"AsiaBenchmark" by Khashayar Ataie


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Presentation on "Asia Benchmark" by Khashayar Ataie during the 6th International Benchmarking Conference organized by Dubai Quality Group from 6-7 March 2012 at Al Bustan Rotana Dubai

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"AsiaBenchmark" by Khashayar Ataie

  1. 1. AsiaBenchmark.com 6th International Benchmarking Conference 7th March 2012 Dubai Your vision , Our MissionYour vision , Our Mission
  2. 2. • How should we find benchmark info?• How can we share benchmark info?• How can we compare different data and information which may be found in various publications when they have been gathered and calculated in various manner!?…• Many questions are on the table for starting benchmarking in our countries, aren’t they !?BENCHMARKING ANDBEST PRACTICE SHARING Your vision , Our Mission
  3. 3. It is an online solution to gather,calculate, and benchmark financial, non-financial, and productivity indices fromAsian corporations within various sectors,and provision of analytical service inaccordance with the internationalmembers and their clients’ needs“ASIABENCHMARK.COM” DEFINITION Your vision , Our Mission
  4. 4. To be the most available & reliablesolution to assist all benchmarkers withinAsia by a WWW approach“ASIABENCHMARK.COM” VISION Your vision , Our Mission
  5. 5. To facilitate an online information-basedcomparison platform, which can result inthe growth and improvement ofbenchmarking, learning, as well asknowledge management in Asia“ASIABENCHMARK.COM” MISSION Your vision , Our Mission
  6. 6. •Honesty•Innovation•Value creationASIA BENCHMARK NETWORK VALUES Your vision , Our Mission
  7. 7. With respect to 6 years on investment in thecreation of a database to offer online solutions,we have added the financial and non-financialinformation of 890 Iranian corporations. Thisinformation includes the trend of more than 400corporations in 8 years, while the othercorporations have a trend for four years.SO FAR Your vision , Our Mission
  8. 8. We have also launched entering the informationof more than 200 corporations from 12 countriesincluding Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, andUAE to this database based on the availableinformation from their domestic stock exchangemarket.SO FAR Your vision , Our Mission
  9. 9. Your vision , Our Mission
  10. 10. AsiaBenchmark.com Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4Cost of indirect material Cost of direct material Input requirements of intermediate consumptions Net Sale Add Value Labor Productivity commercialoperations Benefits No. EmployeeBenefit of after sales services OutputCompleted Goods Goods in process
  11. 11. AsiaBenchmark.com Labor Productivity Level One AsiaBenchmark.com No. Employee Add Value Level Two AsiaBenchmark.com Output Input Level ThreeGoods in Comple Benefit of commercial Net requirements of Cost of Cost of AsiaBenchmark.com ted after sales operations intermediate direct indirectprocess services Benefits Sale Goods material material consumptions Root Causes Analyses Team Improvement Projects & Activates Improvement Teams
  12. 12. Your vision , Our Mission
  13. 13. Your vision , Our Mission
  14. 14. Your vision , Our Mission
  15. 15. Your vision , Our Mission
  16. 16. Your vision , Our Mission
  17. 17. Your vision , Our Mission
  18. 18. Your vision , Our Mission
  19. 19. Unavailability of trust-worthyinformation within the scope ofAsiaOUR OBSTACLE Your vision , Our Mission
  20. 20. •Online Surveys•Financial Indices•Non-Financial IndicesOUR SOLUTIONS Your vision , Our Mission
  21. 21. •Initiate a meaningful partnership with national centers, particularly GBN members •Develop the concept of Benchmarking via sharing Experiences •Promote excellence values through consolidation of AsiaBenchmark members •Financial Benefit Generation by Expansion of our NetworkOUR TARGETS TO BE ACHIEVED FROM NOW ON Your vision , Our Mission
  22. 22. We are looking for committed colleagues to help us satisfy our insatiable desire to more professional and faster development. Excellent & Low-Cost SolutionHOW DO YOU ENGAGE? Your vision , Our Mission
  23. 23. ‫ﻣﻊ اﻟﺳﻼم‬GOOD LUCK Your vision , Our Mission