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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 10 5


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In which there are birthdays, inappropriate heart-farts, cheating, and slight Eeevil.

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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 10 5

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vetinari Dualegacy! This is Chapter 10.5, where we send Gen 4 off to college. Also, loads of inappropriate heart-farts. And believe it or not, that reasonably adorable little bugger is Malcolm Landgraab V. I know, right? No crazy brows! Oh, and if this chapter seems a little disjointed, I blame the raise-your-right-hand-and-swear-you- won't-make-meth-with-it decongestant/Nyquil/home cold remedy of tea with whiskey and honey combination. I still have the sniffles, but somehow, I no longer care...
  2. 2. Also believe it or not, Malcolm's turning out to be a pretty good dad. He plays with little Mal autonomously, and... "Dad!"
  3. 3. "What, Eddie?" "We've had a robbery!" "What? When? My Fortune Sim Burglar-dar didn't go off. What's missing?" "Mom's urn! It was right here this morning, and now it's gone!"
  4. 4. "Why would someone take her urn? That doesn't make any sense! This is the Landgraab mansion; there are plenty of more expensive things to steal." "Well, it was here and now it's not! Someone must have taken it, Dad!" "Eddie, it was just a thing. The urn wasn't your mother." "It was the last thing we had of her! How can you be so calm?" "I'm upset too, but that won't change anything. I wish we had the urn back. I wish we had your mother back. I don't know how to make things better, but I do know that getting angry isn't a solution."
  5. 5. "Eddie cwy?" "Calm down, Eddie. You don't want to make little Mal upset, do you?" "No... But I want my mom."
  6. 6. "I know. We all do. I don't know why this happened, but I know if we stick together, things will get better." "Do you promise?" "I promise."
  7. 7. "Will you stop trying to hug the customers now?" "Hugging me only encourages me." "Dammit." "I want to hug the blonde lady." "Leave her alone." "Please?" "No."
  8. 8. Wren? Why you still no have face? "I dunno." I pulled my downloads earlier and you still no have face. If it's not a CC glitch, then why you no have face? "I dunno." You're cute! I miss your face! "I miss my face too." Time for the 'duh' solution. Go Change Appearance in the bathroom. "Okeydoke."
  9. 9. "Hey! I have a face!" Yaaaay! Your cute face is back! Now don't lose it again! "My sweet, sweet face..."
  10. 10. Raven's Permaplat! Hooray for sophomore year re-roll! I love that Education bookshelf. LOVE. IT.
  11. 11. "Wow, Dad. Spandex-y." "I hear you're Permaplat." "Yup." "Nothing like showing up your old man, huh?" "I'd have to go a long way to show you up."
  12. 12. "I'm proud of you, Raven. You're a great kid." "Thanks, Dad. I learned from the best."
  13. 13. Hello again, Melody Tinker. You are my Meadow Thayer. Now make nice with Wren so he can be a happy little Romance Sim.
  14. 14. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE, MELODY TINKER?! DO NOT TEASE MY ROMANCE SIM! YOU KISSED CYPRESS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! WHY DO YOU MAKE ME SHOUTY? Now I understand the loathing GintasticNecat has for you. You are Crushing on Wren, yet you deny the First Kiss? Clearly you hate him and do not want him to be platinum. Gin writes the Science of a Legacy. It is nerdy and good. She hates Melody Tinker.
  15. 15. "Waaah! She refused to kiss me! I must sob for an hour!" Yeah, don't know what that was about. She let Cy lock lips with her, and he made "grrr" faces the whole time.
  16. 16. Hah! TAKE THAT, MELODY TINKER! You will make my Romance Sim platinum if it takes me all damn night! She's like freaking Sybil. This must be Personality Number Two: Coy Minx.
  17. 17. Sybil's back to Personality Number One: CrumpleBottom Prude. "No touchy." "I'm gonna cry again now." Dammit, there goes your Aspiration again. Why the sudden 'playing hard to get,' Melody Tinker? You did not play hard to get for... uh, half the guys in the Dualegacy. Why now? Why do you hate Wren and not want him to be happy? He is cute and he is sweet and he is too good for you.
  18. 18. "Mmm. Gropey maxed fitness butt..." "Romance Sim happy!" Finally. Aaaaand Personality Number Three has made an appearance.
