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A presentation I gave to Colgate students who work in the summer for non-profits. It works better with me there, but what can you do? There is even a mistake in it. Or two.

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  • We focuson 10 strategies – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS, YouTube, Flickr, 4Square, Google Plus, Pinterest, EmailStrategies emanate from website and news blog – the hub of our story-telling – faculty experts search engine, etc.We use social media to “push out” our curated content to expanded and targeted audiences Athletics Department does a lot of this themselves – I’ve “watched” several big games on Twitter We also work with Admission, Alumni and Advancement
  • So, we took an accounting of activity on March 19.33% increase in checkins in 2 months. Analytics
  • Most (though not all) non-profits have two distinct targets People who use servicesPeople who give – donorsTraditionally, marketers have used the stories from the first group to convince the second group to give Social media can help the first people tell their stories
  • The internet has algorithms. In the keynote this morning, Karen tried to explain how to beat them. She said don’t have copy that sucks.
  • Fear this.
  • EMA Facebook page
  • EMA Facebook page
  • EMA Facebook page
  • Digg, facebook, delicious, newsvine, stumble, youtube, yahoo bookmarks, fark, technorati, furl, ma.gnolia.
  • Digg, facebook, delicious, newsvine, stumble, youtube, yahoo bookmarks, fark, technorati, furl, ma.gnolia.
  • Digg, facebook, delicious, newsvine, stumble, youtube, yahoo bookmarks, fark, technorati, furl, ma.gnolia.
  • Social media for non profits

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIANot-for-profits
    2. 2. Social media presence• You• Your non-profit
    3. 3. Social media numbers• From July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012:• 89,204 unique blog visits• 197,132 YouTube views, 147 subscribers• 1,337 likes and on Facebook in the year• 3,234 FourSquare check-ins to 76 venues (est)• 6139 followers on Twitter on 7/1/12• 4987 Followers on 7/1/11• 690 in a Google+ circle• 94 followers on Pinterest
    4. 4. personal vsprofessional
    5. 5. What is a social network?
    6. 6. • A social network is a community of people
    7. 7. • So what is different?Hey, nice logos
    8. 8. TRADITIONALMEDIA DIGITAL MEDIAOne way, brand speaking Two way / a conversationFocused on the brand Focused on the consumerBrand in control Consumer in controlRepeating the message Adapting the messageEntertaining InvolvingBrand created content User created content / Co-creationSpace defined by Media Owner Space defined by Consumer
    9. 9. Web 2.0• People like to share• 2nd Law of Social Networking• Eric Schmidt
    10. 10. Non-profitsNon-profit marketing
    11. 11. • “I want to start a Facebook page.”• Someone at your not-for-profit.
    12. 12. Tactic Strategy
    13. 13. Algorithms
    14. 14. • Don’t have boring copy
    15. 15. usephotography
    16. 16. • Fear this
    17. 17. • Who should come to your page?
    18. 18. • What do you want them to do?
    19. 19. New likes880089009000910092009300940095009600970098001/1/121/8/121/15/121/22/121/29/122/5/122/12/122/19/122/26/123/4/123/11/123/18/123/25/124/1/124/8/124/15/124/22/124/29/125/6/125/13/125/20/125/27/126/3/126/10/126/17/126/24/127/1/12
    20. 20. • How will you measure success?
    21. 21. Twitter/Instagram/Vine• Twitter is a news source,• a giant pit of garbage,• potentially a useful place to learn
    22. 22. Polls
    23. 23.
    24. 24. To recap• There are two ways to think of Twitter:• A way to pull people in. If you search for your brand onTwitter, and don’t see it, you can ignore it.• A way to get your keywords.
    25. 25. Delicious
    26. 26. Delicious• Social bookmarking is the solution to never having toe-mail a link home.• It’s also a way to prove smarts. I have this on thebottom of my e-mail signature.
    27. 27. Delicious• But consider how this can work for your non profit.• This can be the dynamically updated what’s newsection of a website.• Find news about your non-profit.• Saves the alert to his your non-profit’s Delicious pageand it’s automatically updated on your website
    28. 28. ammado• …the global community that appreciates your work andaims to help you in achieving your vision.• Connect with individuals, companies and institutionsdedicated to positive change and enlist their support inmaking a difference.• What does ammado offer nonprofits?
    29. 29. • Video is an excellent tool for telling stories
    30. 30. • In May 2012 we embarked on a journey to tell the realstories of the American Red Cross -- the stories that weknow so well but most people have never heard. Wewanted to show the millions of ways the Red Cross hastouched the lives of Americans in every state.• We found that the best way to tell our story is to let thepeople who have been helped tell theirs.
    31. 31. Google Earth• If your story can be told with a map, Google wants tohelp. Number of Grads with jobs, violence againstwomen in the US• If there’s a story, it can probably be told on a map
    32. 32. 90%10%
    33. 33. LinkedIn
    34. 34. Here are some things you can do• Create a profile and connect to stakeholders• Pull data from your old free mail accounts. Your old highschool buddy could be rich now and looking for someoneto give money to.• Add content (LinkedIn now lets new people upload aresume)
    35. 35. Join groups
    36. 36. • Your website.
    37. 37. Google+
    38. 38. Google+ alumni circle
    39. 39. Pinterest• What we can report:• Number of people who follow Colgate• Traffic from Pinterest to Colgate• What we can not yet report:• Anything else
    40. 40. Pinterest – alumni book
    41. 41. .com• What does my website do?• Are donors going?• Are the people going?• Add a free analytics package like Google or YahooAnalytics. It doesn’t hurt to add them both.• See what people are looking at, and what they’re not.
    42. 42. visitors
    43. 43. visitors
    44. 44. .com• Then add a Facebook badge. But since you’ll know whypeople should go to Facebook, you will say it.• Add your Twitter feed (or simply search Twitter).• Add your delicious bookmarks.• Add ammado, YouTube
    45. 45. YouTube• Video views• Subscribers (like fans)
    46. 46. YouTube demographics
    47. 47. YouTube demographics
    48. 48. So what now?• Set goals, that helps creating content. If the goal of theFacebook page is to tell stories, figure out how you’llencourage stories.• If you have an objective, in a year, you’ll know if it’sworking.
    49. 49. Questions?• ??