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  1. 1. The Clark Legacy: 3 by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Clark Legacy! I hope that you enjoy this chapter, I had a lot of fun playing the family this generation. Thank you for reading, as always, and don't forget to head over to SiMania to check out lots of other legacies and of course to comment on the Clark family ;) Enjoy!!
  3. 3. Charlie moved back in with his parents and arranged his bedroom furniture the way he wanted. It was still extremely late at night, so Charlie didn't call Laci and ask her to move in just yet. Instead he settled in front of his sewing machine to make her a brand new teddy bear to welcome her to the Clark family the next day.
  4. 4. Trevor Clark, founder of this legacy, always loved his cats. The newest addition, Felix, is the only cat left (besides Felix's parents, Sandy and Danny). His feline siblings Henry and Liza were given up for adoption when Charlie came back home. There were just too many people and pets in the home.
  5. 5. Charlie invited over his fiance and welcomed her with the teddy bear he made the previous night. Sandy and Danny watched as Laci accepted the gift and also Charlie's proposal to move in with his family and him.
  6. 6. Of course peppy Laci had to celebrate in her own way. She and Charlie did the La Fiesta Tech school cheer together in the hallway after Laci moved in. Looks like her playfulness is starting to rub off on serious Charlie. :)
  7. 7. Laci, like Charlie, had the predestined hobby of Arts & Crafts. Right away she had the want to go upstairs and paint a masterpiece. Although she didn't have enough skill points for masterpiece painting, Laci painted a wonderful, cheery tulip and butterfly.
  8. 8. It didn't take long for the couple to wed! Charlie and Laci exchanged short vows in the front yard while Trevor and Kaylynn were at work. They were planning on having a big wedding, but this seemed more intimate and so they went ahead and had a small, private wedding.
  9. 9. Charlie, like his father, wanted to be the head of the SCIA. Luckily Trevor has already completed this accomplishment and can guide his son in what to study. While Charlie searches for the career in the newspaper and online, he also begins skilling in the needed categories.
  10. 10. Trevor has three days off from work a week – must be nice ;) - and he spends his spare time playing with his favorite kitten, Felix. Felix is growing like a weed and it won't be long before it's time for him to settle down with a beautiful female cat and have a few kittens of his own.
  11. 11. It wasn't long at all before Laci found out that she was expecting! She did not have any signs of pregnancy before her belly started growing – she had a fairly easy first trimester without morning sickness.
  12. 12. Laci spent the majority of her pregnancy painting. She still has not fulfilled her want to sell a masterpiece, so she worked on that while on maternity leave. Oh! I forgot to mention she'd found her dream job. Her LTW is to Become the Law and she finally found the career on the computer, but by then she was pregnant so she can't go off to work just yet.
  13. 13. Charlie also finally found his desired career. Maybe this baby in Laci's belly is good luck – since the pregnancy both parents -to-be have found their dream jobs.
  14. 14. Laci had a million different cravings while she was pregnant. It was almost like she never felt full while carrying her first child. She would have the want to eat pancakes in the morning, then right after she had her first bite, she'd want toaster pasteries! Kaylynn was very nice and fixed whatever cravings her daughter in law had during pregnancy.
  15. 15. The Clark family had thousands and thousands of dollars laying around. They were going to take a family vacation – until Laci's pregnancy became known. So they decided to bring the vacation to them! Trevor had a pool/grill area put together in the back yard for the family to enjoy for generations to come.
  16. 16. Laci's due date arrived quickly. Kaylynn, who had been there for support throughout the pregnancy, helped her daughter in law through the pains. Charlie, who'd never seen a child born being the youngest of his generation, simply watched in interest as his wife gave birth.
  17. 17. Laci's first born was a small, green boy named Maddox. Maddox is the exact clone of his father. He has green skin, big black eyes and dark hair. Laci was thrilled to present her husband with a son, but had to hand him over when she felt the pains of labor yet again . . .
  18. 18. Laci was having twins! A baby girl, named Payton, was born with dark hair, Laci's skin and dark brown eyes, which I have no idea where they came from!? Twins Maddox and Payton are the apples of their family's eyes.
  19. 19. Trevor, primarily as a knowledge sim and a secondary Family sim, was completely taken with little Maddox. Not only was Trev over the moon about having a grandchild – or two in this case- but Maddox was an alien child! It couldn't get any better than that for Trevor.
