Imprismed - Gen 1: Gray


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Imprismed - Gen 1: Gray

  1. 1. In the science of light, abeam is passed througha prism and becomes allcolors of the spectrum.Our story begins with alack of color, a lack oflight.Building through tengenerations, our playerswill build color uponcolor, eventually leadingto full light.
  2. 2. The Legacy Challengerules, created by Pinstarand modified by many,will be used asguidelines. However,there are additionalrules for the family tofollow.1. Each generation willbe assigned a color: 1 - Gray 2 - Black 3 - Red 4 - Orange 5 - Yellow 6 – Green 7 - Blue 8 - Indigo 9 - Violet 10 - White
  3. 3. 2. Each generation willbe required to add atleast one room to theexisting legacy house.Said room will bedecorated in thatgeneration’s assignedcolor. They may addmore than one, but allmust reflect their colorscheme.3. Generations maychange the color of theexterior of the house totheir color, but ONLY ifthey can afford torecolor the entireexterior.
  4. 4. 4. Clothing and hairshould match thegeneration’s assignedcolor as closely aspossible. It can besubtle, or glaringlyobvious.5. Each generation willhave one heir only. Ifnatural twins occur, thefirst born will be heirand the spare will not beplayed once they leavethe main house. They,in effect, will becomethe prodigal child, orlong lost relative.
  5. 5. So, without further ado,let us meet our founder,Roy Geebiv.What? You thought hisname would besomething different?Did you miss the wholerainbow theme?Roy is not the mostattractive Sim evercreated, a purposefuldecision on my part.While this is by nomeans an Uglacy, thepretty Sims get a littleboring, no?
  6. 6. Roy moved into a large lot,not the largest, but largeenough that all he couldafford was this littleshack/room.It’s not much. Inside ishis bed, a bookshelf, aphone, a toilet and ashower head.Around back is a smallfridge, one counter, andthe grill.The table is set up for theSims3 computer that willbe delivered momentarily,and there is a chess tableand chairs to the left ofthe patio.
  7. 7. Roy immediately got toskill building so hecould get a job and thoseall importantpromotions.Now is as good a time asany to list his stats.Roy is a Libra PoplularitySim with a LTW to have20 best friends and apersonality spread of2/8/2/6/7. His OTH isArts & Crafts and histurn ons/turn off are redhair/cleaning and stink.He is employed in thepolitics career track.
  8. 8. One of the WelcomeWagon members wasLinda Barthelet. Royflirted with her and theyhad no bolts. Theydidn’t really hit it offeither, so she was addedto the list of friends to bemade in the effort toachieve his LTW.
  9. 9. Autumn Dallas, anothermember of the WelcomeWagon, was a betterpossibility at one boltattraction. Being thefirst two women he metthough, he kept hisoptions open. There wasstill time.
  10. 10. Roy spent the next fewdays dividing his timebetween work andbuilding friendships.
  11. 11. His first foray into thecommunity led him tofriendship with SandyBruty. They had a onebolt attraction too, butagain, it was early and asa notorious Romancer,Sandy was pushed to theback of the possibilityline for spouse.
  12. 12. Back home, he managedto eat a nasty sandwichwhich led to theinevitable prayer to theporcelain god and a lotof complaining about hiscomfort level.
  13. 13. A comfy lounger wasadded to his list ofpossessions. It was thehighest comfort piece hecould afford at the timeand he took fulladvantage of it.
  14. 14. He also had a four-legged visitor who hewas smart en0ugh toignore.
  15. 15. Being friends with SandyBruty had itsadvantages. One nightRoy was invited to join agroup of her friends onan outing downtown.He jumped at the chanceto go meet more people.
  16. 16. The group happened toconsist of a bunch ofunimportant Sims whowere added to Roy’scontact list to help fulfillhis LTW.
  17. 17. Roy didn’t remembermany of the small detailsof this particular outingafter he had his firstdrink at the bar. He wastoo confounded by thelovely vision who mixedand handed him theglass filled with fruitywhatever it had been heordered.
