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Colonial Growing Pains
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Colonial Growing Pains


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  • 1. Colonial Growing Pains
    • India
    • Southeast Asia
    • Africa
    • Middle East
  • 2. INDIA
    • What do you remember about Gandhi and his call to Civil Disobedience?
    • Amritsar
      • Beginning of the end of British Rule
    • Congress Party
      • Hindu
    • Muslim League
      • Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  • 3. Partition of India
    • Muslim league does not want to be under the control of the Hindu population
    • Propose Partition at the Lahore Conference
    • Riots and mass violence between the Muslims and Hindus lead Britain to give independence to the nations of India and Pakistan
  • 4. Dividing and Chaos pg 507
    • All of the Princes in areas had to decide which country to join and how to divide the civil service between the two nations
    • Populations move between the two new countries and as they do… MASS KILLINGS
  • 5. Gandhi
    • “ What is there to celebrate? I see nothing but rivers of blood.”
    • Goes to Dehli to try and persuade the government to press for the fair treatment of Muslims
    • Shot by a Hindu while there
    • India was the world’s largest democracy
    • Jawaharlal Nehru first Prime Minister
  • 7. Kashmir Gripes
    • Who controls Kashmir? Who knows?
    • Both Pakistan and India make a claim on the territory
    • China takes part of the territory in 1962 under Mao
    • Continued conflict between the nations today
  • 8.  
  • 9. Modern Leaders
    • Indira Gandhi
      • Elected Prime Minister in 1964
      • Daughter of Nehru (first prime minister)
  • 10. Philippines
    • First to gain independence after WWII
      • July 4 th 1946
    • The Deal
      • US will give $600 million in war reparations
      • The Philippines must sign Bell Act
        • Free trade for 8 years
      • US maintains military presences at Clark Air force and Manila Naval
  • 11. Philippines
    • Ferdinand Marcos
      • Authoritarian regime
      • Stole millions
      • Instituted martial law to stay in power
    • 1986 election
      • Runs against Corazon Aquino and LOSES but declares himself the winner
      • Public outrage leads to his exile to Hawaii
  • 12. African Independence
    • Middle class emerges after WWI
    • Influenced by the Harlem Renaissance
    • Negritude Movement
      • Celebrate African culture, heritage and values
      • Black experience is unique
  • 13. Ghana
    • British
    • First African colony south of the Sahara to achieve independence after WWII
    • British try and ease the transition by allowing more appointed Africans in their Legislative Council
  • 14. “Freedom Now!” Ghana
    • Wanted ELECTED and not appointed representation
    • Non-Violent protests
    • Kwame Nkrumah led the protest movement
      • Organized strikes and boycotts
      • Imprisoned often
      • Becomes first Prime Minister
    • Gains independence in 1957
    • First black African nation to enter the British Commonwealth
  • 15. Africa Ruled by Africans
    • Nkrumah helped organize the first Pan-African Conference in 1945 and the first Pan-African conference in Africa in 1958
    • Organization of African Unity
      • 1963
      • African Nations trying to govern independently and work together to solve African issues
  • 16. Struggles in Ghana
    • Military coup in 1966 while Nkrumah was in China
    • More coups to follow up to 2000 when the first open elections were held
    • Still fragile government today