Familiar Faces - Chapter 28: . . . .Burning


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Familiar Faces - Chapter 28: . . . .Burning

  1. 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces - Chapter Twenty - Eight: . . . Burning
  2. 2. "Why won't you leave me alone Mother? What do I need to do to prove myself to you?" "You know what you must do Almeric, you must right the wrongs to correct your mistakes. It is your own fault." "It was an accident I didn't mean to Mother." "I will not accept your excuses any longer Almeric."
  3. 3. "Go get it boy!" "How many times can he throw that thing? We've been out here for three hours already. I'm not a pup anymore, I need my rest, I'm hungry and I really gotta pee! Thankfully Eddie was saved by the bell when Aldric's cell phone rang.
  4. 4. "Oh hey Doyle whatcha got for me?" "Finally! Eat, sleep or pee? Eat, sleep or pee? "Really? Well that's interesting though it still doesn't explain why." "I know I'll go try to sleep but be too hungry and too far into bladder distress to actually get any rest so I'll roam back and forth between the four pet beds trying unsuccessfully trying to get comfortable until one of the other peoples in the house wants to play razzle. Razzle!" "Let me think this over a bit I may have you do some more research for me. I really do appreciate you looking into this for me. We'll see you and the family soon I hope, talk to you later bud."
  5. 5. "Can't talk late, School Bus! Bye!" They grow up so fast, sniff. Frankie's obviously off for his first day at school. Generally kids get one day in public school and we do the private school headmaster scenario so that they'll only have to have one day at public school. It's particularly important to me to get the playful ones (like Frankie) into private school as soon as possible. If they have their birthday on a Friday or Saturday they normally get to skip the public school bit all together.
  6. 6. Frankie's first day at school was also Emma's first day at work ever. She never rolled a want to get a job and the family doesn't really need an income from her so while she was still working on lifetime want number one I let her be a lazy pleasure sim. Now that she's got a lifetime want that's career related (education) she gets to be productive. At this point all of the adults in the house are perma plat since Aldric topped Journalism and reached his lifetime want recently.
  7. 7. With both Frankie and Emma out of the house Dave's apparently a little bit bored.
  8. 8. So was Titania. Titania still works most days though I am trying to let her use up her vacation days. She's never made a request to retire or to quit her job so she's still mostly working full time.
  9. 9. The two of the quickly realized that they had the house to themselves for the first time in ages, probably since Cary and Cass took their kids to the beach house many many moons ago. Together they quickly found a way to remedy their boredom.
  10. 10. Thankfully they were done by the time that Frankie was getting off the school bus so he was only scarred by the creepy grin of the driver and not by nekkid grandparents on the couch.
  11. 11. Eric the headmaster stopped by that evening to cheer wildly in the foyer, the study and a couple of bathrooms. He then scarfed down a plate of pork chops with his normal delicacy of manners and quickly announced that Familiar Academy would love to have Frankie on their student roll. The threats David made back when he was a kid seem to still be working and now the threats are backed by fully stocked Criminal Mastermind's arsenal. Eric's not as dumb as he looks.
  12. 12. "I just don't know what to make of it Dave, from what Doyle found out my Father transferred his family's home to my Mother about shortly after my brother and I were born. I can't help but think that there's a connection there he didn't sell it to her, unless you count trading a century old home for a single simoleon a sale." "Sounds more like a bribe to me and I have some experience with bribes." "Yeah but what would have he been bribing her to do?" "Dunno, what was their relationship like?"
  13. 13. "Uh strained? They ran hot to cold, in public and mostly in front of us they were coldly polite to each other but when they didn't think anyone was around they'd go a few rounds." "They ever say why they got married?" "Not to me. I figured it was because Dad came from money Mother wanted money. I don't think that he had as much as she thought he did or at least not as much as she wanted. He needed a wife that could move in the proper social circles and she could play the game when she felt like it."
  14. 14. "So social standing was important to him? Would a divorce have hurt that social standing you think?" "Probably, I had a friend at school whose father went through a few wives even though he was one of the most successful business men in the city we weren't supposed to associate with Steve he was considered a bad influence. He was one of my best friends, mainly because he was unacceptable to my parents." "So maybe something happened and your Mom would have left but your Dad convinced her to stay?"
  15. 15. "I don't know what could have happened that would have made Mother think about packing her bags. She liked the lifestyle that Dad could provide, there wasn't tons of money but it was enough for the country club membership, the charity balls and the spa visits. It wasn't as if she ever acted as if she cared about him, I doubt they were ever in love." "Dad, Aldric needs to eat why don't you two come inside?"
