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dataplex presentation at IP Expo 2010.

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  • Our advisory capability is agnostic to vendors and technologies, and we provide our services and solutions against the following business initiatives

    Our design services are against the products we have already discussed and it is typically at this stage we undertake the analysis, audit and design element to match your business drivers and technical requirements. Ultimately our design team become an extension of your team with our final design being the blueprint and for you it under rights the design to ensure it will work with your unique needs.

    Frequently we are approached to provide impartial consultancy services to assist in the development of a corporate strategy for projects such as:

    Business Intelligence
    Security Strategies.

    Following on from our design services we typically carry on to the implementation phase. Our implementation services are directly against the products we highlight further on and we have the ability to deliver our design from project and programme management through to implementation, end user testing and acceptance and ultimately commissioning.

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  • Data160910 dataplex and ip expo

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Established in 1996 Impartial ICT Consultancy Nationwide Coverage Group Turnover 2009 £16M Delivered virtualised solutions for 14 years with 150+ years experience across our technical pool Implemented PB’s of consolidated storage from physical SAN and virtual storage Secured over 300,000 endpoints with encryption software across public and private sectors Trusted Brand with partners and clients. Oxford 0845 260 4747 Manchester 0845 260 5757
    3. 3. Business Continuity & DR Storage Architecture Tiered Virtualisation Security & Compliance Cloud Computing Collaboration & Messaging Infrastructure & Server Architecture Networking
    4. 4. Cloud Security Desktop Security Networking Server Proliant Integrity Management Datacentre Security Availability Virtualisation Storage
    5. 5. “Consumerisation is the single biggest trend affecting corporate IT” Home PCs Laptops & Netbooks Smartphones
    6. 6. How do I effectively migrate to Windows 7? How can I preserve and extend my existing investments? How do I manage costs? How do I keep my data safe and applications secure? Should I embrace cloud services? How do I ensure my applications are available and can be accessed? How do I take advantage of virtualisation?
    7. 7. Solution: Remove the hard wired dependencies and consider the layers independently
    8. 8. Microsoft VDI Suites For Integrated Management Desktop and Session Delivery User Profiles and Data Roaming Profiles Folder Redirection Application Delivery Remote App Virtualisation Platform Desktop and Session Delivery for Enterprise Deployments XenDesktop 4 Citrix Technology
    9. 9. Local VM-based Desktops (Offline) Local Streamed desktops Hosted Blade PC desktops Hosted VM-based Desktops (VDI) Hosted shared desktops Mobile users Task workers USER TYPES Virtual apps to installed desktops 70% of the desktop can be delivered through XenApp
    10. 10. Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops Internal Hosted Virtual Desktops Terminal Servers Application Virtualisation How do you assess your needs?
    11. 11. Summary New Servers 3 Consolidation Ratio 5:3:1 Consolidation 16 Server Count Rack Units Annual Energy Cost Energy Use (kWh/yr) Heat Dissipation (BTU/yr) Processor (%) Memory (%) Disk Space (%) Source Server 18 19 3097.76 20651.7 70395360 19.6 63.0. 40.3 Target Servers 3 6 1576.80 10512 35845923 26.9 41.6 Change -10 -13 -1520.96 -10139.7 -3459440 7.3 -21.3 Change (%) -76.9 -68.4 -49.1 -49.1 -49.1 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Server Count Rack Units Annual Energy Cost Source Servers Target Servers 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Processor Memory Disk Space Disk IO Network IO Source Servers Target Servers Industry average for average CPU utilisation 6-8%
    12. 12. Desktop Interaction is different to Server Interaction with hardware Do not compare desktop virtualisation to server virtualisation, they interact with hardware differently Not all desktop brokers are the same Not all hypervisors are the same Users do not care how many servers you are not running because of this project Users want a better experience than they get now Get desktop virtualisation wrong and everyone will know about it Get server virtualisation wrong and only a pocket of people know about it
    13. 13. Project Initiation Assess & Analyse Design & Financials POC & Pilot Review Implement Project Management Stakeholder Engagement Firstly not all desktops are candidates Don’t just ask the question how many users can I get on a box…. Guess work is not an option Objective tests are critical Work with the user, they need to feel part of the process Combination of technical and business consulting is needed to ensure success Partially automated and partially manual There is a big human element to VDI, don’t forget it.
    14. 14. See how well specific machines, users and applications fit in VDI: Analyse by group Workload statistics System CPU User CPU Memory Use Paging Disk I/O Network I/O Advanced metrics User logons App loading Network latency Graphics intensity Categorize workloads Application Compatability. Best Fit Worst Fit
    15. 15. Understand your operational IT architecture Understand Business Goals and Vision Gap Analysis of Current State to Desired State Understand your users and their pains, make them feel involved Analyze the assessment Establish your Reference Architecture Understand your Financial Model Develop Business Case for Virtual Desktop POC/Pilot User Involvement is key Sponsorship is critical Communication is paramount
    16. 16. 30 Day POC Fully Supported/Managed Windows 7 or Windows XP AppSense UEM Hosted/Streamed Applications Our Equipment, Your Environment Mitigated Risk Thin Clients Available from Wyse or HP
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Organisations industry: Manufacturing 1000 desktops and 800 are being considered for virtualisation: Application Streaming to desktop – 300 existing machines Hosted Virtual Machines 1:1 - 100 Existing and Thin Clients Hosted Virtual Machines 1:M – 200 Existing and Thin Clients Local Desktop Streaming: 50 thin clients Hosted Shared Desktops: 150 Existing and Thin Clients Citrix XenDesktop solution versus the As Is opportunities shows that implementing the proposed solution resulted in a TCO saving of £1,004,442 over 3 years Net Present Value savings £778,042 Return on Investment of 149% Payback Period of 10 months 24% saving over the 3 year period Design
    19. 19. BusinessAgilityandContinuity Data App-V AppSense XDT/XA Simplified desktop upgrade to Windows 7 reducing administration costs Redirected IT budget to SaaS model through Microsoft BPOS Delivery of CAD based applications with LAN based performance across the WAN DR for desktop services through HP 4500 and VSA technology.
    20. 20. Converged Desktop • Increase desktop utilisation, reduce operating costs and improve service levels • End user productivity spanning on premise and cloud through a single desktop • Simplified physical, virtual and application management • SaaS should be considered as any other application • Don’t shy away from datacentre licensing – it maybe your new friend: • Windows 2008 Datacentre Edition • SMS’d
    21. 21.