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In this presentation, I outline 4 key themes for optimising the performance of Mobile Optimised Websites. I also shed light on why call tracking (on mobile and other devices) to see what channel traffic is being driven, will be a game changer for many companies.

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  • Title : Group eBusiness Manager, BelronReal job : Chief Evil Scientist, Persuasive ArtsHang out : @OptimiseOrDieJoin Me : The League of Optimisers
  • And compared to that, what happened when I went for a holiday in the Wilds of Norway? Awesome mobile performance, everywhere – in town, in the country, miles away from any major town or city. Australia also has wonderful spectrum and performance on their 3G and 4G network. Getting wifi like performance in the city and superb 3G access for hundreds of miles around. Assume that these are the exceptions, rather than the rule.
  • Not everything in Norway was wonderful – I stayed well away from the Hotel entertainment at nightime!
  • Here I show you some examples of well known brands, some of whom should know better. The larger the size of the page, the longer it will take to download and render on the device, especially when you don’t have perfect data conditions. The numberof requests also makes a difference, as it’s inefficient on mobile to open lots of connections like this. In short, the smaller the pagesize and number of requests you can aim for, the better. I’m patient with bad data connections but do people have the tolerance for 10-15 seconds on mobile? No – it has to happen much faster.
  • These are the results of a live test on a site, where an artificial delay is introduced in the performance testing. I’ve done some testing like this myself on desktop and mobile sites and confirm this is true – you’re increasing bounce rate, decreasing conversion, site engagement…It doesn’t matter what metric you use, performance equals MONEY or if not measured, a HUGE LOSS.
  • Performance also harms the lifeblood of e-commerce and revenue generating websites – repeat visitors! The gap here in one second of delay is enormous over time. You’re basically sucking a huge portion of potential business out of your site, with every additional bit of waiting time you add.
  • And here is the spectacular growth in some of our key markets.See how the UK, USA and Australia had huge rises last year and how the pattern continues this year for Germany, Canada and many other countries.Our mobile traffic has tripled or quadrupled in as little as 18 months.
  • And here we see what I’ve been showing on slides for the last two years – the rise of Android and the virtual disappearance of Blackberry and Nokia.The only growing mobile segments for us (and we reach a lot of traffic) is iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.What about tablets?
  • Here we show that tablets have grown but are still usually less than 20% of the overall ‘non PC’ traffic coming to our sites. Netherlands, however, is streets ahead in tablet visitors for us. Is this just down to plentiful wi-fi or is it the herbal fumes, I wonder?
  • And lastly, a graph that explained something for our American business. They wondered what was driving increased traffic, contact and business mix right into the night, across the timezones they service.Here is the answer – as the desktop tails off, the mobile now bulges the daily cycle in the evening.As this pattern continues, so will our call centres react accordingly as mobile grows.
  • Bango analytics was a killer app for Belron, as it allowed us to accurately show what type of mobile devices were ‘attempting’ to use our desktop site. Not only could we collect this device data, but also look at conversion rates per device and where the opportunity lay in providing a mobile optimised site (mobile web app). This product helped us to identify, and then deliver, to over 95% of handsets in every market we operate in.
  • Bango analytics was a killer app for Belron, as it allowed us to accurately show what type of mobile devices were ‘attempting’ to use our desktop site. This product helped us to identify, and then deliver, to over 95% of handsets in key markets we operate in.
  • A random picture of a cross channel surfing team. Sorry but it’s the best I can do!This is probably the most exciting graphic ever used with the words ‘Cross Channel Analytics’.
  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • So what does this graph say? That I have a long tail thing I want to talk to you about?No – this shows how much the ratio of phone to online conversion we have, by keyword.Some keywords generate nearly 25 times the call volume of others, which is a huge differential.This means that if you thought you got ‘roughly’ the same proportion of phone calls for different marketing activity, you are wrong.What this graph tells me is that the last 2 years of my stats are basically a big dog poo.
  • Phone tracking costs you nothing – you can add it in a few minutes to your app or mobile website, by changing your analytics tracking.Now you can see exactly which bits of inbound marketing are driving telephone and other contact channelsIf you have any sort of phone component in your service or support, the insight could be vitalYou can take traffic by keyword, source, campaign or advert creative and work out the TRUE mix of conversion activityAnd all this is also available on Desktop too – by using dynamic numbers, we can track exactly the same stuff.Talk to this company :
  • So where do we start on the mobile product? With the customer of course, then their handsets, where they are, what they are doing and what they want to accomplish. As Nielsen says : More research = more questions = more answers = a better product. This is the glue, the oxygen of our work.
