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Dataplex Event 251109


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Presentations from the Citrix Delivery Center events on 5th November at Chalfont and 26th November in Manchester.

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Dataplex Event 251109

  1. 1. Citrix Citri XenDesktop 4 The virtual desktop revolution is here… for everyone
  2. 2. Smartphones “C i ti ill b “Consumerization will be  Home PCs g gg the single biggest trend  Laptops & Netbooks affecting corporate IT     over the next 10 years.”  th t 10 ”
  3. 3. Tightly Co pled Tightl Coupled & Traditional Management Centralized single C Locally Installed Tools & Processes instance images User User 1. Procure Profile Retire 8. Profile 2. Image Apps 7. Back-up Back- pp Apps Desktop OS 3. Secure 6. Maintain Desktop OS Client 4. Deploy 5. Monitor
  4. 4. Virtualized & Isolated Desktop Components User User User Profile Profile Apps pp Apps Desktop OS Desktop OS Client Client
  5. 5. Virtualized & Isolated End-point Components Local or Hosted User User Profile Profile On-demand assembly & Apps pp Apps delivery Desktop OS Desktop OS Client
  6. 6. On 6th October Citrix announced XenDesktop 4 • Designed, priced and licensed for enterprise-wide desktop virtualisation. i t li ti • 4 key things to understand: 1. XenDesktop 4 includes complete XenApp functionality and is no longer restricted to delivering applications to a virtual desktop. 2. 2 XenDesktop 4 also includes enhancements to HDX for the best possible high-definition user experience 3. XenDesktop 4 is priced and licensed on a per user or device basis for enterprise-wide enterprise wide adoption 4. Simple and compelling for customers to trade-up existing XenApp licenses to XenDesktop 4
  7. 7. Citrix XenDesktop 4 FlexCast™ d li Fl C t™ delivery t h l technology – right desktop for all desktop user profiles FlexCast™ delivery technology Mobile Task USER TYPES users workers k Local Virtual apps to  Hosted Local Hosted Hosted VM‐based installed  VM‐based Streamed Blade PC shared Desktops desktops  Desktops desktops desktops desktops (Offline) (VDI)
  8. 8. Best Desktop for Every User Local Virtual apps Local Hosted Hosted Hosted VM- VM-based Installed Streamed Blade PC VM- VM-based shared desktops desktops desktops desktops desktops Desktops (Offline) (VDI) MOBILE USER GUEST USER OFFICE USER ADVANCED OFFICE USER TASK WORKER USER No servers No servers No servers 1 user per 60-120 users 300-500 users blade PC per server per server Online/Offline Online/Offline Online Online Online Online Centralized Centralized Centralized Centralized Centralized Centralized Mgmt & Apps mgmt Mgmt & Mgmt & Mgmt & Mgmt & Security Security Security Security Security Laptop p p Laptop p p Diskless PC, , PC, Thin , PC, Thin , PC, Thin , Thin client client, Mac, client, Mac, client, Mac, Notebook Notebook Notebook
  9. 9. By 2013 2013…………….. -G Gartner
  10. 10. • A device, anytime, anywhere Any d i ti h • HDX™ user experience XenDesktop 4 • FlexCast™ delivery technology • On demand apps by XenApp™ On-demand • Open architecture
  11. 11. Any device,  y , • Universal client for IT service delivery y anytime,  • Works on PCs, Macs, laptops, anywhere netbooks, netbooks thin clients & smartphones clients, • Simple, fast, self-service install
  12. 12. • Rich multimedia • Real-time collaboration • USB plug-n-play plug n play user  • 3D graphics applications i experience • Best network performance • Branch office optimization 90% less bandwidth
  13. 13. Citrix HDX Technology Leverages the Entire Delivery System 3 2 1 HDX at the HDX on the HDX in the Device Network Data Center SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101
  14. 14. New XenDesktop 4 HDX enhancements Flash multimedia and applications 3D Graphics – CAD/CAM GIS CAD/CAM, Webcams and VoIP Branch office WAN optimization
  15. 15. HDX MediaStream with Adaptive Orchestration Fallback: If possible, Server-side rendering in the Render on the endpoint device datacenter 2 Optimize using Inspect HDX Broadcast Network 3 Inspect 1 Endpoint Inspect Server
  16. 16. HDX MediaStream for Flash Looks great, Less bandwidth Citrix XenDesktop VMware View
  17. 17. HDX RealTime • Webcam support • Enhanced audio quality for VoIP
  18. 18. HDX Plug-n-Play Plug n Play • Advanced multi-monitor configurations multi monitor • Dictation devices • Specialized keyboards
  19. 19. Desktop Virtualization for High end Graphics Users High-end HDX 3D for Professional Graphics • Power users can now benefit from desktop virtualization • Only solution that addresses remote workers on the WAN • 10X better performance on the LAN compared to PCoIP
  20. 20. Any user Any type of any device virtual desktop One centrally managed solution
  21. 21. FlexCast FlexCast™ delivery technology – Future Capability Local VM-based desktops (Offline) USER PROFILE APPS USER PROFILE OS Synchronization APPS My Life y f My Work y OS XenClient™ XenClient™ • Bare metal performance • Secure partitioned • Multiple concurrent VMs • Online & Offline access
  22. 22. • Any hypervisor • Any storage p y g platform Open  Open Architecture • Any endpoint device • Integrates with Microsoft infrastructure