  18. 18. Uma was her name.(It’s been too long so Idon’t remember her lastname.)A quick scope and shortconversation revealedtwo bolt attractionbetween them.
  19. 19. For Roy, it was love atfirst sight. He tidied uphis small living space.
  20. 20. Made some necessaryrepairs.
  21. 21. And invited Uma over.He figured she would bemore comfortable in agroup, so he had a fewother people over at thesame time. After all, hehad hardly had a chanceto speak with her whilehe was on his outing.
  22. 22. He was quicklyreminded that they haddone nothing more thanspoken a few politewords to each otherwhen Uma refused thehug he approached herfor.Both she and the rest ofhis guests left shortlythereafter.
  23. 23. Not to be daunted, Royclosed his eyes, relaxedback in his favorite chairand re-thought thesituation and hisstrategy.
  24. 24. After work that evening,he invited her overagain. This time, he wasmuch more successful atbuilding a relationship.
  25. 25. Eventually pink heartsfloated above theirheads.
  26. 26. And before Roy got toobored, red heartsfollowed.
  27. 27. Leading to the inevitablefor both of them. Umawas invited to move inand accepted.She is an AriesPoplularity Sim with aLTW to own 5 top levelbusinesses and apersonality spread of7/6/5/0/7. Her OTH isScience and her turnons/turn off arefat/black hair andcharisma.She is employed in thebusiness career track.
  28. 28. The funds she broughtwith her allowed forsome expansion of theindoor living space withthe bedroom andbathroom now enclosedin individual rooms andthe small kitchenetteinside. They were alsoable to add an openliving room space. All inall, it was a cute littlecottage and suited theircurrent needs.
  29. 29. An engagement quicklyfollowed once Roy wasn’trolling the fear of one.
  30. 30. Vows were exchangedwithin minutes for muchthe same reason.
  31. 31. Life settled into aroutine for the couple. Amixture of skilling forpromotions, work, andtrying to get the nextgeneration started.
  32. 32. After several tries,finally, success.
  33. 33. One of the couple’sfavorite activities was tocuddle on the lawn andstudy the stars.
  34. 34. Uma would frequentlypractice her singingskills, serenading Roywhenever she had achance.
  35. 35. She was definitely themore flirtatious of thetwo.
  36. 36. At last the day camewhen their little bundleof joy made its way intothe world.Roy thought his wifenever looked better.
  37. 37. Then we had the hand-off to the proud papa.
  38. 38. WAIT! A HAND-OFF?!This is not authorized!Did you not read rulenumber 5?! *Headdesk**repeatedly*So, Uma prepared todeliver their secondbundle of joy.
  39. 39. The first born is a littleboy named Obsidian.He will be heir of thenext generation whoseassigned color is black.He has his fathers blondhair and mothers blueeyes.
  40. 40. The black spare, whowill fade into oblivion, isa little girl namedEbony. She also has herfathers blonde hair andmothers blue eyes.
  41. 41. The days were filled withthe usual diaper changesand bottle feedings,which are cute the firsttime, but generallybecome boring androutine after a shortwhile.Uma and Roy did notthrow a party for thetwins birthday, butGoopy happened to beon hand after cominghome from work withone of them.
  42. 42. The twins grew intoadorable toddlers.Obsidian wisely grew upinto clothingappropriate to hisgenerational color.Ebony needed a quickchange to be a littlemore reflective of it.
  43. 43. Obsidian is a 2/9/2/6/7Libra. His only otherknown stat is that hisOTH is Arts & Crafts.
  44. 44. Ebony is also a Librawith a personalityspread similar to herbrother - 2/8/2/6/7. HerOTH is also Arts &Crafts.I’ll admit I probablycould find a bettertoddler outfit that isblack, but I’m not reallythat worried about itsince she is anunauthorized spare.
  45. 45. A new bedroom wasadded to the house andtoddler trainingcommenced.
  46. 46. Early morning quiet andthe children are not intheir room.
  47. 47. Nor are they playingwith the toys in theliving room.Where are they?
