Social Search Presentation - Social Media Week 2012

Tug Agency
Oct. 4, 2012

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Social Search Presentation - Social Media Week 2012

  1. WE BIG TRAFFIC SOCIAL SEARCH How this affects your marketing plan #smwsocialsearch @tugagency
  2. TUG CREDENTIALS  Established in 2006 we are a team of 30+ digital media professionals  Creative Search & Social Marketing Specialists • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Social Media Marketing (SMM) • Affiliate Marketing • Display Advertising  Global campaign experience – managed centrally and with chosen agency partners Our in house language skills include: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Cantonese & Korean
  4. TUG’S DEFINITION “ Social search is the increased connection and overlap between search engines and social networks and the behaviours that their users share. ”
  5. SOCIAL SEARCH THE TRAVEL SECTOR Social Search: Social Search: PPC ad has Search: Paid Search: Articles multiple +1s or ad links to Travel article, website where to go? recommended by likes friends Typical Travel Consideration Search: Cycle Search: Online Aggregator reviews and sites e.g. experiences Expedia Social Search: Search: Social Search: Friends holiday Flights and Pages linked or hotels reviews and liked by friends or suggestions followers
  6. EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL SEARCH  Since 2003 there has been a huge volume of social media data flooding the internet and increasing in line with overall usage  Previously internal search engines within a social network accounted for finding people/ profiles  Now search engines have to make sense of this to help people find the data they are looking for Social search now takes many forms, including tagging social content, social sharing buttons to a more sophisticated approach build into a search engine’s algorithm
  7. WHAT SOCIAL SEARCH MEANS TO GOOGLE “ All the information that appears as part of Google Social Search is published publicly on the web. What we've done is surface that content together in one single place to make your results more relevant. You can filter results to see only content from my social circle by clicking "Show options" on the results page and clicking ‘personalised results’. ” Maureen Heymans, Google's technical lead for Social Search
  8. SEARCH PLUS YOUR WORLD  When logged into your Google account, search results and personal results are merged, including information from Google+  See example for a search for travel company “expedia”  The use of social data to enhance natural search listings is changing the way people use Google to search for information  The default is for personal results to always be switched on
  9. WHAT SOCIAL SEARCH MEANS TO BING “ With social search, we are finally able to move beyond “relevance” - a cold, logical place governed only by the binary ones and zeros of the algorithm to a world of “trust” where the warmth and richness of human intent and instinct combines with the power of all that the digital world has to offer. ” Dave Coplin, Director of Search at Microsoft
  10. BING SOCIAL COLUMN  Bing introduced a Social Column in their search listings in the US  Facebook also integrates with Bing Maps allowing Facebook Pages to become tied to a location  Different approach to integrating results from Google’s Search plus Your World
  11. FACEBOOK MOVES INTO SEARCH  Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook receives 1bn search queries every day “without trying”  The top things people search for on Facebook are other people, second to this are Pages and third are events Facebook arriving at social search from a different point than Google and Bing, having world out social first and now focusing on search Source:
  12. SOCIAL SEARCH IN PAID ADS  The crossover between paid search and social search is becoming clearer with targeting  Built-in aspects on multiple networks now such as +1 and ‘like’ buttons on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn paid ads  Interacting with paid ads crosses over both social media and search
  13. GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN “ We’re concerned that as a result of Google’s changes [Search plus Your World] , finding information will be much harder for everyone. We think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organisations and Twitter users. Official company statement from Twitter ”
  14. PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL SEARCH “ People increasingly turn to LinkedIn for help when the economy is difficult, the company's global reach and focus on professional networking helps businesses and individuals leverage the network to search for work and find jobs. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner ”
  15. IN SUMMARY PLATFORM CURRENT STATE OF PLAY WHERE THEY ARE HEADED Social Search integration into Google+ as social lead matched search listings with search results Social column and integrating Roll out social column in other Facebook territories Facebook paid ads and Bing exploring new search prospects integration Developing itself as a social and Continue to develop internal search platform search engine Not in favour of how social Continue to develop internal search influences its results search engine
  17. SOCIAL & SEARCH MERGE Imagine the information you provide to Google detailing your search history combined with the profile and social data you contribute to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. all in one place This would give companies a holistic understanding of who a user is online based on their search history and social profile information
  20. FACEBOOK OPENS API TO MUSIC PARTNERS F8 ANNOUNCEMENT 22/09/11 OBJECTIVES MEDIA APPROACH Search:  Boinc wants to be part of the conversation  PPC on Search Network  Distribute video interview of Boinc  Banners on Display Network founder discussing F8  Forum commenting  Establish boinc’s PoV  PR optimisation & distribution  Build awareness pre-launch  Online news seeding TARGET AUDIENCE Social:  Technology journalists  Video distribution  Music journalists  YouTube advertising  Industry influencers  Facebook advertising  boinc business partners & investors  Blogger outreach
  21. WE ‘HIJACKED’ THE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR BOINC For a short period, competitive keywords like ‘facebook music’ can be hijacked if all Search & Social assets are optimised for targeted keywords. Social Search used to position boinc as part of the conversation Tug Tug Tug
