Dataplex synergy update 2010
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Dataplex synergy update 2010



Presentations from our Citrix Synergy event held on 8th June 2010 at Chalfont.

Presentations from our Citrix Synergy event held on 8th June 2010 at Chalfont.



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Dataplex synergy update 2010 Dataplex synergy update 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Patrick Irwin Citrix Systems
  • move work to a more optimal place
  • virtual virtual workstyles datacenters meetings | support | clients | desktops | apps | networks | servers | clouds
  • New ways for people to work
  • “empower me” “entertain me” “alert me” snack dine create
  • 1 2 3
  • 1
  • 2
  • XenDesktop Licenses Sold in Last Two Quarters
  • Partners in virtualization
  • 19
  • Any user Any desktop any device any app
  • High-fidelity zero client for XenDesktop ith f X D kt with Citrix HDX technology — built right in. • Zero waiting. • Zero configuration. • Zero viruses. • Zero moving parts. • Zero limits.
  • • • • • • •
  • HDX Pushing the limits of user experience performance
  • • • •
  • • • •
  • • • •
  • • • •
  • • • •
  • 3
  • Windows apps on demand – any user anywhere user,
  • AppCenter pp Self- RealTime service Single management and apps Plug-n-Play console
  • Support for App-V Windows Server 2008 R2 & System Center App-V, R2,
  • • Receiver for • Dazzle self service self-service • HDX RealTime • Built for WS08 R2 Windows, MAC storefront for PC collaboration for & Linux and Mac OCS and VoIP • Simple, fast product softphones installation • S Smartphone support h • Mi Microsoft A V f App-V • iPhone 2.0 integration • HDX RealTime CD • Single, intuitive app • Android quality audio management console • Windows Mobile • HDX Plug ‘n Play • Seamless Microsoft • New plug-ins for Windows portable management • Single sign-on USB devices integration • WAN acceleration • EasyCall voice services • Microsoft App-V
  • Enterprise apps on demand — your own app store
  • • Search your world of business apps • App requests Ask, • Ask learn & share
  • New “Safe Zones” for BYOC, contractors, & mobile workers
  • • Automatically encrypts data created by corporate apps • If laptop is lost or stolen IT can remotely wipe data • Great for laptops not owned by the company • Transparent to users, sets up in minutes for IT
  • virtual virtual workstyles datacenters meetings | support | clients | desktops | apps | networks | servers | clouds
  • New ways for IT to work
  • 1 2 3
  • • Scales the virtual datacenter • Accelerates, secures, delivers • Powers the web and cloud
  • New! • Runs as native Windows service • Full System Center integration • No networking knowledge needed • Templates for Microsoft apps like SharePoint and Exchange 2010
  • 2
  • 2008 2009 Trajectory j y
  • • Better density and scale New! • Faster network performance y p • Memory optimization • Host power management • Role based administration • Snapshots & revert • Self service user portal
  • Why Customers Virtualize with XenServer? • Consolidate servers and reduce power, cooling 1 Reduce Costs and datacenter space needs • Provision new servers and IT services in 2 Increase IT Flexibility minutes i t • Ensure application requirements and 3 Guarantee Performance performance levels are always met • Eliminate planned downtime, minimize the 4 Reduce Downtime impact of failures and protect against disasters with Sit R ith Site Recovery At Half the Cost of Other Offerings
  • Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) • Ability to over-commit RAM resources • VMs operate in a compressed or balanced mode within set range • All memory settings to be Allow tti t b adjusted while VM is running • Can increase number of VMs per host
  • Role-Based Administration • Provide user roles with varying permissions • Pool Admin • Pool Operator • VM Power Admin • VM Admin • VM Operator • Read-only Read only • Roles defined within a resource pool • Assigned to Active Directory users users, groups • Audit logging via workload reports
