Citrix - Alternative For Server Virtualistion


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Citrix Event "From Data Centre to Delivery Centre" at Kensington Roof Gardens on 11th August 2009.

11:45 - 12:15 Alternative For Server Virtualistion

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Citrix - Alternative For Server Virtualistion

  1. 1. A new alternative for server virtualisation Alex Hill Citrix Systems
  2. 2. Centralize, Virtualize, Optimize Delivery Network Workflow Studio Dynamic Datacenter XenDesktop XenApp XenServer Monitor Optimize Secure Provision NetScaler
  3. 3. One copy of each app One desktop OS image One image of each workload One password & identity One instance of data One user experience
  4. 4. Open, simple, powerful server virtualization.
  5. 5. Operating Expense Outstripping New Investments Most of housing serversspend $0.50 for Cost organizations will is approximately: $8 •spent per maintenance for $1 spent in in sq. ft. or $1,000 power and cooling for every $1 in servers new$2,400 per server or • infrastructure •$29B to be spent on power and cooling • $40,000 per rack Source: John Humphries, IDC (2007)
  6. 6. Servers: Cost of Ownership Spending Installed Base (US$B) (M Units) $300 50 45 $250 New Server Spending 40 Power and Cooling 35 $200 Cost of Management and Admin 30 $150 25 20 $100 15 10 $50 5 $0 0 08 09 10 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 96 Source: IDC 20 20 20 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 19
  7. 7. Why Virtualize? Server or data center consolidation Average physical servers utilized only <15% More efficient use of physical assets Promotes greater centralization and security Reduced capital and operating costs “Green Computing” – less power / cooling Flexibility - Allow IT agility Dynamically respond to business needs Virtual workloads are mobile and easy to create and manage Business Continuity Improve application availability Key part of disaster recovery strategy
  8. 8. Citrix XenServer…Now Free Similar  functionality  A free hypervisor alone is not a solution in other  products $5k+  Features include at no cost Citrix XenServer VMware ESXi per   server Bare Metal Hypervisor 64‐bit 32‐bit Max virtual CPUs 8 4 Windows® and Linux guests Unlimited servers, VMs, memory Bare Metal Hypervisor P2V &V2V conversion Shared SAN and NAS Storage Centralized multi‐server management Resilient distributed management  architecture Live motion Multi‐Server Management Shared VM template library Centralized configuration management Virtual infrastructure patch  XenMotion management Intelligent initial VM placement Intelligent Server maintenance mode And Much More…. Fine‐grained CPU resource controls How‐swappable disks and NICs
  9. 9. Enterprise Reliability • Live Migration / Motion • Dynamic Resource Pooling • Automated Host Level HA • Fault Tolerance • Storage support for DR • Distributed management
  10. 10. Dynamic Workload Streaming (Provisioning) Silo One A Provisioning Server (streaming service) B Silo Two Network storage C Silo Three
  11. 11. Dynamic Workload Streaming (Provisioning) Silo One A Provisioning Server (streaming service) B Silo Two Network storage C Silo Three 12
  12. 12. Dynamic Workload Streaming (Provisioning) Virtual or Physical Servers Silo One A Provisioning Server (streaming service) B Silo Two Network storage C Silo Three
  13. 13. Storage Comparison Without XenServer Provisioning With XenServer Provisioning • Single image for every machine • Single OS image to store & maintain • Machines managed individually • Apps not installed; stored as single image, • Same problems, in a new location delivered on demand and maintained centrally • Managed profiles 1:1 Hypervisor Network Storage Xen, Hyper-V, VM Network Storage
  14. 14. XenConvert – P2V Conversions What is it? Feature of XenServer 5 Stand-alone Wizard Interface Enables the conversion of a physical server or desktop workload into a virtual machine (VM) What formats does it support? Conversion to a XenServer ready VM (XVA) XenServer which can be imported into XenCenter Conversion to a Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive VM (VHD)