  20. 20. Charlie, who has no experience in child-rearing, finds taking care of his newborn son and daughter a tad more exhausting than Trevor apparently does. Never the less, Maddox and Payton are very well taken care of with their grandparents to help guide the new parents, Charlie and Laci.
  21. 21. Although times can get hectic when both little Maddox and Payton begin crying, Charlie and Laci adore their children. They love the feeling of being a mother and father and decided to start trying for another child straight away. It didn't take long before a lullaby sounded and they knew a baby was on it's way!
  22. 22. Felix, the family kitten, aged into a full grown adult cat! He looks like a clone of his mother, Sandy, and has no traces of being related to his father, Danny, who is a short haired black cat. Although Charlie was a little sad that Felix aged looking exactly like Sandy, he still enjoyed spending time with Felix. Charlie called the pet jobs and found Felix a job as a Vermin Chaser – he even helped him learn how to “shake” so that Felix could earn his first promotion!
  23. 23. Maddox and Payton's baby years flew by in the blink of an eye. Before everyone knew it, it was time to take the tiny babies to their first birthday cakes and toss them into the air to become talking, walking toddlers! The proud grandparents gathered around Charlie and Laci who were radiating happiness as they looked one last time into the baby faces of their children.
  24. 24. Maddox and Payton aged into two completely different looking toddlers. Maddox, who seems to think his crayon serves a better purpose in his mouth than on the paper, has a personality of:
  25. 25. Following her twin brother's example, Payton also places her green crayon into her mouth to taste. The siblings exchange curious glances before deciding that the crayons actually are better on paper. :) Payton has the following personality:
  26. 26. Now that Laci is no longer pregnant and has used up her maternity leave for the twins, it is time to go to her very first day at work as a Law Firm Receptionist. Her overall goal (LTW) is to become “The Law”. It sounds rather intimidating doesn't it? ;)
  27. 27. Trevor still clings to little Maddox now that he is a toddler. He has always been his favorite grandchild since he born – purely for the reason because Maddox is an alien child. And Trevor loves alien children. Trevor manages to teach his only grandson how to walk within a few hours and they build up a pretty good relationship while doing so.
  28. 28. Although Laci is not a family sim, she acts like one sometimes. Right when she got home from work, with a promotion, she rushed upstairs and grabbed her little girl out of bed to teach her how to talk. Although her first would was not “momma” Laci was elated to hear her daughter speak for the first time by saying “teddy”.
  29. 29. It was really no time at all between the twin's birthday party and the time that Laci found out she was expecting again. Her belly expanded and the many cravings hit immediately after! This time instead of breakfast foods, Laci gravitated towards salmon, spaghetti and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  30. 30. Knowing that his parents had a limited time left before they would pass, Charlie began working on a small present for Trevor and Kaylynn. He'd snapped pictures of them both teaching the twins to walk, and he began painting pictures to hang in the nursery.
  31. 31. Ol' Grimmy came to collect his first dearly loved family member from this legacy. Luckily for the sims, it was Sandy, the family's very first pet. Sandy will be missed greatly by the family and also by Danny and Felix.
  32. 32. Being pregnant was taking a toll on Laci. She couldn't throw her toddlers in the air anymore or do too much of anything with them. So she started teaching Felix the needed commands for his next promotion.
  33. 33. Even though the twins were being taught all of their skills by their grandparents and father, they still found time to be themselves. By this, I mean, tasting their green crayons ;)
  34. 34. Charlie finished the paintings of his parents teaching their grandkids how to walk. Trevor, and even little Maddox, seem to think that the portraits are grand :)
  35. 35. It's time for the twins to age into children! Laci and Charlie agreed that Trev and Kay should have the honor of bringing them to the cake this time, it might be the last birthday they get to see of the twins. During the singing of “happy birthday” Laci had to go upstairs and lay down. This close to her due date and she was really starting to feel her pregnancy.
  36. 36. It's a good thing she went to lay down too! Only a moment after pulling the covers over her, Laci pushed them back off and hopped out of bed to give birth! Nobody was there to help her this time, since everyone was downstairs cheering the twins into their childhood. . .
