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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Four


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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Four

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Davis Legacy. I just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers on theexchange as well as at boolprop and SiMania, this family is definitely fun to play and I enjoysharing them with you so Im very glad that you all enjoy them too.Anyway, this is just an update on the spares, they all had an interesting life, so I hope youll readthis chapter. Plus for those of you that dont know you get to find out who became heir.
  2. 2. These are the five children of the RENT generation. Born to our founder, Luna Davis and herhusband Remington Davis (formerly Harris).From left to right, front to back: Mark, Roger, Mimi, Joanne, and Maureen.
  3. 3. Coming in last of the heir poll, was Roger with zero votes.I immediately had him drop out of college as Im only going to play the heirs through college.
  4. 4. After moving back to Crystal Springs he bought his first home.
  5. 5. Roger had a bit of a relationship with Delilah OFeefe since I had the children merged in with herhouse when I sent them to college. I decided that I would let Roger have Delilah as his wifebecause they got along very well.
  6. 6. In fact, they got along so well that within an hour of inviting her over he recieved his very firstkiss from her.
  7. 7. And these two just take things super fast, because they fell in love right after that picture wastaken so Roger proposes to her.
  8. 8. However, I had forgotten to move her out of her house and make her a townie, so I had to do so.But nevertheless, the next day she moved in with Roger.
  9. 9. And promptly dropped out of college to do so.
  10. 10. After giving Delilah her make over, Roger and Delilah have a nice private wedding ceremony intheir living room.
  11. 11. And to celebrate, they do what all newlyweds do!
  12. 12. They also like to work on this old car together.
  13. 13. As it turns out, Delilah got pregnant after her woohoo with Roger.
  14. 14. A few nights after their initial woohoo, Delilah is soon grabbing her stomach in labor pains.
  15. 15. Soon its all over, and the two welcome a beautiful baby boy with black hair and custom greeneyes into their family. He is given the name of Michael.
  16. 16. His baby years really flew by and soon it was time for him to grow up into a toddler. Im veryexcited to see what he looks like.
  17. 17. He grew up very nicely and looks quite a bit like his father, but I can see a good deal of hismother in him too.
  18. 18. Soon his fifth birthday comes around and its time for him to grow up.
  19. 19. He grows up into an adorable child. Which completes Rogers portion of this update.Well leave this happy family in the land of eternal boolprop and motherlode.
  20. 20. Tied with his older brother in votes, or no votes I should say, was Mark. Who also immediatelydropped out.
  21. 21. He bought himself a very pretty black brick home.
  22. 22. Since he didnt know anyone, he spent time working on his old car while waiting for thewelcoming wagon to show up.
  23. 23. Which it soon did, and the only female was Brandi Letourneau. Which works for me so I hadMark greet her right away.
  24. 24. Brandi is a shy sim so its really cute when the two of them are flirting.
  25. 25. Shes apparently not too shy to give Mark his first kiss though.
  26. 26. After sharing their first kiss together, Mark asks Brandi to move in with him.
  27. 27. She gladly accepts and after a make over and a make out, the two fall in love with each other.
  28. 28. So of course that means that Mark is going to propose to her even though hes a romance sim.
  29. 29. The two quickly tie the knot only minutes after getting engaged.
  30. 30. And like his brother and Delilah, the two head to bed Together right away.
  31. 31. All the time Mark has been spending on his car has allowed him to finally be able to finish it up.He decides to paint the car lime green.
  32. 32. And soon hes left with a beautiful car.
  33. 33. Soon, Brandi is showing the signs of her pregnancy. Shes been getting so big I doubt shell beable to hide this from Mark like she had originally planned on doing.
  34. 34. Late one evening after reading the book she had just written, Brandi goes into labor with theirchild.
  35. 35. It was a quick labor, but they welcomed a beautiful baby girl with black hair and custom greeneyes into the family. Brandi decided to name the baby Gretchen.
  36. 36. Mark turned out to be a very good father despite the fact that he didnt even want to be. Andsoon hes bringing his beautiful baby girl to her first birthday cake.