  16. 16. "I don't think that we'll be able to find out why your father transferred his home to your mother. They're both deceased so unless we can find some documentation it's going to be a dead end. I have my guys watching the house though so if you think that there would be anything in the house they can check it out but they've been through it before and well from their reports I'd figure that anything that was there originally isn't there any longer. Between the fire and the neglect of the past few years it's all in a pretty sad state."
  17. 17. "What we really need is a good detective. You know someone like that Sim Spade*, I bet ya he'd be able to figure out your mystery!" "Titania, Spade's fictional and besides he's not that good of a detective. Mostly he finds clues by having them dropped on his head and still he misses them half the time, he's only successful because he has good luck with sidekicks." ______________ Sim Spade by PurplebunnySarah and ChrisTheS - Read It!
  18. 18. "That's not true Sim's very smart he just likes to let other people take the credit for his work, it makes him look less dangerous than he is." "Uh huh letting the cat figure it out sure was brilliant. I don't know what the women see in that guy. He's just a cad and a lout."
  19. 19. "Hey some of us like loutish cads from time to time!" "Okay then. So other than hoping that Sim Spade will wander onto the scene and trip over something significant I really think that we need to be concentrating on the present not the past. I'm going to call the minions and step up the patrols on the Davis home. Any other suggestions?" "We could have Gvaudion talk to people on campus, Almeric seemed to think that the secret society was a big deal he may have had friends there that he talked to. Is there anyone in particular you can think of Aldric?" "Yeah I'll email her a list that's a good idea hon."
  20. 20. "Well if you think that there's evidence that someone's been in the house recently then I think we should step up on the surveillance. Go ahead and post people there twenty four seven. Tell the people that you post that they are just there for surveillance right now and they are not to move in on their own. From what I understand he's at best unstable and most likely dangerous. But I want to know the moment that there's a visual ID."
  21. 21. "Well I know that we're going to be pretty busy the next few weeks but this has to take priority over destroying the power plant; go ahead and leave Bud on the giant robot we shouldn't waste his badges while we've got him on the team." "Yeah okay kiss the boys goodnight for me Bo, I'll see you all at 'Lisha's party tomorrow."
  22. 22. 'Lisha aka Elisha being the second child of Elle and Dov Familiar hasn't been seen since she was an infant but she's about ready to grow into childhood. She's extremely shy so it makes sense that she hasn't been seen much to this point; the shyness is a bit of an aberration in a family that is mostly outgoing. That's okay though Elijah has nine points and he makes up for his sister's lack.
  23. 23. Elijah spent the morning practicing for his sister's birthday party: he and his 'friends' Larry, Darrel and Darrel have a rousing go at the Don't Wake the Llama game. By the time he beats the boys he figured he was good to go once the true gamers in the family gathered.
  24. 24. Unfortunately for Elijah the adults in his life didn't let him near the game once the party commenced in full swing. It was probably just as well as Dave isn't nearly as nice when he looses as Darrel squared would be.
  25. 25. Elijah had to satisfy himself with getting to know his cousin Frankie a bit better. Elisha's party was the first real opportunity that Frankie had gotten to socialize with his elder cousins and he'd been looking forward to it all week.
  26. 26. By the time that 'Lisha's spin commenced however most of the cousins had already excused themselves seeing it was past their curfews. Grrr your parent's are at the party you should be able to stay past seven pm. She'll have plenty of time to get to know them better in the coming seasons.
  27. 27. While Elijah is a mostly odd mix of his parent's Elisha is very much her mother remade at least looks wise. She does have Dov's brown hair but facial structure is Elle's from ears to chin. Other than her odd shyness her personality is taken from both of her parents seeing as she is highly playful and nice.
  28. 28. Being among the current youngest of the generation apparently has a few drawbacks. Because of their ages Frankie and 'Lisha had to miss out on the last grandparent vacation, they'll get their own eventually there are more cousins waiting to be born that will need to grow a bit in order to join them on the next trip. However some of the older cousins were all too happy to brag about the vacation experiences that they'd racked up while 'Lisha and Frankie were still in their nurseries.
  29. 29. Even those that were much too polite to brag were still all too eager to show off a bit.
  30. 30. Elisha and Frankie did their best to catch up with their elder cousins but they weren't always all that successful; at least not the first time they tried. Try and try again they would and eventually they'd catch on. Being the youngest wasn't always all its cracked up to be.
