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Chapter 2

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. The Legend of Zelda Chapter Two by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Legend of Zelda! In the last chapter you saw our founder Zelda Campbell attend college and eventually end up graduating with a 4.0 GPA from Sim State University. While at college, she talked to two different boys and she autonomously flirted with one of them causing them to fall in love. They then got engaged. This chapter, is going to be Zelda and her fiancé (soon to be husband) Quinten Chen’s life back home! Also, remember that this is going to be a backwards alphabet themed legacy, meaning we’ll be starting at Z and ending at A. And without further adieu let’s get on to Zelda’s life back home!
  3. 3. As usual, this will be an extreme start. So, this is all Zelda can afford. I moved her onto a beach lot for fun. But if it gets to be too laggy, or if I have trouble building a cute house, she’ll be moving to a regular lot. Her desired career wasn’t in the newspaper, so she accepted a position as a bookie for now.
  4. 4. After her first day at work, she was able to get a 4x4 box to live in. Small, but at least it would keep the rain and stuff out.
  5. 5. Finally, on Friday her dream job showed up on the computer and she accepted a position as an obituary writer. After accepting her job, I had her work on a few of her skills to get them higher since she hadn’t maxed them all out in college.
  6. 6. Before work one day, Zelda decided to go sunbathing. Which unfortunately resulted in a very uncomfortable sunburn.
  7. 7. Finally, her first week was up and so she invited Quinten over. After greeting him, he gave Zelda a back rub. I had to change her clothes though because the mesh suddenly glitched up and she had a giant hole in her chest. But after changing her clothes, she asked Quinten to move in with her.
  8. 8. After a makeover, he looks very handsome! Personality: 2/3/9/7/4 Primary Aspiration: Knowledge Secondary Aspiration: Family Lifetime Want: Become Media Magnate
  9. 9. He only brought 3k with him, but that combined with what she already had was enough to make a decent one story frame. Also, as you can see they’re on a regular lot. I couldn’t get the house right with the slope down to the beach.
  10. 10. Quinten was able to find a job right away in the journalism career track. He started a bit lower than Zelda did though.
  11. 11. Seriously, Quinten walks around the house giving Zelda backrubs all the time. It’s adorable, and I wish he was my spouse. I could go for a back rub about now, haha.
  12. 12. Soon, Zelda and Quinten were having a nice private wedding in their front yard.
  13. 13. And of course, they celebrated the same way all newlywed couples do – with some woohoo! And, a lullaby.
  14. 14. The bathroom is the first room in the house that gets paint and flooring because I hate when weeds pop up because of water puddles. Zelda is happy about this though because it means they got a bath tub an she can enjoy some bubble baths.
  15. 15. Zelda and Quinten now are on the same job level and both came home with a promotion!
  16. 16. Zelda is officially pregnant with the first generation! Generation Z. I’m excited to see what the babies look like. There should be a decent amount of skin tone variety since Quinten is much paler than Zelda. But all babies will have black hair.
  17. 17. Zelda had a fairly easy first pregnancy, and soon she was going into labor with her first child. After some huffing and puffing and twirling, we get a healthy baby boy! He has green eyes, black hair, and either S1 or S2. His name is Zachary.
  18. 18. Zelda immediately feeds Zachary a bottle, and he looks absolutely terrified of it. The second she stuck the bottle in his mouth his eyes got huge!
  19. 19. Zachary aged into decent hair and clothes so the only thing I did was give him some freckles! He’s really adorable and he got his Mom’s eye shape. Personality: 2/3/9/4/9 It’s time for Zachary’s birthday already! Infant years are really short, and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
  20. 20. Zelda is officially pregnant again. She began showing symptoms almost immediately after woohooing so, I’m thinking it’s gonna be multiples.
  21. 21. But before Zelda can go into labor, it’s time for Zachary’s birthday again! He’s a good mixture of both parents, but I’m glad that he got his mother’s eye shape. I already have a feeling this is going to be a tough heir poll.
