SiMania Joint Duelacy Chapter 6 - Written by Katie/ilovereecee

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  • 1. Written by: ilovereecee The SiMania Joint Duelacy - Chapter Six
  • 2. Hello there and welcome back to The SiMania Joint Duelacy! This is chapter six of a Duelacy written by various members at the forum Simania - ! In the last few chapters Lydia shared with us the lives of Ricky (the 3 rd generation's heir) and Delia (his wife). They had four lovely daughters: Menolly, Fiona, Sadie and Giselle. So that means we are now on the fourth generation. I, Katie/ilovereecee, am so excited to have the family. This chapter shows the college lives of the fourth generation and also the spares lives. So let's get on with the show, shall we?
  • 3. The current heiress is none other than the beautiful, redheaded and eldest child of the fourth generation – Menolly, or Em for short. Em is primarily a Knowledge sim which is fitting because during her childhood, she always had her nose in a book! Em's secondary aspiration is Pleasure, which is usually overshadowed by her primary aspiration, but the wild child does come out her in sometimes, as you will see in this chapter.
  • 4. Fiona was the second born into the fourth generation of McMania's. Fiona has the primary aspiration of Family and like her big sis, has a secondary aspiration of Pleasure. Though, Fi's secondary aspiration hardly shows at all!
      After the big move into their new home on campus, the girls are all famished! Fiona wastes no time diddy-dallying around, she heads straight to the kitchen to make a satisfying meal of grilled cheese for her sisters and herself – Fiona has a very motherly nature about her.
  • 5. And last, but certainly not least, we have the twins of the family! Sadie, on the left, and Giselle, on the right, were the last born to Ricky and Delia McMania. Sadie is a primary family aspiration with a Pleasure aspiration second. Giselle is a Fortune aspiration with Popularity as her secondary way of life. These four girls may have serious aspirations, but deep down their secondary's are all about being the life of the party – Pleasure and Popularity!
  • 6. While Fiona finished putting the grilled cheese sandwhiches together, Menolly decides to jump start her college career. She begins her term paper almost immediately after claiming her bed upstairs! Not even her sisters loud gossiping beside her can break her concentration on whipping up a well written paper!
  • 7.
      conversation at once. So far the girls first day is going splendidly! Menolly even made friends with Angel, who as you can see is a member of the Secret Society on campus, very quickly. I hope she'll be “arrested” soon and “taken in” by her new friend.
      After a small but satisfying meal, the girls mingle about in the yard in hopes of meeting some of their classmates. It doesn't take long before a few fellow students stroll onto the lot. Menolly and Sadie, both outgoing girls, strike up
  • 8. Giselle decided that she wanted* to buy a makeover chair and try her hand at making the passersby beautiful! Her first victim – I mean, customer ;) – is none other than Angel, the Secret Society member. With her twin there to cheer her on, Giselle works her magic! *Giselle rolled the want to by a makeover chair the minute they arrived on campus. Maybe she'll end up making a home business?!
  • 9. Giselle ended up giving Angel a marvelous makeover! The next morning she asked Fiona if she could try something on her. Fiona politely declined and went back to skimming a cookbook for new recipes while Giselle primped herself in the mirror and then dashed out to ask her other sisters to give themselves over to her new found love of hair dressing.
  • 10.
      Instead of studying or writing term papers like her big sis Em, Fiona relies on having a friendly relationship with her professor to earn the grade. These chats mean more to Fiona though, she's hoping to build their relationship up enough that he'll have a crush on her too. So far, things are looking bright for young Fi!
      Fiona takes some time out of her schedule that consists of feeding her sisters, cleaning the house and reading to give a courtesy call to her professor Ethan Byall. This is no mere chat though – Fi has a crush on her tall, blonde professor!
  • 11. Fiona isn't the only one with boys on the brain! Menolly has found a promising young man in the campus directory. His name is Roger and he has blonde hair and bright green eyes that match Em's. She and Roger have a lot in common – they are both Knowledge sims for one – and held an easy conversation for a few hours about the best methods to studying for their upcoming freshman finals. The night ended in smiles from both Roger and Menolly, there is definitely some chemistry between the pair!
  • 12.
      Fiona stood by chatting to her Professor Ethan with butterflies in her stomach the whole time as the conversation turned from mere classroom chat to Fiona inviting him to a party Em was planning. Being the caring sister that she is though, Fi's eyes never left her siblings as Giselle wielded scissors and comb through Em's hair. She was ready to settle any arguments that might result from a bad hair cut.
