Challenge island rotation 5 - jones and harden


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Keeping up with the Joneses and the Hardens start on the next generation.

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Challenge island rotation 5 - jones and harden

  1. 1. Hi, I’m back for the next rotation. Spring has sprung on Challenge Island although there’s still a little dusting of snow here and there. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to spring this year. Where I live we’ve got about two feet of the stuff on the ground and have had over 100 inches so far this year. The snow drift at the end of my driveway is over my head and I’m 5’7” so I’m not short. I’d include a picture but it’s depressing.
  2. 2. In the interest of my fingers and brain, which is currently fried and just wants to go back to sleep, I’m going to be cutting down these updates to the things that are actually interesting.
  3. 3. I mean cause really this house is all about woohoo...
  4. 4. ...And children skilling.
  5. 5. Oh! And parties. Everyone loves the parties. Well other than Alexander here. Who is apparently fearing one.
  6. 6. Because Parties = Drama and hilarity.
  7. 7. Except this one, which was really bland.
  8. 8. So upset that his last party was a dud, Damion tried again with a birthday party for the triplets.
  9. 9. Which was fine, except that Ellen was apparently fearing a party. Sorry, kid.
  10. 10. Obligatory after cake shot. Alexander looks pretty swank while both Ellen and Tabitha need a clothing change. And Ellen needs new hair that doesn’t have her forehead glitch through.
  11. 11. Better. She is a popularity/romance sim who wants to have 20 best friends.
  12. 12. Alexander who gets to keep his transition outfit is a Family/Knowledge sim who wants a golden anniversary. Which is good for him. That means he might just get it.
  13. 13. And here’s Tabitha scoring her first kiss. She’s a romance/pleasure sim who wants to be a game designer. Not a good LTW for her if she wants to stay in this house. Amusingly all of the kids like girls. Ellen is Gay (AND I DID NOT DO THAT DELIBERATELY). Tabitha is Bi. And Alexander is Straight. It amuses me.
  14. 14. Ellen zoomed in on this townie.
  15. 15. Promptly racking up her first kiss.
  16. 16. Followed by first woohoo. She moves quick, let me tell you.
  17. 17. After the party it was digging time. Mostly so I could finally buy the family business.
  18. 18. This lovely place. It sells groceries and all things kitchen. I have business runs you so that I can shoo away playables. It’s about the only way to prevent them from going broke or throwing negative stars.
  19. 19. In the back, I have the obligatory garden and fishing spot. So it’s time to get started.
  20. 20. A few kids were sent to fish. But soon I had Alexander start taking care of the customers to up his sales experience. Tabitha can be the fisher.
  21. 21. She’s not terrible at it.
  22. 22. Playables. Regina is currently Trailer park levels of poor while Smug!Tish has close to 30k in the bank. I don’t mind Tish spending money, but Regina really doesn’t need that trout.
  23. 23. Then there’s the other problem child of the evil witch. This is not a good thing let me tell you.
  24. 24. To deal with the wants issue, it was energizer happy here.
  25. 25. Sigh... Seriously... How do these playables keep showing up here and buying stuff before I can stop them?
  26. 26. Although I don’t mind Tiffany getting her wallet drained by buying random junk. I didn’t bother taking too many pictures because honestly running a business is boring if you’re shoving stuff at people. I’ve got three sims with gold sales badges and just have them rotate being restockers and cashiers. They take care of themselves. By the time I was done playing, the business was level ten and they’d earned 30k. Mostly thanks to the dazzle interaction.
  27. 27. Bored with the business it was time for a party.
  28. 28. Complete with some kind of squicky hottubbing.
  29. 29. And Tiffany being her loveable self.
  30. 30. Ahhh the fights. So much fun.
  31. 31. Then I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Tabitha kissing Brent.
  32. 32. Yep... Brent really wanted that.
  33. 33. And amusingly he and Tabitha have 3 bolts. They’re kind of cute and I could have fun with them. So Tabitha might be leaving. It depends on what I decide.
  34. 34. Although from the look on Brent’s face, I’m not if he likes Tabitha or is just humoring her because he’s cared of her.
  35. 35. Alexander started to work on upping the family fortunes. First selling a masterpiece.
  36. 36. Then by getting traumatized by his parents.
  37. 37. “Yes! A plate! I call this the suffering of teens with horny parents. It’s a working title.”
  38. 38. So that’s where I’m gong to leave you. Much shorter but still trucking along.
  39. 39. So before I play too far ahead, It’s time for me to write up what happened in the TPC. Hayleigh was selected as heiress by just one vote. So good on her.
  40. 40. She gets to inherit this lovely bit of house and all of the fun times that comes from living here. Joy.
  41. 41. “What’d I do to deserve this?” Nothing, Hayleigh. Nothing.
  42. 42. Since he’s pretty much useless, Jimmy here is going to get relegated to background from here on out. I paid attention to him. Or at least enough attention that he wasn’t taken away by the social worker.
  43. 43. Brent, here, was happy that he’s just going to be able to escape. I’m going to be trying a challenge with him that will see how far I can get someone in various careers without intentionally skilling, friend making, or aspiration happening. It’s kind of like an asylum only the only thing I can do is take care of needs. So he’d better hope to make friends while I’m playing other houses, because that’s going to be about the only way he’s going to make them. Heck. He’d better hope he finds someone to love that way too. Needs only. Wants are another matter.