  22. 22. The house finally has a second story on it. It’s not functional yet though because they couldn’t afford any stairs.
  23. 23. In the middle of the night, Zelda goes into labor with her next child.
  24. 24. She has twin girls! Zoey, on the left, has S3 and green eyes. As well as her Mom’s black hair. Zola, on the right, has S4, green eyes, and black hair.
  25. 25. Of course, just as quickly as they were born they grow up. Everyone’s moods were constantly so low during their infant years that I wasn’t worrying about getting pictures as much as I was worrying that the social worker didn’t come and that nobody died. Quinten came close to starving to death.
  26. 26. Zola is even cuter than her twin sister. I think she’s my favorite of all three kids so far. She got Zelda’s slanted eyes too, that makes me super happy. Personality: 2/3/9/7/10 Zoey is a real cutie pie. She didn’t get Zelda’s eye shape though, so that’s a bummer but she’s still super adorable either way. Personality: 3/4/10/10/7
  27. 27. And so after a short while, Zelda maxed out her mechanical skill. Just one more skill until she’s maxed out them all. Zelda, why do you look so worried? “My aspiration bar is low.” Then go achieve one of your wants, duh. Maxing out mechanical should be easy, since you were almost done with the last point.
  28. 28. “So, we’ve all been so stressed out with the toddlers, I think we should go on a vacation.” Zelda, you guys are poor. You have $500, that’s not enough for a vacation. Maybe one day though.
  29. 29. Zoey and Zola have matching pajamas. I think it’s really cute!
  30. 30. Zelda is pregnant again! For the last time. I decided to try for one more baby since these three are so cute.
  31. 31. Speaking of cute, Zola likes to go outside and chase the butterflies. And it’s got to be one of the cutest things ever. Not only because she’s my favorite, but because it’s just so adorable to watch.
  32. 32. This picture serves two purposes: 1. Zelda’s belly has gotten bigger. 2. The family now has stairs.
  33. 33. Zachary must love making these faces because on his way in the house after school, he made the same face he made when he was an infant being fed a bottle.
  34. 34. Today it’s time for the twins to become children. Thank goodness too, they were starting to drive me crazy! Anyway, they both grew up to be super adorable. Zola remains my favorite though.
  35. 35. While the girls were studying physiology, I constantly caught them looking at each others books. Almost as if they’re trying to see which one is studying faster.
  36. 36. Needless to say, after studying physiology they maxed out their body skill with the jump rope.
  37. 37. Looks like Zola must have gotten her love of butterflies from her father.
  38. 38. As soon as Zelda arrived home from work, she goes into labor with the last baby of generation Z!
  39. 39. And as if the family wasn’t having a difficult enough time as it is, she gives birth to TRIPLETS. Zelda, I hate you. All girls. Top left: Zafrina. S3. Silver eyes. Top right: Zahara. S1. Green eyes. Bottom: Zia. S1. Silver eyes. Zafrina is named after a character in Twilight.
  40. 40. After feeding the triplets a bottle and putting them in their cribs, Zelda and Quinten taught Zoey and Zola how to study.
  41. 41. After studying, the girls joined their big brother on the activity table. I love this item so much because they get to skill but their fun and social bars don’t go down.
  42. 42. Meanwhile, Quinten continues to be the best sim husband ever and autonomously gives his wife backrubs all the time. I guess he must realize that having six kids probably strained Zelda’s back.
  43. 43. The family invited the headmaster over for dinner. I picked the worst day possible because it was the triplets and Zach’s birthday. Somehow though, even though the house was a mess the oldest three kids got into private school.
  44. 44. After the headmaster left, it was time for the birthdays!
  45. 45. Zachary aged into a very handsome teenager! Then again, I had no doubts that he would. Primary Aspiration: Family Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese Lifetime Want: Become Education Minister
  46. 46. Here we have Zafrina who aged into a super adorable little girl. She even has her Mom’s eye shape. Personality: 10/3/9/0/4
  47. 47. Zahara is super adorable with her green eyes, dress, and hair bow. Personality: 8/10/9/1/7
  48. 48. And finally little Zia. Zia is beautiful. And I love this hair on her, it’s the first time I’ve ever used it on a sim and I’ve had it for a while. Personality: 5/3/10/7/10
  49. 49. Toddler hugging pictures! <3 As you can see, Zia likes to squish her sisters when hugging them.