      In good spirits after spending a few hours with her new crush, Menolly finally agreed to let Giselle take a pair of scissors to her hair. All of Giselle's other sisters opted out of the situation, so she was more than excited when Em agreed.
  • 13. Luckily there was no need for Fiona's intervention. Giselle did a super job and Menolly ended up with a shorter, more current hair style that framed her face beautifully and made her green eyes really stand out.
  • 14. With the freshman year coming to an end, Em was planning their first house party. Fiona had already invited her crush, Professor Ethan. Of course Roger, Em's crush, was invited. Ricky and Delia, the girl's parents, were at the top of the guest list. Even in the midst of party planning, Em's Knowledge side shows. She's working on another term paper – even the campus coach yelling can't tear her attention away from the computer screen.
  • 15. Giselle's desires to cut hair were quickly fading away. Lately she's been rolling wants to paint and sell some of her own artwork. Mostly she wants to sell masterpieces for the big bucks, that's the Fortune side of her! Giselle quickly throws herself into her new found passion and easily sells two masterpieces in only one day!
  • 16. Two days before the girls final was the big day! That night all the guests – Ricky, Delia, Angel the Secret Society member, Roger, and Professor Ethan – showed up ready to party! Unfortunately funds are low and there is no stereo to blast or a keg to drink from, but the guests find other ways to entertain themselves. Angel enjoys the computer games, Ricky and Delia are more than happy to indulge in some smooching.
  • 17.
      Menolly was wrapped up in her own little world of romance and hardly noticed anything else going on around her. Roger and she were flirting shamelessly, holding hands and sharing kind words with one another. It was very cute to watch how even Em, a very sociable sim, got a little nervous as Roger grabbed her hand to hold.
      While their parents are sucking face, Giselle and Menolly are mingling in the kitchen. Kennedy Thayer, the campus llama mascot, showed up to the party. He and Giselle really hit it off and had a nice conversation for the majority of the night.
  • 18. The couple was so lost in their own world they didn't even notice when the campus streaker came to join the festivities. :)
  • 19. Fiona and beloved Professor Ethan were sharing a few laughs together in the kitchen as well. Fi had yet to make her feelings known to her Professor, but decided that this would be the night. She had butterflies in her stomach as she leaned in for the first kiss. . .
  • 20.
      Needless to say, Fiona was crushed by the rejection. Professor Ethan quickly excused himself from the awkward situation leaving Fi wondering where she went wrong. Even more embarrassing, she'd been rejected in front of her mother and father who were grabbing a bite to eat.
      It was a huge shock when Professor Ethan leaned away from Fiona's puckered up lips. He'd given no sign that he wasn't into the idea of dating Fi. Even when she flirted with him, he had returned her giggles and slight, intimate touches.
  • 21. Delia, who has always been the family rock in hard times, saw the entire kiss – or kiss rejection rather – play out. Immediately she ran to hug her second born and comfort her with kind words. A mother can be a nice shoulder to cry on in these situations, as Fiona quickly realized.
  • 22. The night didn't end badly for all in the end. Menolly and Roger shared their first kiss together, and Em's first kiss ever! Her heart was beating so fast Roger was sure to hear it. After the kiss, they said goodnight, they had been so absorbed in each other they didn't realize everyone else had gone to bed – it was nearly one in the morning!
  • 23. The morning following the party Sadie decided to take her big sis out to try to meet some new guys. She didn't want Fiona moping about after her kiss rejection with Professor Ethan. Much to Sadie's delight, Fiona quickly found a cute guy and made conversation. His name was Jessie Day, the exterminator of the town, and he was absolutely handsome in Fiona's eyes*. *Fi has two chemistry bolts of attraction for Jessie :)
  • 24. Fiona, Sadie and Jessie spent the rest of the afternoon playing Marco Polo in the gym's pool. They had a blast bonding together and Professor Ethan didn't pass through Fiona's thoughts one time! Sadie considered her goal accomplished :)
  • 25. Back at home Giselle has developed a crush on the campus llama mascot Kennedy Thayer. They met at the girls' party and have kept in constant touch via telephone since then. Giselle has pretty passionate feelings for Kennedy and might be rushing her feelings a little bit. She is known for wanting one thing one day and then the next she's changed her mind to something completely different. I hope Kennedy isn't one of those things.
  • 26. Looks like Kennedy is going to stay in Giselle's wants panel for a while though! Em walked in the room just in time to see her little sis experiencing her first kiss. It reminded her of her own beau, Roger, and she walked quietly out of the room to phone her boyfriend for a chat instead of doing more studying for the upcoming final the next morning.