  31. 31. Frankie and Elisha weren't destined to be the youngest for very much longer. If Deanna Capp had thought her husband Elliot to be less than helpful when their twin boys had been born, adding the twins into the process as additional panic coaches only increased the amount incoherent assistance and advice. Like their father they were not at all helpful.
  32. 32. While the birth panic was slightly more confused the presentation of a second set of twins - girls this time- was met with much less trepidation. By this point Elliot and Deanna were old hands when it came to double baby duty and the boys were thrilled that they wouldn't be required to share a single little sister. The boys hoped that Evette and Evonne would get big enough to play with soon for now they deemed the infants to be quite boring so they soon lost interest and went back to bed.
  33. 33. Deanna being exhausted left the girls in their father's capable hands. Elliot was soon able to determine that like the boys the girls weren't going to be identical. Evonne has her mother's black hair while Evette is blond like Elliot. Hair color though was where the infant differences stopped as both girls are of the lightest skin tone and have brown eyes.
  34. 34. "Well we promised each other an adventure and so far we're keeping that promise" thought Elliot as he quietly got back into bed with his wife. Life it seemed would be hectic around the Capp house for a long time to come but that was fine with him as he'd so vehemently told his brother in law recently he loved his life and wouldn't trade it for anything.
  35. 35. Elliot and Deanna weren't the only couple setting off on child rearing adventures currently. Following her marriage to Ted Langarek, Eva and her new husband had moved out of the primary legacy manse and into their own home and it quickly became apparent that Eva was pregnant.
  36. 36. Now that Eva is married Adonis is no longer seems scared to be around her. He likes to let himself into the house so that he can play video games and give me the hebejebes. Eva does her best to ignore him. Adonis would do well to remember what Eva can be like and just leave well enough alone.
  37. 37. So far Adonis has at least behaved himself. Part of that is because Eva is still pretty mad at him for walking out on her like he did and part of it was Ted threatening to tear him limb from robotic limb if he turned his eye back on Ted's wife.
  38. 38. Ted took a day off from work so that he could be home to assist his wife when it came time for her to give birth. He's a doctor you know he has experience with these things he knows the 243 ways to panic helpfully, the 193 screams of terror, and the 384 sounds of surprise and support to mutter.
  39. 39. He also knows what the baby hand off means. I'm not sure if he knows what the sound of my head repeatedly hitting the desk means but I'm sure he'll get the picture rather quickly.
  40. 40. Meet Elm and Elan Langarek. They are somewhat miracle children in that at the time Eva got pregnant they were still living at the main house with seven sims plus three dogs living in the house there should have been no way for Eva to have gotten pregnant let alone to have been able to conceive twins.
  41. 41. Speaking of twins, there's been a bit of a twin epidemic going around Familiarity lately. Not only were there the Capp twins, and the Langarek twins but there are also the Nova twins. We could say that Demi was minimally excited about her newest grandchild's births. "Twins Chay Twins!" Yup
  42. 42. Dallan and Delphine Nova ask you to help them welcome son Easton and daughter Elizabeth to the family. Of all the couples in my current hood Dal and Del were the two I most wanted to have children as they are double third cousins each being descended from both Al and Abe through separate lines.
  43. 43. After the birth of Delphy's twins, it was a little bit anticlimactic when Denise and Dane had just one child. Daughter Eleanor however is spoiled enough for two.
  44. 44. Eleanor and her cousins will soon be joining big sis Elise at the myriad of kid and family gatherings that are constantly being held around Familiarity. My current play style is heavily devoted to socializing the kids so each household throws a family get together on Saturday and then on Sunday they get to have a kid party for the hood. The kid parties are always a lot of fun.
  45. 45. "This movie is totally unrealistic!" "Yeah and why do you say that Euclid? What do you know about exploring space and meeting superior beings from other planets?" "They're doing the aliens all wrong everyone knows that aliens aren't misunderstood creatures that only want to save their worlds from extinction. Aliens are big a scary and their eight eyes are located on antennas on the tops of their heads. They'd rather eat you than speak to you. When aliens manage to catch an unsuspecting human that's peacefully gazing at the stars through their telescopes they do horrible experiments on them, and send them back to earth with mixed up memories and pod babies!"
  46. 46. "Euc you do realize that both Blade and Egeus here are part alien right? They aren't scary monsters are they? Actually almost everyone here except you and me are part alien it's just more noticeable in the you know green ones."