  37. 37. However, Laci did a great job of delivering her last child just fine on her own. Baby boy, who looks very, very much like Payton, with brown hair and big brown eyes was named Roman.
  38. 38. While Laci's youngest child was being laid down in the crib upstairs, downstairs her eldest children were hugging each other as children! Maddox, the oldest twin, definitely inherited his fathers looks. Payton looks like she may be pulling from Charlie's alien father's gene pool.
  39. 39. Roman is an extremely calm baby. He hardly ever cries. Even when he has a dirty diaper, little Ro just waits patiently in his crib until one of his parents or grandparents comes to put him in a fresh, clean diaper.
  40. 40. It's the first day of school for Maddox and Payton!! Maddox looks a little scared to get on the big, yellow bus. Payton on the other hand smiles as she shades her eyes from the sun for a better look at her new school bus. It seems like she's rather excited for her first big day at school.
  41. 41. Kaylynn wants her grandchildren to come home from school to a nice home made snack instead of chips and cokes. She prepares grilled cheese for Maddox and Payton to snack on before they start their homework after school.
  42. 42. Having both completed their days homework and skilling for an hour or so, the twins get to play in the nursery while their baby brother Roman naps. It's good that these two can still enjoy their favorite pastime together – coloring with their green crayons! :) Thankfully, as children, they see that crayons serve a better purpose on paper rather than in their mouths.
  43. 43. Grimmy has made another house call on the Clark family. This time he's come to collect the family cat Danny. Only Charlie was there to witness Danny leaving to join Sandy in the graveyard Downtown.
  44. 44. Kaylynn wanted to pick up the spirits of everyone in the house. So while the twins were away at school on Friday afternoon, she headed to the local pet shop and adopted a friendly, orange cat named Pansy!
  45. 45. Pansy had no trouble making herself at home once they returned. She absolutely loved being outdoors. She would chase butterflies or go to the pool area and bask in the sun's warm glow on the wooden chairs.
  46. 46. It was time for little Roman's birthday and Trevor was feeling a bit sad. His youngest grandchild was growing into a toddler and he, Trevor, could feel himself growing older with every passing day*. He wished he could be there to see every moment of Maddox, Payton and Roman's lives, but that's not possible for anyone, so instead Trev contented himself by spending every moment possible with his grandbabies. *Trev only has two or three days left until his life time meter runs out :(
  47. 47. That night everyone in the family, except for Charlie who was working late, gathered around the kitchen table to watch Roman age into a toddler. Kaylynn and Maddox hooted horns and spun spiny-thingies and little Ro aged into . . .
  48. 48. A complete clone of Payton, in looks and personality. Roman grew up with the exact same personality ( and the exact same facial features as his big sis.
  49. 49. It's the weekend and that means Maddox and Payton can have a little time for fun and away from the bookcase! They decide to play in the pool for a few hours and Grandpa Trevor supervises to make sure everyone stays safe.
  50. 50. While searching for his sis in the pool, Maddox discovers that his predestined hobby is Fitness! :)
  51. 51. Even with their lack of nice and playful points, the twins are the best of friends! They are extremely close and could keep each other entertained all day.
  52. 52. Maddox and Payton got to enjoy the weekend in the sun, but once Sunday night rolled around, it was time to hit the books again. The twins worked on maxing their creativity. Maddox used the easel, but Payton prefers to study straight from the book.
  53. 53. Little Roman is doing well with his toddler skills while his older siblings work on their skills as well. Laci manages to teach Ro a nursery rhyme from which he earns a few charisma points. Now Roman will happily sing along with anyone who cares to sit down and play with him. He really loves all the attention!
  54. 54. The Grim Reaper came while Trevor and his grandson were spending a little quality time together. Ro was enjoying the attention, but had to give up his grandpa to Grimmy. Trevor reluctantly pulled himself off the floor to face Death, but he didn't do it happily – just look at the look on his face :(
  55. 55. Kaylynn took Trevor's death the hardest, as everyone expected she would. Kay tried to hide her feelings from everyone – she wanted to be strong for her large family. But Laci accidentally stumbled upon her mother-in-law crying quite a bit the night of Trev's death.
  56. 56. Maddox, the grandchild Trevor spent the most time with, was devastated by the family's' loss. He'd spent quite a lot of time with his grandpa as a toddler and they had a great relationship. Maddox didn't see his grandpa die, but when he woke up and heard the news, he cried alone in his room for a while before moping around the house the rest of the day.