  • 27. I was just speaking of Giselle being a constant mind changer! First it was hair dressing, then she wanted to paint masterpieces, now she has the want to buy a sewing machine and earn talent badges in sewing. I guess she wants to try her hand at a little bit of anything and everything.
  • 28. The girls all earned stellar grades on their freshman finals! As sophomores, they are no longer the babies of the school. The money is a great perk as well; it enabled them to add onto their small home which was expanded into this lovely, large house. With their next grant, they'll purchase some shrubbery to spruce up the outside of their home.
  • 29.
      Kennedy showed up at the house a lot to show off his school spirit . . . and maybe for another reason as well ;) One day after kissing up Giselle's arm – which looks more like he's eating it – they fell in love!
      Giselle and Kennedy's relationship was really blossoming into something more than just puppy love. After their first kiss, things got heated fast. They were both very lovey-dovey with each other – always kissing and touching.
  • 30. Thanks to Kennedy's frequent visits, Giselle and he are able to go on dates quite often. This keeps Giselle's moods pretty high and she has a lot of time to spend on her beloved sewing machine. She's gaining skill badges like crazy and is finally able to sew more complicated projects than simple pot holders.
  • 31. It may have been a surprise for Sadie's sisters to see her kissing a complete stranger, but this man is no stranger to Sadie! After spying him in the campus directory, Sadie and Curtis have been chatting almost every night. They've been dating via telephone and this is the first time they've met face to face. It goes without saying that they have a lot of chemistry – two bolts :)
  • 32.
      Love is in the air for everyone in the house it seems. Fiona and Jessie are taking their friendship to the next level. Although Fiona was trying to take things slow this time, she's a family sim and can't help but wear her heart on her
      sleeve. Luckily for her, this first kiss goes much better than her first attempt with her Professor Ethan. Jessie is head over heels in love with Fiona already. The feeling isn't mutual for Fi. . . not just yet anyway ;)
  • 33. Although the girls enjoy their time with their boyfriends, they still have to do the required studying. Sophomore finals are coming up and Menolly is cramming in as many assignments as she can.
  • 34. Giselle is a little less worried about her assignments since she got them all out of the way in the beginning of the semester. She's more focused on getting her gold sewing badge, she's very close! A lot of her projects are now hung up around the house, like this beautiful quilt she put together.
  • 35. Giselle's earlier works are also on display in the kitchen. It's hard to see the black pot holders against the dark walls, but can you see them? Cute, huh? Fiona continues to be the “mother” of the house. She's always cooking for her sisters and then cleaning up the mess without any complaints afterward.
  • 36. Giselle finally got her gold badge for sewing and wastes no time getting a new arsty want in her wants panel. This time she wants to leave behind her sewing days and try her hand at writing novels. Her great mood allowed her to type furiously for hours and hours without needing a break. Many hours later, she was done and the book was sent off for reviews!
  • 37.
      And that's when it happened. . . they fell in love. After holding hands and looking into each others eyes they both knew at that moment that they were made for each other.
      Roger came over for he and Em's regular once a week date night. The love and attraction is obvious to see with this couple – they can't stand to be so near without touching and kissing each other.
  • 38.
      Roger was taken off guard, but of course he was happy and accepted his girlfriend's proposal. If Sadie hadn't been so wrapped up in working on selling her next masterpiece, she could have turned around to witness the first engagement of her sister and her's generation!
      Menolly decided she didn't want to wait one minute longer to propose to her beautiful blonde boyfriend. Em dropped to one knee, pulled the ring seemingly out of nowhere and popped the question!
  • 39. The next morning Em blabbed all the details of her engagement to her big sis. Fiona replied with enthusiasm and they began planning the wedding at once. Fi realized this was something she wanted as well – she wanted to be engaged to her sweetheart too! She decided she'd ask her beau as soon as possible.
  • 40. Following breakfast Fiona invited over Jessie so she could ask him to be her husband. Butterflies started popping up in Fi's stomach, so she tried to calm her nerves by watering the beautiful new garden the girls added in the front yard.
  • 41.
      When Jessie arrived he greeted his lovely girlfriend with a big kiss on the lips! All of Fi's fears disappeared at that moment, the special moment when a girl realizes she has to have a man for the rest of her
      life. That is the moment when Jessie and Fiona fell in love with each other. On a side note, do you see Kennedy sneaking in to Giselle a visit? So cute :)
  • 42. Immediately after falling in love, Fiona followed her sister's example and dropped down to one knee to propose. Jessie was thrilled and of course said he would marry Fiona. Nothing in the world could have made Fiona happier. After the horrible rejection and broken heart over Professor Ethan, Jessie has been able to make her whole again.
