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The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing 2014


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Learn why this presentation (all new for 2014) is one of the National DMA’s top 5 “Back by Popular Demand” presentations the last 4 years running….

Do you know…The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing?
Do you manage… The 8 stages of Social Media Engagement (and disengagement)?
What is… The State of Social Media Marketing 2014?

To be successful in social media marketing one must understand the rules. These 9 laws provide context for what to both expect via Social Marketing and how to engage, build an engaged fan base and also drive sales.

Social Media is getting more fragmented and its becoming harder to engage. Get the ammunition you need to engage fans and drive social media ROI in 2014!

Unique case studies will be presented as an example of how to successfully use the 9 laws…

In this informative session Jim Gilbert, author for ROI Magazine, President of the FDMA and former direct marketing professor will take you through example packed case studies including how The Fresh Diet went from 94 fans to 60,000 likes, and their secrets for driving engagement, FANaticism and sales.

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The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing 2014

  1. 1. Presented by James Gilbert, CEO April 17, 2014, 561-302-1719
  2. 2. • 30 + year history in DM (old school > new school) • CEO, Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc. • President, Florida DMA • Professor Direct Marketing • Author Target Marketing Group • Return on Intelligence column • Guide to Social Media - Content @gilbertdirect
  3. 3. • Above all - a direct marketer • Old school principles applied to new channels! • MARKETING DISRUPTOR • HERETIC! @gilbertdirect
  4. 4. Then…
  5. 5. Now…
  6. 6. "There is only one valid definition of business purpose – to create a customer. Companies are not in business to make things… but to make customers.” -- Peter F. Drucker
  7. 7. Customers via Social? How?
  8. 8. Connect… be real! Dialog! Two way street!
  9. 9. • The deeper the level of engagement, the deeper the trust/bond with your company! • Nothing happens without engagement! • How engaged are your social media fans?
  10. 10. • But first, what are your goals: – Build Authority, Credibility? – Generate leads? – Drive ROI, Sales? – Increase Engagement? (KEY to it all)
  11. 11. • Who is using what? – Twitter? – Linkedin? – Facebook? – Instagram? – Pinterest? – Blog? – Youtube? – G+? – Other?
  12. 12. •Harsh reality: social has changed! – (but we still need it right?)
  13. 13. – Engagement more difficult – Have to work harder to “get ‘er done” – Everybody is doing it! – More message clutter – Facebook Algorithm make posts more relevant! • Kills engagement dead in reality with Edgerank. • Forces paid advertising to reach hard won fans!
  14. 14. But we still need it right? LOL
  15. 15. • The goals of every social media marketer STILL ARE…. – Engage! – Draw them out! – Get them involved! – Become a thought leader! – Generate Authority! – Tug at their heartstrings – Tell a story!!!! – Create drama!!!! – But now we have to be even smarter, better and more engaging
  16. 16. The 8 stages of engagement •Brand impression •Like – casual listener •Like - engages •Super like – engages often •Minor brand advocate – recommends brand •Super brand advocate – recommends brand and sells product! •Dislike – disgruntled like of advocate – goes away •Super dislike (engaged dislike) – goes away and talks about brand in a negative way •Goal move from 1 – 6 •Goal move back from 7 and 8 to 6
  17. 17. The 8 stages of engagement •How do you find and create brand advocates? •Listen, spend time on sites. •See who retweets, shares, likes etc. •Make contact! •Yes make contact and build relationship!
  18. 18. The 8 stages of engagement •Brand advocates are everywhere. •Carol! •Donna! •Josh! •Trevor! •Tina •Angel’s Aunt! •Its about the real-ationship to your social people and brands. •Became my friends! Literally!
  19. 19. THEN: The nameless faceless corporate entity NOW: The nameless faceless corporate social media poster
  20. 20. • Its time to throw out what you have learned about social media and: –Lose the tools: • Forget Hootsuite, scheduled posts, and other tools to make life easier. Get back down in the trenches, engage, delight and… •BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! • Today in social relationships are dying!
  21. 21. • About The Fresh Diet • Focus on relationship building • Facebook driver
  22. 22. • Facebook now allows contest to be done right on the timeline! –3rd party apps no longer needed –Engaging fans easier without “middle-man” –Still some confusing rules so review before implementing!