  48. 48. Well, Obsidian, thenasty little bugger, hasdiscovered the joy of thetoilet and the multitudeof puddles it will createif you are messy enough.Which he is.
  49. 49. Ebony is practicing herstalker skills for whenshe gets older and issummarily ignored bythe entire family andneighborhood.
  50. 50. Our lovely couple, uponwaking, do not rush toattend to their children’sneeds but instead arelip-locked together untilbrutally forced apart bydirectives from above.
  51. 51. Eventually it was timefor the twins birthday.Obsidian was rolling thefear of a party so wedidn’t have one.Everyone else wantedone, but well, our littleheir is spoiled.I’m not sure they wouldhave paid any closerattention had there beenguests. They’re bothPop sims.
  52. 52. Ebony fared no better.She grew up by herselfin the nursery. EvenObsidian didn’t run in towatch.
  53. 53. *hate shudder* Whatthe heck are youwearing? That isdefinitely NOT going tocut it mister.
  54. 54. Someone or somethingknocked over the trashcan in the middle of thenight while everyone wassleeping. I had Roy pickup everything first thingin the morning, but theystill got roaches. Youcan see a small one onthe stone. The restturned into that turdlooking thing on thesidewalk. Roy called theexterminator who ablytook care of theproblem.
  55. 55. They hadn’t called aNanny because Uma’swork schedule was 9:00to 3:00. I was a littleworried about overlap,but Uma took thingsinto her own hands andgot herself demoted andsent home early so wedidn’t have to worry atall.
  56. 56. Roy, on the other hand,got a promotion eventhough I missed thedoo-hickey.
  57. 57. Obsidian did get a betteroutfit morerepresentative of hisgenerational color. Helooks a lot like hisDaddy.
  58. 58. He brought TessaRamirez home fromschool.
  59. 59. Ebony got a new outfit aswell. She’s one of theprettiest sims I’ve everhad born in game andI’m starting to regret therule about one child. I’mnot changing it in thesecond generationthough. I’ll have tofigure out something todo with her eventually.
  60. 60. Roy continues to workon his LTW. Uma helpsby greeting the walk-byswhile he is at work andfeeding them.
  61. 61. She’s also helpingObsidian with hishomework. Roy helpedEbony earlier.
  62. 62. Goopy, Goopy, Goopy.He initiated theconversation with Ebonyand then stood therebored out of his mind.He’s BFF’s with Roy, sohe’ll likely be a fixturefor this generation atleast.
  63. 63. Obsidian and Ebony getalong okay. He refusedher hug attempts for ashort time, but therewere never any fights.Of course, they weren’tinseparable either likeother sets of twins.
  64. 64. Obsidian brings homefriends almost every day,like Meredith Chan here.Ebony is forced to dochores while the spoiltheir has his needs andaspiration points seento.Yeah, I’m evil like that.
  65. 65. Actually, the kids bothhave time for play withtheir new found friends.And their parent’s newfound friends.
  66. 66. Oh, and Uma gotdemoted AGAIN. I don’tthink she really wants towork. She’d rather beher own boss.I’ve never run asuccessful business inany of theneighborhoods I’veplayed. Maybe it’s timefor another attempt. Iwill have to contemplateit.
  67. 67. Both kids are very activeand playful, so theheadmaster was invitedover. They need thatboost to their funmeters, so fingerscrossed, he took a tour,ate some burgers andschmoozed a bit withRoy who has very highcharisma.
  68. 68. Both kids were admitted.o/The final score wasactually 120 due to thefinal schmooze pointsfrom this conversation,but my picture did notcome out as well as I hadhoped, so you get thisone instead.
  69. 69. First day of PrivateSchool was no big deal.Obsidian still broughthome a friend almostevery day.
  70. 70. Time marched on anddays were filled withschool and play. Bothkids are very playful sothey’re not forced toskill. If they roll a want,it gets filled. Fall is nicebecause they’ll pick up afew. Kids need time tobe kids.
  71. 71. Ebony rolls the skillwants far more oftenthan Obsidian.
  72. 72. Roy’s portrait is done.