  47. 47. "Err oops? I thought they just had some type of vitamin deficiency from eating too many vegetables." "You're the one that's going to have vitamin deficiency from having your feet in your mouth." That's alright Euclid, you're not the only one that manages to say things that they shouldn't.
  48. 48. Dov, there are certain things about your life that you should probably keep to yourself. If for some odd reason you do feel the need to share it would generally be a good idea to find other people to share with than your wife's family.
  49. 49. Because even though they aren't saying much at the moment their looks tell the tale. You can be sure that Dov will be under discussion just as soon as his back is turned. Poor Dov he's always had a bit of a problem with knowing how much is too much to divulge.
  50. 50. "So how 'bout those Llamas Dave? Do you think they'll end up in the finals this year or will they blow it again?" "The Llamas always blow it Dwight you know that they haven't made the playoff's in generations."
  51. 51. While their families were gathered in the Summerdream house having inappropriate discussions and being embarrassed by too much information Egeus and Erasmus has slipped out to the backyard clubhouse, they'd pulled up the ladder so as not to be bothered by the younger set. Largely they didn't mind having the younger kids hanging around but today was different. Today was Egeus's birthday and this was going to be the last time that the boys would hang out together as children.
  52. 52. Pretty soon they'd each be required to make the critical decisions that every teen has to make and in doing so choose which direction their lives were heading. For Egeus it was a pretty simple matter he'd known what direction his life was heading for a long time, but for 'Ras it was more complicated. He felt pulled in several directions and the closer his birthday came the moodier he'd become.
  53. 53. "I think I know what I'm going to do but Dad's going to be disappointed he thinks I'm going to be like him, ever since I asked for the telescope he's been calling me his little clone." "It's not your Dad's decision it's yours he'll understand eventually, besides it's not like you wanted the telescope to watch the stars." "Sure I did; I like looking at the stars it's just a happy coincidence that the telescope can be used to view other things as well."
  54. 54. "Perv, just remember to ask for the camera attachment before you announce your aspiration." "Speaking of announcing aspirations it's almost six, you'd better head inside."
  55. 55. 'Ras was correct it was almost six which meant that it was almost time for Egeus to blow out his candles and take a spin. Heading into the house they found the party waiting for him.
  56. 56. "Granddad I wanted to let you know how much I've always admired you and I wanted you to be the first one to know that I'm following your example." "Well that's wonderful Egeus I think you'll make a fine knowledge sim!"
  57. 57. "No not that example the other one. You see I'm gay, just like you." "I'm not gay I have two children with your grandmother." "Yeah but Dad and Aunt Bo are adopted. It's okay Granddad you don't have to be embarrassed about it Grandma explained it to us a long time ago."
  58. 58. Egeus Summerdream Aries 7/10/6/3/8 Family/Popularity LTW - Graduate 3 Children from University
  59. 59. A few short days later and the family were gathered once again but this time it was at the Goth's for Erasmus's birthday party.
  60. 60. "Not you as well? One of these days I'm going to work up the energy to kill your Grandmother." "Nah I'm not gay Granddad at least I don't think I am maybe I will be eventually but for now it's still under debate. I really just wondered if you wanted to play red-hands." "Red-hands? Sure and you know I was just kidding about killing you grandmother."
  61. 61. Erasmus 'Ras' Goth Pisces 1/7/7/2/10 Romance/Knowledge LTW - 20 Simultaneous Loves
  62. 62. Of course Egeus and Erasmus weren't the only teens in Familiarity; there were a good bunch of others growing up right along side of them. By the end of the winter season there were almost seventy kids ranging from infant to young adult in what loosely makes up the seventh generation of Familiars. Like most teenagers the teens of Familiarity devote their time to causing headaches for their parents and for me while getting fully prepared for University.
  63. 63. "So what do you think of this new 'legacy' program at FSU, Aldric?" "It sounds good to me; anything to get me out of this house sounds good. What about you guys are you gonna go for it?" "It might be fun, and who knows I might even bag me an heir. HA!" "Not me, my old man has me lined up for top accommodations in his old house at SSU. I'm expected to make the right connections, graduate with honors and return home post haste to take over the business so that he and Tina; though by the time I graduate he'll probably be on wife four or five, can take off to the islands for his golden years." "You should just tell him to shove the business; it's your life Steve." "It's not that bad, I'll be my own boss and we're the largest producers of flying pigs in the country. Funny how there's always a market for flying pigs."