  37. 37. She grew up into a decent toddler. I cant decide whether I think shes ugly or cute though.
  38. 38. Because high speed and boolprop is what helps me get through a spares family, its soon timefor Gretchens birthday.
  39. 39. And this is where well leave this happy family.
  40. 40. Next in the heir poll was Mimi, with only one vote. Like her brothers, she prompty dropped out ofcollege to begin her life as an adult.
  41. 41. She bought a gorgeous yellow house with a beautiful tree in the front yard. Her house wasnt toobig, but it was still beautiful and homey and thats what she wanted.
  42. 42. Mimi rolled up the want to get into the garden club so I decided to indulge her, because I actuallyreally liked Mimi. So I bought her a green house and some orchard trees.
  43. 43. She then called up the garden club and asked for membership, and they allowed her to join!
  44. 44. Part of the welcoming wagon was Benjamin Long and since he usually spits out decent children,I decided that the two of them were going to marry and have children.
  45. 45. They had a three bolt chemistry so they got along fantastically.
  46. 46. I didnt get a picture of it, but Ben stole Mimis nome, and then came inside and proceeded to flirtwith her.
  47. 47. I think these two are a very cute couple, and Im excited to see what their child looks like.
  48. 48. Soon they shared their very first kiss.
  49. 49. And soon after, Ben moved into with her.
  50. 50. After a make over, the two fell in love. Mimi must agree that he looks much better now....
  51. 51. ....because she proposed to him!
  52. 52. They immediately had a private ceremony.
  53. 53. And tried for a baby. Both of them were really excited to be parents so the only thing keepingthem from that until this point, was the fact that they hadnt woohooed.
  54. 54. Looks as if they got their wish, Mimi is soon beginning to show the signs of her pregnancy.
  55. 55. Late one night while tending to her flowers Mimi goes into labor.
  56. 56. She has a baby boy named Austin with black hair and his grandfathers eyes.
  57. 57. Then she has a baby girl named Ashlyn with blonde hair and custom green eyes.
  58. 58. Then she has another baby girl named Zooey with blonde hair and custom green eyes.
  59. 59. And finally she has a baby boy with blonde hair and custom green eyes named Zac. Thats right,she had quads.
  60. 60. Their birthday took forever to come along, but soon Zac was brought up to the cake.
  61. 61. At the same time that Austin was.
  62. 62. Next up was Ashlyn.
  63. 63. Followed by Zooey.
  64. 64. Zooey turned out beautifully and I definitely think shes my favorite of all the spares kids so far. Ithink shes my favorite quad though because shes the only one that got Mimis nose.
  65. 65. Zac turned out pretty cute as well, although he looks like his father more than he does Mimi.
  66. 66. Austins got something cute about him, but Im not sure what it is.
  67. 67. Ashlyn looks like a female version of Ben, but Im not really sure if I like her or not.
  68. 68. Birthdays come around again, first up this time is Austin.
  69. 69. Who is then followed by Ashlyn. Actually hes followed by all three of his sibblings at the sametime, but I just snapped her picture first.
  70. 70. Zac.
  71. 71. and my favorite: Zooey.
  72. 72. They turned out to be a very happy family in a beautiful but cramped two bedroom house.
  73. 73. Tied with her older sister, Maureen also only had one vote. So she drops out of college as well.
  74. 74. Being the popularity sim that she is, Maureen wanted a very modern looking house and shefound it in this beautiful brick structure.
  75. 75. Maureen actually enjoyed living by herself, and she spent most of her time in her pool.
  76. 76. When she wasnt in her pool, she was working in her garden. Maureen decided she wasnt goingto get married or have children, she enjoyed just having time to herself.
  77. 77. Although, she did get a little lonely so she adopted a beautiful female puppy named Lily and herfamily was complete. She was completely content and happy and couldnt ask for anything morein her life.
  78. 78. If you hadnt guessed it yet, your heiress is Joanne Davis! Im very glad that she won, and shehad a total of around seven votes.This is where Ill be leaving you. I hope to have a college update on Joanne very soon. Thanksagain to all of my readers.PS. If youre not already a member you should definitely check out SiMania.