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Infrastructure as a service (iaa s)


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Launched in Southern California by a team of technology experts.A leading cloud computing services company.

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Infrastructure as a service (iaa s)

  1. 1. RapidScale Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Cl d computing simplified. ti i lifi d
  2. 2. Company Overview About RapidScale Benefits •Launched in Southern California by a •Enterprise-class infrastructure. team of technology experts. Built from the ground up with market market- •A leading cloud computing services leading technologies from Citrix, HP, company NetApp, VMware, Microsoft and Cisco. ✴Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) •Live, expert support. Complete Hybrid Hosting Suite of Focus on your core business without on demand computing services worrying about IT infrastructure. ✴Disaster Recovery as a Service •Complete transparency. (DRaaS) Easy-to-use dashboards provide full ✴Desktop as a Service (DaaS) administrative control. control •Profitable since 2008 •Predictable cost model. •Cash flow positive Choose from standard and premium •Net income positive p options.
  3. 3. The Experts:Businesses are increasingly frustrated with The cloud services market is forecasted tohaving to clean PC’s from well-known reach $148.8 billion by 2014, which is moreinfections and are concerned about the than a 40% growth to the existing marketpotential impact of more stealthy, undetected, place.targeted attacks, which is why they predict –Gartner, Inc.Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to grow 25% in2011.2011–Gartner, Inc.Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery PC replacement savings from repurposingare T IT Priorities for 2010 and 2011 Top P i iti f d 2011. old computers as thin clients and extending ld t thi li t d t di the life-cycle replacement time makes–Forrester Research, Inc. business sense. –Forrester Research, Inc.
  4. 4. Our Infrastructure• Data center smart build “Scalability and Flexibility” 24/7/365• State of the art data center infrastructure: ✴ Cisco switches ✴ Nimsoft monitoring application ✴ HP servers ✴ We support the majority of operating ✴ NetApp storage systems and software applications •Blended burstable internet bandwidth •Tier 4/Class 1 data centers ✴ Clean, continuous power and high ✴ Security – on premise security capacity redundant generators guards, exterior security system, ✴ Around-the-clock infrastructure biometric system, including palm protection – HVAC, fire scanners and numerous security suppression and seismic scanners with digital recorders. engineering
  5. 5. Our Difference• Superior customer service is our way of life • Support Live 24/7/365 support for certified• Design phase engineers. Our Cloud computing roadmaps help reduce capital expenditures and improve • RapidScale dedicated account team operating efficiencies Project Manager/Account Manager j g g• Migration phase • We provide Nimsoft monitoring, whichFree migration to our cloud combined with a allows IT teams to see the benefits of an dedicated project manager to assure a enterprise infrastructure working for them. smooth migration
  6. 6. Product Overview Infrastructure Desktop Recovery as a Service as a Service Enterprise infrastructure Complete data protection, working for you at a fraction backup and failover for of the price your business • Standard Cloud •Real Time Replication • Premium Cloud •Application Failover • Private Cloud • Hybrid Solutions Desktop as a Service To help your workforce be more mobile and efficient without sacrificing security or control t l •Shared •Dedicated
  7. 7. IaaSInfrastructure as a ServiceRapidScale’s solutions provide virtualized compute, storage, and networking in a utility model tohelp simplify the management of your IT infrastructure. Compute Network, Storage and Security •Virtualized environment providing •Broad networking including multiple hypervisor and OS system services VLAN support, robust internet •Software Licensing Services option connectivity, connectivity MPLS and dedicated available circuit options •Customize your virtual machine •Managed storage with integrated backup configurations to your specific requirements and restore •Platform built to support compliance Rapid Provisioning standards •Ability to store custom VM templates •Managed firewall, and virtual private in your own private image library network connectivity •Virtualized instances deployed within minutes Management and Monitoring •24/7/365 management and monitoring of your virtualized infrastructure
  8. 8. IaaSInfrastructure as a Service Benefits•Improved Service • Increased Security Enterprise class Fortune 100 Infrastructure p Ability to meet regulatory compliance such y g y p based on enterprise class servers, storage as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX & networks. Eliminates worries about data availability, security, scalability and backups • Perpetual Upgrades•Lower Operational Expenditures Upgraded infrastructure based on current technologies to always guarantee a reliable Elimination of maintenance, support and and fast performance. upgrades.•Lower Capital Expenditures/Predictable Cost Less Complexity- elimination of servers, No longer the need to rely on upgrade to software, backups and disaster recovery servers and have unpredictable expenses onsite. due to IT failures
  9. 9. IaaSInfrastructure as a Service Offering In-Depth & Advantages•Each end-user environment is a dedicated environment providing complete security and isolationfrom other customers.•Multiple configurations offered for varying levels of CPU and RAM.•Ability to deploy new virtual servers in matters of minutes, versus days and weeks.•Whats Included: What s 1. Virtual server to customer specifications 2. Windows OS License 3. Anti-virus
  10. 10. IaaSInfrastructure as a Service Differences•Ability to run any application on the RapidScale cloud•Enterprise level monitoring allowing for application level integration application-level•Unmetered datacenter bandwidth included free of charge•Ability to integrate existing physical servers or appliances into RapidScale cloud•SAN/NAS storage enables exceptional performance and scalability•Integration with applications such as ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle andSage•Unlimited Backups of application data•Complete integration into customers existing environment allowing for hybrid cloud deployments -run infrastructure off-premise on RapidScale’s cloud, on-premise, or both
  11. 11. Contact Info Mark Szotkowski Vice President Sales RapidScale, Inc. O: (877) 88-RAPID x707 D: (949) 614-1015 x707 C: (714) 404-5660 101 Pacifica Ste 250 Irvine, CA 92618 Cloud Simplified