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Chapter 5

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. The Legend of Zelda Chapter Five by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Legend of Zelda! In the last chapter you saw our generation Z heiress marry her fiancé Skylar Wendland. Together they had four daughters – Yasmine, Yana, Yoko, and Yumi. This chapter will be about our heiress in college and then the lives of her sisters after they drop out of college. And without further adieu let’s find out who our heiress is, shall we?
  3. 3. Yasmine is our heiress for generation Y! I am very happy about this, because she was definitely my favorite. If you remember, she achieved her first lifetime want as a teenager, which was to max out all of her skills and her newest lifetime want is to become World Class Ballerina like her father.
  4. 4. Since our previous heiress, Zola, wants to graduate three kids from college, I will be playing all four girls through college!
  5. 5. This is the house that Yasmine, Yana, Yoko, and Yumi will be living in for college. It’s the same house their mother Zoey lived in, only I added a second floor.
  6. 6. Yasmine’s sisters all declared majors that would help them with their careers. Yana and Yumi declared a major in art. Yoko, who didn’t have a career related LTW, declared a major in economics. And even though Yasmine is not pictured, she declared a major in drama.
  7. 7. Yasmine was the first one that found herself a spouse. His name is Gabe Baity. I found him with the Find-a-Mate crystal ball. Needless to say, they got along great instantly because of their chemistry and so by the end of their first date, they were engaged.
  8. 8. Yumi was the next one to find a possible spouse. I also decided to use the Find-a- Mate crystal ball since she had such a cute guy as one of her possibilities. His name is Anthony Gibson. He’s a downtownie. Of course, due to their chemistry as well it wasn’t long before the baby of the family was getting her very first kiss.
  9. 9. Yumi got the courage to propose to Anthony one night, but unfortunately he rejected her proposal.
  10. 10. Luckily though, after another date, and another proposal, Anthony and Yumi finally got engaged.
  11. 11. “I can’t believe we’re almost done with college guys! Pretty soon I’ll be moving back in with Mom and Dad and you guys will be beginning your lives away from home!” “I know! It’s exciting and scary all that the same time.” said Yana
  12. 12. All of the guys on the Find-a-Mate crystal ball for Yoko were hideous, so I had her use the college directory to find a spouse. She met BJ Bear through there, and they got along really well. They had two chemistry bolts together and by their second date, they were engaged.
  13. 13. Yana finally met a man of her own as well. Also through the FaM crystal ball. His name is Blake Warner. He’s an elder so his needs dropped quicker so it took more dates but eventually Yana and Blake were also engaged.
  14. 14. And just like that the kids all graduated from college! Now for an update on the spares!
  15. 15. We’ll start off with the oldest – Yana! She moved into a house I downloaded from livejournal and soon after moving in invited her fiancé over and had him move in with her.
  16. 16. The couple had a nice private wedding on their front porch.
  17. 17. It wasn’t long before Yana found out that she and Blake were expecting their first child. Also, just like in the last generation I will be limiting the spares to one pregnancy a piece due to the small amount of X names.
  18. 18. I completely forgot that sims can brush their teeth with the medicine chest mirror. Though, the tooth brush is gigantic!
  19. 19. Soon Yana was going into labor with her only child! A baby girl that she named Xana* who looks almost identical to her Mom right now. Looks like Blake was either a redhead or a blonde. *I had to, I liked the name Xana and I thought it was fitting since she was Yana’s child.
  20. 20. Of course, Yana was a terrific mother and she was constantly giving attention to her baby girl. Xana definitely got a little bit spoiled.
  21. 21. Soon it was time for Xana to become a toddler! And boy is she cute! She looks so much like her Mom. Plus, she grew up into a cute dress, so I left her in it. Personality:
  22. 22. Both Yana and Blake were very attentive parents. They made sure that Xana learned her toddler skills right away.
  23. 23. Yana has achieved her lifetime want of becoming media magnate!
  24. 24. Well, Today is Xana’s birthday again! She aged into a stunning child I have to say. Not that I had any doubts about that of course.
  25. 25. And that’s where we’ll leave Yana’s life.
  26. 26. I forgot to take a picture of their house, but Yoko and Yumi decided that since they have spent all of their life together thus far, that they weren’t going to stop now!
  27. 27. In fact, the girls even had a double wedding in their front yard the day they all moved into their house.
  28. 28. The guys enjoy bonding over chess games whereas the girls enjoy spending time in the pool together.
  29. 29. It wasn’t long before Yoko and Yumi both found out that they were expecting a child! In fact, they even have the same due date! I guess some twins really are in sync!
  30. 30. Both BJ and Anthony were thrilled about their expectant wives and couldn’t wait until they could meet their children. Yoko and Yumi both wanted daughters, but not surprisngly, the men both wanted sons.
  31. 31. Yoko and Yumi’s pregnancies were so in sync, that they went into labor within a couple minutes of each other.
  32. 32. Yoko’s child was born first. A baby boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin four. She named him Xenos. Yumi’s child was born about 15 minutes later. She also had a boy, his name is Xerxes. He has brown hair, green eyes, and skin four.
  33. 33. Yoko and Yumi are terrific mothers and love being able to have their son and nephew in the same house.
  34. 34. Of course, time flies and soon the twins were becoming toddlers!
  35. 35. Xenos, Yoko’s son, looks more like her than his father. He’s very adorable. Personality: Xerxes, Yumi’s son, looks more like his father than he does Yumi. He’s cute, but he has a strange nose/mouth combination. Personality:
  36. 36. The boys were best friends very quickly thanks to the activity table. They spent almost all of their time together playing with blocks or drawing.
  37. 37. Soon though, both boys became children. Xenos is still as cute as ever, but Xerxes’ nose looks even stranger on him now.
  38. 38. And that’s where we’ll leave Yoko and Yumi’s lives.
  39. 39. I hope you enjoyed the fifth chapter! I think that the spares all live fulfilling lives and had adorable children. I definitely think that Yasmine and Gabe’s children will be cute as well. Stay tuned to see the next chapter and see how Yasmine’s life back home with her fiancé Gabe Baity turns out! Until next time Haleigh/meadowthayer