  19. 19. "Congratulations on being hot, Jon!" "You're not so bad yourself..."
  20. 20. Guess who's still the bane of my existence? "Booga booga booga, blonde stranger!" "Gaaah! I still don't get +1,000 for this!" Can't fault PseudoBruty for this one; she legitimately doesn't know Rosemarie. I will say that Kest and Cory's stargazing has probably saved them from being scared, because she rarely ventures upstairs.
  21. 21. "Pillow Fight +250!" "Can you bring a friend home from school so your brother and I can Meet Someone New +1,000?" "Maybe. Play Catch +250?" "Sure!"
  22. 22. I had Finn retire because he worked Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Rosemarie worked Monday through Thursday, which meant only one day a week for him to Wish For Romance. Now he has four. And the Wishing Well is dropping redheads, which is not good news for SimNerd. "WooHoo Five Service Sims?" Hmm. Garden Club Lady, Bartender, Gardener... Yeah, it's do-able if they drop.
  23. 23. My darling, I can't get enough of your love, babe Girl, I don't know I don't know why Can't get enough of your love, babe... Heeeeereeee, little aliens. Give in to the siren song of Barry White... Somehow Cory's LTW re-rolled. It's now 50 First Dates instead of Celebrity Chef. I can deal with that.
  24. 24. Whoops. Another drop from the Wishing Well. And, uh, AWKWARD! Larkspur there is one of my placeholders that I made in CAS by merging SimNerd with some of the Legacy guys. Her genetic CAS babydaddy is Finn. Kinda pretty though, huh? Icky, but I let them fall in love with the kiss. And now you're going to Say Goodbye, right, Finn? "WooHoo Larkspur?" NO! Extremely no. What do you think this is, Rome?
  25. 25. "Waaah! You moved my urn!" Yeah, sorry, the front hall is not a masoleum. "You could have at least sold it and gotten some money!" At the rate I'm rolling Fortune (uh, never), I have a feeling I'm going to need that Platstone.
  26. 26. Snyder grows old. And my inability to Try For Puppies was extremely frustrating until I took a good look at Gwendolyn's lifebar and realized that she was an Elder dog. There's no way to check how old they are when you adopt other than "puppy" and "non-puppy," so if you want to marry in the Akita-looking dog named Buffy, FYI, she's an Elder and can't have puppies. Which means I need to get a new dog.
  27. 27. So this is Jenny. I think she's a Chow. She is not an Elder dog. With luck, she'll get her relationship up with Snyder quickly so she can have puppies before he dies.
  28. 28. Gwen dies. The Uglacy adopted her a week ago, and now we have her tombstone/urn. Snyder was the only one who seemed to care; Jenny slept through it, and Finn was too busy hot tub WooHooing the OTHER old Garden Club lady to pay much attention to the fact that one of his dogs was dying. Oh, and Jenny ate the couch.
  29. 29. "Date? Datedatedate. Datedate? Meet Someone New +1,000!" Just don't drop Raven, please.
  30. 30. Hey, I remember her! It's the Random Idiot Townie that pranked Cypress and subsequently nearly got her butt kicked by him. Well, no danger of that from Mr. Nice Guy there. He didn't even laugh at her bad dancing.
  31. 31. "Yes! Best friends!" "Gosh, I don't even want to be nasty to you. I am smitten!" I swear, this date was like pulling teeth. Neither one of them would roll date-related Wants, and even with the "Ask...Do You Like What You See?" and "Flirt...Check Sim Out" interactions, they STILL wouldn't roll date-related Wants. It wasn't until they became best friends that Kest started to roll Wants to do things with Whatshername. ...Hey, isn't she Vetinari Family Stalker Gabe O'Mackey's daughter?
  32. 32. First Kiss for Kestrel! She's such a meanie I was afraid she'd reject him, but apparently she is charmed by his Cheeks O' Doom.
  33. 33. Slow Dance twirl! This is only the second I've managed to catch, and the first that anyone wants to see, given that the first one involved Cypress and Tiffany. Kestrel, you rock hard. Now go stargaze.
  34. 34. Barry White was a no go. Al Green, maybe? Our love is you and me, baby That makes the world go round And if you've been doin lovin with me Layin all my troubles down Here I am, baby Come and take me Here I am, baby Come and take me Come on, aliens. You know you want to. "It's kinda cold spending all night at the telescope in your jammies." "Really?" "Yeah."
