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Vm6 v mex

  1. 1. Virtualization Simplified.TM By adding physical servers running VM6 VMex, you automatically Solve the most pressing virtualization add workload (virtual servers management challenges, without and desktops), network, storage, management and monitoring the need for expensive hardware capacity to your consolidated or or storage area networks (SANs). distributed IT infrastructure. Are you facing any of the following IT challenges: • Are you out of space, power and storage capacity? Optimize IT capacity • Fully leverage the benefits of • Do you have issues with unplanned downtime? server and desktop virtualization • Are you looking to contain and reduce IT costs? • Make the most of your server, desktop and storage investment • Optimize space and power VM6 Software extends the benefits of virtualization without the associated complexity and costs. Improve business continuity • Effortless and efficient High Availability (HA) • Easier rollback and recovery Increase efficiency in managing remote locations • Manage the entire environment from a single “pane of glass” • Provision, configure and manage remotely without traditional high bandwidth dependency Reduce training requirements • Leverage your teams existing Microsoft skills and certifications • Single solution to learn and manage Drastically reduce IT spending • No need to purchase or integrate expensive multi-point solutions (SAN, Replication, Clustering , VDI broker, Management console, etc.) • Leverage free virtualization (Hyper-V) in Microsoft Server 2008 • Fully scalable infrastructure; start small and scale as you grow Provides 70% lower TCO than traditional virtualization solutions.
  2. 2. Virtual Shared Storage (V-SAN) VM6 VMex’s storage technology is repurposing the existing internal storage to create a Virtual SAN • Virtual Storage polling • Leverages existing x86 servers and storage • Supports physical SAN • Runs on Bare metal • Similar functionality and performance as physical SAN VM6 VMex • No SAN skills required VM6 VMex is the only scalable all-in-one • Supports dissimilar disk brand and size IT infrastructure software solution designed to offer all the benefits of virtualization without the associated complexity and costs. VM6 VMex brings you more for less through simplicity and cost reduction. By working with Windows on any physical server, VM6 VMex simply adds clustering, Advanced Clustering (High Availability) VM6 VMex provides High Availability (HA) without the network, storage, virtualization management requirement of complex hardware and software resources and monitoring capabilities to your • Active / Active consolidated or distributed IT infrastructure. • 99.99% uptime • Supports dissimilar chipsets By consolidating all of the components into • Provides automated failover a single product, VM6 VMex is easy to install, • High availability in Virtual, Physical or Mixed environments configure and manage. • Self healing and scalable • No clustering skills required VM6 VMex improves and simplifies your IT Infrastructure by combining the following into a single solution – what we call the 4 Pillars of VM6 VMex: • Virtual Shared Storage (V-SAN) • Advanced Clustering (High Availability) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) VM6 VMex’s federated VDI feature removes the dependency on low latency and high bandwidth networks • Virtualization Management and Monitoring • Integrated and distributed brokering service • Optimizes hardware resources utilization • Compatible with leading thin client devices • Manages virtual desktop images for both consolidated and distributed IT infrastructures Virtualization Management and Monitoring VM6 VMex allows the management and monitoring of both consolidated and distributed IT infrastructures from a single interface, accessible from anywhere • No parallel management infrastructure required • Single interface for entire IT infrastructure • Provides Monitoring, Alerting and Orchestration • Remotely accessible via very low bandwidth • Simple to operate and intuitive
  3. 3. VM6 VMex Features for Virtual Shared Storage (V-SAN) • Continuous real-time replication of data ensures multiple copies of your critical information are available at all times and available from any host. • Block based replication ensures that regardless of the data type, replication is fast and efficient; Active–Active clustering allows load balancing of available resources. • VM6 VMex enables multi-site clustering technology to provide the highest recovery time objective (RTO) without a large investment in array based replication. It works across dissimilar storage arrays, allowing the optimal use of your current resources. In the case of hardware failure, incremental synchronization of large storage partition allows you to minimize impact on resource usage and reduce time for rebuilding a VM6 VMex Virtual SAN. • VM6 VMex has a built-in quota management system that allows administrators to do storage thin-provisioning. VM6 VMex Features for Advanced Clustering (High Availability) • Can be configured for failover within a local or campus type network or a combination of the two, with a multi-node cluster that stretches LANs and WANs. • Clustering