  23. 23. • Facebook “Edgerank” algorithm changing against business’s –Spammy posts –Repeat posts –Emphasis towards friend posts vs Biz –FB now a pay for play biz model!!! • Pay to build fans • Then Pay to reach them
  24. 24. Fresh Diet Growth… 94 fans 24k Likes 60K likes
  25. 25. Building our brand via Facebook • Our Facebook page is our calling card. • Many times we prefer to send to FB over web • More powerful than our website – People see engagement and want to join in – People see happy customers and order! • Beyond our “likes” thousands of people check us out on FB daily.
  26. 26. How we got there – Goals! • Main goal! • Put a human face on the nameless faceless corporate entity • Distinguish ourselves from big corps • We are real people, promoting a healthy lifestyle • People respond to real
  27. 27. How we got there – Goals! • Build relationships - Build engagement • Speak in a real voice • Develop trust • Give to get world (FREEBIES) • Time spent on site = engagement • Engagement = Sales • Sales + Engagement = Advocacy • I tease people, draw them out, call them out, etc
  28. 28. How we got to 66K – the basics • Call center • Collateral Material • Mailers • Email signatures • Email newsletters • Any place we can think of
  29. 29. How did we get there? Facebook ads •Can be hit or miss, but test! •Effective in driving targeted traffic •Targeting better but still needs work •Boost Posts •FB now forcing business’s to pay! •Some controversy about REAL Likes •Side note: Retargeting! Remarketing!
  30. 30. Step 2 building engagement • Back in the day… • It started with a single contest. – Carbometer • Ran contests every day of the week
  31. 31. Contests mean to us… • A way to seed the market with food • A way to have people come back and give positive feedback • The Give to get! • An engagement tool • Fun – draws people out
  32. 32. Contest examples • Plate your favorite meals
  33. 33. Contest examples • Halloween costume contest
  34. 34. Contest examples • Motivation poster contests
  35. 35. Contest examples • Fresh Diet-ize a Beatles Lyric (in honor of John Lennon) • Fresh Diet-ized Haiku
  36. 36. Contest examples • Video contests • This contest coined the phrase, “the fresh diet delivery fairies?
  37. 37. Contests Recipe winner
  38. 38. • Brand + Channels = Revenue. – The more channels a consumer interacts with your brand in, the more likely they are to buy. – Offering multiple engagement channels allows for consumer self selection of preferred channels. – Being in the right social media channels based on your market increases channel interaction.
  39. 39. We do a lot of video
  40. 40. YouTube fun and relationship building
  41. 41. Building Traffic – Fans and Likes network allows you to buy paid tweets from celebrities Gained 400 fans in one day
  42. 42. Building Traffic – Fans and Likes Tie ins with other sites drove major traffic and likes We did this one in conjunction with a freebie every day.
  43. 43. Building Traffic – Fans and Likes Tie ins with other sites drove major traffic and likes We did this one in conjunction with a freebie every day.
  44. 44. Building Traffic – Fans and Likes Paid tweets from Heidi Montag promoting a contest drove fans and contest entries
  45. 45. Building Traffic – Fans and Likes Using the @ sign drives traffic This post ran on TFD and Holly Madison’s FB page at the same time
  46. 46. • Brand + time + channels = advocates. – Consumers spending time in multi channels breeds customers more likely to become brand advocates and influencers. – This is the new multichannel marketing model for the 21st century. – Social media creates brand advocates and turns peers into your best salespeople.
  47. 47. •Brand + time + channels = advocates. –How is it done? –Content is king!!!
  48. 48. Cross pollinate content • Blog as center of universe!
  49. 49. Amplify your content across channels
  50. 50. Forget ABC’s A B P is the new model Always Be Promoting
  51. 51. Need content? • Wrap yourself around an issue or a topic • Make it your own • Provoke!
  52. 52. Need content? •Or just share other people’s content and add your opinion! •Make the issue your own! •Be a curator of content!
  53. 53. Become a thought leader! •Linkedin publishing platform •Groups (social, DM Q&A) •Tweet (yours, others)
  54. 54. • B2B social, Blog, Linkedin Key! • Become a thought leader • Always be promoting • Amplify and share. • Create share worthy content
  55. 55. •Content ideas for you…
  56. 56. Tips for success… • Use #hashtags • Tag others in posts (business’s, people) • Pictures and graphics a must • Video! (that’s a whole other presentation) • Create events (FB, G+) • Create and amplify a call in, webinar
  57. 57. Reviews?
  58. 58. Info pusher?