  73. 73. Uma is working on hersnow. She’s got thehighest creativity, so shewas the one who got topaint them.
  74. 74. Here’s hers, finished.
  75. 75. Roy spends a lot of timewriting in his diary.Hopefully goodmemories. He’llprobably publish as anelder.
  76. 76. He also tried to increasehis skills as easily aspossible. Townies don’thave a lot of skill pointsthough. It’s okay. Theanimation just cracksme up.
  77. 77. The time came for thetwins teen birthday anda lot of people wereinvited. Roy and bothtwins were rolling wantsfor a party and no onewas rolling the fear, so aparty it was.Note who is missingthough. Pray tell, whereare Roy and Uma fortheir offspring’s party?
  78. 78. Gettin’ jiggety.*shakes head*
  79. 79. Sandy, I’m sure that oneday he will truly beimpressed and amazedby your bounteousassets, but right now he’sgot a date with somesparkles. Please stepaway from the heir.
  80. 80. Now, a lot of people arepleased with their heirsas they transition toteen. They talk abouthow gorgeous they areand how their outfits arenot bad but will likelyneed to be changed tosuit them better.We have a differentreaction. Similar to ashudder and therealization that there’s aface only a mother couldlove.
  81. 81. Ebony fared muchbetter, again making meslightly regret Rule #5.You know, I thoughtthey both had theirmother’s eyes, but nowI’m not so sure. Bothlook rather grey, liketheir dad’s, now thatthey’re teens.
  82. 82. Their friends aged upwith them as well.Ironically enough, bothwho were at the partychose poodle skirts.Meredith Chan is in thered. Demi Howe is inthe blue.Tessa is a playable andneeds to be played to ageup. She’s really goodfriends with Obsidianthough, so she probablywill. At least to teen.Then we’ll see what theirchemistry is like.
  83. 83. Obsidian got amakeover. He needed tofor several reasons. Themain one though is thathe needs to reflect hisgenerational color andthe blonde hair justwasn’t cutting it. Helooks better with blackhair.It also increased hisbolts with Demi to two,which is the strongest hehas with anyone so far.
  84. 84. No matter how much Itry to cut the guy abreak, Checo Ramirez iscreepy. He took a bath,hogging the entirebathroom, then went tosleep in Obsidian’s bed.I think Tessa isembarrassed.
  85. 85. The party was a hit. Notsure how much Royreally enjoyed it.
  86. 86. Obsidian was notpleased. He was happyabout the party though.He is a child filled withcontradiction.You can see Demithought it was a greattime too.
  87. 87. So did Ebony. She got tokeep the blonde hair .As the unauthorizedspare, it really didn’tmatter much.
  88. 88. The twins took thecustomary trip to acommunity lot the nextday after school.They were able topurchase the electronicsthey wanted and alsomet even more peopletheir own age.
  89. 89. Proof that Ebony wasthere too. They getalong better now andshare a lot of friends.Both were even able tomake friends withMelody Tinker, whichnever happens.
  90. 90. They gypsy brought alittle gift by. I wasrelieved because I reallywasn’t going to let Umahave five top levelbusinesses.
  91. 91. But, Roy is the founderand man of the house(and I suck a thenumbered LTW’s) so hegot to rub the lamp first.
  92. 92. I had him wish forlifetime happiness orwhatever it is that getshim perma-plat. I lovehow he’s really thinkingabout how to word it soit won’t back-fire onhim.
  93. 93. Uma did eventually gether wish as well.This means there is oneleft and the lamp hasbeen placed inObsidian’s inventory forhim to choose to use itor not.
  94. 94. Roy is getting closer tothe top of his career. Hegot to go to work in thelimo.Uma was able to get twopromotions, which gother back to where shewas when she firstmoved in.
  95. 95. I did go play BluewaterVillage long enough togive Checo and Lisamakeovers and let Tessaage up.
  96. 96. Obsidian invited herover and the first thingthey did was argue.Their chemistry is non-existent too, so they willremain friends and Idon’t have to worryabout him falling for aplayable.Tessa might go tocollege. I’m not surethough. I kind of have asoft spot for her sinceshe married a Doran inanother ‘verse.