provides high availability for both virtual and physical environments. It is optimized to provide high availability to Microsoft Hyper-V and other Windows based applications. • Comes out of the box with predefined maintenance and recovery plans. Local administrators can modify the default or create their own. • The only Windows based solution that doesn’t require a physical SAN and that offers an Active-Active cluster solution which can be used for both high availability and load balancing. • Comes with all the monitoring, alerting and automation features to ensure that administrators can proactively resolve problems or bottlenecks. VM6 VMex Features for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) • Economically and effectively delivers desktops to the user by eliminating the bonds between a desktop image and the physical PC. Deliver, manage and update all of your Windows desktops and applications from a central location. • Allows secure access to personalized desktops in a Windows Terminal Server environment from a single interface. Monitor and audit desktop activity as well as load balance multiple Windows Terminal Servers. • Rapidly create virtual desktops from a master image and push updates and patches out to any number of virtual desktops in minutes without affecting user settings, data or preferences. • Easy-to-use administrative interface for setting desktop policies. • Optimized for both consolidated and distributed IT infrastructures. It eliminates the printing issues that are usually associated with traditional VDI solutions. VM6 VMex Features for Virtualization Management and Monitoring • VM6 VMex’s mini footprint management component is distributed on each of the physical servers’ hosts without any dependencies on other systems. • The VM6 VMex management component includes a configurable monitoring plan, consolidated event viewer, built-in alerting system and an integrated dashboard. • VM6 VMex integrates with any other management infrastructure but does not have any requirements on other systems. • Administrators can locally or remotely provision new services, virtual severs or desktops and virtual SANs. New business critical applications can be deployed or upgraded within minutes instead of weeks or months. • VM6 VMex lets administrators manage the inventory of all the assets that compose the IT infrastructure (storage, network, physical or virtual servers and application) from all its in one management console integrated as a MMC plug-in that follows best practices of this well known Microsoft platform.
  4. 4. “We have been a VM6 Software customer since VM6 VMex 1.0 …I have great respect for a software company with a minimalist approach to systems. Instead of having VM6 VMex leverages Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V enterprise version requirements, they Designed for multi-site organizations, VM6 VMex leverages Microsoft maximize our investment in the standard Windows and Hyper-V to create an internal cloud to provision, versions of software to offer a simple path consolidate, manage and protect all of the workloads in the to high availability.” organization including SMBs, enterprises, organizations with remote office and/or branch locations, as well as for web hosting and IT Eric Bowers, outsourcing providers. IT Manager, Butterball Farms VM6 VMex is available in two editions: VM6 VMex Standard Edition for Small and Medium Business: Ideal for one site and one array VM6 VMex Enterprise Edition for Enterprises with remote locations: Ideal for multiple sites and multiple arrays “We were looking to offer our customers a virtualized environment with high availability. Other solutions didn’t have a total solution under one product. VM6 VMex met those requirements at a price point that we could justify to our customers. We were also impressed with their competent and responsive support team out of the gate.” About VM6 Software Mark Hanko, VM6 Software provides the only scalable all-in-one IT infrastructure Systems Administrator, Motio LLC software solution designed to offer all the benefits of virtualization without the associated complexity and costs. VM6 Software solves the most pressing virtualization management needs including virtual shared storage, advanced clustering, federated desktop virtualization and integrated management and monitoring. VM6 leverages Microsoft Hyper-V to create a single solution for provisioning, consolidating, managing and protecting all workloads without the need for expensive hardware or storage area networks (SANs). Companies worldwide use VM6 software to protect and maintain service levels across their remote “VM6 VMex’s continuous real-time offices and IT environment. replication has given us an affordable high availability solution that has mitigated any risk of data loss due to a hardware failure. VM6 VMex worked out-of-the box as advertised and our on-staff MSCE had it up and running within a few hours.” Christian Boivin, Vice-President, JLR VM6 Software, Inc. 1250, Blvd. Rene-Levesque W Suite 4200 Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W8 Canada Toll Free: 1 866 990 1221 www.vm6software.com © 2005-2010 VM6 Software, Inc. All rights reserved. VM6 Software and VM6 VMex are trademarks of VM6 Software, Inc.