Cvc2009 Moscow Xd3 Fabian Kienle Final


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Cvc2009 Moscow Xd3 Fabian Kienle Final

  1. 1. Citrix XenDesktop 3.0 Solutions for Desktop virtualisation Fabian Kienle Business Development Manager Central Europe Citrix Systems GmbH
  2. 2. Citrix Delivery Center TM „datacenter will be transformed into a delivery center” Workflow Studio XenDesktop XenApp XenServer NetScaler User Apps
  3. 3. An universal virtualisation platform XenDesktop XenApp XenServer Desktop- Application- Server- virtualisation virtualisation virtualisation User Apps
  4. 4. “Power of One” Manage once, host on the server… or stream to the client! Hosted Virtual Desktops Virtual Delivery Protocol Real-time Assembly New: Desktop Streaming One master OS, one set of applications
  5. 5. Citrix Provisioning Citrix Provisioning Network Excel Word Outlook Storage Server Visio SAP Windows Windows XP Vista Windows Vista
  6. 6. Deliver a High Definition User Experience “HD-X” Windows Media and Broad Support for USB for Hosted Virtual Desktops virtual delivery protocol
  7. 7. HD-X Leverages the Entire Delivery System 2 1 3 Client Network Server SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101
  8. 8. HD-X Foundation Is in the Network • Core ICA protocol sets the standard – HD-X Network Optimizations ensure reliability, connectivity and performance • NEW HD-X WAN Acceleration further increases performance – More XenApp users and apps, same network bandwidth
  9. 9. HD-X Leverages the Server for Endpoint Flexibility  PACS, GIS, photo editing • VoIP Softphone compatibility (1H09) • 3D/CAD applications (1H09)
  10. 10. Server-side Rendering Offloads Processing from Client Bitmaps/audio rendered on server
  11. 11. HD-X on the Client For Seamless Integrated Experience  Multi-monitor support  Local Printing  USB support  Windows Media Acceleration • Flash Acceleration Mid-09 • 3D and Aero Glass 2H09 • VoIP Softphone 2H09
  12. 12. Example: SmartRendering If possible, Fallback: send graphics commands server-side rendering & native media streams 1 Inspect Network 2 Inspect 3 Optional Client h/w acceleration Inspect WEI (Windows Experience Index) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Server WEI >3 for Aero & 1028x1024 Dell (ca. 2006) 2.66-GHz Pentium D WEI >4 for rich media 1 GB RAM 256-MB Video card 2 or 4 GB RAM + (a “Vista Ready” PC) High perf. video cards
  13. 13. For a complete end-to-end Virtualisation solution, a broker and a hypervisor are not enough: Best performance of XenApp on XenServer
  14. 14. Summary of the SAP Success Story Win 2003 -32Bit-4GB Win 2003 -32Bit-4GB Win 2003 -32Bit-4GB Win 2003 -32Bit-4GB  dynamic  High Availability  Live Migration 64Bit Hypervisor
  15. 15. Virtualizing XenApp: XenServer beats the entire competition At least 30% Less At least 40% Less
  16. 16. But should Citrix be THE infrastructure vendor for your environment ?
  17. 17. Citrix dynamic desktop Finding the best fitting solution for the customer: Shared Individual Performance Desktop Desktop Desktop User User User User User User User User User Applications App App App App App App Citrix XenApp WinXP WinXP Vista WinXP WinXP Vista Windows Server OS Hypervisor Blade Blade Blade Hardware Hardware Hardware Hardware Blade rack costs / TCO standardization flexibility
  18. 18. Only if everything fits, it is worth calling it a end-to-end virtualization solution: Delivered via Citrix XenDesktop Installed as part of the image virtualized by Citrix XenApp streamed by Citrix XenApp
  19. 19. Workflow Studio Task Pane config Design console execution results (Debugging)
  20. 20. Compose Automate Orchestrate • Graphically create • Mechanize repetitive • Integrate across components workflows without scripting configuration processes in the Citrix Delivery Center • Utilize out-of-the-box • Coordinate condition-based • Enable the infrastructure to integration to Application triggers for administrative truly operate as a dynamic Delivery products tasks delivery platform
  21. 21. Transform your datacenter into a delivery center
  22. 22. Client Virtualization via Thin Computing Manfred Maierhofer Regional Sales Manager
  23. 23. About Wyse • Worldwide installed base leader • Client virtualization and thin computing • Inventor and patent holder • Innovative and deep software IP and infrastructure • Best channel partner ecosystem • Global presence • 6 Million + installations • 80% of Fortune 1000 customers • 28 years of innovation 24
  24. 24. Wyse® Thin Computing Framework Legacy / HTML Datacenter Microsoft® Citrix® VMware® Terminal Services XenDesktop Virtual Desktop / Hyper-V / XenApp Infrastructure Experience / Functional Virtualization - Wyse TCX™ Suite Virtualization Common Services Layer Wyse SW Secure Thin Client Management – Wyse Device Manager™ Management Third-party Management Integration Zero Client Provisioning – Wyse WSM™ Provisioning Enhanced Client OS Portfolio Wyse Thin OS™, Windows® CE, Wyse Linux™, Windows XPe Wyse HW Wyse Wyse Wyse Wyse Client S class V class R class X class Security, Smart card, Wireless 25
  25. 25. Wyse Virtualization Software with CPA Wyse Collaborative Processing Architecture (CPA) is the Key Addresses these key user experience limitations USB Device Poor Multimedia Poor Sound Not Recognized Performance Performance TCX Multi-display™ TCX USB Virtualizer™ TCX Multimedia™ TCX Rich Sound™ • Enables natural behavior for • Virtualizes USB ports to OS • Enables rich multimedia • Bi-directional sound support multiple displays on VM, enabling use of display, improves server for Virtualized environments. • Correctly positions dialogs USB peripherals, including scalability • Enables speech recognition, • Places applications on scanners, CD/DVD reader / • Accelerates Mpeg1, Mpeg2, dictation, VoIP and Unified specific screens writers, webcams, hand- WMV, Mpeg4 Part 2, XVID, Communications applications helds, and printers. Divx, AC3, AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA media types. 26
  26. 26. Wyse named Citrix Ready Solution Partner of the Year January 2008: Citrix Systems Inc. recognized Wyse as the Citrix Ready Solution of the Year Award for 2007. Wyse was chosen from a collection of leading partners as the 2007 winner based on the following criteria: • Impact on Citrix’s Business • Commitment to the Citrix Relationship • Customer Satisfaction • Channel and Field Commitment • Marketing Commitment 27
  27. 27. Questions ? Manfred Maierhofer Wyse Technology 28