  23. 23. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Open Architecture Hosted on Hosted on Hosted on Hyper-V XenServer ESX, vSphere
  24. 24. XenDesktop 4 p Packaged and priced for enterprise-wide adoption VDI Edition Enterprise Edition Platinum Edition $95 $225 $ $350 $ user or device user or device user or device Scalable VDI-only Enterprise-class Comprehensive desktop implementations desktop virtualization with virtualization solution with with HDX™ technology on demand apps by XenApp™ on-demand advanced management and FlexCast™ delivery technology and security
  25. 25. Trade-up to XenDesktop 4 - the time is now p p Rewarding our loyal customers • Add desktop virtualization to proven XenApp implementations • Implement desktop virtualiation at own pace • Continue using XenApp • Save up to 80% 230K C t Customers
  26. 26. Trade up Trade-up Offer for Customers with SA Available until June 30, 2010 • 100% trade-up of XenApp licenses • Get 2 for 1 •SSave up to 80% t • < 100% of trade-up XenApp licenses • Get 1 for 1 • Save up to 70% Repurpose Subscription Advantage budget p p p g g
  27. 27. Calculate your savings
  28. 28. The Best Solution, The Best Value • Single solution, ultimate flexibility • B t solution f all d kt needs Best l ti for ll desktop d p • Best user experience • Proven application delivery and desktop management expertise
  29. 29. Customer C stomer References
  30. 30. Alameda County Medical Center XenDesktop helps IT achieve more with existing staff The healthcare safety net for Alameda County, California, with six campuses and approximately y y p pp y 2,700 employees • Challenge: Needed a solution for easily building and delivering customized desktops with a consistent user experience both on and off campus • Solution: Used XenDesktop to deliver tailored virtual desktops to users on any device and provide policy-based control, to reduce IT’s workload. • Results:. • Greater G t IT efficiency with automated processes ffi i ith t t d • Enhanced security with policy-based controls over user actions • Consistent desktop experience for roaming clinicians • Delivery of “problem” applications as part of the desktop “Overall, Citrix enables us to accomplish more with the staff we have. In fact, without the centralized management capabilities of XenDesktop and XenApp, I would need twice as many people.” -D Dave BBennett, Director of Technical S tt Di t f T h i l Support t
  31. 31. District School Board of Collier County XenDesktop reduces desktop management costs by 50% Located in southwest Florida, the District School Board of Collier County serves 44,000 students in 50 schools • Challenge: As distributed PC desktops and laptops jumped from 15,000 to 25,000 without an increase in IT staff, the District School Board of Collier County needed a new approach to desktop administration. administration • Solution: XenDesktop delivered 9,000 thin clients with streamed desktops, with another 8,000 due for rollout. 2,400 HP notebooks in mobile labs with hosted virtual desktop. • Results: • Cuts desktop management time in half • Delivers hosted virtual desktops 80 percent faster • Enhances the user experience with instant desktop availability and fast multimedia performance • Extends useful life of devices from three to five years “We set our sights on technologies that would enable us to centrally manage and deliver desktop images. images We evaluated a number of virtual desktop and desktop streaming solutions and found Citrix XenDesktop with provisioning services was the best.” - Tom Petry, Director of Technology
  32. 32. Emory Healthcare IT is more innovative efficient and cost-effective with XenDesktop Emory Healthcare is the clinical arm of the Robert W Woodruff Health Sciences Center at Emory W. University in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the largest health system in the state. • Challenge: Emory needed to make IT more innovative and efficient to support evolving patient care needs Key goals were cutting the cost of desktop delivery by 50 percent and further needs. streamlining information delivery to mobile clinicians. • Solution: XenDesktop to delivered a centrally managed virtual desktop to power users with full personalization and functionality, accessible from any location Desktop streaming was used to functionality location. deliver its picture archiving and communications system (PACS) to workstations. • Results: • One IT employee can oversee maintenance of 350 desktops • Familiar desktop experience for users on any device • Centralized streaming of PACS application vs. local deployment • Enhanced patient care through on-demand desktop delivery to clinicians
