Web 3.0 explained with a stamp (pt II: techniques)
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Web 3.0 explained with a stamp (pt II: techniques)



What really means web 3.0, or: the semantic web? With this second presentation I explain the meaning of web 3.0 by an example of a stamp collection. This presentation is a translation of a Dutch ...

What really means web 3.0, or: the semantic web? With this second presentation I explain the meaning of web 3.0 by an example of a stamp collection. This presentation is a translation of a Dutch version made earlier. For more detailed information in Dutch you can have a look at BijlBrand.nl



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  • sobre la web 3.0
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  • Excellent Presentation - and so is Part I - but Part II gets into the nitty gritty - still one may need a glossary for the almost last slide that has a merging of all the terms!
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  • Wonderful slide ! I studied on it for 3 months but until now i understand some basic things about Web Semantic. Thank you.
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Web 3.0 explained with a stamp (pt II: techniques) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Web 3.0 explained with a stamp (English version) Part I: the basics Part II: techniques II
  • 2. A presentation from: Freek Bijl (Dutch) blog: Bijlbrand.nl
  • 3. Web 3.0 - the semantic web - is about the meaning of data.
  • 4. This is a stamp This stamp is from the United Kingdom This stamp is designed by John Bryan Dunmore In 1980 you could buy this stamp for 1 cent Now it’s worth 3 euros This stamp is used between 1978 - 1981 The picture on the stamp is a PO Box
  • 5. Why do we want to add meaning to data ?
  • 6. When a computer understands what data means, it can do intelligent search, reasoning and combining .
  • 7. This makes our live more easy.
  • 8. The next technologies are used to make a more semantic web…
  • 10. !
    • Complicated
  • 11. An explanation with a stamp collection.
  • 12. Meaning is about understanding . To understand we need a language . A language starts with words.
  • 13. Things mean something in words. Online, we describe things with XML.
  • 14.
    • This is my stamp collection
    • The first stamp is called “Red dragon” and is from China. It was made in the year: 1984.
    • The second stamp is called “PO Box” and is from England. It was made in the year: 1992.
    • < .. etc >
  • 15. =
  • 16.
    • <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;ISO-8859-1&quot;?>
    • <collection name=”My stamp collection&quot;>
    • <stamp>
    • <title>Red dragon</title>
    • <country>China</country>
    • <year>1984</year>
    • </stamp>
    • <stamp>
    • <title>PO Box</title>
    • <country>England</country>
    • <year>1992</year>
    • </stamp>
    • </collection>
  • 17. We can’t understand words alone. We also need grammar . Online grammar is RDF (Resource Description Framework).
  • 18. This stamp is from England.
  • 19. This stamp is from England. subject predicate object
  • 20. With RDF Scheme we can define concepts and make simple relations between them.
  • 21. This stamp is from England, hence from Europe.
  • 22. But, RDF scheme is limited. A language needs more expression and logic to make good reasoning possible. That’s why OWL (The Web Ontology Language ) was invented.
  • 23. Finally, to reason you need rules.
  • 24. I got this stamp from my uncle.
  • 25.
    • The rule for calling someone my uncle is that one of my parents has a brother.
    mother or father I son of brother
  • 26. Rules are formulated in SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language).
  • 27.
    • <ruleml:imp>
    • <ruleml:_rlab ruleml:href=&quot;#example1&quot;/>
    • <ruleml:_body>
    • <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom swrlx:property=&quot;hasParent&quot;>
    • <ruleml:var>x1</ruleml:var>
    • <ruleml:var>x2</ruleml:var>
    • </swrlx:individualPropertyAtom>
    • <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom swrlx:property=&quot;hasBrother&quot;>
    • <ruleml:var>x2</ruleml:var>
    • <ruleml:var>x3</ruleml:var>
    • </swrlx:individualPropertyAtom>
    • </ruleml:_body>
    • <ruleml:_head>
    • <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom swrlx:property=&quot;hasUncle&quot;>
    • <ruleml:var>x1</ruleml:var>
    • <ruleml:var>x3</ruleml:var>
    • </swrlx:individualPropertyAtom>
    • </ruleml:_head>
    • </ruleml:imp>
  • 28. So,
  • 29. Words in XML Grammar in RDF (scheme) and OWL Rules in SWRL
  • 30. There are a lot of things, that can be described using standard formats.
  • 31. For example: contact information.
  • 32. These things are described with microformats.
    • hCard > contacts
    • hCalendar > events
    • hReview > reviews
    • hResume > resumes
    • XFN > social networks (relation= a friend or colleague)
  • 33. Suppose, I want to search for a specific stamp.
  • 34. “ I want all the red stamps, designed in Europe, but used in the U.S.A., between 1980 and 1990”
  • 35. We can use SPARQL (Protocol and RDF Query Language).
  • 36. Because the web is decentralized and data is in many places, not only language is important. Exchange of data between different machines is key.
  • 37. A database with stamps A database with countries A database with colors A database with stamp traders
  • 38. To make a connection a machine needs a source. For this, we use resource identifiers . Best known resource identifier is the URI (which consists of a name (urn) and a location (url)).
  • 39.  
  • 40. Because URI’s have international limitations and the need for data-exchange between machines is rapidly growing there is a successor: XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier)
  • 41. There is a standard for sharing, linking and synchronizing data. This standard is called XDI (XRI Data Interchange).
  • 42. With all this I am capable of using the power of all different data resources on the web.
  • 43. But…
  • 44. Data is protected. We need consent and a key to gain acces.
  • 45. The key to certain data is described in an API (an application programming interface).
  • 46. An open standard for accessing (authentication) the API is OAuth.
  • 47. So,
  • 49. … are now words with a meaning for you !
  • 50. .end My (Dutch) blog: http://www.bijlbrand.nl
  • 51. Most important references:
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/
    • Presentation JeenBroekstra (Wageningen UR)