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“Mobilize Your Creativity – Bring Your Content to Mobile”

The mobile world presents great opportunities for game developers; as technology evolves, new devices, operating systems and distribution solutions emerge and grow rapidly. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the game artists to fulfill their creative vision in the fragmented world of mobile. Lack of standardization and multiple technical barriers prevent the game developers from benefiting the market growing potential. In this session we will review the opportunities; the challenges (spiced up with some our own real life anecdotes) and provide helpful solutions to overcome them.

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  • We will start by presenting to you some of the opportunities in the mobile market. Go on to a brief overview about the technological barriers and challenges the developers encounter.Then we will spice it up with some of the weird issues we experienced, suggest to you some of our solutions, and conclud with some final slides.
  • When we founded the company, we did not start as Java Expert. What we will present is based on over 4 years of intensive JavaMe and mobile development
  • Our experience –building a cross platform game engine.In games, many of the issues come to an extreme. That will be our focus.
  • Super low cost – common in Asia and emmerging countries, do not run 3rd party appsFeature – most of us have these phones. When us, I do not refer to people room this room. Cooperates usually use blackberry or symbian devices, and many of you may have iPhone, which bring s us to:Smartphone –we will not get into debate regarding what is a smartphone. We refer to devices that have a better integration to the OS, and usually a native access.Unfortunally the low cost phone are taken down, despite their great number, since they are used mostly for texting and phone calls
  • Both in hype and in capabilities
  • Let’s have a look at the sales of smartphones cross the glob divided according to device.Dmonitated by symbian, followed by three top platforms.Android by now has increased in sales, almost to the declining size of RIM, which make the three OS pretty close
  • However, when choosing your platform, it is also crucial to examine the targeted regions.If you’re going to sell your app in the USA, android might be a smart move. However, if you also want to, let’s say, expand to Eastern Europe, this will be a less optimal decision.
  • Very successful in many places. Outstanding success in Canada and the Americas, and Europe, and more successful then the Android platform, except for a few regions.
  • As you can see, although there’s no hype for Symbian devices in years, it is still king of platforms in most of the world. However, it almost none excitant in North America.
  • All of you are not in the statistics
  • Plan your project – sometimes it is impossible to converst a game to low end phone
  • We will just say that there are many different JSRs which differ between devices. We should not go into the details here and even mention that JSRs and UI are usually two of the critical issues that must be dealt with when developing an application, but are not as central when devleoping games
  • Talk about how we expect it to run better on the newer device
  • Talk about how we expect it to run better on the newer device
  • We performed a long profiling process, unable to isolate any specific method, and in the end we managed to isolate it to something like….
  • Let the audience guess what’s the difference between the peppers, and tell them we’ll get back to this at the end of this use case
  • We opened up the JAR where the final application runs, but the pepper image there, looked just fine
  • Let the audience guess what’s the difference between the peppers, and tell them we’ll get back to this at the end of this use case
  • Debugging the program we realized that the trackball acts in a very different way from the keys:Instead of sending a single "pressed" and single "released" events, multiple pairs of both are sent in a rapid succession.
  • Next Step: discuss our solution "emulation of press" we connect the whole series of presses to a single continuous press
  • Display the solution in a graphic way
  • Replace text with images
  • Stay business driven – the porting issue is an endless pit – avoid falling into it. How? Follow the moneyA common mistake is companies who develop an app for the iPhone and then try to port them to other devices.The iPhone is great, but… do not assume you can create the same app for other devices.
  • Mobilize your creativity - Eyal Rabinovich.docx

