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The Next Generation of Microsoft Virtualization With Windows Server 2012


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The Next Generation of Microsoft Virtualization With Windows Server 2012

  1. 1. The Next Generation ofMicrosoft Virtualization WithWindows Server 2012Lai Yoong Seng (MVP Virtual Machine) | yoongseng@infrontconsulting.comInfront Consulting Group
  2. 2. Session Objective and TakeawaySession Objective Key Takeaway• Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V • Virtualize with Windows Server 2012 Features • Choose Hyper-V• Just Virtualization feature … • Start build Private Cloud with Microsoft
  3. 3. Windows Server 2012 is Cloud OptimizedScalability, & Flexible Delivery HighPerformance Infrastructure Availability
  4. 4. Scalability &Performance
  5. 5. Hyper-V Host Scale and Scale-up Workload Support Maximum number ImprovementSystem Resource Windows Server 2012 Windows 2008 R2 factor (RC) Logical processors on hardware 64 320 5Host Physical memory 1 TB 4 TB 4 Virtual processors per host 512 2048 2 Virtual processors per virtual machine 4 64 16Virtual Memory per virtual machine 64 GB 1 TB 16machine Active virtual machines 384 1,024 2.7 Nodes 16 64 4Cluster Virtual machines 1,000 4,000 4 6
  6. 6. Screenshot
  7. 7. Scale, Performance, and Density Dynamic Resource Memory VHDX Metering ImprovementIncreases scalability of the data center and uses fewer servers to run morevirtual machine workloads.
  8. 8. Resource Metering• Ability to create Resource Pools• Compatible with all Hyper-V Operations• Data unaffected by Virtual Machine Movement
  9. 9. Live Dynamic Memory DEMO
  10. 10. Flexibility Infrastructure
  11. 11. Move Virtual Machine Storage With No DowntimeLive storage migration • Move virtual hard disks (VHDs) attached to a running virtual machineBenefits • Manage storage in a cloud environment with greater flexibility and control • Move storage with no downtime • Update physical storage available to a virtual machine (such as SMB-based VHD storage) • Windows PowerShell cmdlets 12
  12. 12. Improve Live Migration• Concurrent Live Migrations• Live Migration Queuing Concurrent Live Migrations: Multiple simultaneous LMs for a given source or target Live Migration Queuing: In-box tools queue & manage large numbers of VMs
  13. 13. Migrate Virtual Machines Without DowntimeSMB-Share-based LiveMigration• Storage remains on SMB ShareImprovements• Faster migration and simultaneous migration• Live migration outside a clustered environment SMB-share-based live migration 14
  15. 15. Migrate Virtual Machines With Just Ethernet“Shared Nothing” Live Migration • Virtual machine migration between two computers that do not share an infrastructureBenefits• Increase flexibility of virtual machine placement• Increase administrator efficiency• Reduce downtime for migrations across cluster boundaries “Share nothing” live migration 16
  16. 16. Concurrent Live Migration DEMO
  17. 17. Deliver High Availability
  18. 18. 19
  19. 19. NetworkingNetwork Quality ofService (QoS)Ability to control thethroughput of thenetwork and networkbandwidth control. 20
  20. 20. NIC Teaming Technology • Up to 32 network adapters • Many virtual interfaces • Multiple teaming modes • Local or remote management through Windows PowerShell or UI 21
  21. 21. Hyper-V Clustering Enhancements External Storage iSCSI SANFlexible VM Guest clustering Arrays Storage• iSCSI Remote File Servers• Fiber Channel• SMB 3 Clustering Support FC SAN File Server SMB 3
  22. 22. Hyper-V VM Monitoring• The host monitors the guest VM• Any application with a service – Uses Service Control Manager• Configurable recovery actions – Restart Service – Reboot VM – Move VM
  23. 23. Virtual Machine Failover Priority• Start Order• Live Migration• Node Maintenance• Running Priority – Pre-emption shuts down lower priority VMs High Medium Low
  24. 24. Failover Prioritization DEMO
  25. 25. Cluster Aware Updating (CAU) Admin Initiate Cluster-Aware• Automated cluster updating Update Updating Coordinator• Eliminate downtime associated with• cluster updating• Coordinator serially updates all nodes – Windows Update Agent (WUA) • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) • Windows Update
  26. 26. Disaster Happen Anywhere … Tsunami…Earthquake … 911 incident…How to protect your datacenter?
  27. 27. DR Solution – Hyper-V Replica• Replicate VMs from a Primary to a Replica site• Built in Site to Site Replication• Failover recovery in minutes• Work with any server vendor, any network vendor, any storage vendor
  28. 28. Hyper-V Replica DEMO
  29. 29. Let Recap’s 64 virtual processors per VM 1TB virtual machine memory New 64TB VHDX format Scalability Native 4k disk support Hyper-V Replica Hyper-V virtual fiber channel Live storage migration Windows NIC teaming Concurrent live migration Support for AES/NI Support for up to 64 nodes per cluster Support for 4000 VMs per cluster Hyper-V support for up to 2 TB of physical memory Hyper-V intelligent second level paging
  30. 30. Call to Action Virtual Lai’s Blog Q&A DOWNLOAD Windows Server Windows Server Blog 2012 Release Candidate http://www.microsoftv b/windowsserver/