  59. 59. Likers? Sharers? Are they your next advocates? (or are they ringers)
  60. 60. This needs fixing. Social stuff allows you to follow but not go to sites. Had to do some searches to find social once liked!
  61. 61. These are better – getting a little engagement started… But where is the video?
  62. 62. More content examples
  63. 63. More content examples
  64. 64. More content examples
  65. 65. More content examples Over promotional kills pages dead! (like/talking)
  66. 66. More content examples Fun and humor save the day…. Tag advocates to amplify!
  67. 67. Exceptional vacations Happiness rules… Here are your brand advocates….
  68. 68. Exceptional vacations Happiness rules… • Better imagery • Use pictures here • Create unique content • Reach out to likeminded individuals and organizations…
  69. 69. Exceptional vacations Happiness rules… • Where is your Youtube Channel listed!!!!
  70. 70. Dataman Group • Where is your Youtube Channel listed!!!!
  71. 71. Dataman Group • I know you have some video’s Dale! • Make them stars!
  72. 72. Dataman Group • Nice Linkedin Business Profile! • But your linkedin link goes to your profile Dale
  73. 73. Dataman Group • Google+ • Needs some tweaking!
  74. 74. Total Bank • Total Bank Social? • Need to hire me to develop strategy!
  75. 75. Total Bank • Total Bank Social? • Not much found
  76. 76. Total Bank • Total Bank Social? • But I did find this when I searched
  77. 77. Upfront Foods
  78. 78. Upfront Foods YouTube?
  79. 79. Upfront Foods
  80. 80. Upfront Foods
  81. 81. Upfront Foods Images, engaging tweets, relationship building, tagging, a real voice… real deal!
  82. 82. • The exponential search factor. – Social media increases your search engine rankings, and when combined with your website drives additional traffic via organic search. –Google+ is a must –Increases search rankings –Sends social signals back to Google •(you need those)
  83. 83. • The new-fangled customer service factor. – Consumers choose their contact preferences. – Brands not having multiple channels for customer service risk losing customers. – Consumers expect instant gratification and social media delivers.
  84. 84. Facebook as a customer service tool • Sales and CS people inhabit our page • Customer service is no longer limited to the call center!!! • When questions get asked, we answer ASAP – Speed and agility in a social media world – If we don’t answer fast enough, we get grief – When issues come up we must address them with speed, agility and accuracy, otherwise we will get skewered
  85. 85. • The behind the scenes factor. – People don’t buy from brands - they buy from people. – Social media puts a human face on the faceless corporate entity. – The biggest opportunity around social media is to allow people to connect with your employees as peers.
  86. 86. Bio’s of our employees bring customers closer to the company
  87. 87. Build involvement and trust Be Transparent Go behind the scenes
  88. 88. Bringing our customers closer Image done by one of our customers of our CEO Zalmi Duchman. He is officially Zman or Zuperman to our fans
  89. 89. Again, we do a lot of video
  90. 90. • Trust is the new black. – The aforementioned laws allow consumers to build or rebuild trust if done correctly. – Social media harkens back to the days of the corner store where consumers and brands had a cordial relationship. – Social media builds relationships over time.
  91. 91. Trust? Our involvement devices • Delivery fairies • Fearless FB leader • Overgiving • We let our customers run and judge contests • Brand everybody • Make fun of ourselves • Have all get involved in company • Ask questions, involve customers (bag, slogans)
  92. 92. Building Trust – Random Freebies • Every day we give food away randomly on FB. • Other times we just give it away for no reason • Is it expensive? Sure, but the rewards are enormous – People are always promoting us to our friends – Another way we seed the market and drive positive reviews
  93. 93. Build involvement and trust
  94. 94. Give to get – Random Freebies
  95. 95. • The online reputation factor. – Whether you like it or not consumers are talking about your brand. – Social media is the great neutralizer. – It allows your company to seek out negatives and turn them into positives via reputation management and communications.
  96. 96. • The time spent factor. – Customers are not always ready to buy. – Social media’s eight other immutable laws prepares customers over time.
  97. 97. • Engagement + time + trust = revenue. – When we run sales on FB sales come! – Use promo codes to track – Customers do the selling for us. • Must try this!
  98. 98. • Drop me a business card and I will send you a copy of this preso! – Feel free to pass it along too!
  99. 99. Thank You! How to reach me… @gilbertdirect 561-302-1719