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How client computing will evolve and the role of desktop virtualisation

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  • Need to support a wider range of devicesPC / laptopThin clientReconditioned PCiPAD, tabletsMacsNeed to meet different needs with different solutions: the Msft optimised desktop messageDegree of mobilityDegree of autonomy over data and applicationsUser data/personalisation – no longer tied to a device or computing solution(if I login to my virtual desktop why don’t I get my IE favourites like I do on my laptop?)ExperienceMultimedia, Flash over WANGraphics accelerationUSB devicesPrintingLocal text echoLocation awareness / controlIncreased range of options for how to deliver applicationsLocally installedWeb basedApp-VSeamless window appsRDSH sessionVDI
  • Rsc Event Desktop Virtualisation Tvp 2

    1. 1. Desktop virtualisation: fad orfuture? Neil Sanderson EMEA Alliances Manager Desktop Virtualisation Group Quest Software Email: Twitter: @neilsand 1
    2. 2. Integrate Quest and MicrosoftEnable Extend 2
    3. 3. challenging times 3
    4. 4. Range of devices Types of use User focusApplications Range of experience 4
    5. 5. The Microsoft Quest Virtual Desktop Data Center User experience Storage Virtualization Access Delivery Devices • RDP with Quest • Windows • Hosted Virtual EOP • XP, Vista, 7 Desktops (VDI) • Universal Print • Hyper-V • Universal USB • ESX (vCenter) • Multimedia accel • Graphics accel• Hyper-V diff. disks • Text echo • Mac, Linux• NetApp FlexClone • Bi-di audio • Web AccessApplications • Terminal Server, RD Session Host • Thin Clients • Local / offline• Streamed Apps desktop • App-V virtualisation• Installed Apps • MED-V • MSI Packages • MokaFive 5
    6. 6. Management ..locationsdevicessessionsusersexperienceapplications… 6
    7. 7. Kingston University Solution and benefits• 23,000 students and 2,000 full-time staff• Access to personal files and applications via any “Our aim was to achieve a ‘university university PC or laptop, or from own computer – on without walls’ when it comes to IT or off campus. systems, so we chose Quest vWorkspace• 1,500-plus distance learning students, based because of the flexibility of the solution around the UK and abroad also access assignments and lectures Daniel Bolton, Technical Analyst (R&D)• Reduces strain on resources and space on campus• IT staff can control a user’s desktop remotely to assist them and access audit & logon details for security• Single Quest vWorkspace management console Largest planned deployment for both Quest reduces time and costs and Microsoft, to date• Universal printing and USB device support mean the virtual desktop behaves and feels like a physical one Customer video 7
    8. 8. Lancashire PoliceSolution and benefits• 5000 staff able to switch easily from the restricted to the confidential networks “We chose Quest vWorkspace because rather than needing different desktops at of the flexibility of the solution. Quest the office was the only vendor able to deliver a• Alternative solutions estimated at millions of solution that provides us with the pounds from third party vendors control to manage and restrict access to• Flexible, secure working. Police officers multiple networks ina virtualised working remotely with other statutory providers, eg local authority youth offender environment” teams have secure access to applications• Lower operating costs through centralisation – Colin Fitzsimons, Lancashire Police - by managing networks, desktops, and servers centrally, the IT team will reduce the need for decentralised units in each police division• Hardware savings - no need to replace 1,200 desktops at end of life Microsoft case study Quest case study 8
    9. 9. •Windows Server •System Center •App-V •MED-V •Hyper-V Integrate •Universal printing and scanning •Security and location awareness •Sophisticated user Microsoft environment management•Easier and quicker to and •Non-Windows devices eval and deploy Quest •Offline VDI•Single product solution supporting Enable Extend multiple use types•Simple to setup, deploy and manage•Management costs stay low as deployment scales 9
    10. 10. Quest VDI AssessmentFree Utility Powered by Liquidware Technology• FREE VDI Assessment Tooling for YOU• Determine which users are a best fit for: – VDI – Terminal Server/RD Session Host – Application Virtualization – Physical PCs• Discover which applications are used, by whom and how often 10
    11. 11. Next Steps• Evaluation software:• vWorkspace site:• Microsoft desktop virtualisation site:• vWorkspace community:• FREE VDI Assessment tool• Cartoon style video: Msft and Quest desktop virtualisation• Video: Dan Bolton. Kingston University on their project 11
    12. 12. 12