  33. 33. First Flight Federal Credit Union g XenDesktop helps cut IT expenses while company grows rapidly First Flight Federal Credit Union is one of the top five fastest-growing credit unions in North Carolina, serving about 38,000 members • Challenge: First Flight’s existing PC desktop infrastructure was creating a roadblock to growth. The company sought a simple and secure mobility solution for certain employees who used dedicated PCs to run specialized software software. • Solution: XenDesktop streams standard Windows® XP and Windows Vista® desktops to HP thin-client devices, and specialized desktops such as a wire transfer solution to dedicated PCs. • Results: • Cut IT expenses by up to 6 percent while company grew 50 percent over three years • IT team of three supports 13 locations and 100 staff • Provides high level of security for financial data • Supports use of thin clients for cost savings and reduced administration “Citrix desktop provisioning is the most remarkable technology. It makes virtual desktops so easy to use – I can t believe it works as well as it does.” can’t does - Todd Erickson, Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer
  34. 34. Leicestershire Constabulary XenDesktop delivers a 30% productivity boost Leicestershire Constabulary provides policing service to the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in the UK. • Challenge: Due to the need to travel to an office to complete paperwork, officers experienced a drain on productivity and delays in reporting crimes and spotting links between cases. This also reduced the time they spent in the community community. • Solution: XenDesktop delivered hosted virtual desktops over 3G wireless connectivity to Panasonic CF19 ToughBook laptops installed in patrol cars across the region. 100 patrol cars were outfitted with 200 more planned outfitted, planned.. • Results: • Boosts productivity by 30% • Increases community visibility of officers • Expedites information processing to spot links in multiple cases • Consistent performance over GPRS provides satisfying user experience “Mobile desktop access with XenDesktop not only enhances the way we work but is set to ensure Mobile work, we are focused on the most important part of our job… protecting the citizens.” - James Pearce, Information Systems Analyst
  35. 35. Netherlands Ministry of Defence XenDesktop single instance management simplifies desktop admin. The Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands consists of four operational commands. IT support for the ministry and governmental chain partners is internally handled by a single service organization. • Challenge: The Ministry of Defence has created a standard centralized desktop based on Windows® XP running hundreds of applications but external agencies required expensive network upgrades to achieve reasonable user experience experience. • Solution: XenDesktop initially delivered the Defence Windows XP desktop, based on one golden image, to about 100 employees a external partner agency. The partner then decided to migrate all 3 000 desktops in 11 locations to XenDesktop using thin clients 3,000 clients. • Results: • High user satisfaction • Streamlined IT operations with desktop provisioning • High performance over existing bandwidth capability • No disruption of users when performing upgrades and patches “XenDesktop is a perfect fit for the demands of our customers: the look and feel on the desktop has XenDesktop not changed; there is no need to upgrade expensive network connections; and we are able to add new applications by adjusting the golden image.” - Danny de Vries, Application Delivery Specialist
  36. 36. Saxon State Office Empower telecommuters with secure, high-performance desktops The Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology is located in Dresden Germany Environment Dresden, Germany. • Challenge: Identified a need to provide telecommuters with an improved work experience at home. These employees were working offline with locally installed applications on their home PCs and had to import data and documents later in the office via mobile data storage devices. p g • Solution: With XenDesktop™, telecommuters now receive access to their complete user environment with all applications via the Internet from home. The Windows XP desktops run as virtual machines on XenServer hosts. • Results:. • Optimizes productivity of telecommuters by delivering a complete desktop • Centralizes and simplifies desktop management • Minimizes storage requirements • Protects data transmitted over the Internet “The demands on our IT department are continuously increasing, but the number of personnel remains p y g p the same. With a platform like the Citrix Delivery Center, we are able to react very flexibly and quickly without incurring significant additional work or expense” - Bert Bohn, Consultant for Information and Communication Technology
  37. 37. Scottsdale Community College XenDesktop helps save $250,000/year in PC hardware updates Arizona’s Scottsdale Community College is a two-year institution with 800 staff and 11,000 students. y g y • Challenge: Constant spending for new hardware meant no funding was left for advanced technology or educational software. Students either struggled to afford courseware and powerful devices to run it, or had to come on campus to use a PC. • Solution: SCC implemented a complete Citrix solution that delivers virtualized applications and desktops via their MySCC Web portal. Citrix® XenDesktop™ delivers two specialized Windows® XP desktops as a service: one for interior design and AutoCAD program students; the other for Business Institute and general student use use. • Results:. • Estimated $250,000 in annual savings on hardware updates • Streamlined desktop management and delivery • Cost savings for students, who no longer have to purchase courseware • Greater job satisfaction and new skills for IT team vs. performing hardware maintenance “… ( i ) XenDesktop means we only have to maintain one (application) version — and that “ (using) X D kt l h t i t i ( li ti ) i d th t administration is done in the datacenter instead of on the end devices.”.” - Dustin Fennell, CIO Scottsdale Community College