  35. 35. Would you stop that? "What? Jesse's hot!" Yes, and Jesse's also one of my placeholders, which means he's a genetic merger of a Legacy guy (take a wild guess, folks) and YOU. Creepy heart-fart! "Hey, I didn't twirl him out of MY plumbbob; he's fair game." No. No, he's not. "Shall I mention how many bolts I have for Malcolm Landgraab?" Please don't. You can't have him either. "Well, who CAN I have?" I'll get back to you on that.
  36. 36. "Hey, you're that Servo at SupremeNerd's House of Stuff, right?" "You are not incorrect." "So, what's she like? Well, her Simself, anyway." "Hmmmm..."
  37. 37. "...she doesn't like it when I try to hug people randomly. And she gets mad when I argue with the customers. Something about costing her stars. The cat's fun, though. I like it when he freaks out the idiot meatsacks." "Huh." "But ever since Finn rolled 20 Simultaneous Lovers and she changed her turnons to try and get the bolts down, she heart-farts every blonde guy who comes into the shop." "That explains the phone-stalkeriness." "Doesn't it? You're all right for a squishy, Jonquil."
  38. 38. " then, Grandpa scared Jeannie!" "OMG, that's hilarious! Hey, wait, isn't that when she died and stuff?" "Oh yeah. Bummer." Jon, this is not helping the Phone Stalker thing. Do Not Feed The SimNerd.
  39. 39. Calista: "Booga booga booga! Long live Stabby Death Nose!" Raven: "But, Great-grandma, don't good grades count for anything?" Cypress: "Hey, Aunt Calista. Looking to kill anyone tonight?" Yeah, the drawback of having Jeannie in Education is that she occasionally brings Cypress home from work with her. So then I have to stash the Dance Sphere in someone's inventory and he spends the rest of the night making "grrr" faces.
  40. 40. "Great-grandma is scary!" "Yes, Aunt Calista, kill the Prettacy girl. Do my Eeevil work for me!" That is seriously the face he made.
  41. 41. "Oh, wait, I'm a Knowledge Sim! Whoooo Great-grandma's ghost!" "Knowledge Sim? Dammit. Couldn't you have scared the Romance weenie, Aunt Calista? HE might have died from it."
  42. 42. Cy: "Blah public displays of affection!" Jon: "What public? You're on OUR deck!" Cy: "A mere technicality." Jon: "Jeannie? What's he still doing here?" Jeannie: "Isn't he related to you?" Jon: "First cousins once removed, I think. Or second cousins. Something like that." Cy: "Not by choice!" Jeannie: "Don't you want to spend time with family?" Jon: "Not the Eeevil family." Cy: "Oh, come on, just because I want to kill you all doesn't mean we can't be friends." Jon: "Yes. Yes it does."
  43. 43. Jeannie goes Permaplat! If she hadn't died, she'd have just barely made it before she hit Elder. But now she and Jonny get to grow old together, and she won't die early. Um, again.
  44. 44. "Hey! Someone pay attention to me! I get no slides in these chapters!" "I pay attention to you." "But I want slides!" Then do more things near your dad when he's in his jammies, kid. Mmmmm, abs...
  45. 45. "Yaaaay! Whooooo Rhea!" Whooooo Jonny's abs!
  46. 46. "Ta-dah!" "Yeah! My son is super-talented!" "Did you catch that, Supreme Nerd?" Uh... you may have incidentally been in some shots of your father's abs. "Aaawww..." They love you, kid. I don't have to. Seriously, Jon's relationship with all his kids is darn close to 100/100. I think he might even be a better dad than Stephan. And we all know how much I love Stephan.
  47. 47. No. No, NO, NO! Bad SimNerd! "Well, you know, give him a fauxhawk and a goatee..." ...and he'd still be the egotistical, murderous sociopath bent on the total destruction of the Dualegacy. "Yeah, but he'd LOOK like Larch." But he'd still BE Cypress. "He's talking to his nephew; would you rather I heart-fart Finn instead?" You know, you're really making me regret setting your gender preference. "Is Jonquil here? Because, Meee-yow." I'm
  48. 48. Hmm. Ghost dogs dig ghost holes. Fun! Kendra never did this when she was alive, though.