  97. 97. Recipe for disaster:1. Family is starving2. Direct someone to serve a meal3. Low cooking points start a fire4. Wonder why fire truck is not showing up as family members fire-dance5. Belatedly note rookie mistake of forgetting to put in smoke detector/fire alarm6. Panic!7. Thank goodness the heir is not in the room
  98. 98. 8. Direct founder, heir and spouse to call emergency in the hope that someone will stop fire-dance long enough to do so9. Direct unauthorized spare to try to extinguish the blaze since she is technically expendable10. Notice spouse is now doing the fire-dance as well though she is hidden in the bathroom
  99. 99. With the trusty firemanthere, the entire familycan fire-dance together.The family that fire-dances together, survivestogether?Disaster is averted andthe fire is put out withno loss of life norkitchen equipment.
  100. 100. Roy tips the fireman fora job well done.
  101. 101. Uma offers a double tip.You can’t be too careful,and he did respondquickly and well. Roydidn’t quite agree withher as evidenced by hisWTF face.
  102. 102. While this picture mayseem very dull andbland, it contains onevery important addition.
  103. 103. Disaster averted,Obsidian invited Demiover. He had highrelationship scores withher so it was a matter ofone flirt and hearts wereflying in front of theshack.
  104. 104. Love shack, baby loveshack…They’re cute together,and the recessive hairwill stick around a littlewhile at least. Well, ifthey last throughcollege.
  105. 105. They shared their firstkiss and, since he rolledthe want, are nowofficially going steady.
  106. 106. Ebony is not without alove interest either.Though hers is just amidnight booty call.
  107. 107. She gets a good greetingout of him and apleasant thought bubblefrom him before hecomplains about howlate it is and turns backthe way he came.
  108. 108. The twins are gettingalong better and better.Obsidian sort of ignoredEbony when they werechildren and while theyweren’t enemies, theirrelationship scores wererather low. It’s nice tosee that they are bestiesnow.
  109. 109. The time soonapproached for Roy’selder transition. A partywas held and all hisclosest friends werethere.
  110. 110. Roy blew out his candleswithout making apudding like mess of thecake and prepared forthe sparkles.
  111. 111. I’m not sure if his guestsare clapping orguffawing. I was leaningtoward the guffaw. I’mpretty sure Checo wasguffawing too now thathe has hair and Roydoesn’t.
  112. 112. A quick trip to themirror and wardrobeand Roy was verypleased to be back to hisold self, if a little grayerwith bones a little moretired.
  113. 113. Uma thought he lookedgreat too.
  114. 114. Goopy is still stalkingEbony. It’s a littlecreepy. If they havebolts as adults it’s goingto be more than a littlecreepy. If this was anapocalypse, it wouldn’tbe quite so creepybecause he would beeligible as the nextspouse and she would bemade heir.
  115. 115. What is it with thetownie friends and thebathtub?! First Checoand now Jan Tellermanis monopolizing thebathroom.
  116. 116. Recipe for disaster #2:1. Perform another rookie mistake and don’t install a burglar alarm.2. Notice in the pop-up camera that you have enabled precisely for notification of rookie mistakes that there is a burglar sneaking toward your legacy house.
  117. 117. 3. While said burglar chooses to kype the cheap sofa instead of the more expensive stuff you have, wake as many household members as possible so someone can call emergency services.
  118. 118. 4. Moan when police arrive and burglar runs away and is NOT CAUGHT by said police.
  119. 119. 5. Laugh at said police officer as he does the WTF look as the burglar disappears.6. Sit back in semi- amazement with the thought that the Geebiv family has met all the emergency service personnel and it’s only the first generation.
  120. 120. Another boring photo,but with one veryimportant addition.
  121. 121. That same night, Ebonymade the acquaintanceof Boots the wolf.She hasn’t seen himsince, but theirrelationship is started,and it’s positive, and shehas knowledge as asecondary, so hopefullyshe’ll see him again.
  122. 122. Is…is that a helicopter Ihear?!Someone topped theircareer!