  15. 15. And many additional enterprise features… Workflow Studio-enabled Auto backup of VM metadata Oracle DB certified hypervisor NetApp SR driver Workflow templates Automated High Availability to protect against host failures XenConvert P2V SLES 10 x64 support Role-based admin for streaming Increasednumberofsupportedhosts per pool Oracle Apps certified hypervisor Latest Xen 3.x hypervisor Host networking config via XenCenter NIC bonding SLES 9 SP4 support Windows Server 2008 support 32 & 64-bit (incl. streaming) Bulletproof Reliability New Guest /HV Support Sorting, searching, grouping, tagging in XenCenter Snapshots for advanced storage arrays XenConvert P2V Intuitive XenCenter UI Near bare-metal performance Search and Tag Virtual Machines Persistent performance data / trending Increasednumberofsupportedhosts per pool FT upgradable Alerting for key runtime events Business Continuity Automated High Availability to protect against host failures Windows PV drivers for max performance MSFT certified hypervisor I/O multi-path support IncreasednumberofsupportedhostphysicalNICs 10 to Xen installation Dell EqualLogic SR driverFC + iSCSI SAN Support SR creation via XenCenter FC Multi-site Disaster Recovery enablement QLogic / Emulex 8Gb FC HBA support Xen SDK Auto VM placement and load balancing XenAPI Full 32 and 64-bit RHEL support
  16. 16. Optimized for XenApp XenServer 73% more users Other Guys
  17. 17. Reducing XenApp Server Count Solution: Virtualise the server with Citrix® XenServer™ 3-4 times more users per (host) server Before: 100 users After: 300+ users 16 GB RAM Physical Server Two Quad-core processors 4 GB RAM 4 XenApp Virtual Machines Two processors (4 GB RAM, 2 Virtual CPUs for each)
  18. 18. Beating the Competition At least 30% Less At least 40% Less
  19. 19. nominees are running on XenServer Tesco, the world's third largest retailer, has embraced virtualization to enable the company to drive growth and expansion in new geographies while increasing operational efficiency. By virtualizing its servers to boost performance, Tesco nearly quadrupled the speed of store transactions while cutting power consumption, overhead and carbon emissions and simplifying IT management. Virtualizing 1,500 physical servers on XenServer, including 80 XenApp servers Aiming for a conservative 10:1 consolidation Hitting 70% CPU utilization (up from 6%) Reducing carbon emissions by 20% (leveraging corporate "greening" budget)
  20. 20. Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Hyper-V Advanced automation and management for the virtual datacenter Citrix Essentials • Simplifies lab and stage management • Delivers server workloads on-demand • Enables advanced storage features • Automatically recovers from server and VM failures XenServer Virtualization Infrastructure • Centralized management • Fast bare metal performance • Windows and Linux support • Broad open standards support 21
  21. 21. Citrix Essentials for XenServer Server farm scaling Enterprise storage architectures • Terminal services/XenApp • Native storage service enablement • VDI/XenDesktop • FC SANs and iSCSI • Web servers Advanced storage  Dynamic provisioning  integration (StorageLink) services Pre‐production  Datacenter automation environments • Automated disaster recovery • Development and Test labs • Workload balancing • Integration and UAT workflow •Stage/Pre‐producstion Workflow orchestration  Automated lifecycle  & management management
  22. 22. Burton Group says XenServer is Enterprise- Production Ready • Citrix XenServer & VMware and are the only platforms to achieve this distinction from Burton Group • Meets 100% of Burton Groups required features
  23. 23. Citrix XenServer XenServer – Enterprise Class, Cloud Proven, Free The best platform for server, desktop and application virtualization Enterprise ready Server Virtualisation Citrix Essentials for XenServer Advanced virtualization management and automation Centralized management and process control of lab and staging environments Integration with existing storage solutions and tools Intelligent placement of new and existing workloads