  49. 49. "I am soooo much hotter than my dad!" That's great, kid. Now fix the sink.
  50. 50. This might make 5 Service Sim WooHoos, assuming each of the Garden Club ladies counts. He's gotten caught one more time at SupremeNerd's House of Stuff, but as long as I cancel out the slapfest, he doesn't actually lose the lover in his Relationship Panel, so we're still good on that front. Just a few more.
  51. 51. I want you the right way I want you But I want you to want me too Want you to want me, baby Just like I want you Marvin Gaye? No? "You're right, Cory. It IS cold stargazing in your jim-jams."
  52. 52. Rosemarie grows up into a typically horrible outfit that's as retina-blinding as the one Orson grew up into. Purple and orange? NOT a good combination.
  53. 53. "Hey, honey, you wanna...?" "Just let me change into something less awful first." "WooHoo!"
  54. 54. See? THIS is how you do orange.
  55. 55. Spider Jerusalem followed Cory home from school and Mayor Komeiclone followed Rosemarie home from work. I have no idea what precipitated the hostility, and I didn't even know that adults could argue with and poke teenagers like this. I know the option to make them do it didn't come up when I was trying to do it, and I know I couldn't make the teenager argue with the adult, so this whole thing came as a total surprise. Mayor Komeiclone must have started it, because Spider has the personality point distribution to autonomously prank and argue, but... he doesn't. "Mayor Komeiclone hates emo teenagers!" "Who the hell ARE you?"
  56. 56. "Mayor Komeiclone hate."
  57. 57. "This is for making 'grrrr' face at Mayor Komeiclone!"
  58. 58. "What the fuck is your problem, you Cro-Magnon cretin? You DO NOT pick fights with Vetinaris!" "Mayor Komeiclone does not like poking!" "Only idiots refer to themselves in the third person, dipwad!" "Mayor Komeiclone follows the tradition of Komeiclones talking in the third person! Mayor Komeiclone runs on a platform of traditional values!" "And that includes poking strange teenagers how?" "Mayor Komeiclone does not pretend to understand the traditions." "Mayor Komeiclone needs to back the hell down now."
  59. 59. "Mayor Komeiclone does not like sass-talk!" "Mayor Komeiclone better hope Spider Jerusalem can't autonomously brawl with an adult, because Spider Jerusalem has ten Body and maxed fitness, and Spider Jerusalem suspects that Mayor Komeiclone does not."
  60. 60. "Sassy emo kid hate." "Mayor Komeiclone hate."
  61. 61. "Mayor Komeiclone's going down. Just as soon as I grow up." He may be angsty and introverted, but puppy's got some teeth...
  62. 62. Squeee! Larch! Hi Larch! "Supreme Nerd." Your fauxhawk looks all cool when it's transparent. "It always looked cool." Well, there is that. You wanna go scare Mayor Komeiclone? "I'm not in the mood to scare tonight." If you are, could you target Mayor Komeiclone? I really want to see him pee himself. "I'll keep that in mind."
  63. 63. We can't change the way we were But we can change the way we are All I really wanted from this crazy love Was a night full of stars Big no on Luther Vandross too. Aliens are picky! "How's your Aspiration looking?" "Kinda greenish." "How 'bout your Mood Bar?" "Kinda reddish." "Thiiiiiiis suuuucks." "Yup."
  64. 64. Et tu, SimNerd? "If I do this enough, you'll let me have one." In your dreams. "That can be arranged." Please. You subsist on maxmotives. "Would you rather I heart-fart Malcolm Landgraab?" Look, you can have someone. Just not Jonny. Or Jesse. Or Cypress. Or Malcolm. Or Finn.
  65. 65. Jon: "Well, it's almost time for college, which means it's time to choose an heir." Wren: "Really? Sweet! Who is it, Dad?" Raven: "Oh, yeah, Wren, like you don't know it's you! The Prettacy could use your Platstone, and you'd make a great heir!" Wren: "But providing a Platstone would mean I'd have to DIE, and we all know how I feel about that." Jeannie: "Can you at least wait to panic until AFTER your father makes his announcement?" Jon: "An excellent suggestion, my dear. The Gen 4 Prettacy heir is..."