  57. 57. Laci figured the house could use some cheer! She called Headmaster Korey J. and invited him over for dinner in hopes that her smart, fast skilling twins, and Roman who will be aging into a child tonight, would be accepted into Private school. Dinner went well; although it was a simple meal of a single cheeseburger, Laci kept up a light yet interesting conversation with the headmaster and was able to impress him very much when talking about how she and Charlie attended LFT.
  58. 58. While Laci was schmoozing up the Headmaster, Maddox met Pansy outside in the front garden – which seems to be her favorite spot lately. Maddox managed to teach her a new command, which she will be needing for her first promotion when she goes to work for the first time! That's right, Felix isn't the only working pet in the house anymore :)
  59. 59. Felix got a new job because he'd reached the top of the other career track. Payton mangages to teach him his new commands that are needed for a promotion. It seems like these pets are always working, but it's nice to unlock all of the neat furs and collars :)
  60. 60. Halfway through dinner with the Headmaster, Laci had to excuse herself from the table to see her youngest boy grow into a child. Korey waited patiently at the table for a tour of the house while Laci, Charlie and Maddox cheered on little Ro.
  61. 61. He aged into a complete clone of his older sister Payton. Looks like that didn't change just because he's another year older. Little Ro immediately tucks himself into bed after posing for this picture and doesn't head back downstairs to see off the Headmaster.
  62. 62. At the end of the night Laci had accomplished her goal! Her children were happily accepted into the Headmaster's private institution for education. She just knew that her twins especially would do great, they already loved school and skilled extremely fast, this was the head start to college that they needed to put them one step above other students.
  63. 63. The next day while all the children are at private school and the parents at work a thunderstorm rolled through with the changing of the seasons from spring to summer. Lightening struck down on a tree in the backyard and it stopped raining right after the hit. The tree was left aflame and Kay and a random townie walking by were left to fuss over it.
  64. 64. Kaylynn tried desperately to put out the flames with a household fire extinguisher. They were now jumping very close to the fence that enclosed the deck and pool area.
  65. 65. Luckily Maddox, Payton and Roman all came home just in the nick of time! Ro rushed to the phone to call the fire department. They came over immediately and helped Kay fight the fire raging in the backyard before it could spread any further. The family was very lucky this time, things could have ended much worse. These trees are more hassle than they're worth sometimes.
  66. 66. Another day, another celebration! This time the twins, Maddox and Payton, are aging into their teen years. They celebrate alone in the kitchen after completing their homework. Both step up in front of their burning candles, make a wish and spin into teenagers!
  67. 67. Maddox grew up into a Romance sim with a jaw that juts out from the rest of his face and that could rival Jay Lenos! I have no idea where that jaw came from, none of his parents/grandparents have it. Must be from Charlie's alien father's side of the family ;)
  68. 68. No weirdo chin for Payton. Although I can't say that she doesn't have other facial issues to death with. She inherited her alien grandfather's genetics and has dealt with those since she was a toddler. Although she's slowing growing into them, she doesn't look as awkward as a teen with her large eyes and misshapen cheeks. Maybe by elderhood she'll look somewhat normal ;) Oh, Payton is a Fortune sim, just like her mother and father.
  69. 69. The Romance sim in Maddox came out the very next day after school. Payton brought home her friend, Melody Tinker, to study with after school. While Payton was inside changing out of her school uniform, Maddox walked up to Melody and offered her a sweet smelling rose. She accepted it happily and developed a quick crush on Maddox. Soon they were hugging and slow dancing in the front lawn! Maddox sure does have a way with the ladies – I'll hate to see him in college ;)
  70. 70. While her brother was romancing her new friend, Payton gave up hopes that Melody would join her study group. She began skilling anyway. She's always been a very studious child, so her aspiration of Fortune seems to fit.
  71. 71. Both Felix and Pansy have finally reached the top of all the career tracks! They've unlocked so many dog and cat furs and collars that I'm pretty sure they've achieved all that they can. So now they both got to quit their jobs and relax at home after many years of working daily.