  123. 123. It was Roy! He is nowMayor of Spectrum. DidI mention that the nameof their little town isSpectrum? Well, that’swhere they live and Royis now the Mayor.
  124. 124. Goopy of course, hasattached himself toRoy’s coat-tail and isnow the Deputy Mayor.It looks like he is theMayor too, but in a townas small as Spectrum, wedo not need two mayors,so he is Deputy Mayor.
  125. 125. Of course, age andwisdom have notseemed to prevent Royfrom makingquestionable foodchoices. I shouldn’treally blame him, as itwas never necessary forhim to gain any cookingskill.
  126. 126. Of course, even bad foodputs on some pounds soRoy dug out the oldjump rope for a little oldfashioned exercise.He exercises like I do.Five minutes and we’redone. Unfortunately,that program doesn’twork all that well atmaintaining fitness.
  127. 127. The twins have beenworking on skills so theycan get a fewscholarships for college.Ebony skills really fast.Obsidian has a hardertime of it.
  128. 128. His hard work is part ofthe reason that Royokayed his request to goout.Obsidian put together asmall group of friendsand headed to the gamerhobby lot. While there,he lost a competition,played Don’t Wake theLlama, and was able tosee his girlfriend.
  129. 129. Then it was back tomore skilling.
  130. 130. Uma was a few daysyounger than Roy, so herbirthday rolled aroundon the weekend.Friends were invited anda cake was bought.
  131. 131. She looked a little sad tobe leaving her youthbehind.
  132. 132. Maybe she knewsomething.To the wardrobe. Now.
  133. 133. Much better. A littlebling around the waisttoo. Not a bad touch.
  134. 134. Obsidian FINALLY gothis aspiration into thegold by becomingfriends with one of theparty guets. Now he canuse the energizer. Hehas a few more skills tobuild before leaving forcollege.
  135. 135. He moved to the putterfor some more charismaskill. I’d like him to havehigh charisma so hemakes more friendsmore easily at college.
  136. 136. What is it with Towniesusing our bathtub andbeds?! Christy Toyonagawas a walk-by that Roygreeted. She stayed forthe party and ended upin Obsidians bed.
  137. 137. Wait! What’s that?! BJthe Headmaster hasslapped Sandy?I haven’t a clue as to why.Maybe she was aprovocative student inschool?And where are our lovelyhosts while this mayhemensues?
  138. 138. Well, Uma decided thather birthday party wouldbe an excellent time toblog about games.And Roy?
  139. 139. Roy has once again leftthe party for the comfortof his bed.He always rolls the wantsfor the parties, but hejust doesn’t have thestamina I guess.
  140. 140. Of course, Sandy doesn’ttake a slap sitting down,but delivers her ownoffensive blows.That grabbed Goopy’sinterest.Meh, there’s only 30seconds or so left to theparty. What could gowrong?
  141. 141. Uhm, forget that lastsentence.
  142. 142. I think Goopy said itbest when he toldGilbert that he didn’tthink that Sandy and BJwere going to be bestfriends.On that note, the partyfinished up in “Not Bad”status and Roy and Umagot their little party doo-hickeys.
  143. 143. Although Christy didn’teven bother to getdressed again as shetraipsed through theliving room toward thedoor.
  144. 144. Sunday morningcontained a few earlyhours of hard-coreskilling for Obsidian,which paid off in $4,000worth of scholarships.
  145. 145. Ebony had finished hersup days ago and also had$4,000 in scholarships.
  146. 146. The taxi was called andthey made their way onto the next part of theirlives.
  147. 147. You two crazy kids holdthe fort while they’regone. Obsidian will beback before you know it.
  148. 148. A few closing stats:I never listed Obsidianand Ebony’s LTW orTO/O:Obsidian’s is to becomeEducation Minister andhis TO/O are Jewelryand Creativity/Strength.Ebony’s is to become aRock God and her TO/Oare Glasses andMechanical/Red Hair.Obsidian’s secondary isPopularity. I choosesecondarys based ongame observations andwhat I feel the charactershows me they want.