    1. 1. Bringing Your Content to the Mobile World
    2. 2. What well be chatting aboutMarket and OpportunitiesLimitation and development challengesReal-life Example & AnecdotesCreative and affective solutionsConclusions Chit Chat
    3. 3. Who are we?
    4. 4. Eyal RabinovichVP Community & Content, Co-Founder
    5. 5. We do not consider ourselvesindustry expertsThis is our humble perspective
    6. 6. What is our perspective?
    7. 7. So... You want to make a game Target Audience Market Select a Genre Share platform Territories
    9. 9. Super low cost Feature phones Smartphones phones
    10. 10. Generally speakingSmartphones are pretty big
    11. 11. Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System World Wide – Q1 2010 0.1% 0.0% 0.6% 0.0% 3.7% 6.8% Symbian 9.6% Research In Motion iPhone OS 44.3% Android Microsoft Windows Mobile Linux 15.4% WebOS Other OS Maemo Palm OS 19.4%
    12. 12. Android Market Share By Region Q1 201030.0% 28.2%25.0%20.0%15.0% 10.9%10.0% 9.5% 9.0% 8.4% 7.8% 7.3% 5.4% 5.0% 5.0% 3.7% 2.4% 2.8% 0.6% 0.7% 0.9% 0.7% 0.6% 0.9% 0.5% 0.3% 0.0%
    13. 13. BlackBerry Market Share By Region Q1 201060.0% 51.3%50.0% 40.6%40.0% 37.4% 34.0% 33.0%30.0% 25.2% 21.5% 19.5% 19.8%20.0% 16.4% 14.4% 10.2%10.0% 5.7% 6.2% 5.3% 4.4% 4.1% 0.1% 0.3% 0.2% 0.0%
    14. 14. Symbian Market Share By Region Q1 2010100.0% 90.0% 88.6% 86.2% 83.9% 82.6% 80.0% 70.0% 62.2% 60.0% 56.7% 53.1% 53.2% 54.1% 51.4% 49.0% 49.6% 50.0% 48.0% 46.3% 41.9% 40.0% 37.2% 31.4% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 3.8% 3.2% 0.8% 0.0%
    16. 16. So... You want to make a good game? Relevant Make Viral your game Localized stand out Personalized
    17. 17. The truth behind the numbersThat was only smartphones Smartphones totaled at <20% of the world handset salesThese graphs are only quarterly sales figures. Peoplewho didn’t replace their phones, are not on thereBeing a Smartphone is not enough for being good forgamesBe very critical and careful of articles with titles like:“Apple responsible for 99.4% of mobile app sales in2009”
    18. 18. So, the right answer isWe can’t tell you, it’s your choice to make Choose your territory carefully Plan your project with the entire set of target platforms in mind
    20. 20. Main Issues“The problem with standards is that everybodyhas one.““Write-once-run-anywhere. Ha. Hahahahaha.” -John Carmack
    21. 21. Input MethodsKeys Misc Touch • Keypad • Single • Joystick • QWERTY • Multi • Trackball • Pointing device
    22. 22. Display Sizes 800 x 480 480 360 320 240 220 x 176 128x128 160 128
    23. 23. Dimensions X Proportions Dimensions Proportions Lack of Text Hard to Stretching Details Readability Design Effects
    24. 24. Main ProcessorNexus One - 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon ARMT-Mobile G1 - 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7201A ARM11processorMotorola Droid - Arm Cortex A8 600 MHz underclocked to550 MHzNokia N73 - Dual CPU ARM9 220 MHzBlackberry Torch - 624 MHz Marvell Tavor PXA930Blackberry Curve 8300 - 312 MHz
    25. 25. Memory Limitations Memory Storage Size Heap sizePer device Per application Constant Dynamiclimitations limitations
    26. 26. Audio & Video CapabilitiesRadically different between devicesEmulators usually do not emulate these aspects
    27. 27. VMs 20101999
    28. 28. J2ME LibrariesConnected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)Nokia UI APIMobile 3D Graphics APIMobile Media APIBluetooth APILocation APIWireless Messaging APISVG APIMany more…
    30. 30. “The following stories are based on true events that took place while working in MoMinis”
    31. 31. Use Case No. 1Image Rotation
    32. 32. We’ve experienced this onsome actual devices, andresearched this issue…
    33. 33. createImage(image, x, y, width, height, ROTATE_180) 63 Pixels 63 % 8 = 7 56 Pixels
    34. 34. 63 Pixels 64 Pixels
    35. 35. Use Case No. 4Using a Trackball
    36. 36. Normal input interface is madeup of three methods We have exposed a similar interfaceonce when KeyPressed – triggered in a button is initially pressed the game engine KeyReleased – triggered once A Trackball is a different story… when a button is released KeyRepeated – triggered when a button is pressed for a long time
    37. 37. Trackballs are very popular in manyBlackberry devices Comfortable for browsing the blackberry OS ui, but for games?...
    38. 38. We tried running the game on the blackberry device…
    39. 39. protected void keyPressed(int keyCode) { System.out.println("press - " + System.currentTimeMillis());}protected void keyReleased(int keyCode) { System.out.println("release - " + System.currentTimeMillis());}Running the program we got the following debug prints:Press –KeyPressed 2221Release – 2221Press – 2425Release – 2425 KeyRepeatedPress – 2629Release – 2629Press – 2937Release – 2937 KeyReleased A constant
    40. 40. Our solutionBig constant Small constantButawhat about the sensitivity?Use non-constant sensitivity parameter
    41. 41. But this is still not the whole story… Anatomy lesson
    42. 42. Our solutionDifferent sensitivities for vertical andhorizontal movements
    43. 43. CONCLUSION
    44. 44. Many Challenges
    45. 45. Our AdviseStay Business Driven Choose your platform carefully Will you get a Return Of InvestmentUse a scalable solution Create an infrastructure Find one
    46. 46. MOMINIS
    47. 47. MoMinis Value PropositionUsers Publishers & Operators Developers
    48. 48. Value Proposition for Developers Rapid Creation No-Cost, Distribution viaAutomated Porting No-Risk, MoMinis Solutions and Easy-to-Use Short Time-To-Market Partners
    49. 49. Content Development Platform• Rapid creation• Automatic porting (Android, Blackberry, Symbian, J2me and more)
    50. 50. Personal Mobile Playground FaceWorld AppOnline Stores Mobile Portal (Roadmap)
    51. 51. MoMinis International Distribution Network MoMinis has partnered with leading partners and customers to bring MoMinis content to users globally.MoMinis international distribution network includes distribution in: Asia, Eastern Europe & Western Europe.
    52. 52. Q&AVP Community & Content,