  50. 50. Now that he’s a teenager, Zachary has been flirting with Meadow Thayer!
  51. 51. He also rolled up the want to buy a car to restore, so I let him because if I remember correctly they sell for a good chunk of cash.
  52. 52. Due to a very bad chance card, Quinten got demoted all the way to the bottom. Which really sucks because he was almost at the top.
  53. 53. It’s time for the triplets to become children! Thank God too because they were driving me crazy as toddlers. Mainly because the family’s butler sucks.
  54. 54. LTR: Zafrina, Zahara, and Zola. They’re all still really adorable!
  55. 55. They even play together on the activity table now. They never really got time to as toddlers, because I was dumb and put it on the first floor and the nursery is on the second floor.
  56. 56. Somehow when Quinten was working on the second car, he got fat. Very strange.
  57. 57. Oh, but the house now has paint and windows. But it’s still very bare on the inside and they’re still poor as hell.
  58. 58. I’m so nice to my sim children. Actually, I really was nice to these girls because in all my other legacies, the kids have their skills maxed before becoming teenagers. These guys only have maybe two a piece maxed.
  59. 59. I invited the headmaster over to get the triplets into private schooling. He was not pleased this visit and rejected them. Of course, it didn’t help that the family was apparently out of food and so I couldn’t serve him dinner in time. Due to the rejection, Quinten went into aspiration failure.
  60. 60. After the headmaster left, and her husband was out of aspiration failure, Zelda finally was able to blow out her birthday candles! She aged into a very elegant elder I think.
  61. 61. She invited the headmaster over again the next day, however it looks like it’s a new headmaster this time. And despite Zelda being in her nightie the whole time, the triplets were accepted into private school.
  62. 62. After the headmaster left, it was time for Zoey and Zola to grow up! ZOEY Primary: Romance Secondary: Pleasure LTW: Have 20 Lovers ZOLA Primary: Knowledge Secondary: Family LTW: Become Mad Scientist
  63. 63. Zachary is an overachiever! I didn’t feel like moving my teens out as soon as they became teens, so they can all stay and just move out together!
  64. 64. The girls are all so very pretty! It’s going to be a really tough heir poll!
  65. 65. Time for the triplets to become teenagers!
  66. 66. They all aged into beautiful teenagers! LTR: Zafrina, Zahara, Zia ZAFRINA Primary: Fortune Secondary: Grilled Cheese LTW: Head of SCIA ZAHARA Primary: Knowledge Secondary: Romance LTW: Mad Scientist ZIA Primary: Pleasure Secondary: Family LTW: Game Designer
  67. 67. Zelda finally has a gold flower arranging badge!
  68. 68. Time for the last birthday of the chapter – Quinten is become an elder!
  69. 69. Quinten and Zelda are a very cute elder couple, I love them. Now, let’s see your choices for heir, shall we?
  70. 70. Zachary Campbell Family, Grilled Cheese Become Education Minister
  71. 71. Zoey Campbell Romance, Pleasure Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
  72. 72. Zola Campbell Knowledge, Family Become Mad Scientist
  73. 73. Zafrina Campbell Fortune, Grilled Cheese Become Head of SCIA
  74. 74. Zahara Campbell Knowledge, Romance Become Mad Scientist
  75. 75. Zia Campbell Pleasure, Family Become Game Designer
  76. 76. I hope you enjoyed the second chapter! I’m very pleased with how generation Z turned out! It’s definitely going to be a tough heir poll, but now that they’re young adults I’ve figured out who I’m voting for! Please head over to SiMania or BoolProp to vote for your favorite kid from generation Z! Until next time! Haleigh (meadowthayer)