  • 43. The night of Giselle's great news came quickly. The news was that her very first novel had quickly become a best seller! Her devoted mascot boyfriend Kennedy was already visiting the house and just happened to be lucky enough to celebrate the great news with his love.
  • 44. The couple now has one more reason to celebrate! Giselle is jumped on the engagement bandwagon and proposed to her steady boyfriend. Of course Ken said yes to his red headed beauty.
  • 45.
      The newest engaged couple in the house took their celebration outside for further activities. They decided to try out the new hot tub from Giselle's aspiration rewards inventory. So far, so good!
      Giselle was still on cloud nine from her engagement and best selling book award. Kennedy and she decided to carry on the celebration and take their relationship to the next level. This marks a first in the college home thus far.
  • 46.
      Family sim after all! But, Sadie is happy with her quiet college life. She's content to paint her little heart out day in and day out. Maybe one day she'll finally act her aspiration and get the want to propose.
      Sadie (the only non-engaged sister still left in the house) was feeling no pressure whatsoever from her sisters to pop the question to her main man Curtis. In fact, it's odd that Sadie doesn't even want engagement – she is a
  • 47.
      Things are slowing down a bit now that most of the girls are engaged. They are free to spend their time painting, working on novels and whatever else their hearts desire. Of course they do spend time with their boyfriends as well, but lately they've all been getting the wants to “talk to a relative” or “be best friends with” one of their sisters. It's great that they are wanting to spend more time with each other. Afterall, soon they'll be graduated and moving on with their own lives.
  • 48. On pretty days outside Menolly can be found digging up the dirt in front of their garden. She's looking for secret maps in particular, but hasn't had any luck yet. Usually she finds bones or rocks, lol!
  • 49.
      Kennedy fully supports anything his wife-to-be decides to try her hand at. He always comes over and cheers to his lovely fiancee. It looks like all the support Giselle gets from Kennedy pays off too!
      After one of Ken's visits and working all night on her pottery, Giselle finally reaches the gold talent badge for pottery and is able to produce this beautiful ginormous jug!
  • 50.
      Just as when she was a kid, Menolly always has her nose stuck in a book. Lately Em's been rolling up the wants to “Study Anger Management” and “Study Lifelong Happiness.” It's an easy want to fulfill and gives a great aspiration boost to boot!
  • 51.
      From left to right, this is the play by play of Sadie and Cutis's engagement! Looks like a little naughty goosing was all Sadie needed for that final push to proposal! ;) Fiona walked outside just in time to see her little sis and fellow Family sim ask her for her beloved's hand in marriage! So sweet :)
  • 52.
      At the very end of her senior year, Menolly finally found the map she'd been digging in the dirt for for nearly two years! Ever since her sophomore year Em's been searching for any kind of secret map to use on her and Roger's honeymoon. After finally finding not one map, but two, she invited Roger over to share the good news. Of course he was excited and the “sharing of good news” turned into a date :)
  • 53.
      And their friendly little date turned into something a little more heated! Both Roger and Menolly wanted to have their first woohoo with each other, so I decided why not!? On a side note, look how happy Em looks in the picture on the left. Cute, huh? :)
  • 54.
      Graduation came all too soon for the McMania girls! It seemed like they'd just began college and found the loves of their lives and then the next minute they were graduating! A party was thrown, of course! Ricky and Delia were invited as well as all the fiance's of the girls. Everyone was having a blast. There was a juice keg, music and dancing and of course laughter all around.
  • 55.
      Ricky and Delia spent a lot of time flirting and being cutsey in general. But, not to be outdone by her own parents, Menolly and Roger took it up a notch. They were in the view of everyone as they made out in the living room in celebration of the graduation.
  • 56.
      It took me a while to get all the girls lined up outside – everyone in the house was blocking the only door that lead outside and then the girls kept running into each other while I was trying to get them to pose – but they finally found their places and let their mother snap a quick picture. This will be the last memory the girls have of living in the same house together as sisters. After this picture, the party ended and all the girls used the phone to head back to their own homes and their new lives.
  • 57. We'll start out the spares updates with the oldest spare Fiona and her dark haired fiance Jessie Day. Fiona and Jessie promptly moved into a blue Victorian styled starter home. It has two bedrooms one bathroom and a large kitchen/dining area.
  • 58. Here is a picture of the house. Cute, huh? It is available for download at
  • 59. Post makeover Fi looks the same as she did in college. Long brown hair and a neutral colored skirt and top. Jessie ditched his jumpsuit and his career along with it. He's traded his bug spray in for pen and paper is is now working as a Journalist! He's also ditched the hat to let his brown locks show. The jumpsuit is now replaced with jeans and a nice tweed jacket.
