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Advanced Linkbuilding Strategies SES London 2012 Patrick Altoft


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Link building has always been one of the most important and challenging aspects of SEO. Today, the complexities are even more profound due to social signals, which are yet another type of link. What is advanced to some is child's play to others, and identifying what works for you can be a challenge. From link baiting to testimonials, content distribution to widget distribution, we will look at what works and what doesn't, whether bad links actually exist, and how we can strip the wheat from the chaff to develop a good link-building strategy.

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Advanced Linkbuilding Strategies SES London 2012 Patrick Altoft

  1. ADVANCED LINKBUILDINGSTRATEGIESPatrick AltoftDirector of Search
  2. Goal of LinkbuildingCreate just enough links to rank number 1 for yourtarget keywords without putting site at risk
  4. Automated Content Ideas From Analytics
  5. Send To Your Writers
  6. Vary Anchor Text
  7. Choose Landing Pages Not Keywords• Do keyword research• Allocate keywords to landing pages• Prioritise pages by sum of keyword search volume• Vary anchor text across all keywords• Mix in brand variations for good measure
  8. Google Suggest & Keyword Tool used cars used cars for sale used cars for sale uk autotrader auto trader auto trader cars autotrader cars cars cars for sale cars for sale uk click here for used cars used car search
  9. Linkbuilding processCompetitor Search Shortlist QA Analysis Google sites process Content PitchPlace links Story ideas production stories QA Promote Track links process links
  10. The News Method Monday Shortlist Press News Target Sites Release Brainstorm Syndicate Social Blog Post Rewrite Publish
  11. Competitor Analysis• Use searchmetrics to find most shared content
  13. Competitor Analysis• Use Open Site Explorer for link data too
  14. Creating Social Hitlist• List all infographic sites• List all industry blogs• List all sites that have published a similar infographic in the past o Find using search o Find using “search by image”• You need to personally email 100+ websites• Seed by asking influential users to share via social media
  15. Infographics Seed Paid Social Create Socially Campaign Email Email Pay For Industry Infographic Coverage? Sites Sites
  16. TOOLS
  17. Integration• Choose professional developers to build reliable tools
  18. Link Monitoring Moz Metrics Target PageRank URL Link Crawler Anchor Indexed Text Count Bad External Words Links
  19. Financial Modelling• How much is a link worth? Remember time = money
  20. hreflang
  21. Questions?••••• We do free link analysis and link strategy for those who email me