  66. 66. "Oooh! Oooh! Is it me? Do I get to be heir?" No. "Why not?" You bug me, Glitch-boy. "But..." Your parents love you, kid. I don't. "Aaawwwwww." Don't feel too bad. I have a Very Special Assignment for you. "Really?"
  67. 67. You get to be my Greek House placeholder! "Aaaawwwwww." Next time, have your own face, your own personality, and not be a glitch magnet. Children who bug me get to placehold Havelock House.
  68. 68. Jon: "Sorry, Rhea. My heir is..." Raven: "It's Wren." Jon: "Wren!" Raven: "It's me." Jon: "Uh, no, you were right the first time, it's Wren." Wren: "I totally don't know how to feel about this." Raven: "I will lead this family into its next generation." Jon: "Seriously, Wren's my heir." Jeannie: "Jon? You might want to pay some attention here."
  69. 69. "Two there are, linked by what was and what will be. Child in Death and Child of Death; while they stand opposed, balance is maintained. Ebon wings will shield the future from the looming darkness."
  70. 70. "Oh, crap. I did it again, didn't I?"
  71. 71. Jon: "Wow. You're right, Jeannie. That is kinda creepy." Jeannie: "Told you so." Jon: "But I just told Wren he's heir." Wren: "I'm cool with not being heir." Jon: "We need the Platstone!" Wren: "I'm cool with not being dead."
  72. 72. Jeannie: "Cassandra, Jonquil! We said we'd listen to Raven when she said things like that, and the first time you witness it firsthand, you just dismiss it! This is exactly what we said we wouldn't do!" Jon: "No, you're right. Raven does that for a reason, and this time her intent is clearly to keep the Prettacy safe and moving forward. I just wish I knew what triggers these prophecies." Jeannie: "Whatever the cause, you know what this means." Wren: "I'm off the hook for the 'dead' thing?" Jon: "Looks like, Wren. Raven's the heir." Raven: "I am?" Jon: "That's what you said--you're the heir, and you can protect the family. I don't know how you do what you do, but I'd be a fool to ignore it."
  73. 73. "Hey, Raven. How you doing?" "I don't know. I mean, I did the freaky eye/spooky voice thing again, which can't be a good sign, plus I stole the heirship from you! You totally hate me, don't you?" "What? No way! Yeah, it's an honor to be the heir, but you know I'm not a fan of dying."
  74. 74. "I still feel bad about it, Wren. I mean, Dad chose you for a reason. What right do I have to override him?" "The family's the important thing. From what you said, you can keep the family safe better than I could. Mom and Dad believe in your gift. If that means you're heir over me, I can deal with that. It's not like Dad had tattooed 'Wren is heir' on his forehead or anything; he changed his mind when he got new information. That's totally a 'Dad' thing to do." "Do you think I'm going to do the creepy eye thing forever?" "I think you'll do it for as long as you need to do it to keep the Prettacy on the right track. I know you hate it, but I bet someday you'll be glad for the occasional bouts of prophecy."
  75. 75. "Why do you always know the right things to say?" "Hey, I'm your big brother. And I'll always be your big brother, even when you're old and wrinkly and I'm still all young and hot." "You really don't care that you're not the heir, do you?" "Being eternally youthful and handsome? It might be tough, but I think I can manage to survive."
  76. 76. "Wow, Wren, looks like we're getting an education at home too." "Huh? Sorry, I'm a Romance Sim, I'm taking notes." "Remember, kids, bolts are your friends!" "Less talky, more smoochy."
  77. 77. "I'm growing up now! I get slides!"
  78. 78. Rhea: "From the back? Really?" Raven: "Yay! Rhea's old enough to clean the stove now!" Jeannie: "One step closer to Empty Nest!" Wren: "Hi Melody!" Melody Tinker: "Hi Wren! How may I make you cry tonight?" Gilbert: "SimNerd gave me eyebrows and got me out of that dorky polo shirt!" Yeah, that's Gilbert Jacquet. Townies that pop into SupremeNerd's House of Stuff are fair game for makeovers, so I gave him a spiffy leather jacket and jeans. I know he's genetically blonde, but he just looked weird with blonde hair, so he got black eyebrows instead.
