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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Q1
  2. 2. Conventions of a front cover of a real life soap magazine Button Date and price Large masthead Characters written by first names Specific colour scheme. Very bold colours to draw attention.Canted heading Capitalisation to enhance text Variety of soaps Rhetorical question to included involve reader Main image in centre of cover Barcode
  3. 3. Conventions my front cover of a soap magazine Large masthead Date and price Button Specific colour scheme. Very bold colours to draw attention.Variety of soapsincluded Main image in centre of coverCanted heading Capitalisation to enhance text Characters written by first Rhetorical question to names involve reader Barcode
  4. 4. Conventions of an existing E4 billboard All main charactersLarge clear image Clear e4 logo Basic information on programme
  5. 5. Conventions of my E4 billboard All main charactersLarge clear image Clear e4 logo Basic information on programme
  6. 6. Soap forms and conventionsA variety of narratives Many close ups are used in Actors have little make up and are made to look asare used to make sure order to express the realistic as possible, depending on what theirall audiences are characters emotions character is like.entertained at the sametime. Multiple main characters used Soap Conventions to allow a variety of storylines to take place at one time, therefore the audience will not get bored. British soaps most often feature common, ordinary, working class characters to add to the realism of the soaps. Most soap operas have a recognisable theme tune and is Natural lighting is used to make one of their unique selling points. the scene as realistic as possible.
  7. 7. Conventions of existing soap trailers Long shots used to capture the main characters but to also give the audience a sense of the mise en scene of the scene. Reverse angle edit allows the audience to see the emotions portrayed by two particular characters in a certain scene.
  8. 8. Conventions of existing soap trailers Establishing shot allows not only the mise en scene to be clearly seen, but it also allows all of the characters and their different emotions and personalities to be portrayed. A big close up allows a clear presentation of the characters emotions and their facial expressions.
  9. 9. Similarities and differences in my trailer comparing to existing products Georgina – Nangreave Road, Becky – Coronation Street, High Angled Shot High Angled Shot I have decided to compare the shot of Becky in Coronation Street and a shot of Georgina in Nangreave Road. I chose these two screen shots because they are both high angled. The only difference is, is that Nangreave Road has two people rather than one and it is indoors. The Nangreave Road shot has been edited to look like a security camera whereas the Coronation Street is just a plain high angle shot.Title card – Nangreave Road Title card – X-Men Both of these title cards show a clear use of the e4 logo, making it clear to the audience that the show is a pert of e4. The typical purple colour scheme has been used in both examples of title cards to make the image as recognisable to the audience as possible. Both advertise the time and date of when the show is aired to inform the audience. However the X-Men title card shows a use of an image in the background to further advertise the show. Nangreave Road - Transitions Hollyoaks – Transitions In both of these trailers, transitions are used not only to provide the audience with information on the trailer, but to also edit from one scene in the trailer to another. However whereas the Nangreave Road trailer is simple with a black background, the hollyoaks trailer is more colourful and fun. This relates to the storylines of the soap trailers as the Nangreave Road trailer is very eerie and mysterious, Hollyoaks is more exciting and bubbly.