Citrix Xs Update For Dataplex Nov 09


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Presentations from the Citrix Delivery Center events on 5th November at Chalfont and 26th November in Manchester.

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Citrix Xs Update For Dataplex Nov 09

  1. 1. Citrix XenServer and Citrix Essentials for XenServer & Hyper-V X S H V Anthony Francis, L d S t A th F i Lead Systems E i Engineer Datacenter & Cloud Division 26th November 2009
  2. 2. Agenda • Citrix XenServer • What is Citrix Essentials? • What does the Industry & customers have to say! • What can you do with Citrix Essentials? • Essentials components & features in detail • XenApp on XenServer – Virtualising XenApp • Summary • Resources • Questions
  3. 3. From Client to Datacenter to the Cloud g OSS Project Citrix Product Xen XenServer • >3700 individual members  of • Over 250 companies  contributing g Xen Client XenClient Initiative • Unique code contributions  up over 110% YOY in Q1’09 • Xen org traffic up 58% YOY traffic up 58% YOY  Xen Cloud in Q1’09 XenCloud Platform Leverage Common Open Source Code Base for Xen Across Multiple Markets Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  4. 4. Citrix Essentials  Citrix Essentials  for XenServer and Hyper‐V for XenServer and Hyper‐ • • • • Dynamic i D Free Automated lab and stage management i image provisioning i i i Seamless storage integration High availability and resiliency • Performance Monitoring XenServer e Se e Hyper‐V Hyper V (Windows, Linux, Cloud) (Windows)
  5. 5. Citrix XenServer Platform Enterprise Class. Cloud Proven. Free! Features include at no cost Citrix XenServer Bare Metal Hypervisor 64‐bit Maximum CPUs 32 Windows® and Linux guests Unlimited servers, VMs, memory Bare Metal Hypervisor P2V &V2V conversion Shared SAN and NAS Storage Centralized multi‐server management Resilient distributed management architecture Multi‐Server Management Live motion XenMotion – Live Migration Shared VM template library Resource Pooling Centralized configuration management Virtual infrastructure patch management Live Snapshots Li S h t Intelligent initial VM placement Active Directory Integration Intelligent Server maintenance mode Fine‐grained CPU resource controls v2v Conversions and OVF Support v2v Conversions and OVF Support How‐swappable disks and NICs
  6. 6. Key Features – XenServer 5.5 Enterprise Class. Cloud Proven. Free • High-Performance, live VM disk snapshots Enhanced • Auto-select software-based or SAN-based Snapshots • GUI based administration Live Migration • Enable planned maintenance by move VMs between physical h/w • Enables third-party so u o s to bac up XenServer VM’s ab es d pa y solutions o backup e Se e s &B k Backup • VSS-based interface Enablement • Fast cloning (10 seconds or less) Active • Eliminate Single User Administration Model (root) Directory • Login to XenCenter using AD credentials Integration I t ti • Administrative logging by user
  7. 7. XenServer 5 Momentum • ~7,000 Enterprise Customers • Adding 1,000+ new per quarter • ~60,000 Active Free XenServer Customers • Adding ~400 per day • Estimated 15 - 18% market share* • Running mission critical apps • DoD, FBI, USAF and others •S Some very l l d large clouds • Microsoft Validated Virtualization Platform Best virtualization Best virtualization platform for Linux * Independent Goldman Sachs, Centrify studies
  8. 8. “Essentials for XenServer 5.5 now meets 100% of our enterprise requirements” - Burton Group, 2009
  9. 9. Citrix Essentials for XenServer & Hyper-V Hyper V Server farm scaling Enterprise storage architectures • XenApp and XenDesktop  • Native storage service enablement deployments • FC SANs and iSCSI • Web servers Advanced storage  Dynamic image  integration (StorageLink) integration (StorageLink) provisioning Datacenter automation Pre‐production  • High availability environments • Workload balancing Workload balancing • Development and Test labs • Staging, Integration and Acceptance  Orchestration &  testing workload management Automated lifecycle  dlf l management
  10. 10. Key Features – Essentials for XenServer 5.5 Advanced automation and management for the virtual datacenter Workload • Ongoing load balancing of VM’s across a pool VM s • Pool, VM, and Host reporting Balancing • Based on CPU, memory, network, disk metrics • Reduced storage use; fast VM deployment • Access to native storage services StorageLink • EMC CLARiiON, HP EVA/MSA/Lefthand, NetApp, EqualLogic, DataCore, Nexenta, LSI, IBM, etc Lifecycle • Dynamic Provisioning of Workload • Automation of Lab and Production environments g Management • Pre production application workflow automation Pre-production
  11. 11. Which Essential? XenServer Hyper-V Those needing Enterprise HA Microsoft loyalists Those needing high performance Virtualising Windows only Heterogeneous environments Moving to Windows 2008 Essentials for XenServer E ti l f X S Essentials for Hyper-V E ti l f H V Provisioning Services Provisioning Services StorageLink Technology StorageLink Technology Lifecycle Management Lifecycle Management Workflow Orchestration Workflow Orchestration Xen/Hyper V Xen/Hyper-V compatibility Xen/Hyper V Xen/Hyper-V compatibility High Availability Dynamic workload balancing Simplicity Si li it
  12. 12. Citrix Essentials for XenServer 5.5 Feature XenServer Enterprise Edition Platinum Edition Native 64-bit Xen hypervisor Windows and Linux guests Unlimited VMs, unlimited memory, unlimited CPUs XenMotion live migration XenCenter management console Multi-server management V2V Conversions & OVF Support Active Directory integration Enhanced Snapshot High availability Workflow Studio orchestration StorageLink – Advanced Storage Mgmt. Workload balancing Provisioning services – virtual servers Provisioning services – physical servers Lab Management Stage Management
