Evaluation Q.2


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Evaluation Q.2

  1. 1. Q.2 Howeffective is thecombination of your main product andancillary texts?
  2. 2. Real magazine My magazineBoth magazines hold conventional things to attract the reader. Such as:
  3. 3. Existing magazine date MastheadStrap withadvertisement Website address More extras Barcode extras Other stories to Heading read Sub heading to catch readers Well laid out interest
  4. 4. See all thepictures clearly Star is lookingand well laid out straight at the audience to engageBright colouredtags to engagethe readers Main title is big andinterest bold introducing the star
  5. 5. My magazine date Strap with advertisement Mast head Star looking at the camera to Website engage address audience buttonsBarcode andprice Headings and subheadings Well laid out extras Bright to attract the readers Bold title introducing interest star Other stories to read
  6. 6. In my magazine, the front cover has been madewell and really represents the kind of soapopera im doing well. For instance, the cover staris crying and looking straight at theaudience, and also is clutching a teddy. This shows the emotion that my soap will be and shows that the soap includes something about a child, thus the teddy. The other way in which the reader is dragged into the soap is by the mascara running down her face. This provokes genre well, as most respectable women wear make up, and it will make the audience wonder what is so wrong that she lets it be ruin by crying
  7. 7. The angry poses of the other characters on thecover from other stories, reflects to the audiencehow feeble and fragile my character looks, and allin all, when three pieces of media are combinedtogether (billboard, front cover and Trailer) thestory in which I have made comes together andbecomes more realistic.
  8. 8. Costume and setting is used (mise en scene) Main characters further forward All the characters are shown in a familiar place so Name of that the program audience can relateLogo ofITV subheading Day it is on and time
  9. 9. My Billboard heading Name of soapITV Days and timeslogo Hyper link for Twitter- Website address attracts younger generation
  10. 10. As you can see I used the same sort of style for my billboard poster as my advert card.This is because I was wanting the colours to be memorable and match the waythrough. Plus it matches the ITV1 logo I involved the same black back ground to add effect. I did this by using the green screen (more on this in Q.4)
  11. 11. But unlike the ITV logo card, I used some of the features out of this billboardFor example, I used the ITV logo and placed it in the bottom left hand corner of thepage. I also made sure I put the name of my soap and what time and days it ison, just like the other billboard. But unlike both of the boards I used, I put in the ‘#flashinglights’ for twitter users, which will encourage a younger demographic.