  • User centred design is the Agile technique we use to get stuff right, first time (click) You can think of the technology expression as being our online brand (click) that generates feelings about us (click)Being in the middle here makes you unique amongst your competitors. This is the sweet spot (click)We do continual improvements of our products - in a permanent state of designing and testing, just like Dyson, Edison and Jobs showed us.
  • And the future for us is multi-platform. We’ve designed our web, iPhone, Android and tablet experiences to be in that sweet spot I mentioned. Most importantly, by improving them in concert, the entire product suite is aligned and optimised for user experience and contact methods.
  • With a smaller screen, copy expertise is vital for mobile sites and apps. Every word and every syllable counts. Belron used a specialised agency, Foolproof, to minify the content. We drove legal crazy but amped up the clarity and comprehension for the customer, with high conversion the result.
  • Enough said on the slide!
  • Mobile Marketing Conference - Business Design Centre 1 Oct

    1. 1. Where is the money in mobile?Craig Sullivan, Belron®
    2. 2. Naked promotional slide Tweet me @OptimiseOrDie• Conversion Rate Optimisation • Contact deflection and online• A/B and Multi-variate testing self service• Telephony analytics & tracking • Site search analytics• User centered Design • Site, Page and Campaign optimisation• Usability testing • Test design and execution• Customer Research & Insight • A long usable site portfolio• Web Analytics • ROI on UX improvements• Performance, browser and email optimisation • “Usability with Numbers” Title : Group eBusiness Manager, Belron Real job : Chief Evil Scientist, Persuasive Arts Hang out : @OptimiseOrDie Join Me : The League of Optimisers
    3. 3. Area of noveltyOpportunityPerformanceHandset reachAnalyticsUser Experience
    4. 4. Bodø
    5. 5. UK ExamplesSite Size RequestsHigh St Retailer 307k 43Department Store 100k 18Newspaper 195k 35Supermarket 125k 14Auto Sales 151k 47Autoglass 25k 10 Would you wait 10 or 15 seconds? Ideally you should be at 2 or less!
    6. 6. Every second counts!Slides :
    7. 7. Repeat visitors huge impact!
    8. 8. Responsive design?
    9. 9. Performance Tips• Performance optimisation MAKES MONEY• Read anything by Joshua Bixby, Amy Africa• Monitor performance from the handset, not your office wifi connection• Google Site Speed tags are FREE and real world• International? - Use a CDN (e.g. Akamai)• Keep down the requests (delay) and sizes (download)• Don’t do page level redirects for mobile.• Use smart linking if you need to.• Design frippery can impact on your bottom line!
    10. 10. 35% 32.5% Growth in30% 30.0% Worldwide 28.2% Mobile traffic 25.7% % of all unique visitors25% 23.8% 22.8% Mar-11 20.6% Sep-1120% 19.4% 18.6% Jul-12 17.7% 14.8%15% 12.7% 12.6% 12.7% 11.9% 11.5% 11.0% 10.4% 10.3% 9.9%10% 9.2% 8.7% 7.8% 6.3% 6.3% 5.1% 5.1% 4.6% 4.6%5% 2.1%0%
    11. 11. 51.8% 44.7% USA 2.6% 0.9% 0.0% 63.1% UK 23.5% 11.4% 1.1%iPhone 0.9% 52.5% ES 42.8% 2.1% 1.3% 1.3% 59.9% NL 36.5%Android 1.5% 1.1% % of all unique visitors 1.0% 62.2% IT 31.3% 3.8% 2.0% [EXAMPLE] Operating System 0.7% Mobile OS Market 56.2% DE 40.1% 1.6%Blackberry 1.6% 0.6% 64.7% FR 32.0% 1.3% 1.1%Nokia 1.0% 77.5% CAN 20.5% 1.6% 0.3% 0.1% share - July 2012 70.3% BE 24.2% 2.0% 1.9% 1.6% 77.2% 21.6% AUSWindows Phone 0.5% 0.5% 0.3%
    12. 12. Insight : Mobile Device Mix Smart Tablet Dumb TV/Media ConsoleNL 67.7% 29.8% 0.8% 1.2% 0.0%FR 77.5% 19.4% 1.7% 1.0% 0.1%CA 77.6% 19.0% 0.2% 2.8% 0.0%DE 78.8% 17.4% 2.1% 0.9% 0.0%UK 80.3% 16.8% 1.4% 1.3% 0.0%IE 80.2% 15.8% 1.8% 2.1% 0.0%SE 79.4% 15.2% 4.3% 0.0% 0.0%AUS 83.5% 15.1% 0.5% 0.8% 0.0%USA 81.4% 14.6% 1.0% 1.9% 0.0% 6 Sep 2012
    13. 13. Insight : Daily cycle mobile vs. desktop0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Mobile visitors Desktop visitors 6 Sep 2012
    14. 14. Device Analytics•• Add a bango tag to your mobile and desktop sites• Detailed analytics for smartphones, feature phones, tablets, Internet TVs and Games consoles.• Detailed Handset, Operator, Country, Operating System and other data (even local name)• Fast and reliable tag for cross site measurement• More accurate than Google Analytics for devices*• I still use GA for my general site analytics.• Measure who is trying to use your site, please*This needs a long explanation so if you’re interested, try looking at your “not set” data or ask me.