  • 60. For two family sims like Fiona and Jessie there is no time better than the present to get married. After having just barely unpacked their bags in their new home, the two put on their wedding attired and headed to the alter. Fiona McMania became Mrs. Fiona Day!
  • 61. After the wedding Fiona immediately rolled the want to have a baby and to adopt a kitten. Since the baby will take a little while to come, I decided Fiona could have a kitten. Her name is Rajah* and she's a yellow colored kitten and completely adorable! *I guess I'll reveal the naming theme for this generation. All the spares children/pets and Menolly and Roger's children/pets will be named from Disney movies – my favorite movies since I was a little kid! Rajah is Jasmine's pet tiger in Aladdin.
  • 62. It didn't take too long before a baby had joined Jessie and Fiona's young family. A little boy with brown hair and bright blue eyes was named Max*. *Max is named after Prince Eric's faithful dog Max in The Little Mermaid (picture on the right).
  • 63. Max had both of his Family aspiration parents wrapped around his tiny little fingers. They were always showering him with attention whenever they had a spare minute. Fiona quickly conceived again and was excited to give Max a little sister or brother.
  • 64. Fiona ended up having twin girls in her last pregnancy. She named them Minnie and Morgana*. The babies' birth brought a lot of joy into the lives of Jessie, Fi and Max. They were the last additions to the family. *Minnie was named after Minnie Mouse (picture left) and Morgana was named after the evil sea witch Morgana in The Little Mermaid II (picture right)
  • 65. Max aged into a handsome young child, Minnie and Morgana followed suit and aged into cute toddlers. Max looks more like his mother while the twins look like Jessie. This is where we will leave this family. Now let's go see how Sadie and her fiance Curtis are doing back at home!
  • 66. Sadie and Curtis moved into a small green house post-graduation. Curtis soon found out his predestined hobby of nature. Now he loves all things nature and can be found frequently watering his tomatoes or birdwatching in his small garden.
  • 67. Like her sister Fiona and her husband Jessie, Sadie decided not to waste any time on getting married. After all, she is a family sim as well! Sadie, who has always had an artsy side, donned a beautiful and non-traditional sleek white dress that flared out in feathers at the bottom. The couple said their “I do's” in front of Curtis' beloved veggie garden. Sadie dropped her maiden name and became Mrs. Sadie Shahan.
  • 68. Sadie's first child was a cute little boy she named Gus*. Gus inherited most of his look from his daddy, but unfortunately didn't get the red hair. He has Sadie's dark brown locks. *Gus is named after Gus the mouse in Cinderella.
  • 69. Once Gus aged into an adorable and active toddler, Curtis and Sadie knew they wanted more children. They began trying right away to conceive and also called the adoption agency about adopting a child into their loving family. That was how Elizabeth came to join the family. She is completely gorgeous and could pass as a biological child of Sadie and Curtis. She gets along great with little Gus, which is a big plus!
  • 70. And that marks the end for this family. Gus grew into such a handsome little man, Elizabeth stayed the gorgeous child she's been since her adoption and Sadie and Curtis are currently preparing their family for one more addition. That's right, she's got another bun in the oven!
  • 71. Kennedy and Giselle moved into a small, but very gorgeous home. They wasted no time in unpacking – they headed straight to the small stone sidewalk beside their home to get married. Giselle wore a nontraditional green dress that looked gorgeous on her and the couple said their vows with smiles on both of their faces the whole time.
  • 72. Kennedy quickly found the perfect job as a team mascot. Guess he can't leave his llama days behind at college! Giselle opted out of a career and decided to be a stay at home mom instead. She filled her quiet days with pottery and sewing – a favorite past time since her college days.
  • 73. Giselle and Kennedy only had one child. She has green eyes and jet black hair and for that reason was named Melody*. Mel took up all of her parent's time. Being an only child has the perks of nonstop attention ;) *Melody is named after Melody in The Little Mermaid II. Movie Melody also has green eyes and black hair!
  • 74. Mel grew up into a gorgeous little girl – she looks a lot like her mommy, but with her father's more dominant skin tone and hair color. And this is where the chapter will end! The next chapter will include Menolly and Roger's life back at home with Em's parents Ricky and Delia!
  • 75. For those of you who are not members, you should check out an amazing forum SiMania. This joint duelacy and many, many other great legacies (written by awesome and friendly people) can be found on this site. Hope to see you there! -Katie (ilovereecee)