  • Dynamic Workload Balancing & Power Management • Automated guest start-up and management based on defined policy • Guests automatically migrate from one host to another based on resource usage • Power-on/off hosts as needed • Report on utilization of pool resources – by VM, by host, etc.
  • StorageLink Site Recovery Citrix StorageLink™ Site Recovery Snapshot-based Remote Mirroring Staging/Testing • Remote Mirroring of Storage Assets for Disaster Recovery • Single Management interface for all Storage Arrays • Multi-Site DR Enablement
  • Live Memory Snapshot and Rollback • XenCenter support for live snapshot and revert functionality for pp p y guests. • Both memory and disk state are captured • Fast provisioning support g p g pp gained through deploying snapshots g p y g p • Snapshot branches • Support for parallel subsequent checkpoints based on a previous common snapshot
  • 3
  • Build infinitely mobile & secure computing solutions
  • end-points will be laptops by 2014 Source: Gartner Dataquest
  • • Users rarely connect to the corporate networks • Backup policies are difficult to enforce putting valuable corporate data at risk • Security policies are often compromised to reduce support calls pp • Devices can be lost or stolen • Long recovery times when devices fail
  • Any user Any desktop any device any app
  • XenDesktop Delivery Options Mobile Task users USER TYPES k workers Physical y Local Local Hosted Hosted Hosted Desktopsbased VM- VM- Streamed Blade PC VM- VM-based shared On- desktops On-demand desktops desktops desktops desktops apps (VDI) On- On-Demand Apps
  • Personal Work User Settings S tti User Profiles Apps App Delivery OS Desktop Provisioning User Single master image of each component
  • Freedom Security Flexibility Fl ibilit Control C t l Mobility Simplicity Online or offline use
  • Type-1 Hypervisor Type-2 VMM corporate image Type-2 hypervisor personal image corporate image Type 1 Type-1 hypervisor personal Image hardware hardware
  • Business Personal • Locked Down • Allows Local App Installs • No Local App Installs • Minimal Management • Virus Scanner • Tightly Managed • Security Patches • Self-Service Corporate App • No SLA Installs • Self-Service Wipe
  • Personal Personal Business Business B i
  • • High Performance Bare-metal Client Virtualization • Provides a High Definition User Experience - HDX 3D • Securely Run Multiple Hardware Independent Images • Provide Ability to get under the client OS and manage it • And New Way to Deliver Desktops • Use a Single Image for Initial Deployment and Ongoing Management • Efficient Two-way Data Synchronization Laptop • Flexible policy controls • Integrated Encryption and Backup Images Backup Policy Data Sync
  • User Settings User Settings/Data Separated Out Apps OS Ongoing Management from Image Hardware Independent System Image (OS + Apps+ Patch) XenClient XenClient Initial Deployment via Image • Manage Updates via the Image • Easy Rollback • Smart Delta Updates • User Settings and Data Backed Up
  • User Settings User Settings Backup to Datacenter • User Settings and Data Backed Up to the Datacenter • Smart Delta Update to Datacenter for Backup and DR • Restore to Type 1 or XD in Datacenter
  • Centralized Security Policies • Lease Policies for Corporate Images •E.g. Check-in every 2 weeks • Kill Pill for Stolen Devices •CCorporate It Images and Ud User D t /S tti Data/Settings Encrypted on Disk E t d Di k • Data Movement Restrictions • USB Devices • Printing
  • • Type 1 hypervisor: High performance XenClient because it runs on bare metal technology p gy • Built on 64-bit open source Xen technology • Runs multiple virtual desktops Compatible laptop & desktop hardware y simultaneously • Completely secure isolation for each VM • Hardware independent VMs • Service VM Architecture for extensibility
  • EXPRESS Test Kit • X Cli t b XenClient bare-metal t l hypervisor (release candidate) • Receiver and Synchronizer to connect to XenDesktop
  • Client device XenDesktop Synchronizer • Centralized delivery XenClient Copy of py hypervisor of virtual desktops client VMs • Full-time backup & rapid recovery id • Remote kill & local policy controls
  • move work to a more optimal place
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