11 19 stephan pfister_citrix day - xen_app 6.5 whats new


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11 19 stephan pfister_citrix day - xen_app 6.5 whats new

  1. 1. Citrix XenApp 6.5Whats New
  2. 2. XenAppDeliver Windows apps as an on-demand service Low Cost I Self-service I Secure
  3. 3. Announcing XenApp 6.5 • The de facto standard for on-demand app delivery to any desktop • Work from anywhere on any device from PC to Mac, tablet to smartphone • Hi-def experience for rich multi-media applications over any network • Simplified management experience for administrators and help-desk
  4. 4. What’s new in XenApp 6.5 Anywhere access from over 1 Billion devices Turbo-charged multi-media experience over the WAN XenApp 6.5 Screaming fast app launch Single point of control for all apps Cost effective private desktop clouds
  5. 5. Key featuresNew Receiver for Windows, Instant App Access Desktop DirectorMac & Linux Streamed App Acceleration Dynamic Data Center ProvisioningTablet & Smartphone support • iPhone/iPad HDX MediaStream for Flash v2 HDX policy templates • Android • BlackBerry/Rim Playbook Multi Stream ICA XenApp Migration Tool • Windows Mobile Built-In Printing Optimization Enhanced Power and Capacity • Chrome OS Management • HP WebOS Enhanced Desktop Experience Next Gen XenApp Connector for SCCM HDX Plug n Play Multi Audio
  6. 6. Access from over 1 BillionDevices
  7. 7. Citrix ReceiverDesktops and apps from any device • Over a billion devices now served! • Extreme multi-tasking • 3X faster performance • Advanced Linux device support
  8. 8. Desktops &Apps as a Service
  9. 9. Making the industry-leadinguser experience even better
  10. 10. Screaming fast app launchInstant app access and streamed app accelerator• Prelaunch XenApp Virtual Desktops Sessions for instant access to hosted apps• Cache streamed apps in shared VHD for instant startups
  11. 11. Screaming fast app launchBetter than local experience with Instant app access • Session Pre-Launch • Session Linger • Fast Re-connect
  12. 12. HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection “Generation 2” • Support for WAN-connected users – Protocol abstraction for high latency tolerance for Flash videos (target 300ms RTL) • Linux device support –Client-side rendering • URL whitelist option • Intelligent fallback to server-side rendering XenDesktop & Hosted Shared (XenApp)
  13. 13. ICA ICA 14 Virtual Streams HTTP
  14. 14. Multi-stream ICA (Granular QoS) ICA Real Time ICA Interactive ICA Bulk ICA Background HTTP
  15. 15. Enhanced Desktop ExperienceSession-based desktops get personal• Cost & management benefits of Hosted Shared Desktops• Look and feel of an updated Windows desktop • Windows Media Player • High-resolution wallpapers • Greater User Personalization
  16. 16. Built-in Printing OptimizationHigh speed printing from anywhere • Advances in HDX Plug-n-Play reduce print data and increase performance • Create new printer sessions in seconds • Use 10% of current bandwidth requirements
  17. 17. Citrix Universal Print ServerMakes printing more easy • Needs to be installed on a Windows Server 2008 32-bit (not on XenApp) • Available for XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 5.5 using Policies • Dramatically reduces the amount of native printer drivers • Using network printer like local printer (EMF connecting)
  18. 18. HDX Plug-n-PlayMulti-Audio Support• Multiple speakers supported• Multiple microphones supported• Opens up more options in call center scenarios
  19. 19. Proven enterprise classscalability and management
  20. 20. Granular enterprise support for desktops and appsDesktop Director 2.0 • Unified view of apps and desktops • End-user details empower the help desk • Includes HDX Monitor Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  21. 21. Dynamic Data Center ProvisioningScale up deployments in record time • Allows for creation of “worker” and “controller” roles Private • Requires less data Cloud synchronization • Add or remove XenApp servers “on the fly” • Ideal for creating private clouds
  22. 22. Easier Management for the Enterprise• XenApp Connector for SCCM• Power and Capacity Management• HDX Policy Templates• XenApp Migration Center