  13. 13. Workload Balancing g
  14. 14. Business Continuity High Availability: Unplanned downtime Remote VM Guest Storage
  15. 15. Traditional SAN Connectivity “Dumb” Storage Partition Snapshot Virtualisation Host Thin Provision Fast Clone Virtual Disks De-Duplicate You cannot use the efficient  This turns expensive storage systems  functionality on your SAN without  into little more than “dumb disks” affecting ALL virtual machines
  16. 16. StorageLink™ – Intelligent Connectivity g g y Citrix  Virtualisation Host StorageLink Storage Snapshot Thin Provision Virtual  Servers Fast Clone De-Duplicate Supports DataCore, EMC Clariion, HP  S t D t C EMC Cl ii HP Citrix StorageLink™ technology lets  Cit i St Li k™ t h l l t EVA/MSA,/LeftHand and NetApp, etc your virtual servers fully leverage all  the power of existing storage systems p g g y
  17. 17. StorageLink Enables Multi Hypervisor Interoperability Multi-Hypervisor Utilize Advanced Management Capabilities in XenServer and Hyper-V environments • Run VMs on Hyper-V or Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Hyper‐V XenServer without modification • Utilize XenServer for bare-metal performance on Linux or mixed f Li i d Virtual Machine Vi t l M hi XenCenter environments SCVMM • Utilize Hyper-V for general Windows Virtual Machine virtualization X Virtual Machine • Maintain storage mappings when moving across platforms XenServer Hyper‐V • Leverage Citrix Essentials as common set of advanced management tools Storage Mapping
  18. 18. Virtualisation is Becoming Pervasive Development Iteration Staging Finalization Engineering & QA Staging & UAT Production • A proving ground for virtualisation • Really a multitude of environments
  19. 19. Self Service Self-Service & Automation with (some) IT Control Employ and Automate • Provide self-service • Automate installations & processes Provision Collaborate • Enable collaboration & g sharing • Easily reclaim hardware Reclaim
  20. 20. Going from Pre-production to Production with Ease Pre production Provisioning Services XenServer Web Server Workloads Lab Stage Workload Workload Bare Metal High IO Workloads XenDesktop Multiplied Workloads
  21. 21. Provisioning Services changes the game Virtualize Create a virtual workload image: OS, Apps and Config Store Store the virtual image on a network storage device Stream Stream the workload on-demand to target systems Virtualize Store Stream A
  22. 22. Virtualising XenApp Vi t li i X A
  23. 23. XenServer with XenApp • 3-4x more users per host Consolidation • Up to 75% fewer servers • No performance compromises Increased • Fewer moving parts to manage Agility • More flexibility and responsiveness Higher •ZZero-downtime h t maintenance d ti host i t Availability • Auto-restart High Availability
  24. 24. Traditional XenApp Deployments SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP •100s concurrent users CRM CRM •10s servers (20-50 users/server) CRM CRM •“Application silo” design CRM CRM •Example: Dual 2.0 GHz Processor (uni-core), 4 GB RAM
  25. 25. Reducing XenApp Server Count Solution: Virtualise the server with Citrix® XenServer™ 3-4 times more users per (host) server Before: 100 users After: 300+ users 16 GB RAM Physical Server Two Quad-core processors 4 GB RAM 4 XenApp Virtual Machines Two processors (4 GB RAM, 2 Virtual CPUs for each)
  26. 26. Provisioning Services with XenApp • Before: Managing 20 servers and 20 images • After: Managing 6 servers and 3 images Streamed on boot b t vDisks Di k SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP CRM CRM CRM CRM CRM CRM CRM
  27. 27. Test Results - Physical vs. Virtual y XenApp on physical servers x4 Physical servers 1) Old servers: Dell PowerEdge 2650 (Dual 2.6 Ghz), 4GB RAM 2) New servers Proliant DL360 G5 (Dual 3.0 Ghz), 4GB RAM XenApp on XenServer x1 (4 VMs) 3) XenServer with 4 VMs (Proliant DL380 G5) 8 processor cores (2 per VM, 3.0 Ghz) 16 GB RAM (3.5 GB per VM)
  28. 28. Tolly Group Report y
  29. 29. Built as a Platform • Graphical workflow design canvas p g Citrix Workflow Studio Composer p • Self-documenting with no scripting Microsoft API CLI Web 3rd Party required PowerShell Calls Modules Services Plug-in • Built-in conditional & dynamic flow controls Citrix Citrix • Built on Windows Workflow Delivery 3rd Party Ready Center Infrastructure Foundation Products Products • Extensible communication interfaces
  30. 30. Activity Libraries • Active Directory • XenApp • Group Policy • XenServer • Networking • NetScaler • Windows / WMI • XenDesktop • PowerShell
  31. 31. Summary Citrix Essentials adds significant value to "Free" XenServer • More efficient use of storage investment • Reduce storage needs and streamline VM maintenance • Improve VM Lifecycle Management & Workload Balancing • Offer High Availability to services • Choice of either Essentials for XenServer or Hyper-V
  32. 32. Resources • Essentials Info: // / • • • • 64465 XenApp on Nehalem Processors • XenApp on XenServer Test Kit XenApp on XenServer Test Kit • • XenServer Education XenServer Education • • Implementing Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 5.0 • CXS-201-1W or CXS-200-1I
  33. 33. For a Limited Time Only! • Free XenServer Online Course • • Introducing Citrix Essentials for XenServer 5.5 • Deep Link: • course_id:274/cgroup_id:30