The Express - Evaluation


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My evaluation of my media product.

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The Express - Evaluation

  1. 1. Olivia Grayson-Kirk
  2. 2. My front cover Masthead Selling line Price, dat Buzz e, website Price, date, words Masthead website Main Buzz words heading Incentives Incentives Feature Main Main heading stories image and Main images articleCaption Main Feature image stories and images Main Inside article information
  3. 3. My inside page Page Main heading & number sub-heading Main Main PageAdvertisement image heading number Main Feature Main image story article Feature stories Caption Main OtherFeatures article article
  4. 4. My billboard poster As you can see, I was given inspiration from the billboard below which I had analysed before working towards my own. I chose a tagline top people take the express as it connotes that by reading this newspaper that you are a top person. The three images are of Salford from over the years which shoes the progress and improvement on the city and we are implying that our newspaper has helped this. I have included the logo and newspaper title to give it recognition. The background allows the dark, bold typography to stand out to the audience. To develop my design, I made the background colour to a similar tea stained look to give conventions of a newspaper because centuries ago newspapers would be like this. The typography still easily stands out. Below the logo and heading I added an extra tagline stating that the newspaper is a local tabloid for local people therefore they know it will include local news. I found that the billboard poster below was very effective and I felt that I would be attracted by it therefore I thought it would be a good idea to base mine around this design. I have followed all of the typical conventions of a real billboard poster for a newspaper by using large bold typography and using images which the audience can relate to.
  5. 5. My radio adverthttp://oliviagraysonkirkmedia.blogsp =jcYY6hjjJ5g&feature=player_emb%20Project%28Radio%29 edded This was the radio advert which I analysed in order to start creating my own. The conversation consists of two people talking about how they can’t find the perfect newspaper. This idea seemed clever and easy to use in order to attract my audience therefore I created mine based on the idea of the conversation between two people. I added a jingle which has a relaxed tone which sets the mood to be very chilled and calm therefore the audience can listen to this and feel relaxed knowing that this will be the perfect newspaper for them. By using two regular people to do the voice over for my advert it allows the audience to realise that it is a wide range of audience and is attracted to a lot of people.
  6. 6. http://oliviagraysonkirkm h/label/E.%20Ancillary%2 0Project%28Radio%29This slide shows my finished products. All of my completed products are very effective as they can all be recognised asbelonging together. The heading and logo is placed on every product, and also mentioned in my radio advert. Theaudience can see the ancillary products and link them with my final product. I have used the same typographythroughout my products too show consistency as it is a typical convention of media products. By just looking at myproducts, it is easy to realise that they all belong within the same media product from the colour schemes to thelanguage within the texts. My ancillary products helped me towards my final products as I shown my target audiencethem and got feedback and opinions. This gave me further ideas and helped me created my final product around theancillary.
  7. 7. Firstly, I created a questionnaire which allowed me to ask the general public basic questions based on newspapers in general.Below is my questionnaire and the feedback which I received. After I received my feedback I analysed it based on the results.Then, I created another questionnaire based on the information I had which targeted a more specific audience. This audiencewould be my target audience.
  8. 8. This is my second questionnaire which targeted my specific audience. I asked questions which were related more tonewspapers and the features rather than gender, age and preferred newspapers. After gathering my results I analysed themwhich helped me work towards constructing my newspaper.
  9. 9. The final questionnaire I did beforestaring the planning and constructionstages was a focus group questionnaire.These were questions that I asked afterfiguring out who my target audiencewere, what they wanted to see and whatwould attract them. Instead of havingmultiple choice answers, they wereanswers which allowed the audience toelaborate their thoughts which helpedme understand what they wanted out ofmy newspaper and it helped me createthe perfect product for my audience.
  10. 10. I used photoshop for the mainI used the internet for all of the part of my product. This is what Istages for my product for created all of my main productresearching, accessing all of the on. I have used photoshop beforeproducts and technologies I in my first year project therefore Ineeded and uploading my work. knew what I was doing and it allowed me to create a professional looking product.I used publisher for themajority of my research andplanning work. This was A camera was used for taking thebecause I was able to save pictures for my product. Thisthem as jpeg files to upload helped towards the constructiononto my blog. It was easy to part of my project. The features onuse and very similar to the camera allowed me to get theMicrosoft word therefore I had right pictures and I found it easyno problems. to use.This software allows you tocreate voice recordings BlogSpot is the website which I havetherefore when it come to uploaded all of my work onto. All ofconstructing my radio advert I the different stages in creating myused this to edit it after product have been sectionedrecording it on the voice therefore they are easy to find. It isrecorder. It allowed me to put a very easy to use and I found itjingle over the speaking and helpful and a lot easier that I couldedit it till it was perfect. have a personal blog to keep my work safe and updated.
  11. 11. I used a voice recorder to recordmy radio advert. It was very easyto use and come in very handywhen it come to constructing myradio advert. By using the correcttechnology for this stage it gavethe radio advert a professionaltouch and made it a good quality.I have used PowerPoint to createmy presentation. It has helpedme set it out so that the audiencecan view it properly and access iteasily. I am very familiar with thistechnology therefore it was verysimple for me to use.Slide share is the application which Iuploaded my presentations onto sothat I could put them onto my blog toview.