  44. 44. Since it’s spring, it’s time for a new crop to be put in. Eggplants this time. They sell the best, have the best ratings, and can make good juice.
  45. 45. Other than that, it was pretty much a waiting game. The adults did adult things.
  46. 46. And teens were influenced to clean.
  47. 47. Some listened better than others.
  48. 48. While the three children skilled like their lives depended on it. In a way, it does for Suzie. She needs those skill points for the all important scholarships.
  49. 49. Because the day finally arrived where she is now a completely uncontrollable teen. She rolled Knowledge/Cheese, just as a reminder.
  50. 50. And she immediately got on the exercise bike I got for the very purpose of enticing the teens to use it. I can always throw it in inventory if I need to.
  51. 51. I also gave her a small makeover. I like the hair but she needed a little extra. Not much.
  52. 52. Unfortunately while she was making herself over, Hayleigh absconded with the bike.
  53. 53. It worked out, because I could have Bonnie call her over to skill. She needs the money and the scholarships. Even though she isn’t move out until the end of the season. The skill wants are crucial to keeping her happy.
  54. 54. Then, in an explosion of glitter and confetti, we have two adults. The transition itself was rather boring. No breakdowns and very few tears.
  55. 55. Newly an adult, Hayleigh went to work on the next generation. She’s got two solid bolts with everyone here.
  56. 56. But the sheer perverseness has made me already decide who’s going to be her first baby daddy.
  57. 57. “So, you and me? How ‘bout it? Want to fertilize some eggs?” “Oh yeah!”
  58. 58. DAMMIT!!!! Literally in the middle of Hayleigh and Damion’s date I get the lovely pregnancy chime and the pop-up of “Bonnie has gotten pregnant via risky woohoo. The father is Stu.”
  59. 59. Because you want to know what’s going on the other double bed?
  60. 60. If you guessed that Hayleigh is now pregnant, you’d be correct. My game really likes the Uncle/Nephew sibling kind of thing. If you don’t believe me, check out my OWBC or Bass-Ackwards Apoc.
  61. 61. “So, I’m going to go.” “Go ahead, your work here is done.”
  62. 62. Taking care of plantsims in a trailer park challenge is hard. Seriously hard. Every morning, Bonnie runs out to curb to bask in the sun. Sorry.
  63. 63. Jimmy had a birthday. It wasn’t horrible. Now you can forget about him again. I know I did.
  64. 64. Although Bonnie loves him to pieces.
  65. 65. Pregnancy achieved it’s now time to find Hayleigh a husband.
  66. 66. Jerry’s a possibility. I mean he and Hayleigh have a lot in common. Same skintone. Same hair color. Same taste in men.
  67. 67. Not to mention, he’s in love with her. But he’s also got a similar face to her father and that’s just a little squicky. So I’m going to keep looking for now.
  68. 68. Meanwhile Bonnie is now showing.
  69. 69. As is Hayleigh.
  70. 70. And since the ground’s not frozen, it’s time for the annual mining expedition. This attempt yielded some serious gold. Six treasure chests and lots of other things. Brent gets to get all of the rocks and bones to take with him. It’s the least his parents can do since he found four of the treasure chests.
  71. 71. Meanwhile Hayleigh moves on to this walkby, Jerome Hogan. He’s got an interesting face.
  72. 72. Not to mention, Hayleigh likes him. Just follow her eye line.
  73. 73. And continuing on his trend of giving his mistresses good things, Damion dropped off this hot tub for Hayleigh. It will make things fun I’m sure.
  74. 74. As will this.
  75. 75. Congrats, Hayleigh. You’re going to have fun trying not to collapse while I fail as a sim player.
  76. 76. “Awww. I hope she likes these. They’re about the best I can do.” I kind of like Jerome. He’ll enjoy being poor I’m sure.
  77. 77. “Yes! Now I have eight points in Body, Cooking, Mechanical, and Logic. With my grades that should be enough!”
  78. 78. It was.
  79. 79. Everyone was so proud of Suzie going off to college.
  80. 80. She even could afford a little place of her own. Yep, I have plans for her.
  81. 81. Back on the ranch, Heck grew up. It was kind of unexpected.
  82. 82. “Hello, Ladies!” Heck is a Pleasure/Family sim who wants to marry off 6 Children. I’m planning on having him marry one of the Lynwood girls. I just kind of love his genetics.
  83. 83. Then it was time for Brent to move out.
  84. 84. He only took 1200 with him so it was a good thing that I’d stashed the 8,000 someone network gifted to Stu in his inventory.
  85. 85. That and all of the bones and rocks meant he could have a simple little house. It’s not much. Two bedrooms and a bathroom with a dinky kitchen and living area but it’s enough to take care of his needs. And really that’s all that matters.
  86. 86. So, while the final hours tick by until my game registers that it’s officially summer I have Hayleigh invite Jerome over for few very important things.
  87. 87. Such as falling in love.
  88. 88. Mom passing out.
  89. 89. And finally her popping the question.
  90. 90. “Boing!” “Did you just say boing?” “Yep. Isn’t that what you say when your belly explodes?”
  91. 91. Yep... Everything is awesome...
  92. 92. So that’s where I’m going to leave you for now. Like I said, I’m going to try to keep these updates smaller and include more families. This is for fun and not for plot. So until next time! Happy simming!