheatSheets: sign thenname toshout out
  23. 23. EXERCISE: G+ Posts for Curation Search on G+ or Google for content ofinterest. Post a 1-2 paragraph comment on each itemwith a link back to the post (not on your site) If you have a blog, copy those comments,embellish and curate for a longer blog post Scott to demonstrate
  24. 24. G+ to WordPress Integration SocialBookmarkingbuttons topost straightfrom anarticle to G+
  25. 25. G+ to WordPress Integration Commentingsystemintegratedwith G+(testing now)
  26. 26. Build a G+ Community• Hold events... "meet people"... (tutorial)Go To: Our Content Marketing Power Community
  27. 27. G+ Video HangoutMarketingStrategies... For internal teams For a content marketing event Use them as a complete training business
  28. 28. G+ Video Hangouts... For internalMarComteams...workingHangout
  29. 29. G+ Video Hangouts... For a marketing event - searchNote that Adding aHangout to an eventis optional (underAdvanced_ -- couldbe a real world event
  30. 30. G+ Video Hangouts... Use them as a training/consulting
  31. 31. Tracking G+ Performance Hootsuite,, or other social crm Ripples for G+ Posts that are Shared Google Analytics
  32. 32. Tracking Performance Hootsuite* or or other social crm* Webdirexion is a Hootsuite Pro Solution Partner
  33. 33. TrackingPerformance Ripples forG+ Poststhat areShared Find theinfluencersREFER TO:
  34. 34. Tracking G+ Performance inAnalytics Social Visits In Google Analytics Social Flow in Google Analytics Social Conversions (Goal $) in Analytics
  35. 35. Tracking Performance Social Visits In Google Analytics
  36. 36. Tracking Performance Social FLOW In Google Analytics
  37. 37. Tracking Performance Social FLOW In Google Analytics
  38. 38. Tracking Performance Social Conversions In Google AnalyticsShow me the money
  39. 39. Ongoing G+ Learning & Specials Free Webdirexion "Social Strategy Sessions" (streamedvia G+ Hangouts) Conference special on "WordPress Content MarketingPower" online course online now: Use CMS-2013Conf-Save-50 (50% Off) Conference special on "Social Media Power" onlinecourse coming July 15th, 2013: Use code: CMS-2013Conf-Save-50 (50% Off) Get speakers notes for more articles, help, examples Join Content Marketing Power Community (on Google+)
  40. 40. Further References... G+ Page Layout sizes & responsive elements: Google+ vs. Facebook: Google+ Cheatsheet: 40 G+ Branding Strategies: Getting Started with G+ Business Pages: Tactics: (our curation site)
  41. 41. Questions& Answers
  42. 42. Case Study: Cadbury Connects on G+ Boosted G+ followers150,000 Used hangouts withathletes and chocolateexperts 17% lift in CTR acrossAdwords campaigns 10k Followers per day viaspecially designed badgeLINKs: Case Study Cadbury G+ page More Case Studies & Tips
  43. 43. Case Study: Veterans United Hang Out Article Link:"For personal branding andcontent creators, this canbe a gateway to greatinterviews or subjects foryour next piece — andremember, you don’t haveto worry about takingnotes if you have itstreamed directly to yourYouTube account." --Sarah Hill, Chief DigitalStoryteller for the VeteransUnited Network
  44. 44. Google+BrandingStrategies List...Click toenlarge