  64. 64. "Almeric my dear as I'm sure you've heard, there's a new university opening up and they are going to be admitting a select number of young men and women to their dormie population in the hopes that one of those select few will be able to woo and win the hand of a future heir or heiress to a legacy. When I was a young woman I applied to found a legacy myself and was denied for the absurd reason of being too 'face one' whatever that means. Because of that bigotry there's now an inferior family gaining the prestige that I and my descendants should have. I expect you to correct that error, to apply and be accepted at this new college to bide your time until a suitable heiress is available and insure that my descendants claim the renown they deserve."
  65. 65. "But I want to go to SSU with Debbie." "Almeric, Debbie Johnson is a very lovely girl and I'm sure that she'll make some man a good wife. But she's not for you. You can do much better than Debbie Johnson. It's your duty to right the wrong that was made when I was denied the role of legacy founder." "But I love Debbie."
  66. 66. "Do you love her more than you love me? More than you love your own mother?" "Of course not Mother. But why me why not Aldric, he's already applied to Familiarity he wants to go there." "I can't stop him from going to whatever school he wants to. Your father, well you know how your father can be when I attempt to place you forward as you deserve. Aldric lacks your distinction; I doubt he'll provide you with any competition when it comes to an heiress. If does then I'll expect you to take care of him, I wouldn't want the family to be disgraced. You won't disappoint me in this will you Almeric?" "I guess not, I mean of course not Mother."
  67. 67. "What do you mean you're not going to go to SSU? I thought we had plans Ricky." "I know we did but Mother says" "Mother says does she? I thought maybe you cared about me, I should have known better." "I do care Debbie it's just." "Save it Almeric, maybe someday you'll be able to care enough for something or someone to fight your mother for control of yourself. Until you can I don't want to hear it."
  68. 68. "Look Aldric just cause we're stuck at the same school doesn't mean we're stuck with each other lets just agree to go our own ways, it make this dump more bearable." "Okay by me dweeb as far as I'm concerned we don't know each other." "Fine!" "Fine!"
  69. 69. "Whatcha playing Frankie?" "Uncle Dov's gave me his new game." "Is it fun? It looks pretty shiny to me, why don't you show me how to play?"
  70. 70. "Well see you're supposed to take care of the peoples and feed em and make em go to work and stuff. But mainly mine just die, or they pee them selves and then they die." "Well maybe if you tell them to cook then they won't die." "Yeah but it's funny when they die, specially if you tell them to go swimming but forget to put a ladder in the pool so they can't get out. But I don't make em stay dead 'least not the first time they die."
  71. 71. "Do you have any other games, maybe something a little less blood thirsty like Grand Theft Auto?" "Uh huh but I like this one best, when I go to Ezra and Zeke's this afternoon we're gonna play it on the TV." "Well that sounds like fun are you looking forward to seeing the boys?" "Yeah and I get to see the babies too, how come they got two babies and we don't got none?"
  72. 72. "Sometimes that's the way it works out would you like it if we had a baby?"" "I dunno they smell funny sometimes and they like to cry and you gotta be quiet cause they're sleeping. But then they get bigger and can do more stuff and you get to play with em whenever you want and it's like a sleepover that never ends." "That's right but having a little brother or sister is a big responsibility, you got to play nice and share your toys and sometimes maybe you don't want to share or they make you mad." "Then you gotta say you're sorry and you kiss n make up right?" "That's the way it's supposed to work. Come on buddy we'd better get dressed if you're going to make it to Uncle Eli's for brunch."
  73. 73. "Good morning Atta, Good Morning Dot, did you sleep well Hopper? Do you all need some more sugar water today or have you eaten your fill already?"
  74. 74. "Whatcha reading Erasmus?" "The New General Catalog of the Ants of the World; I'm trying to determine why Dot and Atta are segregating themselves from the rest of the colony. It seems to be an issue of dominance since poor Francis was showing some scarring." "That . is . so . not . interesting."
  75. 75. "Actually its fascinating stuff, if you ever used your brain for anything more than deciding which pitch to try you might learn something." "Why would I want to learn anything? Learning just makes you a geek. Which on is Flik? How do you know which one is which they all look the same to me?" "Hey stop doing that!"
  76. 76. "I just wanted to see them." "Darn it Euclid you killed Kenny." "Sorry, Can we go to Zeke's now?"
  77. 77. "Whoa look at the snow." "Hey it's snowing!"
