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Which flash games we played most last 3 years? What factors determine the success of these flashgames? What can we learn out of this to produce better flash games in the future?

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Jaludo: Successful flash games

  1. 1. Flashgamm Kyiv 10 dec. 2011
  2. 2. Overview 1 Jaludo 2 Market developments 3 Succesful (Flash) games 4 Indy developers & Jaludo Where people come to play
  3. 3. Jaludo 2006 The Netherlands 66 Casual gaming portals & communities 28 Languages 40 Million unique gamers every monthOffices in Amsterdam, Rijssen and Beijing
  4. 4. Market developmentsMobile gamesNew platform, new content, our gamersCross platformGamer is kingPlay everywhereDigital game distributionWithin the game revenuesRevenue share new model ( cpm, cpc, cpl, cpa, cps,cpi )Partnerships game developers & distributors Gamer is king
  5. 5. Market developmentsContent abundanceFind engagement and success factors, be creative, focus on 1 platformRevenue share and licensingLoyaltyPortals become communitiesOffer service, added value, social currencyFilter and advice, listen and improve Gamer is king
  6. 6. Market developmentsSocialGames become social communities and multiplayerJaludo new social layer 1st of March 2012FlashHTML 5 will become dominant within 2 yearsIn the mean time make your flashgames mobile Games become multiplayer
  7. 7. Criteria for successful flash games Intro Naming Originality Use of existing I.P. Graphitcs Difficulty, learning curve and goals Controls Music and Sounds Level Sharing
  8. 8. Criteria for successful flash games Intro Naming Unique Seo
  9. 9. Criteria for successful flash games Originality Comtemporary approach: Presidential elections, bush royal rampage Originality
  10. 10. Criteria for successful flash games Originality Remake the classic: Pacxon Originality
  11. 11. Criteria for successful flash games Originality Seasonal: Chistmas pacxon Originality
  12. 12. Criteria for successful flash games Originality Making use of cute animals: Snowdrift Originality
  13. 13. Criteria for successful flash games Originality Humour African Detroit Cup Originality
  14. 14. Criteria for successful flash games Use of existing I.P. Spongebob / Scooby Doo Use of existing I.P.
  15. 15. Criteria for successful flash games Physics The Balance Game / Ragdoll game Physics
  16. 16. Criteria for successful flash games Graphics Shift Graphics
  17. 17. Criteria for successful flash games Difficulty, Learning curve and goals: Age of War, Skywire 2, combine platform for highscores etc. Difficulty, learning curve and goals
  18. 18. Criteria for successful flash games Use of mouse and/or keyboard: Christmas pacxon, keyboard ingame, mouse when game over Use of mouse and/or keyboard
  19. 19. Criteria for successful flash games Music and Sounds: Stuntbike MX, Snowdrift Music and Sounds
  20. 20. Successful flash games at JaludoOverview audience:‘speeleiland’ concept: 16-‘gamesclub’ concept: 16+‘mary’ concept: Girls & moms
  21. 21. Successful flash games at Jaludo A small selection: Swords and Sandals Bubble Trouble Age of War Snowdrift Bomberman My sweet dog
  22. 22. Successful flash games at Jaludo Swords and Sandals Unique environment, roman empire times Unique characters being used in all the sequels Good learning curve Good graphics Funny elements First games in these series were most successful. Swords and sandals
  23. 23. Successful flash games at Jaludo Bubble Trouble: Fun agility game with a very good learning curve in it. Easy to start playing, you’re quickly engaged with this game. Good learning curve. Using the same game mechanics for the sequels Bubble Trouble
  24. 24. Successful flash games at JaludoAge of War:Start with easy weapons, lot’s of upgradesYou characters evolve in time.You’ll have a massive army at theend of the game Age of war
  25. 25. Successful flash games at Jaludo Snowdrift: Use of adorable pinguins and snowman Very good music Good use of keyboard when gameover Good learning curve Many levels Snowdrift
  26. 26. Successful flash games at JaludoBomberman:Social game which you play live to other playersGoal is to compete other playersGameplay is easy and you’ll learn quickOver 500m gameplays Bomberman
  27. 27. Successful flash games at Jaludo My Sweet Dog: Cute character Player is engaged in taking care In other sequels same character Good Music and Sounds Over 50m gameplays My sweet dog
  28. 28. Trends of (flash) game development Past - Advertising - Reach of gameplays - Focussed on desktop browser Future - Ingame purchases; making direct money - Strong growth of social and mobile platforms - Games are more result driven, Think how you want to make money on your game! Making direct money
  29. 29. Trends of (flash) game development What are users buying?
  30. 30. Future of (flash) game development The future of (flash) game development
  31. 31. Future of (flash) game development Which market to focus revenue, fragmentation, distribution channel Which technology to use + CPU influences (script vs C+)? HTML5, AIR, Unity, Unreal Engine Less development more iterations Do your analytics Risk management Unique characters Execution vs. Ideas Execution VS. Ideas
  32. 32. Future of (flash) game development Distribute wisely Making use of the right technology Original and creative Revenue share and licensing Making use of the right technology
  33. 33. Indy Developer & JaludoWe look for partners to co-develop for our game communitiesWe can offer: Reach, revenu’s, advice and api’s, Co-development and co-marketing Sponsoring or promoting unique ideas Liscensing and mediaplanning, Ingame advertising and sponsored partnershipsWe look for: New games, new techniques and especially for new partnerships With 66 game communities in 28 languages and 40 million unique monthly gamers!
  34. 34. Seth de Koning