  72. 72. Roman seems to take after his sister in more than just looks. He is quickly becoming a book worm like his big sis. Together they will sit down and study for hours and hours after school, sometimes without a snack even. Then they just head off to bed after a quick shower and start all over again the next morning. At least all this hard work will pay off when it comes time to apply for scholarships.
  73. 73. Even though Maddox was busy smooth talking the ladies, he still had time for his studies. The oldest child in the generation has almost maxed out all of his skills. While working on his logic skill, Maddox was abducted by aliens just as his grandfather had been so many years ago.
  74. 74. Trevor Clark's alien abduction had resulted in a child, Charlie Clark. But Maddox's abduction resulted in nothing more than a few bruises from the fall when being returned and a $1,500 scholarship!! That was a nice little surprise for Maddox when he applied for scholarships later on.
  75. 75. Instead of being relieved by her grandchild's safe return, Kaylynn came to complain about all the racket the space ship made and how it disturbed her painting.
  76. 76. It's the weekend and that means it's playtime for the kids! Payton enjoys diving into the cool waters of the pool on a hot summer Saturday. She's maxed her body skill points and can, therefor, do spectacular and impressive dives.
  77. 77. As Payton dives into the pool her twin brother Maddox dives into another date. His second date is with a girl named Daisy. Maddox reels her in with a rose, just like the one he used to win Melody Tinker's attention. Daisy was flattered by the rose and agreed to go on a date with Maddox.
  78. 78. After accepting the rose, Maddox and Daisy's date went uphill from there. Maddox shared his first kiss with his beautiful blonde babe and from then on out they didn't do much talking ;) (I love this picture of Maddox's first kiss. The garden looks like a nice place to share a lovey, dovey moment.)
  79. 79. Charlie is showing Pansy some much needed attention and pampers her at least twice a day with hugs and treats. Everyone is excited because Pansy is carrying a liter of kittens inside her belly!
  80. 80. The family decided to finish the front lawn with all the money they had laying around. They filled in the grassy areas with more sunny colored flowers, and made a patio area with two benches. It was a lot more work to tend to everyday, so they ended up hiring a gardener to help look after the flowers every couple of days.
  81. 81. Laci was finally promoted to “The Law”! Now she is a perma-plat adult and wants “To Become City Planner” as her next LTW. That could possibly happen if she finds the career before turning into an elder next week. Roman rushes out to congratulate his mommy with a great big hug :)
  82. 82. Balloons and a birthday cake can only mean one thing! Somone is growing older tonight! This time little Ro steps up to the cake, he won't be little any more after this, he's turning into a teenager!!
  83. 83. A few minutes after the festivities started an unexpected guest showed up – Grimmy. He came to crash the party and take Kaylynn with him when he left. No longer paying attention to Roman blowing out his candles, everyone cried over their loss.
  84. 84. Despite Roman's birthday party being ruined by the Grim Reaper he grew up nonetheless. He still looks the same as he did when he was a child, but maybe he's grown a tad more into his facial features? Roman, following in his brother's footsteps, rolled a Romance aspiration.
  85. 85. Charlie came home after a long three day weekend with a promotion and an achieved LTW! That's right, he's finally been promotoed to Head of the SCIA – just as his father was many years ago.
  86. 86. Laci was outside watering the plants when her husband returned home. She congratulated him and celebrated his achieved LTW with a make out session on the front patio. They are now both perma plat adults. Something weird too, now they both have the LTW “To Become City Planner”. Which they will be doing whenever the Architecture career appears. :)
  87. 87. With all the good things going on in the house, like Roman aging into a teen, Charlie's final promotion, Pansy adds one more thing to celebrate – the birth of her kitten! She had a little boy that resembles his father right now. He was named Tibbles.
  88. 88. Even when Maddox is heading out to work he can't resist saying hello to the ladies passing by ;)
  89. 89. It's time for Charlie and his wife Laci to grow into elders. They children gather around the large kitchen to cheer them on as they age into grey hair and wrinkles!
  90. 90. Well, at least Laci aged into gray hair! ;) Charlie kept his jet black hair and looks pretty much the same as he did when he was an adult. I guess alien's always look younger than they are in their later stages of life. Laci still looks lovely as an elder too!
  91. 91. Well I guess I'll end the chapter with a nice family photograph (minus the cats). Thank you all so very much for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this chapter of The Clark Legacy :) Look back next time to see who was chosen as heir!!