  79. 79. Raven and Wren: Who's the strange guy? Melody Tinker: Wren's a Romance Sim! Jeannie: Gilbert's a Romance Sim! Gilbert: This is the oddest party I've ever been to. Rhea: This is a new record for me! I haven't glitched anything in days!
  80. 80. Raven: BURGLAR HATE. Melody Tinker: "Personality Number Three, Meadow Thayer Wannabe, is currently in charge. We will Make Out now." Wren: "This is SO much better than when I get denied." Rhea: "This is my birthday and I'm tired and no one is paying attention to me!" Gilbert: "Mmmm, unattended food."
  81. 81. "I get a slide to myself!" Yeah, Rhea's pretty much a clone of Wren, facially. And, in a herculean effort to be less distinguishable from Prettacy Sims Who Have Come Before, he rolls Knowledge (like Jonquil and Raven) and his LTW is Top of Gamer (like Juniper). Le yawn. Are you still here? Enjoy your reedy pubescent facial hair, kid.
  82. 82. "I'm off to college, Dad." "Take good care of Havelock House for me. And I need you to keep an eye on your sister, when she gets there. If anything happens--if she does the prophecy thing again--let your mom and I know immediately." "Sure thing." "And keep an eye out for those girls you have bolts with." "I'm a Romance Sim. Do I really want to settle down?" "You might change your mind if you meet someone you can't live without." "Like you and Mom." "Like me and Mom."
  83. 83. Everybody: "Bye, Wren!" Wren: "Gee, I figured Rhea would be here for sure, just so he could get into another slide." Ah, he's still sleeping.
  84. 84. "Well, Mister Supervillain, I can think of a few things to do while I'm awaiting rescue..." "Uh, normally it takes more than five minutes for Stockholm Syndrome to develop." "I'd like to Stock your Holm." "I don't know what that means, but I think I'm gonna like it."
  85. 85. Jonny? Why did you just heart-fart Cypress? "I have no idea." It is official. MY SIMS HAVE LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS.
  86. 86. Maybe the aliens like a little diva action? Who doesn't love Diana Ross? I sit by the telephone Waiting for you to call me And when I'm alone in the night The blues start to fall on me Baby, I'm waiting for you And all that's on my mind Is what I'm gonna do OK. Motown goes in the No column. I have no idea what the puddle is from. It's been there for a while, though.
  87. 87. "Whooo! It's my bed! Only there's some guy sleeping in it!" "That's your grandson, honey. Remember?" "Oscar? Is that you?" "Sure. Why not."
  88. 88. "Why does this always happen?" Oh, no reason. Certainly not because one of the girls who caught Finn cheating on her is a little vengeful. And, uh, he's definitely not cheating on you or anything *shifty eyes*
  89. 89. Change of attack: Elton John! And I think it's gonna be a long time 'Til touchdown brings me round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh no no no I'm a rocket man Rocket man burning out his fuse up here all alone No? "I am so glad I'm going to college in a few days and then I don't have to do this anymore." "I haven't slept since Thursday." "Sleep?"
  90. 90. Oh, Larch. I should be mad at you, but I just can't bring myself to be angry. "I know. I get a free pass on haunting, unlike Mom!" If somebody dies, then your free pass is revoked, pal. "...I need a shower now..."
  91. 91. *faints* Hello, Lexie Ng. You get to be Finn's 20th Simultaneous Lover! No more lovers for you, Finn. The cheating on Rosemarie ends now! "Aawww." But you can still have as much WooHoo with her as you both can stand. "Yaaaay!" OMG--SimNerd can go back to being blonde now! As soon as I get around to popping open her lot, that is.
  92. 92. "Bye, Dad. I'm going to college, where the stargazing torture will finally be over." "Yeah, I guess there's no telescope abduction in college." "Don't you wish Supreme Nerd had known that last generation?" "Hey, I got dates out of all of it. Oh, and, uh, I guess this gets you off the hook for heirship. Since you didn't get abducted, Cory's the heir, whether he gets abducted or not." "Okay. Does Cory know that?" "I should probably tell him that soon, huh?" "Yeah." "Right. Well, have fun at Havelock House. Oh, and if you get my old room, you might want to change the sheets." "Too much information, Dad."
