"Views on 2030" by Dr. Holger Kohl


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Presentation on "Views on 2030" by Dr. Holger Kohl during the 6th International Benchmarking Conference organized by Dubai Quality Group from 6-7 March 2012 at Al Bustan Rotana Dubai

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"Views on 2030" by Dr. Holger Kohl

  1. 1. 6th International Benchmarking Conference Future of Benchmarking 2030 07th March, 2012 – Dubai, UAE Dr. Holger Kohl Vice-Director Corporate Management Head of Department Business Excellence Methods Fraunhofer IPK – Berlin – Germany© 2010 FHG-IPK, 1
  2. 2. Population Growth, Standard of Living and Resource Usage© 2010 FHG-IPK, 2 Source: CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology 57 (2008) 641 - 659
  3. 3. Why Knowledge Management and Best Practice Sharing? 100% decrease in validity of KnowledgeRelevance of Knowledge School Knowledge 50% University Knowledge Professional Knowledg 0% Technological Knowled 0 Year 5 Years 10 Years Period of Validity of Knowledge Source: Charlier et al. 1994: 120
  4. 4. Potentials for Knowledge Management andBest Practice Sharing? exponential increase increasing of available fluctuation knowledge decentral Global organization Perspective marginal costs short for storage product and transfer life-cycles Source: Bullinger et al. (2004)© 2010 FHG-IPK, 4
  5. 5. Core activities for synchronizing elements between people, process and IT Employees asPeople Bearers o Knowledge and Community of experts Best Practices Core KM activities to share tacit to synchronize the knowledge process tasks and Apply Store knowledge tasks Business Process a application field anProcess Design solution Verteilendes Fach- Perform Lessons Learned context of knowledg and Best Practice Knowledge Portal to support the usage of explicit Best Practice knowledge within the process Information technology as tool to handle the expliciIT knowledge and Bes Solution Database Lessons Learned KPIs Practice Information© 2010 FHG-IPK, 5
  6. 6. Interoperability Aspects Communication & CooperationEnterprise 1 Enterprise 2 Organisation Structures & Models Knowledge & Semantic / Notations IT Infrastructures & IT Applications© 2010 FHG-IPK, 6
  7. 7. Today‘s Practices for Business Intelligence and Benchmarking Visual Business Intelligence becomes more and more important for Business Managers© 2010 FHG-IPK, 7
  8. 8. Visual Business Intelligence NeedsThree kinds of Tools available  Statistical Business Intelligence Tools  Tools for Data Analysis and und Dashboarding  Usual Business Intelligence-Tools are still based on ExcelIncreasing Importance for visual Components  Easy Usability  More Complex possibilities for Analysis  Transparent Business Processes© 2010 FHG-IPK, 8
  9. 9. Development of Service oriented architectures for Business Intelligence and Benchmarking Internet/ Work Portal/ On-board Mission Desktop PDA/ Smart Printers/ B2B Intranet Work Lists/ Kiosk Biometric RFID Information Application Handheld Phone Readers Cockpit Application FrontPlane™ Access Collaboration Review Efficient consumption of enhanced business value Presentation Portal User Access Device User Account Application Access BPM BAM Enterprise Content Analytics, Mining & Reporting Business Biz Process Mgmt Event Correlation & CrossPlane™ & BPEL Engine Biz Activity Monitoring Directory Management Interoperabilität - SOA Interoperabilität - SOA Event & Service Services Services Packaging, enhancing Choreography and controlling Operational Data Data business value Content Data Store Warehouse Mart Business Rules Business Rules Engine & Management System Security Management Business Information Event & Service Meta-Data EII ETL Orchestration Repository Enterprise Extract, BackPlane™ Service Registry Intelligent Routing Transformation Information Integration Transform & Load Enterprise Revealing, correlating, Service and leveraging Bus (ESB) Web Services Messaging Meta-Data Information Integration business value Adapters JCA JMS JDBC TCP/IP FTP PLCS EAI OAGIS TAFMIS Inventory W’house JPA MJDI ... Point Solutions Hidden, dispersed, and un-leveraged • Surveillance • Payroll • Inventory • Gathering • Target Acquisition • Recruitment • Warehouse • Protection business value • Surveillance • Training • MRO • Analysis • Reconnaissance Command & Control • Veterans Personnel • Industry Logistics • Dissemination Intelligence© 2010 FHG-IPK, 9
  10. 10. est Practice Oriented Networking (BPON) –anagement-Cockpit in networked Management Management Management Level 1 Level 2 Management Management Levels (Activities) Levels 2+3© 2010 FHG-IPK, 10
  11. 11. The Information Platform –Potentials for a Management Cockpit in networked Management Production Management Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Business Process Management Procurement 2nd Level: Event Event Senior Managemen Business Oriented OPERATIONAL Command Knowledge DATA Center Event sharable Base HR Logistic CRM other Management Tasks Management Cockpit© 2010 FHG-IPK, 11
  12. 12. © 2010 FHG-IPK, 12
  13. 13. Challenges and Solutions for Benchmarking 2030 ■ Interoperability of IT-Systems and Databases and Best Practice Processes ■ Transparent Best Practice Business Processes ■ Business Intelligence Systems for Benchmarking / Visual Analytics and Management Cockpits ■ Enhancing the use of modern communication technologies, as ■ Social Networks ■ TV-Channels ■ Mobile Advices (e.g. i-pad, i-phone, etc. ) ■ Including virtual reality for most effective Best Practice Transfer© 2010 FHG-IPK, 13
  14. 14. Questions and Answers Thanks for Attention Dr. Holger Kohl Vice Director Corporate Management Head of Department Benchmarking (2009) Fraunhofer IPK Guideline for Best Practice Comparisons Division Corporate Management Hrsg.: Mertins, Kai; Kohl, Holger Pascalstraße 8-9 Mit Beiträgen namhafter Benchmarking- Experten! 10587 Berlin, Germany Intellectual Capital  holger.kohl@ipk.fraunhofer.de Statements (2008)  +49(0)30 / 390 06 168 Intellektuelles Kapital erfolgreich nutzen und entwickeln  +49(0)30 / 393 25 03 Hrsg.: Mertins; Alwert; Heisig http://www.benchmarking.fhg.de Beiträge von über 20 namhaften Experten!© 2010 FHG-IPK, 14