    15. 15. Yeah, so what?• Means we build to audience and trends• Traffic figures useful for App Strategy!• Tells us what bits of Stats Porn to ignore• Removes whim, cherished notions and ego• The right mix of handset capabilities• We definitely work on 95%+ of visitor handsets• Market stats : John Lewis -> Family -> Baby strollers• Who is knocking on your door?
    16. 16. Cross Channel Analytics & Phone Tracking
    17. 17. Contact Tracking• Add a unique phone number for mobile and app calls• Then track “Tap to Call” or “Click to Call”• Very reliable dataAlso make sure you add:• Ringback / Callback• Email• Chat• Web Forms• Lead Gen
    18. 18. So what does that get you?• For the first time, analytics for THE PHONE and other channels• If you’ve got any phone sales or contact operation, this will change the game for you• Down to Google Keyword level, see what calls you get• What pages did people call you from?• What did they do before the call?• Which online marketing drove the call?• Where are you WASTING your money?And why does this matter?
    19. 19. 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 0.0 5.0 safe lit windshield chip repair safelite windshield autoglass auto window replacement safelight auto auto glass repair windshield replacement costs safelite auto glass safe auto glass safelite repair windshield autoglass replacement car glass safelite locations auto glass repair quotes Phone to Booking Ratio windshield repair mobile windshield replacement replace windshield car windshield repair new windshield costauto glass windshield replacement car window repair cost safe gl auto glass repair houston tx windshield crack
    20. 20. So what does phone tracking get you?• You can do it for free on your mobile site or app• If you’ve got any phone sales or contact operation, this will change the game for you• For the first time, analytics for PHONE and other channels• Down to Keyword level, see what calls or actions are driven: – What pages did people call you from? – What did they do before the call? – Which online marketing drove the call? – Where are you WASTING your money, particularly on Paid Search?• Also available for Desktop Websites – yes, really:
    21. 21. Visitor  Device  Context  Location  Goals
    22. 22. WireframeConcept Prototype Analyse Test
    23. 23. Multi channel and platform Washup Mobile Web 1 1 UX Insight Washup Design Washup App 1
    24. 24. • Device, Context, Location, Tasks, Goals• UI simplicity, learnability, feedback• Performance & Perceived performance• Customer desired contact & support mix• Cross channel journeys and glue• Device & Screen optimal compatibility• Mobile redirection & linking• Minimising keyboard input, error handling and validation loops• Copywriting and text decoration• Navigation and Fold (for key calls to action) are super critical on mobile
    25. 25. Comprehension  Clarity  Simplicity  Persuasion  Scanning
    26. 26. If you read these books, you’ll look much smarter at work.Belron gets copy genius from
    27. 27. Summary – User Centred Design• Lets you build for the sweet spot of user tasks & goals, optimal technology capability and business growth• Faster time to market, lower development costs• More ‘right first time’ than ‘oh feck’ every time• Designed for users, not by them• Focuses entire team on what they need• Identifies pivot or disruptive opportunities• Removes costly app and mobile fix/refix cycles• Increases revenue, customer satisfaction, growth• Removes EGO, OPINION, WHIM and FLUFF -> 100%
    28. 28. TodayGrowthPerformanceHandset reachAnalyticsUser Experience
    29. 29. Show me the money!• Huge differences in contact mix around the world• Our range of contact options is vital• Data insights and Customers provided the answers• Conversion rates as high as 15-20% (includes phone)• Customer Sat scores higher than desktop• Apps take <2% of the overall business• In some markets, mobile is >25% of online revenue• In 2012, the sites will take a projected 125M Euros
    30. 30. Email : Twitter : @OptimiseOrDie LinkedIn : :