  78. 78. "Hey Razmataz" "'Lani!" *clears throat* "Uhm I mean uh hi 'Lani" ______________ Elani 'Lani' Familiar is the daughter of Dannon and Della (London) Familiar Fred -> Abe -> Betty -> Clint -> Christopher -> Dannon -> Elani <- Della <- Collin <- Becca <- Amelia <- Al <- Fred
  79. 79. "Dad says we can be on a soccer team this spring that is going to be way fun I'm an awesome soccer player my team will win every game." "You've never even played soccer Elijah." "Have so I beat Larry the other day." "He let's you win. Why aren't you eating Zeke? Your Mom makes the best pancakes." "Mom didn't make them Ezra did."
  80. 80. "Wait Ezra cooked? Does that mean there are ladybugs in the pancakes?" "Probably if you're lucky, sometimes he uses spiders." "Ewww I thought the chewy things were just raisins."
  81. 81. "You like kids right Egeus?" "Sure why?" "You should totally coach my sister's soccer team, you play on the school team you could coach the kids right? It's a pretty good team; I went to all the games last season and they looked great." "Well yeah I could probably do it, isn't she on Emilia's team? I didn't know they needed a coach." "Well Coach Marcus from the college was going to do it but there's going to be too many kids come spring for him to handle all of em so they are reorganizing the teams a bit and looking for more coaches."
  82. 82. "You know Ege I think you should do it I'll even help; it might be fun and Euc's on the team too I'd most likely be corralled into driving him anyway so if I'm going to be there." "When did you start liking soccer 'Ras." "Since 'Lani said she goes to all the games."
  83. 83. "Frankie seems to think it would be a good thing to have a brother or sister. He asked me why we didn't have any babies." "And did you tell him why?" "We talked about it, and I think you were right after all Emma he'd be fine with having a sibling and I'd like a baby in the house again as well."
  84. 84. "You just can't say no to him when he asks for something." "Do you think I spoil him to much?" "Maybe but in this case I'll be more than happy to help with the spoiling. It's something I want as well. Thank you." "Well it was either this or a pony."
  85. 85. "Hey sis you gotta get up. You got soccer practice today so you need to eat a good breakfast and start the day off right." "I want to start the day off sleeping." "Too bad" In fairly sharp contrast to Erasmus and Euclid, Egeus and Emilia get along extremely well. Ege dotes on his little sis.
  86. 86. "Come on guys lets see some hustle out there, you're not supposed to be strolling leisurely down the field you need to be aggressive." "Erika! You need to be kicking the ball the other direction; your team has the other goal this half." "Let's break and do goal kick drills."
  87. 87. "Who's supposed to be defending the north? Eric go be the goalie." "Okay!" "Elijah? Emilia? What are you two doing this is soccer practice not baseball stop playing catch on the field."
  88. 88. "Why are you here Elysia? Is Eldon on one of the teams I don't see your brother." "Eldon play a sport? Nah he can barely walk without tripping over his own feet he's not that coordinated." "Then why?" "Cause 'Ras is coaching duh!"
  89. 89. "Good shot Emily, way to get past Frankie. Go grab the ball and toss it back to her Frankie." "Yeah okay hey my dad's here."
  90. 90. "Coach Sir?" "Frankie you always call me Egeus what's up with the Sirring?" "Granma says we're supposed to be polite to our elders and to always show proper respect to those in authority. She said that when I'm at practice you're the boss and not just my stupid cousin. I mean not that you're stupid or anything." "Hah yeah that sounds like Granma, so what's up?"
  91. 91. "My Dad's here I think I have to go now." "Hmm well it's a little early but he looks a bit impatient so I guess its okay. We're about to quit here anyway so you can probably go."
  92. 92. "Okay thanks Egeus! Thanks 'Ras! Bye guys I'll see you tomorrow!" "Dad!"
  93. 93. Soon after Frankie left the other parents started showing up to collect their kids as well. It'd been a pretty good practice and the two coaches were happy with the way their team was shaping up. If they kept it up they might just make it to the championships.
  94. 94. "Egeus where's Frankie?" "Aldric picked him up already." "Aldric's at work, I'm supposed to be picking Frankie up from practices. Maybe he left early and decided to swing by here."
  95. 95. "Aldric do you have Frankie with you?" If you want to know where Frankie is tune in next time, cause it's a cliffhanger. Yeah I'm mean like that. Until then, Thanks for reading and happy simming. __________________________________ General shout out to all the wonderfully talented creators of custom content. Thank you for taking the time to share with the community.