  23. INTEGRATING SEM & SMM While all channels can influence your AWARENESS audience at each stages of the ‘purchase cycle’ SEO Target finds content through research and surfing Each of the 3 chosen digital channels has its core strength CONSIDERATION Social Integrated they can amplify your Prospect engages with content, message and drive your audience shares/reviews with friends down a chosen consumer journey ACTION PPC Consumer searches or surfs related, clicks to site, signs up or buys
  24. SOCIAL SEARCH TRIA BEAUTY  Tug launched a “social search” campaign for laser technology company Tria Beauty alongside UK product launch  The approach was to combine PPC, SEO and social media to drive organic traffic and sales on the e- commerce site  Objectives of the campaign: 1. Brand awareness 2. Establish a digital presence 3. Sell products
  25. SOCIAL SEARCH TRIA BEAUTY OBJECTIVE SOCIAL SEARCH APPROACH RESULTS Establish Social Media Awareness among 250,000 Brand awareness for UK product Communities, optimised for people via social media and link launch search, whilst building links to building to brand mentions in brand content SERPs Establish clear digital ‘presence’ Increase prominence of links on Online influencer exposure from that links all activity to the search engines and approach beauty experts contributing blogs website influencers in the sector creating prominent links Sales of Tria’s products through e- PPC, SEO and Social Media PPC, organic traffic and social now commerce website combined to increase the position account for approx. 50% of all of product pages on the SERPs products sold
  27. FACEBOOK NOTES TEST APPROACH  Facebook notes page launched end July – optimised for ‘creative social media campaign optimisation’ – with NO LINK BUILDING  The Facebook note was shared on Twitter, resulting in the Twitter status ranking in #1 of Google UK for the same keyword.  The twitter status ranked in #1 for a couple of weeks and then disappeared from the top 10 results  Facebook notes page still in top 5 position on Google UK INTIAL CONCLUSIONS:  Because of the high authority of Facebook, notes can be used to quickly rank for long-tail keywords with low competition  Facebook notes can be used for clients that can’t add new content to their websites  Facebook notes pages should be used to highlight client products, services, whitepapers etc.
  28. FACEBOOK NOTES TEST Two months later – with no link building – we still rank no.5 for this longtail keyword
  30. 1. SOCIALISE YOUR CONTENT  Include social sharing buttons in your site content  Corporate blogs becoming more important for Social engagement and acquisition – still have inherent SEO value  Distribute your content across social sharing sites eg. Reddit  Highlight your targeted site/blog content using social properties
  31. 2. INTEGRATE SEO & SOCIAL CONTENT  In SEO, Content is King  Objectives: Relevance & Depth  In Social, Conversation is King  Objectives: Interest & Engagement  Merge your content calendar with your conversational calendar  Social & SEO teams to brief in content creation together  Content for distribution:  Optimised for SEO  Socialised for sharing  Blogger targets shared 1 holidays to Florida 2013, multi centre holidays, florida villa holidays [Best Family Holiday Destinations in 2013 and 2014] 1 Cheap holidays 2013, multi centre holidays usa, Disney florida holidays [5 Best Holiday Destinations for Kids and Big Kids] 1 orlando holidays 2012, twin centre holidays usa, holidays to florida [Things To Consider When Renting Florida Villas] 1 Holidays to orlando 2014, Villas in Florida, Holidays in Florida What's New in Florida?] 1 Orlando holidays 2012, Multi centre holidays 2012, Disneyworld holidays [The Best Beaches In Florida] 1 Holidays to florida, disney holidays, holidays to orlando 2012 [A Guide To Florida's Best Villas, Theme Parks and Restaurants] 1 Holidays in Florida, Disney holidays 2014, Orlando villas [5 Things To See In Disney World]
  32. 3. USE SOCIAL FOR LINK BUILDING  Search engine algorithms definitely take social signals into consideration when ranking sites in the SERP  Link to targeted site pages from your social profiles NB. Source unverified. And we don't agree necessarily with the % splits. However it’s an  Target SEO keywords in updates and tweets interesting way to look at the evolution of SEO and how some of its techniques are merging with Social  Good way to kick start a programme or emphasis on a new keyword
  33. 4. OPTIMISE YOUR SOCIAL PROPERTIES  Use SEO on page techniques to optimise the content and descriptions of your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn pages.  To Optimise your FB page:  URL  About Section – include site URL  Company description  Notes pages  Define a ‘like’ statement  Reciprocal links – site/FB
  34. 5. CREATE FACEBOOK NOTES PAGES  Notes pages can be used to increase breadth of relevant & SEO optimised copy  Promote Services  Promote Products  Promote Whitepapers  Ensure you deep link to content on your site  Link build with relevant content to your FB page  Compose keyword rich Tweet with a link to the FB page
  35. 6. OPTIMISE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL  YouTube is the 2nd biggest Search Engine  One of the 1st social platforms  Optimise your YouTube channel for SEO best practice  Link to your targeted deep pages  Tag your videos with relevant keywords & optimise for themes
  36. 7. BECOME PART OF THE CONVERSATION  For timely announcements or events you can ‘hijack’ the SERPs for a few hours/days  Optimise all your search & social assets for 1-3 focused terms:  Video  Images  Articles/whitepapers  Press release – paid for wider distribution  Social updates  Dedicated notes page on FB
  37. 8. IMPROVE YOUR BRAND REPUTATION  Use Social profiles & other assets to ‘own’ top 10 listings in SERP – for Brand  Create social profiles to increase positive and neutral listings for brand searches  Apart from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook:  Local directories eg. BT trade space  Document sharing sites eg. Slideshare  Industry vertical directory profiles  Flickr, YouTube, Meta Cafe
  38. 9. TEST PREMIUM PAID ADS ON FB  Test innovative ad formats on Facebook:  Polling ads  Video ads  Sponsored Stories  Set KPIs and track conversions.  Typically conversion rates better within Facebook – but differs by industry – test & learn!
  39. 10. CONNECT YOUR SOCIAL & PPC  30 unique reviews from the past 12 months, and an average rating of 4 stars or higher on Google Shopping – adds rating extensions to your PPC ads.  Create a Google+ page and link it to your Adwords campaign.  With +1 social extensions, you can increase social recommendations, be added to a consumer’s G+ circles and improve campaign CTR.
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