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Essential SEO Analytics: The Performance Metrics That Truly Count


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Essential SEO Analytics: The Performance Metrics That Truly Count

  1. ESSENTIAL SEO METRICS:The Performance MetricsThat Truly CountSMX West 2013@Rhea @outspokenmedia
  2. “Welcome to the new age.”Lyric/album credit: Imagine Dragons
  3. It used to be so easy todemonstrate SEO value.
  4. Today it’s much morecomplicated and difficult totrack (the old way)
  5. Why?
  6. It isn’t impossible to trackperformance, but we have toevolve.
  7. Every campaign mustinclude these 3 things:
  8. 123
  9. Metrics guidelines to follow: 1. Get leaders involved. 2. Visually represent your metrics. 3. Metrics must respond quickly. 4. Metrics must be simple. 5. Metrics should drive only important activities. 6. Limit the number of metrics. 7. Take corrective action.University of Delaware:
  10. Putting those metrics to work:Business Objective Business Metric SEO MetricGrow online 20% increase in 16,667 annual increase in trafficrevenue conversions from from organic search (~1,389 more organic search visits per month) 1,000 annual Current organic search conversion conversions rate is 1.2% 1,200 goal 83,333 annual search traffic 100,000 desired search trafficNot the best at calculating percent and amounts?Check out:
  11. Closed Loop Marketing Cycle
  12. Now we have context and our metrics aren’t arbitrary.
  13. Why is this important?
  14. Operating in a vacuumwill harm your business.
  15. How we usually measure results:• Rankings• Link quantity
  16. Dangers:• Loses sight of the business objective• Focus is on the wrong metrics• Motivates team with risky methods
  17. What you need: Increase Increase online online sales by sales by 20% 20%SEO SOCIAL
  18. What happens in 6 months: Google Penguin Manual penalty for YOU! for YOU! SEO SOCIALPhoto credit:
  19. Because what they heard was: More links! More mentions!SEO SOCIAL
  20. And what they did was: Link building: 40 sponsored 100 PR3+ links posts on mom blogsSEO SOCIAL
  21. When they needed to: Communicate Communicate with social with SEO Don’t forget us!SEO EXECS SOCIAL
  22. Integrated marketing campaign:QUALITY METRICS: PERFORMANCE• Link quality METRICS:• Relevance to brand • Outreach quantity• Social factors • Response rate • Social engagement
  23. How do we use metrics to demonstrate value?
  24. Link buildingSUCCESS story:
  25. We were asked to measure results by link quality.
  26. RelevanceBacklinks Engagement
  27. Blogger Outreach Quality MatrixDeveloped a combination of: 1. Backlinks – Citation Flow from Majestic SEO 2. Engagement – Avg of Engagement Per Post (EPP) w/3 posts 3. Relevance – 3 tiers affect minimum thresholds for CF and EPP @Rhea | #searchfest
  28. Benefits:• Builds relevance and trust long-term• No footprints, because it’s natural• Doesn’t invite risk approaches• Drives social media success, which helps with SERPs and personalization• Motivates team to achieve the right metrics• Forces open communication between vendors/departments
  29. Problems:• Process overlapped w/other depts.• Asked us to just target mom blogs (We said NO!)• Couple week hiatus for internal education and process development• Outreach list to avoid
  30. Results:• Helped define internal process• Educated team on dangers• Exceeded link quantity goal• Drove brand awareness• Positive reputation management• Community development• Attribution difficult to track
  31. BUSINESS OBJECTIVE MET: Grow organic search performance without risk. Learn more about Google updates at 1:30pm in SEO Track.
  32. Client
  33. What do you need to see similar success?
  34. Internal champion X We
  35. Stand your ground NO! I won’t build links from crappy mom blogs.
  36. Reactive organization
  37. Metrics only matter ifyou do something withthem.
  38. Here are my favorite 4 metrics you can do something with (with a twist):
  39. 1. ORGANIC TRAFFICBy: search engine, category, season,personaWhy? Locate problems/opportunities with: Analytics Google updates Technical changes
  40. 2. CONVERSIONSBy: searchengine, category, season, personaWhy? Locate problems/opportunities with: Usability concerns Product stock Technical issues
  41. 3. BACKLINKSBy: quantity, quality, relevance, location,anchor text distribution, domain authorityWhy? Locate problems/opportunities with: Negative SEO Agency accountability Enterprise-level accountability
  42. 4. INDEXED PAGESBy: site-wide, subdomains, maintemplates/categoriesWhy? Locate problems/opportunities with: Manual penalties Algorithmic updates Technical issues Duplicate content
  43. “Welcome to the new age.”Lyric/album credit: Imagine Dragons
  44. Metrics must be informedby business objectives.
  45. Metrics can’t bedefined in a vacuum.
  46. Metrics need todemonstrate value.
  47. Metrics only matter if wedo something with them.
  48. Get the deck: hello! t: @Rhea | @outspokenmedia