  93. 93. "I'm going to college, Dad." "So soon?" "Yeah, I've got about an hour and a half to chicken time if I don't." "Well, you'd better call the cab, then." "Already done." "With luck, you'll get those Reaper child powers when you grow up." "Hey, it's only college, it's not like I'm a real adult." "You sound like you're not looking forward to getting those powers." "Does it? Who wouldn't want to set people on fire with their mind, or whatever." "Do you think that's a possibility?" "Beats me. All I know is, I can't do it now." "You've tried?" "Oh yeah. Believe me, I've tried."
  94. 94. Is this what you felt, Cassidy? Relief? But it's not forever for me, is it? You got to leave for good. I have to come back; Dad'll make sure of that. Still, though... four years of college away from his influence... This might be the only chance I get to be free.
  95. 95. "Oh, hey, Cory, I've been meaning to talk to you about this Legacy thing." "Yeah?" "You're the heir." "Uh... okay." "So you either need to get abducted or marry an ugly girl. Or both; it's up to you." "Okay." "But you still have to keep stargazing." "It's okay, Dad. I'm used to my portrait being the color of Tang and my Aspiration a sliver in the green."
  96. 96. Yeah, so, uh, you stargazing for the next six days is going to be sort of boring and I think I'm just going to blow through it without taking a lot of pictures, so this is the last we'll see of you before college. "No touching goodbye scene?" This chapter is already taking me forfreakingever and I want it done now. "So the last anyone will see of me involves pimples?" Trust me, Cory, those aren't the first thing anyone notices when they see your face. Seriously, I just wanted this chapter out. He's got another week of stargazing. I have no idea if he'll get abducted or not, and the next chapter is going to be college, so there's just this fun missing week.
  97. 97. "I want a date!" "I suppose you don't want a distant cousin either." "Nope!"
  98. 98. This is the blind date. He was too shy to really want to do much, but they ended up with the end- of-a-good-date-kiss that robs you of the swirly pink hearts. Rhea got a date too, but it was not so good. He wanted to do things like eat and pee rather than flirt.
  99. 99. sigh I used to have Roof Raiser parties. Wren: "Someone lit the kitchen on fire and it wasn't me this time!" Finn: "Who channeled my Grandma?" Raven: "Whoops!" Jon and Gerry: FIREDANCE! Jeannie: "I can't firedance with Smooshy Fireman in my way!" Family Stalker Gabe O'Mackey: "Fire! Fire!" Zee: "Wren's a Romance Sim!"
  100. 100. "Hey, Raven! Way to burn the house down!" "How's college treating you?" "Well, the Greek house is pretty sweet. Free pizza!" If you thought Wren was gonna become hideously deformed when he hit college... That didn't happen.
  101. 101. Jonny poofs into his polo shirt and grandpa-pants. Time to cake Jeannie!
  102. 102. Everybody: "Whooo! You're going to get old and wrinkly! Whooo!" Jeannie: "Great, thanks."
  103. 103. Could be worse. Ah well, time to send the old people to change and raise the party score.
  104. 104. THEY ARE STILL CUTE AND I STILL HEART THEM! Party ended up being a Good Time. Not bad considering the flaming kitchen and subsequent stampede for the showers, except for Finn, who did the smart thing and went into the hot tub.
  105. 105. "Were you trying to sneak out to college without saying goodbye?" "Not really. I just didn't want to risk another freaky-eye moment." "Don't be afraid of it, Raven. You shouldn't be scared of what you can do." "I don't want to be different." "You are who you're meant to be." "Thanks, Dad. I'll be back before you know it." I forgot to get a hug shot. Whoops! Chalk that one up to the Nyquil. And I'll just be moving Rhea to college from the neighborhood view. Because, you know, he bugs me. I dunno, maybe if he grows on me in college, I'll do a BC with him or something.
  106. 106. All right, Cypress. Make a move. I've got my eye on you.
  107. 107. "Whooooo! GO PATRIOTS! Mike Vrabel take note--I wanna see Eli Manning eating serious turf! If Peyton Manning couldn't beat the Pats, Eli hasn't got a whelk's chance in a supernova!" And as of now, SimNerd, Larch, Cassidy, and teenage and adult Spider Jerusalem are all available for download on my SimPage. -------->
  108. 108. In case you were wondering? STILL HAWT.