  38. 38. Swisscom IT Services AG XenDesktop cuts cost of providing desktops to external developers Swisscom IT Services, a strategic subsidiary of Swisscom Switzerland, is not only responsible for the i f h information technology of i parent company, with nearly 20 000 employees, b also provides i h l f its ih l 20,000 l but l id outsourcing services for large Swiss corporations from all industries. • Challenge: To give external programmers in Madrid and Munich access to internal resources, Swisscom IT Services needed a solution that could avoid the high costs – including leased lines lines, support and daily replication of 2GB to 5GB of data -- and security issues of physical PCs. • Solution: Swisscom IT Services combined Citrix Access Gateway™, for secure Web access, which was already established in the company; and Citrix® XenDesktop™, Advanced Edition, for XenDesktop , virtualized delivery of developer desktops. • Results:. • Avoids high cost of providing traditional desktops to external developers • High performance comparable to physical PCs • Safeguards intellectual property • Flexibility to integrate new developers “With Citrix XenDesktop we were able to fulfill user requirements: the developers confirmed that the performance of the virtualized desktop is comparable to that of a locally installed desktop.” - Patrick Kaeslin, Head of Front End Engineering
  39. 39. University of Texas Medical Branch XenDesktop cuts IT costs and provides a rich user experience The University of Texas Medical Branch ( y (UTMB) in Galveston is a healthcare complex with seven ) p hospitals and a variety of specialized clinics, centers and institutes, including a medical school, staffed by 13,000 employees • Challenge: The organization wanted to implement thin clients to lower support costs and hardware maintenance. H h d i t However, it was iimportant t provide a consistent, rich experience on th t t to id i t t i h i the thin devices so users would not object to giving up their PCs. • Solution: Hurricane Ike was the catalyst in UTMB’s adoption of XenDesktop. While offices were closed, closed PC users needed a complete Windows® desktop experience By quickly rolling out experience. XenDesktop, the IT team provided that experience to PC users during the hurricane’s aftermath. • Results:. • Reduces hardware and administrative costs of distributed PCs • Slashes storage requirements for virtual desktops • Provides a high-quality experience on thin devices “XenDesktop came to our rescue for business continuity during the hurricane, and now it s XenDesktop hurricane it’s becoming a critical part of our desktop infrastructure.” - Landon Winburn, Software Systems Specialist, University of Texas Medical Branch
  40. 40. Campbell Union High School District Saves $250,000 per Year with Citrix XenDesktop Campbell Union High School District is located in Silicon Valley, serving more than 7,600 students p g y g across seven campuses. • Challenge: Campbell Union High School District first explored desktop virtualization as a way to help bring down skyrocketing hardware and IT management costs. • Solution: Desktop virtualization with Citrix XenDesktop gives Campbell Union the ability to manage all desktops centrally in the datacenter. Applications are installed, upgraded and patched once, then securely delivered over the network to any device, including PCs, Macs, laptops, laptops netbooks and thin clients. clients • Results:. • Savings on one year’s replacement cycle of $250,000. • Extending computer lifecycles by turning any old machine into a low-cost thin client low cost client. • Students have a rich, high-definition experience, even with older PCs and laptops.” “Campbell Union is leading the way in demonstrating that virtual desktops can improve security, simplify management and save hundreds of thousands of dollars all while improving student dollars, access to technology-based educational instruction. And when it comes to desktop virtualization, no solution on the market is more proven than XenDesktop.” - Charles Kanavel, director of technology
  41. 41. XenDesktop 4 Features and Editions VDI Enterprise Platinum Edition Edition Edition HDX MediaStream HDX RealTime HDX Plug-n-Play HDX™ User Experience HDX Broadcast HDX 3D HDX IntelliCache Hosted VM-based Desktops (VDI ) Hosted Blade PC Desktops Hosted Shared Desktops FlexCast™ Delivery Technology Local Streamed Desktops p Virtual apps to Installed Desktops Local VM-based Desktops (offline) * * App Delivery (streamed/hosted) On-Demand Apps by XenApp™ pp y pp Self-Service Enterprise A St S lf S i E t i App Store Multiple endpoint platforms Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere Citrix Receiver Any hypervisor Open Architecture Any storage * - Planned functionality